Chapter 299 – The Might of Shadow Slaughter

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Chapter 299 – The Might of Shadow Slaughter

In the face of near imminent death, Nie Yan activated God’s Blessing from the Chapter of Peace, after which a barrier of light enshrouded him.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」The shower of spells rained down on him mercilessly as crackles of light ricocheted off him like a dazzling display of fireworks. Even so, he dashed out this shelling completely unscathed.

God’s Blessing granted immunity to all magic!

Faded and his group were left absolutely gobsmacked. Perhaps Nie Yan was the only Thief bold enough to charge head-first into a hail of spells.

Did Nie Yan plan on slaughtering all 13 of them by himself!?

“Shit! It’s magic immunity! Everyone, use physical attacks!” Faded welcomed Nie Yan’s assault head-on. A deep grunt escaped his mouth as he swept forward with his heavy shield.

Nie Yan’s figure blurred as he employed Shadow Dance to slip past the attack.

While in the middle of Gale Ambush, Nie Yan was almost too fast for the naked eye to follow.

The Shield Bash struck air as Nie Yan’s figure vanished like a phantom before Faded’s eyes, causing his heart to tighten. He swung around in a panic, just in time to see Zennarde’s Sword stabbing towards his head at lightning speed.

Faded quickly raised his shield to block.


Faded slightly recoiled under the impact, then retaliated with a Heroic Strike.

Maple Blazeheart waved his staff. A three meter tall Light Giant wielding a claymore materialized out of thin air and charged toward Nie Yan’s location.

At this time, the Paladin, Berserker, and Fighter came to Faded’s rescue. They charged at Nie Yan with their swords raised, wanting to chop him into mincemeat.

Nie Yan sidestepped the Heroic Strike, then activated Shadow Slaughter in combination with Apocalyptic Extinction and slashed down on Faded with Zennarde’s Sword.




A string of damage values floated up from Faded’s head while the surrounding five players also received over a hundred damage each.

Even though Nie Yan was at a far lower level than these players, the Ignore Level +12 property on Zennarde’s Sword allowed him to bridge the gap. So the damage he dealt was still quite fierce.

The surrounding players were all scared out of their wits. They had clearly seen Nie Yan only attack Faded, yet why did they receive damage too!?

The Priest cast Heal on Faded, followed by a Radiant Barrier.

Faded attempted to retaliate by swinging his sword, only to discover his movements had turned sluggish. He glanced at his status and noticed a Cripple Curse! It was during this brief delay that Nie Yan struck him in the forehead with Concussive Blow.

Truthfully, Faded’s exchange with Nie Yan had lasted no more than brief moment. However, he had already been incapacitated before the Warriors and Paladin could even arrive to reinforce him.

Nie Yan’s dagger slashed down once more. A string of damage values floated up above Faded’s head as his Radiant Barrier shattered with a loud bang. Streams of light continuously fell over him and restored his health.

Nie Yan’s burst reached upwards of over a thousand damage. He unloaded all sorts of hard-hitting skills on Faded like Blast and Vital Strike.

Before Faded’s companions could even get close, they had already lost two-thirds of their health to Shadow Slaughter!

What a terrifying skill! It could deal splash damage to surrounding enemies!

“Fuck! What kind of overpowered skill is this!?” the Paladin cursed. This was his first time encountering an area-of-effect Thief skill. He quickly cast a Heal on himself, then leapt into the air and chopped down at Nie Yan with his sword.

Severing Light!

Faded’s health bar fluctuated up and down, but he was still relatively safe thanks to the continuous healing from the Priests. However, the same couldn’t be said about his nearby companions who were almost dead. Each of them drank an Intermediate Potion and restored some of their health.

Nie Yan circled behind Faded, placing him right in front of the Paladin’s Severing Light, and struck him in the back of the head with Smothering Strike.

Seeing this, the Paladin quickly withdrew his attack.

“My god! Everybody, kill him! Quick!” The Berserker charged froward. He resembled a human tank with his heavy plate armour.




The five players quickly dropped below half health. Nie Yan’s attacks were simply to fierce, to say nothing of the fact that Zennarde’s Sword ignored all armour. They were hemorrhaging health too quickly!

The two Thieves pincered Nie Yan from behind, their daggers stabbing toward his back with Smothering Strike.

Nie Yan’s dagger suddenly appeared around Faded’s throat.





It was a critical hit for three times damage, an instant kill!

Despite being constantly topped off by the healing of the Priests, Faded was still one-shot by Nie Yan!

A smile formed on Nie Yan’s face. This was precisely what he had been aiming for!

