Chapter 339 – Freak

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Chapter 339 – Freak

“Yao Yao, our families are long time friends. Uncle and Aunt wish to see us going to the same school, so we can look after each other. As for Nie Yan, he’s only a slightly skilled fighter. I only lost to him last time because I was too careless. Do you really believe he’s qualified to enter the Top Military Academy? I don’t think his character is good either. You should stop associating with him,” Liu Rui said as he glanced at Xie Yao.

Xie Yao’s expression distorted in disgust and loathing. She was fed up with Liu Rui’s constant badmouthing of Nie Yan in front of her. If it weren’t for the friendship her parents built up, she would’ve long since cut him out of her life.

“I don’t need you sticking your nose into my affairs. Look after yourself,” Xie Yao coldly replied.

“I’m only saying this for your own good,” Liu Rui said somewhat impatiently. He was irritated by Xie Yao’s cold attitude, but he understood she was the precious darling of both the Dragon Soar and Glory Financial Groups. He didn’t dare to imagine the consequences if he tried to lay a finger on her.

A short student with a crew cut approached Liu Rui and whispered, “Boss, the results for Nie Yan’s punch force are up.”

“How did he perform?”

“511.3 kg.”

“W-wait, what did you say?!” Liu Rui’s eyes widened in shock as an incredulous expression flashed across his face.

At this moment, a huge ruckus erupted in front of the examination area. The results displayed on the screen caused everyone to cry out in shock.

“Fuck! 511.3 kg? Is he still human?”

“Is he really only a high school student? He’d probably rank at the very top even in the Top Military Academy! I reckon as long as he passess the background check, he can graduate there two years early!”

“Shit! How are we supposed to compete with that? I can only hit for a little over 100 kg!”

“I bet he could send a person flying with that fist of his!”

Liu Rui had a vacant look on his face as despair seeped into his heart. If the difference was only 30 kg or so, he might still have some hope of catching up. However, Nie Yan’s punch force was over twofold that of his own!

Who was the real trash? Nie Yan’s results showed the best proof.

Xie Yao, Zhai Hao, and Xia Ling were ecstatic.

“Damn! That brat is too low-key. Who knew he was actually this amazing? 511.3 kg, is he even human?!” Zhai Hao exclaimed in disbelief.

“You can rest easy now. With that kind of result, he’s guaranteed to get into the Top Military Academy.” Xia Ling smiled. Just a moment ago, Xie Yao was grabbing her hand so tightly that it started to hurt. It was clear Xie Yao wished to go to the Top Military Academy with Nie Yan.

Xie Yao’s furrowed brows finally relaxed. After thinking for a bit, she realized that this level of exam was nothing to Nie Yan.

“What would you have done if Nie Yan failed to get into the Top Military Academy?” Xia Ling suddenly asked with a teasing smile.

“I would’ve followed him to whatever university he chose to go to,” Xie Yao replied without a hint of hesitation. She had long since thought this answer through.

Xia Ling gazed at Xie Yao for a long time before eventually letting out a sigh. “I see. Your family is so rich it really doesn’t make a difference whether you go to the Top Military Academy or any other university.”

Just at this moment, there was another disturbance in front of the examination area.

“The rest of Nie Yan’s results are up.”

“What are they?” The surrounding students immediately perked up their ears. His updated results had yet to show up on screen, so most people still didn’t know.

Punch Force: 511.30 kg

Kick Force: 563.23 kg

Squat: 835.78 kg

Lat Pulldown: 582.21 kg

Nie Yan was an accomplished fighter in the previous timeline. The Top Military Academy’s exam was a cakewalk for him.

“My God. He could probably kill me with a single kick!”

“No kidding. A kick force of 300 kg can already directly break bone. If you took a hit in a vital area, you’d be dead!”

“How many years of training would I need to reach such a level?”

“This relies on talent and good genes. With a matchstick body like yours, you’ll never reach that level in a lifetime.”

Nie Yan instantly became the subject of heated discussion.

He was satisfied with his own results. With the first portion of the exam over, the slim exam proctor approached him with a smile. “Your results aren’t half bad. You’ll definitely pass on the physical fitness portion. The academic portion is up next. Let’s see if you have what it takes to enter the Top Military Academy as an Ace. My name is Li Yue. I’m one of the military instructors. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me.”

Nie Yan sized up Li Yue. He was quite short with a lean figure. For a person with this kind of build to be an instructor at the Top Military Academy was a little odd.

