Chapter 395 - Lightning Storm!

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Chapter 395 - Lightning Storm!

Black flames started falling from the sky. What started out initially as a light drizzle of flames quickly turned into a torrential downpour, transforming everything within a 100-meter radius into a raging sea of fire.

A blanket of damage values rose up into the sky as players collapsed in droves inside this hellish purgatory. Everything within Explosion Inferno’s sphere of influence was burned to ash.

Almost all of the 400 Asskickers United players at the front were wiped out, with only a few survivors that happened to be at the very edge of the spell’s radius escaping in time.

The Elemental Shaman Darkwing narrowed his eyes when he noticed silhouettes darting out from the flames to his left. He waved his staff and sent out a bolt of lightning, which arced between the seven low-health players from Asskickers United and killed them instantly.

The Holy Mage blasted out spells in quick succession. Although the Windfury Totem had disappeared, he still had more than enough damage to finish off the straggling low-health survivors.

Explosion Inferno lasted a total of ten ticks before finally ending. Starbright jumped off the ledge and grouped up with his comrades, his name glowing crimson red.

“I killed 288 players. Weaklings! No challenge at all,” Starbright remarked.

The seven of them had mowed down more than 300 players from Asskickers United without breaking a sweat.

Even though these members of Asskickers United were superior to the average player, they were inferior to peak players like Starbright and his group in terms of overall stats, level, gear quality, timing, or skill knowledge. When a top expert took the field, ordinary players could only serve as cannon fodder, regardless of the disparity in numbers.

“Don’t underestimate the enemy. The ones we just faced are the most ordinary out of the bunch. Remember, prudence guides a ship for 10,000 years,” Darkwing warned somberly, not allowing the adrenaline get to his head. He knew the true battle was just beginning!

“So what? The only threat here is Nirvana Flame. All of the top experts in Asskickers United are busy doing their class advancement quests. Let’s see just how strong he really is!” Starbright arrogantly replied, playing around with a ball of black flames in his palm. He was already picturing himself basking in the glory and fame, and collecting the fat reward, for killing the Mad Rogue.

No one could resist the allure of riches and fame. Starbright was no exception.

At this moment, Asskickers United was attempting to fend off attacks on all four sides by groups of class advanced players from Bloodlust Blades, Alliances of Mages, Divine Protectors, and Angel Corps. Each group contained between 8–12 players.

The players from Asskickers United fell into a panic as the enemy gnawed away at their ranks.

“Protect the Black Gunpowder!” Nie Yan personally took command of 500 players in guarding the seven of the jars.

With Nie Yan’s permission, Paladin of the Elegy started dispatching orders to all of the smaller squads. Nie Yan noticed that he worked surprisingly well under pressure and had a knack for commanding.

He was pleasantly surprised by this development, and remained close by to provide assistance in the event that Paladin of the Elegy slipped up.

Paladin of the Elegy couldn’t help but be nervous with Nie Yan right beside him. But he still issued orders with a cool head.

Nie Yan glanced thoughtfully at Paladin of the Elegy. They had only interacted a few times before this, and Nie Yan didn’t think much of him until recently. Now, it dawned on him that Paladin of the Elegy was a diamond in the rough, and one that was worth polishing.

“Boss, we lost 300 players at the front!” Paladin of the Elegy called out, wiping off the cold sweat that had appeared on his forehead. He was still trying to wrap his mind around that instant where all of those Level 45 players were crushed.

“How many attackers were there?” Nie Yan asked. The actions of the enemy so far were pretty straightforward.

“Seven, they cast an Advanced Magic,” Paladin of the Elegy replied. He had watched a video of Undying Scoundrel using a similarly destructive area-of-effect spell to slaughter the players from Victorious Return. He reveled in schadenfreude back then. Now that the shoe was on the other foot, he fell into despair.

“Ah, no wonder.” Nie Yan calmly patted Paladin of the Elegy on the shoulder. “It’s just one Advanced Magic, nothing to get nervous over. They’ll be a common sight in future battlefields.”

Nie Yan’s calm and confident attitude flowed into Paladin of the Elegy, subconsciously influencing him and calming him down.

Area of effect magic was flying everywhere as the procession received attacks from all directions. The players from Asskickers United gallantly fought back and managed to kill several enemies with their counterattacks.

“Everyone, protect the Black Gunpowder!” Around 200 Asskickers United players stood guard over two jars of Black Gunpowder.

At this moment, the air rippled to reveal the position of an Elementalist hidden nearby. Red specks of light converged around him as he chanted out one incantation syllable after another. He was casting an area-of-effect fire spell!

“Paladins, stop him!”

The Paladins rushed forward, preparing to end the Elementalist’s incantation with a Silence.

Several Warriors from Bloodlust Blades formed a wall to intercept the Paladins and prevent them from reaching the Elementalist. Their barricade proved to be futile, as one of the Paladins activated Indomitable Will and broke through the blockade.

