Chapter 338 – Exam

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Chapter 338 – Exam

Huahai University’s Affiliated High School was bustling with activity today, with many unfamiliar faces walking around campus. Students from the various high schools in the region all flocked here to participate in the Top Military Academy’s enrollment exam.

As humanity continued expanding outward towards the stars, the importance of fostering the new generation became increasingly clear. Anyone who could enter the Top Military Academy would be recognized by the government as a rare talent. Their status in society would be elevated, and they would receive special protections.

The Top Military Academy offered many courses also available in other universities, but with a focus on military affairs, science, and technology. Its position in the nation was unshakeable after producing many senior government officials. It wasn’t mandatory for graduates to join the military, and just the prestige of being an alumni made many things in life much more convenient and straightforward.

Three girls were chattering near the underground parking lot entrance. They were students of Class 3, the same as Nie Yan and Xie Yao.

“I heard Liu Ze drives a Nisu. Don’t those cost like ¥2,000,000?”

“Who knew Liu Ze’s family was so rich?”

Expressions of envy surfaced on their faces. At this moment, one of the girls happened to catch a glimpse of Nie Yan stepping out of his Thrawn. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Even the cheapest model cost more than ¥20,000,000!

Just at this moment, an even more conspicuous car drove into the parking lot. With a sleek design resembling a fierce beast, it was the Taiga Black! The eyes of the girls widened in shock.

Isn’t that Tang Yao’s car? Nie Yan mused when the Taiga Black parked right next to his Thrawn.

As if to answer his question, Tang Yao got out of the car.

“Tang Yao, you came too?” Nie Yan asked.

“I was forced to by my old man. He told me if I can get into the Top Military Academy, he’ll help me out from behind the scenes and have a good job lined up for me when I graduate,” Tang Yao replied, shrugging his shoulders in a helpless manner. He took advantage of this opportunity to take out his father’s Taiga Black for a spin.

Nie Yan nodded in understanding. Tang Yao wasn’t someone who spoke without thinking. His father really did possess this bit of ability. Sadly, his father was a businessman. At the end of the day, the status of a businessman could never compare with that of a government official. This was why his father wished for him to enter the Top Military Academy, making him the first to do so in their family.

“Let’s go.”

Nie Yan and Tang Yao chatted while making their way to the elevator.

“Isn’t that Nie Yan from our class?”

“Who’s the fatty next to him?”

“No clue.”

“He was driving a Taiga Black. He must be really rich. There’s only a handful of students in our school who can afford one.”

The eyes of the three girls followed Nie Yan and Tang Yao until their figures disappeared behind the elevator doors.

“That Nie Yan is pretty low-key. He rarely ever talks. Who knew he drove a Thrawn.”

“Too bad he only has eyes for Xie Yao,” the taller of the girls said in an envious tone.

“I wonder who the fatty beside him is.”

“I didn’t recognize him. Maybe we have a chance.”

Nie Yan and Tang Yao seperated after passing through a long corridor since the exam area for students from other schools was held in a different area. Nie Yan swiped his identification card through the ID scanner to receive an examination number, then walked into the exam hall for Huahuai High School students. There were roughly 600 people inside.

Nie Yan looked around and found Xie Yao, Xia Ling, Zhai Hao, and his other classmates gathered off in a corner. There was also the unpleasant face of Liu Rui among them.

Xia Ling and Zhai Hao stood between Liu Rui and Xie Yao to stop him from pestering her.

Nie Yan suddenly felt this couple was too lovely.

Xie Yao appeared to be anxiously waiting for someone. A smile immediately surfaced on her face when she spotted Nie Yan walking over.

“You’re finally here! I was just about to give you a call,” Xie Yao cheerfully greeted.

Liu Rui’s face darkened after seeing Xie Yao’s expression turn bright. He balled his hands into a fist. He hated Nie Yan, wishing for nothing more than to beat him up. However, their match was still fresh in his mind. It had planted a deep seed of fear in his heart, and he simply couldn’t muster up the courage to confront him.

Nie Yan nodded at Xie Yao, then turned to Liu Rui with a friendly smile. “Oh! Liu Rui, you’re back! I’m truly sorry about what happened last time. I really thought you could handle that simple kick, but I ended up injuring you heavily instead.” He appeared quite sincere. Those who didn’t know him might actually believe he was genuinely remorseful.

Liu Rui subconsciously took a step back before recalling they weren’t in the fighting ring. “It’s nothing. I’m fine now.” He awkwardly chuckled with an ugly expression on his face. He inwardly gnashed his teeth in anger. Nie Yan’s words pierced his heart like daggers.

Nie Yan wrapped his arm around Liu Rui’s neck and patted his chest. “Haha! You’re right! We’re all in the same class. We can’t take such trivial things to heart.”

