Chapter 336 – One Hit Kill

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Chapter 336 – One Hit Kill

This was a world without light, and the Thief was the king of darkness who danced in the shadows!

“Ghost Wolf, do you feel anything off?” the Dark Shaman whispered in the Necromancer’s ear.

Ghost Wolf vigilantly swept his gaze across the surroundings but failed to find anything amiss, even after activating Undead Perception.

Undead Perception could detect the presence of nearby undead, which was useful in guarding against Spectral Thieves. However, the player targeting them wasn’t an undead but rather a human!

Their group had yet to encounter their first human. The Underworld was sealed off and rarely saw visitors from the surface. As for the one or two that did appear, they would be met with a quick death.

“Did you discover anything?” the Dark Shaman asked.

Ghost Wolf shook his head. “Nothing.”

“I guess it’s just my imagination.” The Dark Shaman thought he had detected a presence, if only for a brief instant. This fleeting sense of crisis left him feeling uneasy.

“No worries. We just have to stay on guard,” Ghost Wolf comforted. With the six of them, handling one or two Thieves would be a piece of cake.

Just at this moment, Wily Six sent a frantic message in the voice chat.「Guys, I discovered something strange. Hurry over here and take a look!」

Ghost Wolf and the others were flabbergasted. What could possibly be so strange to get Wily Six so worked up? They rushed to his side.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled when he saw the direction they were headed. They discovered Lil’ Gold! He followed closely after them. At the same time, he ordered Lil’ Gold and the five Bloodthirsty Porcupines to act like regular mobs.

These undead players met up with Wily Six in a dense thicket.

“What do you think that is?“ Wily Six asked after emerging out of stealth. He pointed at a chubby dragon in the distance. It was harassing the surrounding Bloodthirsty Porcupines, taking them down in only a few attacks. It appeared majestic with dazzling golden scales.

“Is that a dragon?” one of the players asked in surprise. Why did a dragon appear here of all places?

“It still looks young,” Ghost Wolf observed. Adult dragons were usually the size of three-storey buildings or larger.

“What do we do?” Wily Six asked. “Should we kill it?”

“What level is it?” Ghost Wolf asked.

“I don’t know.” Wily Six shook his head. “I was too afraid to approach it, so I called you guys over first. If I’m in danger, Small Imp can rescue me.” When he confirmed the monster up ahead was a dragon, he felt a bit anxious.

A dragon was simply too frightening!

The most powerful monster they had encountered so far was an Empress Medusa which had destroyed an entire village. However, a dragon was an even higher level existence, even if the one before them was only a fledgling.

Small Imp was the name of the Dark Shaman. He had a skill called Rescue Teleport which could teleport an ally from 40 meters away to the caster’s side. It was a skill that only appeared in the Underworld. It had a cooldown of roughly 1 hour at Junior rank.

Wily Six was afraid of dying, so he called Small Imp over. In case he encountered any danger when scouting the dragon, Small Imp could pull him out to safety.

“Go inspect the dragon. If you’re in danger, just call out for help and I’ll teleport you out immediately,” Small Imp said.

Wily Six nodded. He entered stealth and headed toward the dragon. He had faith in Small Imp. The six of them always played together, so their teamwork was impeccable.

Wily Six came to a halt 10 meters away from the dragon and activated Inspect.

Golden Dragon: Level 36

Health: 3,200/3,200

Wily Six was startled. Why is it so weak? He double-checked to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Shouldn’t a Golden Dragon be at least a Lord or Elite?

「So, what did you find out?」Ghost Wolf asked in voice chat.

「It’s a Golden Dragon, but…」


「It’s only a Level 36 ordinary monster. What do we do? Should we try and kill it?」

Ghost Wolf was also bewildered. How could a Golden Dragon only be an ordinary monster?

“Let’s go for it!” Ghost Wolf decided. He could only think of one possibility; the Golden Dragon was an event mob! Maybe something special would drop after killing it.

The group of six started moving to surround the Golden Dragon. The Spectral Knight, who was at the front, slowly advanced with his shield raised.