He had a certain probability of landing a critical hit. As long as he kept attacking, it would eventually come!

At the same time, both of the Thieves received almost 500 damage from Shadow Slaughter and collapsed dead on the ground.

Even the 30% splash damage from a critical hit was extremely terrifying!

Nie Yan had killed three people with a single attack!

Of the six melee-class players, only three remained.

The Priests in the distance were in shock. Faded was clearly at full health just now! How did he suddenly die?

Shadow Slaughter also left the nearby two Warriors and Paladin as well as the Light Giant at critical health.

The Paladin quickly cast a Heal on himself, while the two Priests healed the Berserker and Fighter.

Nie Yan hacked down at the Light Giant with Zennarde’s Sword, landing a critical hit for two times damage and killing it. It dissolved into motes of light before disappearing into the air.

Seeing the Paladin buffed by Indomitable Will chopping down at him, Nie Yan took the hit head-on without the slightest bit of fear, then retaliated with a heavy slash from Zennarde’s Sword.

The Paladin’s health fell to zero and he collapsed to the ground.

Previously, the Paladin had restored his health back to over 600 with Heal. However, this was nothing to Nie Yan.

After finishing off the Paladin, Nie Yan was knocked flying by a Charge.

In the end, it was impossible for a single person to cope with the attacks of so many players. Nie Yan regained his footing with a flip. Seeing the Berserker charging over again, Nie Yan employed Shadow Dance to slip past him.

“Shit!” the Berserker cursed after glancing at the corpse of his Paladin companion. He quickly gave himself several buffs. His muscles bulged out violently, making him resemble an enraged grizzly.

Strength of the Bear!

“Die!” The Berserker charged at Nie Yan.

The other side clearly didn’t possess as many Advanced Skills as Nie Yan. After seeing the Berserker activate Strength of the Bear, Nie Yan coldly snorted. He readied his stance and prepared to face off against the opponent.

The Mages in the distance were the most depressed. They were basically the popcorn gallery. Outside of Maple Blazeheart summoning the Light Giant, which ended up dying without doing anything useful anyway, the rest of them were completely powerless! Nie Yan’s magic immunity skill nullified all their damage. They could only wonder where he obtained a piece of equipment with such an overpowered ability.

The Mages gazed on helplessly as their companions were slaughtered by Nie Yan with his unrivalled momentum.

Only around half a minute had passed since the start of the battle. Yet during this time, Nie Yan had taken out Faded, the two Thieves, and the Paladin. Everything had happened too quickly. There was no time to process these events.

While God’s Blessing was still active, none of their spells had any effect on Nie Yan.

Nie Yan glanced at the remaining Fighter and Berserker. Both of them were at around half health, but they would quickly be healed back up to full.

Nie Yan turned around and dashed toward the casters.

He had only dealt with the melee-class players first because they were all relatively close together, allowing Shadow Slaughter to display the greatest effect. As for the Mages, God’s Blessing was more than enough to render them useless.

After killing four of them, the remaining melee-class players wouldn’t be able to make any great waves.

With the 200% movement speed bonus from Gale Ambush, Nie Yan quickly reached the two Priests, causing them to scatter like rats.

Casual waved his staff, sending an Arcane Bolt flying Nie Yan’s way in an attempt to stop his assault. But just at this moment, a shadow pounced at him from behind, a dagger stabbing towards the back of his head.

Casual was nearly caught off-guard. He quickly protected himself in the nick of time as a black barrier enshrouded him.

The player ambushing him was Tyrannical!

Just as Tyrannical’s Smothering Strike was about to land, Casual activated Blink and reappeared about 4 meters away, causing Tyrannical’s attack to miss.

Casual turned around to look at his assailant and saw a familiar face. He coldly laughed. “And here I was wondering who it was. You actually dared to show yourself again, trash!”

Casual condensed an Arcane Fireball in his palm, then shot it at Tyrannical.

Tyrannical rolled out of the way to avoid the Arcane Fireball. After regaining his footing, he pounced toward Casual once more.

Tyrannical was like a feral beast. He gave Casual a fierce look, expressing that he would never stop until his opponent was dead. He was a wolf stalking his prey, waiting for the perfect opportunity to go in for the kill!

Seeing Tyrannical’s expression, Casual felt his blood run cold. His gaze turned somewhat grim. With a wave of his staff, he waylaid Tyrannical’s assault with a Repel.

Tyrannical’s ambush had attracted the attention of three people. On the other side of the battlefield, Nie Yan had already arrived beside a Priest. With a slash of Zennarde’s Sword, he cut down the opponent instantly.

The Priest’s cloth armour was easily cut through by Zennarde’s Sword.

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