Chapter 435 - Bayonet!

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Chapter 435 - Bayonet!

Seeing Wisp approach Xie Yao, Nie Yan couldn’t hold back any longer. If she got taken, he would be powerless to do anything.

It was probably due to how much Nie Yan played as a Thief. His stealthing technique seemed ingrained into him. Wisp hadn’t noticed him until the moment he took action.

“Die!” Nie Yan pounced toward Wisp with unwavering ferocity and decisiveness.

Just as the dagger was about to plunge into Wisp’s back, he suddenly whipped around and parried the attack with his hand.

Nie Yan’s dagger missed, but he still managed to land a heavy blow on Wisp’s shoulder joint with his left elbow. With a heavy thud, Wisp’s shoulder was dislocated, his arm weakly slumping to the ground as he grimaced in pain.

What a ruthless attack!

Nie Yan’s emergence was too sudden. Wisp’s attention had been completely focused on Xie Yao. He never expected there to be someone else in the room.

It was incredibly difficult to defend when caught by surprise.

Nie Yan’s attacks were quite fierce, reaching a level seen in fighting tournaments. His actions were sharp and decisive, leaving no room for error. He wasn’t the least bit inferior to professional hitmen, and that was because he was one in his past life, having learned all sorts of assassination techniques. How else could he have succeeded in killing Cao Xu?

With the element of surprise on his side, Nie Yan would have to be completely inept to allow his opponent to get away unscathed.

Wisp received another blow to his chest. As though he had been struck by a sledgehammer, it felt like his ribs were on the verge of shattering. However, he still maintained the clarity to retaliate. His right elbow went slashing towards Nie Yan.

Nie Yan sidestepped instantly, but his shirt was still ripped in two. The blades on the hitman’s elbow glinted with malice.

Nie Yan instantly gauged the opponent’s strength during their brief exchange. Although Wisp was quite strong, he couldn’t be ranked among the top in the world.

Ever since reincarnating, Nie Yan hadn’t stopped training for even a day. He had long since surpassed his past self in terms of strength. Even so, killing Wisp wouldn’t be simple.

After dodging the elbow slash, Nie Yan planted his fist into Wisp’s right shoulder, shattering bones and incapacitating him. He then stabbed toward Wisp’s forehead with his dagger.

At this moment, Bayonet stepped forward and pressed the muzzle of his gun against the side of Nie Yan’s head.

Nie Yan’s mind trembled. What fast movements! He had no time to react at all! This fellow was definitely a weapons and martial arts expert!

Bayonet’s strength far exceeded Nie Yan’s expectations. The opponent was even a step above him.

The two sides were instantly locked in a stalemate.

Nie Yan’s dagger was pressed against Wisp’s forehead while Bayonet’s gun was pressed against Nie Yan’s temple. Neither side was backing down.

The dagger cut into Wisp’s forehead, causing blood to flow out. “Don’t forget I still have a partner. Move your blade away now, or else he’ll blow your brains out!” Wisp threatened with a sharp sinister laugh.

Nie Yan chuckled. This guy was truly ballsy! He pulled away the device from Wisp’s ear and crushed it into pieces.

Bayonet didn’t make a move, allowing Nie Yan to destroy the earpiece. His eyes flashed with a peculiar light. No one could tell what he was thinking right now.

From listening in on their previous conversation, Nie Yan knew Wisp was far from a reliable partner. He glanced at Bayonet. “Put your gun away. I’ll let you go. Aside from you, me, and Xie Yao, no one else will know what happened here today.”

“Let him go? You have a gun pointed at your head! You’re in no position to make any demands!” Wisp roared in anger.

“Don’t play me for an idiot. I bet the one who wants you dead more than anyone else right now is your partner!” Nie Yan sneered.

Listening to Nie Yan’s words, Wisp trembled. He turned to Bayonet in disbelief. Would his partner really betray him?

At this moment, Nie Yan was also extremely tense. Having a gun pointed at your head was far from a relaxing situation.

Bayonet glanced at Nie Yan with an icy gaze. “I don’t like people like you who are too smart for their own good.” He turned to Wisp and continued, “But what I hate even more is when someone manipulates me by threatening my friends! I’ll kill any bastard who tries that!”

Wisp’s face turned ashen. A battle-hardened mercenary like Bayonet had danced with life and death countless times. His way of thinking couldn’t be judged with common sense. These words basically sealed his fate.

“Bayonet, you can’t do this!”

“There’s nothing I can’t do in this world!” Bayonet indifferently replied. Wisp was simply a stranger whose life meant nothing to him.

