Chapter 385 - Execution!

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Chapter 385 - Execution!

Another 20 minutes passed as the team whittled down the Blackett Grizzly’s health.

This was the toughest boss Asskickers United had ever faced. The Warriors at the front suffered heavy losses. The backline didn’t remain unscathed either. The Blackett Grizzly’s Dark Roar was too hard to avoid, and although the damage wasn’t high, it was more than enough to sweep away the fragile casters.

Several Priests were busily working away. They weren’t tasked with healing but rather purifying the corpses scattered on the ground. They simply had to, lest they wanted the Blackett Grizzly to keep healing from Corpse Eater.

Even if levels had to be sacrificed, there was no other alternative.

Finally, the Blackett Grizzly’s health had fallen to 12%.

Everyone on the battlefield felt mentally drained. The tense and strenuous battle with the Blackett Grizzly wore heavily on their nerves.

The Blackett Grizzly was still as vigorous as ever. Without warning, it charged past Resplendent Bladelight, knocking him aside and rushing towards the backline.

The Mages quickly scattered, but several of them failed to get out of the way in time. In their final moments, they watched the Blackett Grizzly’s giant paws coming down on them.

The Blackett Grizzly slaughtered Mages left and right with its reckless charge, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake.

Nie Yan quickly ordered the Mages to retreat, calling for a squad of reserve Fighters to block the boss.

There were already almost 70 Mages dead on the ground. If things continued at this rate, they would be wiped out completely!

The Fighters charged up one by one to stop the boss. The Blackett Grizzly slowed down, but continued to slap every challenger into the distance.

It was useless no matter what Nie Yan did. Trying to come back from this hopeless situation was nearly impossible. He could only pray the Fighters could stop the Blackett Grizzly.

Bladelight had suffered heavy injuries. He was still in an incapacitated state after being sent flying by the Blackett Grizzly.

The Blackett Grizzly was unstoppable! No one could take even one hit!

At this moment, Lofty Shadow rushed up from the side and slammed his Mammoth Greatshield into the Blackett Grizzly.

Greatshield Bash!

Heroic Strike!

Demoralizing Shout!

Lofty Shadow let out a deep penetrating roar. He repeatedly struck the Blackett Grizzly to get its attention.「Klang!」A paw swipe sent him skidding back.

Just as the Blackett Grizzly was about to resume massacring the Mages, Lofty Shadow rushed back up with a Charge.


Lofty Shadow had finally attracted the Blackett Grizzly’s aggro.「Klang! Klang! Klang!」It repeatedly battered his shield with savage zeal.

Lofty Shadow bought enough time for Yi Yan to catch up. Bladelight had also recovered and immediately charged back into the fray. The three of them worked together to secure the Blackett Grizzly’s aggro once more. Even though it was slowly recovering its health, they weren’t anxious. Eating the tofu hot would only scald the tongue. When they built up enough aggro, it would be safe for the Mages to resume dealing damage.

The Warriors once more started encircling the Blackett Grizzly.

The Mages breathed a sigh of relief. With their lives no longer in danger, they hurried back into position.

Nie Yan also thanked his lucky stars that he had three such outstanding Fighters. Most guilds and teams would be fortunate to have one reliable main tank, who stood far above their peers whether in terms of skill or gear quality. This was why whenever the main tank encountered a mishap, there was little that could be done to salvage the situation and a wipe would become inevitable.

For ordinary guilds and teams, having so many top-ranked players gathered together was simply unimaginable.

Lofty Shadow’s quick reactions had rescued the team from disaster.

After the situation was back under control, the Mages started dealing damage again.

Dark Burgeoning!

A dark aura radiated outward from the Blackett Grizzly like a blossoming lotus flower and enveloped all the surrounding Warriors.




A blanket of damage values rose up into the sky.

All the Warriors were shocked and hesitated mid-attack. At this moment, the Blackett Grizzly lashed out with a ground slam and sent more than 20 of them flying out, instantly killing the ones who hadn’t received healing yet.

Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan received full support. A top Priest was assigned to each of them, with at least three other backup Priests providing assistance. They were enjoying the treatment of a distinguished guest. Although Dark Burgeoning put a lot of pressure on the Priests, it wasn’t to the point where they couldn’t keep up with the healing. As for the Warriors who didn’t enjoy this luxury, they weren’t so lucky and died miserable deaths. The Priests couldn’t afford to pay any heed to them.

The Priests in the back raised their staffs and started casting Heal.

“Paladins, cast Repel Evil!” Nie Yan anxiously reminded.

The Paladins quickly raised their hands and cast Repel Evil on Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan.

When the 20 Warriors at the front collapsed, the reserve team quickly rushed up to replace them as they surrounded the Blackett Grizzly.

The Blackett Grizzly’s health fell lower and lower. Nie Yan understood the lower the boss’ health, the more dangerous it would get.

Nie Yan turned to Yao Yao beside him. “Yao Yao, start casting Radiant Fetters!”

“Alright!” Yao Yao nodded. She raised her staff and started chanting.

The Blackett Grizzly angrily roared and charged into Bladelight and the others, sending them flying out like loose kites. Its body was burning with a dark fire. It had already entered a berserk state and was wantonly slaughtering any and everyone in its vicinity.

Yao Yao finally finished chanting the last syllable. A giant ray of light descended from the sky and locked the Blackett Grizzly in place.

The Blackett Grizzly roared and struggled wildly, but it couldn’t break free from the light.

Ordinary binding magic wouldn't work on the Blackett Grizzly. After all, It was a Level 70 Variant Lord. But Yao Yao’s Radiant Fetters was Rank 2 Templar Magic!

Spells ruthlessly bombarded the Blackett Grizzly’s body. Before long, it’s health dropped to the 3% mark.

“It’s below 3% health!” the Warriors exclaimed excitedly as they attempted to finish off the Blackett Grizzly.



A string of misses rose into the air as the skill failed numerous times. However, that didn’t deter their spirits.

At this moment, Bladelight roared and slashed down with his own Execution!


The Blackett Grizzly let out a miserable roar, staggering unsteadily before crashing into the ground and shaking the entire public square.

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