The Elementalist neared the end of his chant, the red light around the tip of his staff glowing ever brighter, signifying that he was a heartbeat away from unleashing his spell.


The ominous convergence of the red specks of light at the tip of the Elementalist’s staff dissipated into the void, leaving him impotent, blank-faced, and unable to comprehend how this had happened. He was a mere millisecond away from raining his fire and fury down upon the world before the Paladin stopped him! To make matters worse, more than half of his mana was consumed in that failed casting and his spell was now on cooldown.

“You did it, Lil’ Slick!”

“Slick, you’re awesome!”

The players from Asskickers United cheered. The Silence, just in the nick of time, from the Paladin known as Lil’ Slick had saved them disaster.

However, their celebrations didn’t last long. Five players from Alliance of Mages appeared behind them. An Arcane Mage waved his staff, sending a blazing meteor of arcane fire hurtling down on them. It was also an area-of-effect spell!

Many Asskickers United players collapsed to the ground.

The two jars of Black Gunpowder were also in imminent danger as the wards protecting them groaned and faded in the onslaught. Web-like cracks spread through the surface of the jars. Then they shattered, allowing the flames to make contact with the gunpowder inside.


A massive explosion enveloped everything within a 100-meter radius, killing any player caught in the blast. All that remained visible were raging black flames, and a direful mushroom cloud in the sky.

Asskickers United lost close to 300 players. Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors also suffered one or two casualties.

Even those not within the immediate range of the blast were almost knocked off their feet. They stared at that mushroom cloud with pale faces.

This was the destructive power of Black Gunpowder!

Every jar contained approximately 20 lbs of Black Gunpowder. Two jars were enough to wreck a city wall!

“Boss, two jars!” Paladin of the Elegy reported. He felt his heart ache. A single jar of Black Gunpowder was worth a minimum of 10,000 gold on the marketplace, more expensive than a piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment!

Nie Yan also felt the loss, even though it was only two jars.

It was impossible for Nie Yan to disrupt the enemy’s momentum and turn the tide by himself. He had to focus all his efforts on protecting the jars of Black Gunpowder. As long as he could hold out until Bladelight, Smoke Stub, Young Seven and the rest of them arrived, everything would be fine.

A chaotic battle raged on on another side of the battlefield. Bloodlust Mad Blade took the lead as he charged into a group of six players from Asskickers United, relying on his superior gear to sweep through everything in his path. He slashed down with Cleave and sent one of them flying out, while knocking the others aside with his Charge.

A distance of more than 50 meters separated Mad Blade from Nie Yan. His eyes brimmed with murderous frenzy.

Nirvana Flame, we finally meet!

The chain of events in the recent past had pushed Bloodlust Blades to the brink of collapse. Mad Blade’s hatred had already seeped into the marrow of his bones. He wished for nothing more than to flay Nie Yan’s flesh and strip his skin, a feeling that only intensified now that he could see the source of his grievances with his own eyes.

Nie Yan lifted his head and instantly saw Mad Blade through the haze of battle. Although they had never met, he knew instantly this player was Bloodlust Mad Blade, the guild leader of Bloodlust Blades!

Mad Blade was large and tall. He was clad in dark armour forged from elven steel, armed to the teeth, and resembled an iron fortress with no visible weakness. He wielded a two-handed greatsword that was roughly five-fingers wide, more suited for smashing than slicing.

He never expected to meet Mad Blade here. Perhaps enemies really were destined to be on a narrow path!

Nie Yan pointed his dagger right at Mad Blade and beckoned him, indicating that he was ready for the fight. There was no opponent he was afraid of!

Mad Blade swung his greatsword out wildly in a Whirlwind Slash, dealing close to a thousand damage to the six Asskickers United players around him. Then he screamed, giving voice to the madness and fury entwined within, before slamming his sword into the ground.

Seismic Slam!

「Bang!」A powerful shock wave erupted from Mad Blade as he sent the players from Asskickers United flying backwards. They crashed to the ground and never rose again.

A white light fell over Mad Blade, healing him back to full health.

Mad Blade began slaughtering a path towards Nie Yan, his eyes were bloodshot as he lost himself in his fury.

Players from Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors rushed to Mad Blade’s side. Including the three Elemental Shamans, there were 11 players in Mad Blade’s group.

Nie Yan had over 500 players by his side protecting seven jars of Black Gunpowder.

Sparks flew as the two sides glared at each other, both ready for the moment that would ignite this battle!

This showdown between Nie Yan and Mad Blade was predestined!

One of them was going to die today!

“Coldflame, do it!” Mad Blade ordered in a deep tone as he stared daggers at Nie Yan. An azure-robed Elementalist raised his staff and started chanting out cryptic syllables. Without a doubt, he was casting Advanced Magic!

Sparks of electricity flickered as specks of light rapidly converged on Cold Flame. It was the Elemental Hall Magic, Lightning Storm!

Lightning could also ignite the Black Gunpowder!

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