“I promise I won’t reveal anything that happened here today. Not only that, but if you find yourself out of options one day, you can come look for me,” Nie Yan said.

Nie Yan roughly understand Bayonet’s way of thinking. Mercenary or hitman, anyone with a bit of self respect wouldn’t allow themselves to be manipulated so easily. If he was in Bayonet’s shoes, he would almost certainly kill Wisp first, then deal with everything else after.

Nie Yan guessed right. Bayonet was thinking about killing Wisp.

Bayonet withdrew his gun.

“Bayonet, don’t think this is over. The client definitely won’t let you off!” Wisp exploded in anger.

“Cut the crap! I’ll slaughter the entire family of anyone that dares to touch my friends!” Bayonet sneered. His entire body emanated with icy cold killing intent. Don’t forget, he was a mercenary! How could he cower in fear every time he encountered trouble? He had survived through hails of bullets and dithered on the edge of death countless times. What did he have to fear? His brothers had also climbed out of a mountain of corpses and ocean of blood. Would they fear this kind of danger?

Seeing Bayonet withdraw his gun, Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to Wisp, his eyes flashing with murderous intent. “I know you’re not willing to go down like this, but you can vent out all your grievances to Yama! Anyone that dares to touch my woman will meet a tragic end!”

At this moment, Nie Yan plunged his dagger inward as blood gushed out from Wisp’s forehead like a fountain. The glabella was the one of the vital points of a human. If it was pierced, the brain would instantly stop, leaving no chance for survival.

Blood splashed the floorboards as Wisp collapsed.

This was Xie Yao’s first time seeing such a bloody scene. It was completely different from playing Conviction. The odour of blood permeated the air. She noticed the Nie Yan she was familiar with had transformed into another person. He took a life so easily.

Xie Yao stared at Nie Yan, who looked familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. He resembled himself inside the game—Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame, the death god that slaughtered countless lives on the battlefield.

Even so, Xie Yao was deeply moved that Nie Yan had risked his life to save her. A complicated feeling arose in her heart, one she couldn’t explain properly.

Even up until his death, Wisp probably didn’t understand why Bayonet would allow Nie Yan to kill him.

Nie Yan could feel that he and Bayonet were the same type of person. Their nature wasn’t something people like Wisp were capable of understanding.

“How do you plan to get out of here?” Nie Yan turned to Bayonet, sizing him up.

Bayonet looked around 28 years old. He wore a black bodysuit. His face was painted in dark camouflage with a scary looking scar on his forehead. A pair of sharp eyes stared back at Nie Yan. His pupils remsebled a hawk’s. It seemed like they could see through a person’s heart.

Nie Yan couldn’t tell what Bayonet was thinking. This fellow was shrouded in mystery. Nie Yan understood he and Xie Yao weren’t in the clear just yet. If Bayonet was a bloodthirsty individual, he might try to get rid of all evidence. But based on Bayonet’s earlier argument with Wisp, when he said he wouldn’t target women, children, or the elderly, Nie Yan could confirm that Bayonet wouldn’t kill without good reason.

“I hope the events that happened here today remain a secret between the three of us. If a fourth finds out, I’m sure you know what the consequences will be,” Bayonet said in a cold voice, his expression still unchanging.

“If you decide to quit the mercenary business one day, you can come look for me in the Nie Family Financial Group,” Nie Yan offered. A person like Bayonet would be a valuable subordinate to have, especially for doing messy work. If he could recruit Bayonet, he would have another safeguard by his side.

The skills of a murderer could also be used to protect. After being on the battlefield for so many years, Bayonet would have no issue dealing with a few hitmen. Furthermore, he was proficient at bypassing satellite technology. The main point was that he could be helpful in a great many situations.

Any financial group would probably spare no expense to hire a mercenary of Bayonet’s caliber.

“You’re willing to hire a killer like me? I have at least 50 homicide cases on my head.” Bayonet lightly chuckled.

“As long as you’re willing to join, I’m willing to accept you,” Nie Yan said straightforwardly. Bayonet was the arrogant type who didn’t easily submit. If he showed any sign of fear, he would end up being looked down on.

As for Bayonet’s homicide cases, Nie Yan planned to have his people investigate to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Nie Yan knew he would one day go up against Cao Xu. When both sides clashed, they would definitely use any means by fair or foul to eliminate the other. At that time, an expert like Bayonet would be invaluable.

Based on Nie Yan’s experience from his past life, Bayonet was definitely a world-class expert. He had originally believed Bayonet and Wisp were roughly equal. But after the previous exchange, he could tell they weren't even on the same level.

Some people would deliberately hide their true ability, only revealing it at crucial moments. Bayonet was one of those people.

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