Chapter 393 - Ransack and Ransack

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Chapter 393 - Ransack and Ransack

A tense atmosphere loomed over all of Asskickers United as Nie Yan and 2,000 players escorted the Black Gunpowder to United City. Such an important matter had to be handled with the utmost care. Mistakes wouldn’t be tolerated! It was at this moment that Guo Huai put his intelligence network to good use. Every movement from every hostile guild no matter how small was reported back to him immediately.

Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine kept a close watch over Victorious Return. From time to time, their players would appear on the border of Victorious Return’s sole stronghold to mock them, leading to skirmishes breaking out.

Heaven Breaker’s hot temper prevented him from taking these insults lying down, so he stationed squads on the walls of the stronghold to attack all who dared to mock him.

Being watched so closely by Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine, it was impossible for Victorious Return to take action against Asskickers United’s transport group.

Guo Huai and the other higher-ups had already made ample preparations. If the group transporting the Black Gunpowder was attacked, troops would be immediately dispatched to rescue them. Of course, it was best if the procession reached United City without any disturbances.

Guo Huai believed there shouldn’t be any issues. Nie Yan’s group consisted of 2,000 players, after all.


At this moment, six Level 50 plus players donned in amazing Shaman equipment emerged on a hilltop, dashing between the trees. They were all class advanced Shamans!

Shamans were the most mysterious and difficult to deal with class of the orc race.

Mages were the main force of the humans, Necromancers for the undead, and Shamans for the orcs.

Shamans were divided into Shaman Doctors and Elemental Shamans. The former specialized in healing while the latter specialized in controlling the elements. The Shamans on the hilltop had lightning symbols on their collars, signifying they were Elemental Shamans! Although their healing capabilities were weaker, they could deal devastating damage!

Besides Elemental and Healing Magic, Shamans would often dabble into other mysterious magics such as Totemic and Shadow Magic. Shamic Temples, similar to Magic Towers, contained unfathomable spells. Any Elemental Shaman that visited one would come out much stronger.

Up ahead were several dozen Level 50 Boas. One of the Elemental Shamans waved their staff and summoned a one-meter long totem covered with ashen flags. It floated in the air and discharged streaks of electricity into the surroundings.

Totemic Flags were NPC shop items that Shamans could buy to enhance the potency of their totems, greatly increasing the stats of all nearby allies.

The Shamans started chanting cryptic syllables. With a wave of their staffs, the streaks of lightning surrounding the totem shot out toward the group of Boas, bouncing from one Bao to the next.

Every streak of lightning bounced and bounced and bounced. Not a single Boa remained unscathed.

This was the Chain Lightning spell of Elemental Shamans. It was a different type of area-of-effect magic that could attack more than 10 targets with a single cast.

After these Boas were struck by the streaks of lightning, they collapsed to the ground, their corpses scorched and releasing smoke.

“Love Guru and his group are in Calore. I wonder how they’re doing,” said a slim Shaman. He was called Nevernight, and ranked third among all Shamans in Angel Corps. The others in the group weren’t weak either, having all class advanced together.

Since there were only six players in their group, they easily avoided the sights of Asskickers United’s scouts, especially in such a large map.

“It’s good that Love Guru and them are attracting all the heat from Asskickers United. But you know what I don’t understand? We’re so far away from the Viridian Empire, why does Angel want to make enemies out of them?” Blood Wolf asked in a bewildered manner. He always paid attention to matters that related to the guild as a whole.

“The boss must have his own plans. Either way, the growth of Asskickers United is really astonishing. Bloodlust Blades is only a step away from destruction thanks to them,” Nevernight said. Underlings like them wouldn’t be privy to matters of this magnitude.

“This is going to be a joint operation with the top players of Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors. Everyone, stay alert. We have to succeed. Failure is not an option!” Blood Wolf reminded in a grave tone. This was related to the reputation of Angel Corps.

“Of course, we already know.”

“How much longer until the people from Asskickers United arrive?”

“I’d say roughly 10 or so minutes.”

“Alright! Get ready everyone, we’re going to start. Asskickers United might send some Thieves to scout ahead, so let’s find a good place to hide!”

The six Shamans found a relatively flat area in the dense thickets. Standing in a hexagon, they started chanting as line by line a magnificent hexagram formed on the ground. The magic energy in the air vibrated intensely as a gust of wind blew past.

A dark portal appeared at the center of the hexagram. When the magic energy in the area finally settled, players started walking out of the portal.

