Chapter 441 - King of the World

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Chapter 441 - King of the World

Nie Yan fled with all his might. He shot out a web line from his left hand and swung away, landing eight meters away from Furblaze. Taking advantage of his miniaturized size, he sprinted through narrow spaces that greatly limited Furblaze’s movements.

Nie Yan crushed an Aggro Dispel Scroll in an attempt to reduce Furblaze’s aggro.

Normally, the higher the aggro, the more determined a monster would be to pursue a target. When the aggro was relatively low, the monster was more likely to lose interest or stop altogether, leaving the player with ample room to get away.

Furblaze paused for a brief moment before recovering almost immediately. His aggro wouldn’t be so easily removed. After all, Nie Yan had stolen something precious from him!

The Evil Gemstone was still in Nie Yan’s possession. Furblaze wouldn’t give up until it was retrieved!

Just as Furbalze resumed his pursuit, a giant web emerged out of thin air and fell over him, binding him in place.

The Intermediate Web Scroll could only trap Furblaze for three seconds at most. Though the effects were limited, every second counted.

Nie Yan’s figure darted through the corridor. He knew it was only a matter of time before Furblaze caught up to him again. He activated Shadow Waltz and rapidly disappeared into the shadows.

Furblaze slashed away the giant web binding him with his greatsword and continued his pursuit, only to discover Nie Yan was nowhere to be found.

He let out a furious roar and started making his way to the building’s entrance.

Before long, Furblaze called over a large number of Bloodshadow Warriors. They quickly gathered together and blockaded the entrance so that not even a mouse could pass through. Meanwhile, a few of them entered the building and started searching for traces of Nie Yan.

After seeing the entrance sealed off, Nie Yan let out a bitter laugh. It appeared he was a turtle trapped in a jar.

Should I just give up on the Evil Gemstone? Nie Yan was conflicted. Furblaze probably wasn’t dumb enough to hide the Evil Gemstone in the same location twice. It was likely he would never get this chance again, which in turn meant he would forever lose the opportunity to obtain the Holy Acclamation and become a Luminous Dancer.

Every master class player could learn skills from other classes to strengthen themselves. Of course the skills available for them to learn were only the most basic. However, there were special cases where a player could learn more powerful non-base class skills by obtaining a prestige class title. There were several such Shadow Dancers in the previous timeline—Luminous Dancer, Mistaken Smile, and Shadow Stalker, Sun. Of course those in possession of these titles were few and far between. This was a symbol of the peak!

Obtaining the Evil Gemstone wouldn’t make class advancing any easier. But in order to become a Luminous Dancer, it was absolutely necessary! Without it, everything else was idle chatter!

With the opportunity of becoming a Luminous Dancer on the line, Nie Yan wouldn't easily give up this Evil Gemstone!

Droves of Bloodshadow Warriors entered the building and started scouring around.

Nie Yan ducked into a small storage room and hid in a secluded corner. He needed to weather out this storm first before thinking about anything else.

Nie Yan estimated the Bloodshadow Warriors would continue their search for at least the next one or two hours. He would look for an opportunity to escape when they finally gave up their search. Until then it would be suicidal to go out.

As Nie Yan nervously waited, he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. The door flew open and several Bloodshadow Warriors entered the storage room and started searching around. His body in pygmy form was incredibly small. Relying on the cover of some shabby desks and chairs, he successfully evaded being caught.

After failing to find anything, the several Bloodshadow Warriors left the storage room.

About half-an-hour later, Pygmy Transformation was close to wearing off. However, since the number of Bloodshadow Warriors in the vicinity had decreased a lot, he'd be fine even without being in pygmy form.

Nie Yan patiently waited for another hour before daring to peek out the door.

Nie Yan carefully snuck over to the front of the building. The entrance was still guarded by more than 20 Bloodshadow Warriors. Furblaze was surprisingly nowhere in sight.

An opportunity!