Trivial? Is that what you call trivial, hospitalizing me for weeks? Liu Rui felt his blood roil at the heavy pats to his chest. He wanted to cuss Nie Yan out. But with Xie Yao and his other classmates present, it wouldn’t look good for him if he turned hostile out of nowhere. He forced a smile on his face with great difficulty. “No problem. I’ve already put it behind me. It’s my turn for the examination, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you guys later.”

Lui Rui pushed Nie Yan aside and hurried over to the examination area.

Nie Yan’s lips cracked into a mischievous smile. Xie Yao looked at him with a hint of admonishment. How could she not see through his actions? However, she detested Liu Rui, so she didn’t speak up.

Nie Yan, Xie Yao, Zhai Hao, Xia Ling, and their other classmates continued chatting.

A while later, Nie Yan and Xie Yao looked over toward the examination area. Liu Rui was starting his exam. His results were posted up in real time for all participants to see.

Punch Force: 230 kg

Kick Force: 260 kg

Squat: 320 kg

Lat Pulldown: 220 kg

Each of these results far exceeded the Top Military Academy’s standards, causing the surrounding students to exclaim in shock.

“That’s the strongest student in Class 3, Liu Rui. I heard he can compete with Class 7’s Zhao Long. Amazing, he’ll surely make it into the Top Military Academy.”

“I heard the new transfer student in Class 3 is even stronger than Liu Rui.”

“No way, right? That can’t be true.”

Liu Rui had endured a bit of hardship ever since his defeat to Nie Yan, using the best nutritional supplements and rigorously training every day. As a result, he rapidly improved in many areas.

Nie Yan and the others overheard these discussions. Zhai Hao walked up to Nie Yan and patted him on the shoulder. “Brother, when it’s your turn, give it your all. I’m confident you’re stronger than Liu Rui.” Even though he knew Nie Yan was strong, so much so that he could defeat Liu Rui with a single kick, he didn’t know to what extent.

Liu Rui’s performance was a bit surprising. He was much stronger than in the past.

Nie Yan simply smiled, not bothering to waste words on that performance. Liu Rui’s results were like child’s play in his eyes.

Before long, it was Xie Yao’s turn. Her results lacked far behind Liu Rui’s. But as a girl, she had already passed the Top Military Academy’s standards. The academic portion of the exam would also be a piece of cake for her.

Zhai Hao and Xia Ling both went to take their exams. Nie Yan and Xie Yao were left chatting together when several voices entered their ears.

“There’s no point in waiting to see the remaining results. No one can beat Liu Rui’s.”

“Right, each one after is more disappointing than the one before.”

These students were intentionally speaking loudly. Liu Rui glanced over at Xie Yao from the other side of the exam hall. Since Nie Yan was there, he didn’t dare to approach.

Xie Yao frowned when she heard their words.

“It’s my turn. I’m going up. If I beat Liu Rui, you should give me a reward,” Nie Yan said with a playful smile.

“A-a reward? What kind?” Xie Yao asked with a hint of nervousness. Nie Yan’s smile caused her heartbeat to speed up.

Nie Yan’s words were a bit vague. He simply laughed and headed for the examination area.

Only then did Liu Rui dare to approach Xie Yao. “It’s Nie Yan’s turn? I hope he does well.” But in reality, he was waiting with giddy anticipation for Nie Yan to fail.

“Mhm,” Xie Yao gave a curt reply, then turned away to find her friends.

“My results weren’t that great today. I would’ve done even better if I was in peak condition. Xie Yao, are you entering the Top Military Academy too? We’ll be fellow students, then,” Liu Rui said while trying to gauge Xie Yao’s reaction.

Xie Yao gazed at the examination area with a hint of impatience. Liu Rui was just asking to be rebuffed.

Nie Yan walked into the examination room and was greeted by a familiar scene. He had taken this same exam in his past life and failed miserably. According to his memory, both Xie Yao and Liu Rui would enter the Top Military Academy. How could he not go!?

Nie Yan glanced at the punching bag in front of him. It was loaded with sensors that could detect the minutest changes in force.

Nie Yan took up a stance and breathed in deeply. “Hah!” His fist heavily struck the punching bag, causing it to fly up in the air as a loud pah reverberated through the exam hall.

Punch Force: 511.3 kg

The number on the screen immediately created a huge disturbance.

“What the hell? Impossible! The machine has to be broken, right?”

“Yeah, the machine is definitely broken. How can such a result be real!?”

Never once had a high schooler’s punch force reached such a frightening level.

A slim exam proctor walked up to inspect the machine. When he confirmed it wasn’t broken, he looked up at Nie Yan in shock. He signalled the other proctors to continue with the examination.

The machine wasn’t broken. Nie Yan’s punch force of 511.3 kg was a valid result.

Another commotion occured.

“Shit, who is that freak?”

“I think he’s the new transfer student in Class 3, Nie Yan.”

“I heard he sent Liu Rui flying with a single kick and hospitalized him for weeks.”

“Did something like that happen?”

“What a terrifying fellow. With a punch force like that, he can compete professionally!”

“Keep watching. Let’s see how he does in the other tests.”

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