It was rumoured that the Top Military Academy accepted only around a dozen or so Aces every year. Anyone that could become one was recognized by the federation as an extraordinary talent. As long as you passed the yearly assessment, you would keep your special status. There was only one caveat—in the event of war, you would be drafted. During periods of peace, however, you were free to do as you pleased. Fortunately, war hadn’t broken out in centuries.

“Yes! When will I be taking the academic portion of the exam?” Nie Yan asked. He had no intention of serving in the military after graduating from the Top Military Academy. However, the special status of an Ace greatly tempted him. He would be granted special privileges such as the right to carry a firearm. If someone posed a threat to him, he would be allowed to act first to neutralize them. He understood these kinds of favouring would always exist in the world. Rather than cry out about the injustices, it was better to grow strong enough so he could protect those he cared about.

In the previous timeline, Tang Yao was murdered by the son of a senior government official and his case ultimately remained unresolved. What use was hatred? What use was grief? If he had entered the Top Military Academy back then and graduated as an Ace, he could’ve prevented all of that from happening!

While Nie Yan was lost in thoughts, Li Yue’s palm suddenly stabbed out toward his throat.

Li Yue’s actions were decisive and ruthless. It didn’t look like he was playing a joke.

Nie Yan finally reacted as he raised his left arm to block on reflex.「Bang!」He suddenly felt a numbing sensation as a heavy blow struck his right arm.

Li Yue didn’t stop. With a sidekick, his foot swept past Nie Yan’s cheek.

“Hah!” Nie Yan shouted as he caught Li Yue’s foot. He retaliated with a full strength kick to the chest which was capable of breaking at least a few ribs.

Li Yue quickly crossed his arms to block.「Bang!」He was sent skidding several meters back before regaining his footing.

Nie Yan didn’t follow up. There was something strange about Li Yue’s attacks. They were sharp but didn’t carry any killing intent. Seeing that the exchange was over, he put his guard down.

At this moment, Li Yue looked over at the other exam proctors, who nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, your examination is over. You’ve earned the qualifications to enter the Top Military Academy. As for whether or not you can become an Ace, that’ll depend on the performance of your academics,” Li Yue said.

Sure enough, Li Yue really was just testing him. Nie Yan bowed before leaving the examination area.

All the nearby students had witnessed this exchange. With expressions of both fear and reverence on their faces, they stepped aside for Nie Yan. This guy is crazy! He can even beat back an instructor from the Top Military Academy!

Nie Yan became a freak in their minds. His awe-inspiring display left them shocked and speechless.

It was the sudden emergence of a dark horse who could overlook all of them like a lofty god high atop the clouds.

Liu Rui learned about Nie Yan’s performance from the students around him. He was left completely slack-jawed. Compared to Nie Yan, he was no better than refuse!

When Liu Rui spotted Nie Yan walking over, he glanced at Xie Yao before quickly leaving with his tail tucked between his legs. Although he felt reluctant, he understood he would only be inviting further disgrace by staying around.

Nie Yan coldly stared at Liu Rui’s retreating back. This fellow’s fate was destined to be a tragic one after encountering him in this life. He wouldn’t allow any chances for a comeback!

Xie Yao no longer had any trace of Liu Rui in her heart.

Zhai Hao walked up to Nie Yan and patted him on the shoulders. “Brother, I never expected you to be so strong! You have my admiration.” When he noticed all the nearby students looking at Nie Yan with the same peculiar gaze, he laughed. “You’ve really put yourself in the limelight this time!”

Nie Yan and Xie Yao simply smiled at each other, sharing a mutual understanding that evolved beyond words.

“Let’s all go celebrate together,” Xia Ling proposed.

“That’ll have to wait. I need to take the academic portion of the exam,” Nie Yan said after looking at the time. He was informed by the military instructor, Li Yue, that the academic exam for Aces was going to begin in an hour. It was several times harder than the ordinary exam.

“What? Isn’t that not for another five days?” Xia Ling asked in surprise.

“It’s a different exam for those who want to become an Ace,” Nie Yan replied. This exam was just for him.

“Ace…!” Everyone was completely stunned. It had to be understood that Huahai University’s Affiliated High School had only produced two Aces in its over 100 years of history. From today forward, Nie Yan could become the third!

“Is it for commanding or interstellar travel?” Xia Ling asked. The Top Military Academy only had these two department for Aces.

“I don’t know yet.” Nie Yan shook his head. He wasn’t too interested in these things. His aim was only the privilege and special status brought by being an Ace. As for which department he would join, it made no difference to him. The last thing he wanted was to actually enter a real battlefield.

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