The first player to come out was the guild leader of Bloodlust Blades, Bloodlust Mad Blade. He wore a full set of Dark Gold grade, silver-black armour which glinted a dark lustre under the sunlight.

A total of 53 players stepped out of the portal, all of whom were class-advanced elites from Bloodlust Blades, Divine Protectors, and Alliance of Mages. Including the 6 Elemental Shamans from Angel Corps, there were altogether 59 Adept Class players.

Due to their uninterrupted growth, Divine Protectors and Alliances of Mages had far more Adept Class playes than Asskickers United. This was only a portion of them. In comparison, Asskickers United only sported a dozen or so Adept Class players.

After a while, the dark portal trembled before disappearing into thin air. The six Shamans immediately sat down on the ground to recover their health and mana.

Mad Blade turned to the Elementalist beside him and asked with a solemn expression, “Did everyone make it?”

The Elementalist did a quick headcount. “Yeah, 12 from our guild, 25 from Alliances of Mages, and 16 from Divine Protectors.”

“Boss, I just received word that most of the top rank players in Asskickers United are doing their class advancement quests right now. There are only five or six players to watch out for in their group, including Nirvana Flame,” a nearby Priest reported.

“We owe you guys for helping us out in this operation,” Mad Blade said as he turned to the players from Alliances of Mages and Divine Protectors.

“It’s nothing. We’re all on the same side after all.”

“Yea, Asskickers United has been acting far too arrogantly. It’s about time we teach them a lesson. Our guild leader told us to listen to your word as if it were their own. So if you need anything of us, don’t hesitate to speak up.”

The rest of the players from Alliances of Mages and Divine Protectors echoed these sentiments.

“Alright, I won’t treat you all as outsiders. A group of roughly 2,000 Asskickers United players transporting jars of Black Gunpowder will be arriving here any moment now. We’ll slaughter as many of them as we can, but our main priority is to snatch away the gunpowder for ourselves. They’ll definitely send support quickly, so we’ll probably only have 15 minutes at most. After that, no matter how well the battle might be going, we retreat immediately!” Mad Blade’s eyes scanned over the crowd of players in front of him. Whether it be in terms of skill or gear quality, they were the best in both aspects. Even without his commands, they would do fine.

“So what if they have the numbers advantage? We can easily sweep them away with area-of-effect magic. We’ve wiped out a 5,000-man force with just six players before,” an Elementalist arrogantly declared.

“Today, is only the start. There’s much more work to be done in the future! We’ll be launching an assault on their strongholds in a few days. After we tear them down, let’s see how much longer they can last in Calore!” Mad Blade ruthlessly announced. Bloodlust Blades was under a lot of pressure recently, especially after Asskickers United refused to rescind their bounty order. They were pushed into a corner with only one option left, and that was to make a decisive counterattack! As for worrying about Sapphire Shrine and Holy Empire interfering, he would just have Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame hold them off.

Under Mad Blade’s command, the players split into three groups each heading in a different direction, lying in ambush among the trees.


Nie Yan’s transport group arrived in an area with many hills. The terrain up ahead was complicated with a lot of dense thickets. It was the perfect place to set up an ambush.

They were relatively safe travelling in the plains. But in a wooded area, the danger level would rise significantly.

Nie Yan was worried about the jars of Black Gunpowder behind him. If they were hit by Fire Magic, the outcome would be disastrous. This was why he stationed most of the Warriors and Paladins around the gunpowder. He and several other skilled players also stood nearby, ready to deal with any potential danger.

“Paladins, make sure to protect the cargo with shielding magic! We absolutely can’t lose it!” Nie Yan ordered. These jars of Black Gunpowder were extremely important to Asskickers United.

“Boss, should we dispatch some Thieves to scout up ahead?” Paladin of the Elegy asked.

“I want 200 Thieves to sweep the area up ahead. Politely ask any suspicious individuals to leave. If they refuse, you may use force!” Nie Yan ordered. Players would have to show respect to the might of the number one guild in Calore!

In the previous timeline, Victorious Return was the tyrant of Calore. Many players had grievances with them, but there was nothing they could do. As long as a guild had enough power, they would never have to worry about lacking new members. When conducting work, offending a few players was inevitable.

Paladin of the Elegy immediately carried out Nie Yan’s orders. He selected 200 Thieves suitable for the task. The selected Thieves dashed forward and disappeared into the thickets up ahead.

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