Chapter 391 - Elven Thief

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Chapter 391 - Elven Thief

「Klang!」Nie Yan swung around and parried just as the enemy’s blow was about to land on the back of his head, sparks flying as the two daggers clashed.

Concussive Blow!

The other Thief reacted pretty quickly. He switched grips on his dagger and stabbed toward Nie Yan’s forehead.

Phantom Assassination!

Nie Yan’s figure blurred as he evaded the attack and stabbed toward the enemy’s throat.

Seeing dodging was impossible, the Thief activated Gale Step to neutralize Nie Yan’s attack.

Since activating Gale Step reduced the effectiveness of stealth by 60%, Nie Yan could finally sense the location of the enemy Thief.

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan’s pupils turned blood red as the veins around his eyes bulged out. He quickly discovered a silhouette rapidly pulling back, putting six meters between them.

Decent skill, fast reactions, tsk… He’s a tricky one.

Nie Yan immediately noticed the opponent’s long ears, which he almost mistook for horns, and slim build. It was an elf!

It was rumoured the length of an elf’s ears was closely related to the amount of magic power their bodies contained. The longer the ears, the stronger the elf. This was something implemented by the system. But the difference wasn’t usually visible to the naked eye.

It’s an Elven Thief! Nie Yan never expected to encounter one here!

Nie Yan’s lips curved into a faint smile. Guo Huai had reported they had lost track of the Elven Thief from Angel Corps. Wasn’t this clearly him?

Nie Yan wondered if he was followed or this just happened to be a coincidence. He inspected the Elven Thief with Transcendent Insight.

Bodhi Skybright (Elf): Level 52

Class: Great Thief

Nie Yan’s mind trembled. It was him! He didn’t know many experts from the Satreen Empire, nor did he watch videos of their battles in the previous timeline. After all, their respective skills and racial talents were different, so there was no meaning to it. But there were a couple of foreign players whose fame reached even the Viridian Empire. Whether they came for leisure or questing, their shocking feats had left deep and lasting impressions. Bodhi Skybright was one such figure.

After becoming a Shadow Dancer, this fellow had teleported to Calore and took out six other Shadow Dancers in a row before finally being defeated by Sun. It was an extremely close match, with several dozen exchanges. Bodhi Skybright had nearly won, but Sun had made a huge comeback and dealt a finishing blow. Even though Bodhi Skybright had lost, he was never forgotten. In the Viridian Empire, the only other player that could rival Sun was Shadow Killer, and perhaps King of the World if he hadn’t already disappeared from Conviction. Some people believed there were no more than five Shadow Dancers in the Viridian Empire that could go toe-to-toe with Bodhi Skybright.

Bodhi Skybright’s combat style focused on agility and speed. As soon as his attack failed, he would retreat, never tangling with the opponent for too long.

Nie Yan didn’t know how the current Bodhi Skybright compared to his previous timeline incarnation. But given that he already advanced to a Great Thief, he shouldn’t be weak.

Many top rank players hopped from one popular virtual reality game to the next. Their comprehension abilities were high. As soon as they familiarized themselves with a game, they could display impressive combat ability.

Nie Yan didn’t take action, buying himself some time. Bodhi Skybright had arrived late, so he wasn’t aware Nie Yan had put several important skills on cooldown during the battle with Patience; otherwise, he would’ve already charged forward.

The longer the battle dragged out, the more advantageous it was for Nie Yan.

Bodhi Skybright, who was hidden in the shadows, felt a chill run down his spine when he saw Nie Yan’s demon-like eyes staring right at him.

It was an eye skill! And it appeared Nie Yan’s was a higher rank than most!

Bodhi Skybright had decided to tail Nie Yan after learning from Victorious Return that he was headed for this location. However, he had arrived a step too late. Nie Yan’s battle with Patience had already concluded, so he failed to get one over on him.

He ranked fifth among all the Thieves in Angel Corps. As an Elven Thief, his racial talent was extremely suited for his class. Not to mention he had many skills that increased his Cloaking. However, his stealth was still seen through by Nie Yan.

Bodhi Skybright recalled Love Guru’s warning. As the guild leader of Asskickers United, Nie Yan absolutely wasn’t to be underestimated. It was best to ambush him while he was busy dealing with a monster. If the assassination attempt failed, he should immediately retreat.

However, Bodhi Skybright never expected to be noticed as soon as he arrived. Nie Yan’s Awareness had to be at least twice as high as his own Cloaking to discover him so easily! His stealthing ability which far surpassed his peers was something that he had always been proud of. But it meant nothing in front of Nie Yan!

Bodhi Skybright couldn’t possibly understand how overpowered Nie Yan was. If this information was revealed, he would probably ram his head into a wall. If he knew how high Nie Yan’s stats were or how many powerful skills he possessed, he would’ve already tucked his tail between his legs and fled.

It was just that Bodhi Skybright didn’t wish to leave quite yet. The amount of Black Gunpowder in this room caught his attention. He wanted to transport it all away. But since the jars were too big, he couldn’t store them in his bag.

If the Black Gunpowder couldn’t be transported away, so be it. However, he could tell from a glance that those sheepskin scrolls on the table were valuable.

They were definitely treasures!

This was why he couldn’t hold back any longer and took action when Nie Yan was about to reach out and grab those scrolls.

His first ambush attempt had failed, and his stealth had been seen through by Nie Yan. However, he didn’t feel good just giving up on these items and fleeing.

Bodhi Skybright made up his mind. He calmed himself, then glanced at Zennarde’s Sword in Nie Yan’s hands. His opponent’s gear quality was extremely high, probably to an unimaginable extent. But at the end of the day, a Thief’s worth was in their speed and reaction time. He still had a chance, but only if he used a Great Thief skill!

The battle was in a deadlock. Nie Yan’s composed appearance caused Bodhi Skybright to feel anxious.

Thanks to the countless harrowing experiences both in real life and the game, Nie Yan had learned how to stay composed even in the tensest of situations. He glanced at his skill bar. Shadow Waltz and Gale Step were both off cooldown. With these two skills, he felt assured. In all of Conviction, there was no Thief that could kill him. His familiarity with Gale Step was already marrow-deep. As soon as he encountered danger, he could immediately evade. Shadow Waltz was similar to Gale Step, so with these two skills, he had nothing to fear.

Nie Yan turned around and reached out his hand to grab those sheepskin scrolls on the table. He was determined to snatch them for himself!

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