Chapter 389 - Abak’s Bloody Dagger

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Chapter 389 - Abak’s Bloody Dagger

Nie Yan cautiously trod forward, prepared to face any unknown danger, while the reaction of the Holy Stone in his hand grew all the more intense.

He discovered a bloodstain in front of a half-closed door. He took a deep breath, then stepped forward, ready to activate Gale Step at a moment’s notice.「Bang!」He forced the door open with a kick and entered inside. But contrary to his expectations, he wasn’t ambushed.

Nie Yan was a greeted by a simple and crude room, roughly 5 by 5 meters in size. The floor was covered in a layer of dust. There was a small bed against the wall with several neatly folded blankets stacked on top, a few cabinets that had long fallen into disrepair, and a couple of old pots sitting in the corner. He also saw some books lying on top of a desk, but they were just miscellaneous items.

Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. As he searched around, something on the desk caught his eye. He walked forward and discovered some pages of a diary. He picked them up and gave them a quick lookover. Blood had seeped into them and smudged much of the writing.

He organized the pages and started reading.

“Like a pale winter sun, his charm bewitched me and drove me mad. Ina, please forgive me. I believed I could take care of the both of you. But those filthy thoughts gradually invaded my mind, and those delusional well-meaning wishes of the past had long since been buried under a pile of rot. When he held me, how could I resist? I was rapt with ecstasy. I wanted to melt in his embrace. When you decided to leave us, I was filled with a warped sense of happiness. I thought I could replace you, but I was wrong…(Too badly damaged to continue)”

This was Patience’s diary. Nie Yan knitted his brows. He recalled Patience was stabbed to death by Earl Kelfield.

Suddenly, several lines surfaced where there was previously blank space.

“I’m willing to become an undying spirit, not to avenge my death at your hands, but to stay by your side and watch over you in this ancient castle, ‘till the very end…”

Nie Yan’s mind trembled. He nervously glanced around but detected no other presence in the room.

A cold breeze swept through the room and carried the diary pages away as they vanished without a trace.

Nie Yan sank into deep thought. The monster that killed the two servants must have been Patience. He continued searching around the room but didn’t find anything else of interest.

He wondered where the piece of the Tyrant Abak Set was located.

Nie Yan left the room and returned to exploring the corridor. He encountered several skeletons on the floor.

Shadows slowly crept toward Nie Yan unnoticed. As soon as they touched his feet, they shot forth and wrapped around him.

By the time Nie Yan noticed and wanted to run, it was already too late. The shadows resembled incorporeal hands, holding him in place.

What’s going on!?

Nie Yan was ready to activate Gale Step at any time, but he patiently waited.

At this moment, a shadowy figure appeared before him. It had a sinister and frightening appearance, radiating evil energy. It was a Wraith!

Ghosts were divided into two categories, Phantoms and Wraiths. The former were passive unless provoked while the latter would attack any living creature in the vicinity.

Nie Yan activated Transcendent Insight.

Patience, Wraith of the Ancient Castle (Lord): Level 50

Health: 120,000/120,000

It was a Level 50 Lord!

Patience charged toward Nie Yan and swiped at him with her claws.

Nie Yan activated Gale Step, blocking the attack and freeing himself of his bindings. He circled behind Patience and attacked her with Backstab followed by Eviscerate.

Wraiths couldn’t be afflicted with bleed or poison. Even so, Nie Yan still dealt 1,600 damage to Patience. It was a pity this was barely a scratch to a Level 50 Lord. The only positive was that her health regenerated fairly slowly.

Patience was enraged after her ambush failed. Her attacks became even fiercer as she charged forward.

Nie Yan attempted to evade with a side step. However, Patience’s claw elongated and slashed him across the chest.


Shit! What kind of damage is this? Nie Yan inwardly cried out in alarm. At this rate, he wouldn’t last more than three hits!

Patience let out an ear-piercing screech and charged forward once more. Nie Yan quickly pulled back. At this moment, he didn’t have many evasive skills at his disposal, only two Freedom Skills and Shadow Waltz. Disappear might work too. However, he still hadn’t mastered the two Freedom Skills, particularly Reverse Grip Backstab; he had yet to successfully pull it off.

It appeared normal evasive maneuvers were ineffective against this Level 50 Lord-class Wraith!

When death seemed inevitable, Nie Yan suddenly thought of something and took out the Holy Stone and Necklace of Holy Radiance from his bag. The two items in his hands released a brilliant light that dispersed the surrounding darkness.

This was the holy power of the Holy Stone and Necklace of Holy Radiance.

Patience let out a miserable screech as she tried blocking the light with her hands. However, her body started burning and releasing smoke.

Nie Yan was ecstatic. The Holy Stone and Necklace of Holy Radiance were actually effective against Patience!

Items obtained during a quest often had a relevant use.

Patience endured the burning light and charged at Nie Yan, her speed noticeably slower than before.


Just as Patience slashed down with her claws, Nie Yan’s figure blurred as he activated Phantom Assassination.

His movements were sharper and faster than before. His body flashed past as the blade of Zennarde’s Sword drew a clean arc across Patience’s throat.


Phantom Assassination: 59% Completion, 83% damage, 0 Combo.

Nie Yan could only deal such high damage thanks to the weakening effect the Holy Stone and Necklace of Holy Radiance had on Patience!

Seeing Patience rushing towards him again, Nie Yan turned tail and fled. He couldn’t fight her head on, so his only option was to kite her. He also needed to drag out the battle as long as possible, lest he wanted to be left in the awkward situation where none of his life-saving skills were off cooldown.

Nie Yan used Shadow Waltz to close the distance and slash Patience.


He didn’t stop and kept running while Patience gave chase, continuing their game of cat and mouse.

Nie Yan was extremely fast. As he reached the end of the long corridor, he bolted up a flight of stairs and entered a large hall. Suddenly, the Holy Stone in his hand started vibrating intensely. He looked up and saw a dagger mounted to the wall on the other side of the room. The oddly curved blade had a sleek design and emitted a stifling murderous aura.

Abak’s Bloody Dagger, it was here!

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