Chapter 347 – An Invitation to Chat

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Chapter 347 – An Invitation to Chat

Life’s a Drama felt like he was on cloud nine after hearing Nie Yan refer to him as a friend. He proudly held his head up high and stuck out his chest.

Many of the nearby stall owners had expressions of envy on their faces. Life’s a Drama really was a lucky bastard, to have befriended a mysterious expert like Nie Yan. They wondered when they would get to be so lucky.

“Alright, how much do you have?” Nie Yan asked the Spectral Knight.

The Spectral Knight felt a little guilty being stared at by Nie Yan. He finally answered after a long time, “360 gold is all we have. Can you hold onto that chestplate? I’m going to ask my friends for the gold. I’ll be back in a minute, I promise. Please wait for me!”

“Fine, bring the 360 gold over, and I’ll sell you this chestplate,” Nie Yan said after thinking for a moment.

“R-really? You’re not joking?” the Spectral Knight asked with an expression of disbelief. He was wondering if he had misheard.

“Gold only,” Nie Yan said. He had no interest in taking collateral.

“Yes, yes, of course! Thank you brother! I’ll immediately contact my friends to bring the gold over!” The Spectral Knight was giddy with excitement. How could he not be? Nie Yan agreed to sell him a chestplate worth at least 500 gold for just 360 gold!

The onlookers, including Life’s a Drama, stared at Nie Yan in awe and surprise. 500 gold and 360 gold, this was a whopping difference of 140 gold!

The Spectral Knight was over the moon with excitement.

“Wait!” An Undead Raider stepped out of the crowd. “Friend, can you sell me that chestplate? I’m willing to offer 500 gold.”

Nie Yan glanced at the Undead Raider. His chestplate was a set item, so he clearly had no need for this one. Then why was he willing to offer 500 gold for it? Maybe for a friend?

The Spectral Knight glared at the Undead Raider. Just when he had finally negotiated a price with Nie Yan, someone stuck their nose in and wanted to snatch the chestplate right out of his hands. How could he not feel unresigned? However, any thoughts of fighting back were immediately snuffed out after he saw the Fallen Angel guild insignia on the Undead Raider’s chest. It wasn’t like he could stop others from competing with him, especially when the other side was willing to pay much more than him! He had no one to blame but himself. Who told him to be so poor?

Nie Yan didn’t bat an eyelid. “The chestplate has already been sold. Pick something else.”

“No. I want that chestplate,” replied the Undead Raider in a heavy voice as he gazed at Nie Yan dead in the eye.

The onlookers started slowly backing away. The players of Fallen Angel normally didn’t behave in such a forceful manner. Did this stall owner somehow offend them? Is that why this Undead Raider was purposefully stirring up trouble?

Nie Yan coldly glanced at the Undead Raider. “Did you not hear what I just said? This chestpiece has already been sold. I never go back on my word.”

The Spectral Knight was moved. He never expected Nie Yan to be still willing to sell the chestplate to him, even after someone else offered a higher price.

The onlookers couldn’t help but admire Nie Yan for sticking to his guns. It wasn’t something everyone could do.

Life’s a Drama also had a look of respect in his eyes.

The atmosphere was somewhat tense.

The expression of the Undead Raider suddenly relaxed into a bright smile. “Brother, don’t take offense. I was just kidding. Give me a price for the remaining items, I want all of them. I hope we can be friends.”

Nie Yan could tell the Undead Raider was being sincere. It appeared he really wasn’t looking for trouble.

Nie Yan turned to Life’s a Drama. “Hey, can you do me a favour? Give me the total for the remaining items according to market price.”

“No problem!” Life’s a Drama began calculating the value of the items, one after another.

Before long, the friend of the Spectral Knight arrived with the gold and completed the trade for the chestplate with Nie Yan.

“I really can’t thank you enough for selling me this chestplate. How about we add each other as friends? If you ever need anything in the future, just let me know!!” the Spectral Knight sincerely said. He really admired Nie Yan’s character.

“No need. Just tell me your name. If that day ever comes, I’ll come looking for you,” Nie Yan said. There was no harm in making a few more contacts in the Underworld.

“I’m called Street Wanderer.” The Spectral Knight introduced himself.

Nie Yan nodded. “I’ll remember your name.”

The Spectral Knight turned to Life’s a Drama. “I’m sorry about earlier. I was really anxious about getting that chestplate. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Life’s a Drama waved his hand and smiled. “No problem. I’ve already forgotten about it.”

Street Wanderer added Life’s a Drama as a friend before happily departing with chestplate in hand.

Life’s a Drama quoted the remaining items at around 3,900 gold.