Seeing their movements, Nie Yan instantly understood they were preparing to slay Lil’ Gold. This was precisely what he wanted!

Nie Yan ordered his five Bloodthirsty Porcupines to slowly encircle them. He was ready to take action the moment they attacked Lil’ Gold.

The Spectral Knight let out a roar and charged at Lil’ Gold.

Lil’ Gold turned to face the oncoming enemy.

The Spectral Knight rammed into Lil’ Gold with his shield and dealt 50 or so damage. Lil’ Gold immediately retaliated with a swipe of his claws.


The group was badly frightened by Lil’ Gold’s terrifying damage. Small Imp quickly healed the Spectral Knight.

“It’s a melee-only monster. Everyone can attack freely,” Ghost Wolf said. If this Golden Dragon had ranged attacks, it would’ve already used them long ago. Little did they know that it was actually someone’s pet!

If the owner of a pet belonged to an opposing faction, it would appear the same as a regular monster.

This was why Ghost Wolf and the others believed Lil’ Gold was just an ordinary monster.

As Lil’ Gold’s health gradually dropped, he followed Nie Yan’s commands and slightly shifted his position so that the Dark Shaman was within the range of Dragon Breath.

That Dark Shaman called Small Imp was able to detect me earlier. He’s the biggest threat. I should take him out first, Nie Yan thought.

The Spectral Knight and Skeleton Fighter were tanking at the front, while the Mages dealt damage from the back. The Dark Shaman provided support from the sidelines, and the Spectral Thief had circled around and started attacking Lil’ Gold from behind. This was a standard battle formation.

While focusing on healing the frontliners, Small Imp spread out his senses every 10 seconds. Just at this moment, he felt a cold nip at the back of his neck.

Not good! A Thief! Small Imp inwardly cried out in alarm. He quickly protected himself with a Life Barrier.

「Bang!」Nie Yan struck the barrier, instantly shattering it.

Life Barrier could block one attack. However, it would shatter immediately afterwards, not to mention it consumed a lot of mana.

Small Imp quickly pulled back and waved his right hand. A cage of bones erupted out of the ground and enveloped him like a cocoon.

Small Imp’s movements were pretty quick. He was no slower than players like Undying Scoundrel or Summer Bug.

Nie Yan was struck by some of the bones erupting out of the ground as damage values floated up above his head. He quickly retreated.

Small Imp was startled when he saw Nie Yan’s appearance through the gaps of his protective bone cage. This Thief wasn’t an undead but a human!

There was a human in the Underworld!

Nie Yan revealed a taunting smile. At this moment, Lil’ Gold blasted the bone cage with Dragon Breath, causing flames to pour in through the gaps and turn it into a furnace.

Small Imp let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed to the ground. It was an instant kill.

The bone cage could block physical attacks and ordinary single target spells, but it was useless against area-of-effect spells. This was the so-called, ensnared in a trap of one’s own devising.

Even a single attack from Lil’ Gold was fatal to these casters.

Small Imp was suddenly killed by the Golden Dragon? Ghost Wolf and the others were dazed. Up until now, it had only been using melee attacks. Why did it suddenly use a ranged attack?

While they were still recovering from their shock, Nie Yan had already arrived in front of Ghost Wolf and slashed down with Zennarde’s Sword which shone with a devouring light.

“Boss, be careful!”


Wily Six immediately stopped attacking Lil’ Gold and pounced toward Nie Yan in the hopes of intercepting him.

At this moment, Lil’ Gold swiped down on the Spectral Knight with his tail and dealt over 1,200 damage. It was a critical hit! As an undead who didn’t have much health in the first place, the Spectral Knight immediately collapsed to the ground. Without the healing from the Dark Shaman, there was no way he could tank Lil’ Gold’s ferocious attacks!

In the blink of an eye, two of their players were killed.

They were all skilled players. Unfortunately, the player they encountered was Nie Yan! They had fallen head first into his ambush. No matter how quick they reacted, they would die in a single hit!

Everything happened too quickly. There was practically no time for them to react.

In this moment, Nie Yan’s five Bloodthirsty Porcupines finally arrived and started charging towards the remaining players.

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