“Just give me 3,500 gold.” Nie Yan looked at the Undead Raider. Since Life’s a Drama wasn’t an objective third party, it would be difficult for him not to slightly lean in his favour when evaluating the worth of these items. Given their quality, he felt 3,500 gold was a fair price.

“Alright, deal.” The Undead Raider didn’t bother haggling and confirmed the trade with Nie Yan right away.

Nie Yan glanced at his bag. He had finally made his first real profit since arriving in the Underworld.

The Undead Raider smiled and held out his hand for a handshake. “Let’s be friends. I’m Proud Warlance. What should I call you?”

Nie Yan sized up Warlance. Given he wore a full set of Level 45 Dark Gold-grade equipment, he should be pretty strong. He looked to be around 22 years old and gave off the feeling of a lone wolf.

Undead Raiders were similar to Berserkers in that they specialized in PvP. Undead Raider was probably a top notch player, on the same level as Monochrome and Edgeless.

Nie Yan extended out his hand and was just about to invent a name.

「Actually, no need to introduce yourself. I already know who you are,」Warlance whispered.

Nie Yan’s heart shook. His eyes narrowed and flashed with a frightening glint. However, he didn’t take any action. How did his cover get blown, and why hadn’t Warlance outed him to the NPCs despite knowing his identity?

Nie Yan wondered why Warlance got into contact with him.

Nie Yan remained vigilant. He was ready to crush the Unknown Transfer Scroll in his hand and teleport away at a moment’s notice.

「Some of the equipment you’re selling used to belong to my fellow guild members, including the chestplate you sold to that Spectral Knight! Since I bought them all from you, I naturally didn’t come with malicious intent. My guild leader wants to meet you,」Warlance explained as if he already knew what was on Nie Yan’s mind. He was surprised to see Nie Yan had snuck in here by using a skill to alter his alignment and admired such courage. There was no way he himself would dare to infiltrate a settlement in the Righteous Faction.

The guild leader of Fallen Angel? Nie Yan pondered to himself. He was trying to guess the intentions of the other party.

「Even though Fallen Angel and Asskickers United belong to different factions, we don’t have any conflicting interests. It would be mutually beneficial for both of us to work together,」Warlance said. Unless the Righteous Faction and Evil Faction became embroiled in an all-out war, Fallen Angel and Asskickers United would probably never directly clash. With this being the case, there was an opportunity for cooperation.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for players from opposing factions to cooperate. However, things were different since Nie Yan could alter his alignment.

「Where is your guild leader?」 Nie Yan asked. Since the other side could locate him within a sea of people, they definitely weren’t lacking in ability. He was somewhat interested in the prospect of working together.

「Please remember, we don’t know you,」 Warlance stressed.

Nie Yan nodded. This was necessary in order for Fallen Angel to not be implicated if his dealings in the Underworld were ever exposed one day. Their cooperation would also have to remain a secret.

“Nice to meet you. I’m called Blaze.” Nie Yan shook Warlance’s hand. He used a fake name, but it was fine since Warlance was aware of his real identity.

It was always pleasant to associate with smart people. Warlance gave Nie Yan a knowing smile.

“Follow me, my guild leader is waiting.”

“Hold on a moment.” Nie Yan turned to Life’s a Drama.

Life’s a Drama stood up nervously. He was in shock after hearing Undead Raider introduce himself as Proud Warlance. This was the Vice Guild Leader of Fallen Angel! Yet such a figure had only come as a messenger. He was utterly convinced Nie Yan was also an amazing figure!

“Life’s a Drama.”

“Y-yes! What do you need?”

Nie Yan handed over 100 gold to Life’s a Drama. “Here’s your reward for helping me out today. Thanks to you I was able to make a killing.”

“No, how can I accept this?” Life’s a Drama hurriedly refused. Even all his assets combined still wouldn’t amount to 100 gold. However, he couldn’t just take Nie Yan’s gift for nothing.

“Don’t be such a sissy. Take it. I’ll come looking for you when I need help in the future.” Nie Yan patted Life’s a Drama on the shoulders. He appreciated Life’s a Drama’s sincerity. A person like this was reliable and worth befriending.

Warlance smiled at Life’s a Drama. “Just accept it. 100 gold is nothing to people like us.”

Life’s a Drama no longer refused. He nodded and accepted the 100 gold from Nie Yan. “If you ever need me in the future, just send a whisper. I’ll be there immediately, come hell or high water!”

“No need to go that far,” Nie Yan chuckled. He then turned to Warlance. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Alright, follow me.” Warlance led Nie Yan away.

Life’s a Drama stared at Nie Yan’s retreating figure before packing up his stall. Since he was no longer short on funds, he planned to level up and upgrade his equipment. It would be disgraceful if he wasn’t of any use the next time Nie Yan called for his help

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