As long as Furblaze wasn’t present, Nie Yan could make his escape. These ordinary Bloodshadow Warriors had no hope of stopping him.

Nie Yan cautiously approached the Bloodshadow Warriors, halting his footsteps when he was around 20 meters away. He hid behind a corner, took out an Advanced Twisting Vines Scroll, and then started chanting away. The pulses of magic energy alerted the Bloodshadow Warriors, and they immediately charged toward his location.

Just as the first Bloodshadow Warrior closed in on Nie Yan, giant vines condensed out of magic energy erupted from the ground and wrapped around them like pythons.

The Bloodshadow Warriors couldn’t break free of the vines, no matter how much they struggled.

Nie Yan activated Gale Step and bolted for the outside. He dashed through the gaps between the Bloodshadow Warriors, taking this opportunity to make a break for it.

The Advanced Twisting Vines persisted for three seconds before slowly disappearing. Only then did this group of Bloodshadow Warriors regain their freedom. They wanted to stop Nie Yan, only to discover he had long since rushed out the door.

Nie Yan crushed a Haste Scroll and fled out of the encampment at full speed. Even a single second could be the difference between life and death!

The square outside the golden roofed building was also filled with Bloodshadow Warriors. They immediately noticed his presence and moved to surround him.

Nie Yan’s silhouette blurred as he employed the footwork of a Shadow Dancer to evade one Bloodshadow Warrior after another. However, some attacks were impossible to dodge, and he would have no choice but to endure. He quickly drank a Health Potion and patched himself up with a Combat Bandage.

Nie Yan quickly fled to where the crowd was least dense and escaped their encirclement.

At this moment, Furblaze appeared in the distance. He quickly charged over like an enraged grizzly bear.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but feel alarmed. He immediately activated Animorph and transformed into a lynx. He nimbly climbed on top of one of the tents, then started leaping from tent to tent, rapidly widening the distance between him and Furblaze.

At this moment, outside the golden roofed building, the seven Armoured Ice Catapults fired a hail of frost covered shells at Nie Yan’s location.

The shells shot by the Armoured Ice Catapults had a freezing effect. As long as the target was within 20 meters of the shell’s impact radius, they would be transformed into an ice cube by the potent frost energy.

Nie Yan hurriedly activated Holy Descent from the Medal of the Ten Holy Paladins, granting him immunity to magic for three seconds and a 20% speed boost. As the powerful frost energy swept over him, it dissipated upon making contact with the barrier around him.

Nie Yan relied on the nimbleness of the lynx to swiftly evade the falling shells. However, the nearby tents were smashed into pieces. It was a scene of destruction.

After the bombardment was over, the encampment looked like a complete mess with broken tent parts strewn everywhere. Nie Yan’s fleeing figure quickly disappeared from sight.

Nie Yan continued fleeing for another 1,000 meters before glancing back to see no Bloodshadow Warriors pursuing him. He had also left the attack range of the Armoured Ice Catapults. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Finding a secluded and peaceful spot, Nie Yan summoned his Faulkner Warhorse. He climbed on and galloped off toward Calore, passing through numerous high level maps.

During the journey back to Calore, Nie Yan received a notification.

Besides the Glimpse of Darkness, Nie Yan was also in possession of the Chapter of Peace, Chapter of Compassion, Chapter of Knowledge, and the Chapter of Tolerance. If he could obtain the the Chapter of Loyalty and Chapter of Honour, he would have the complete fifth volume of the Book of Order! This was an item on par with the Glimpse of Darkness!

Another player had obtained a chapter from the Book of Order, the Chapter of Honour! Seeing the name King of the World, Nie Yan’s eyes widened in shock. It was actually him!

Based on the coordinates in the notification, King of the World was in the vicinity, only 3,000 meters away at most. Nie Yan didn’t dare to overlook this. The other side knew he had four chapters on him, and that he was close by. There was no telling whether King of the World wouldn’t be tempted to rush over and snatch them away.

In the previous timeline, King of the World wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Sun and Shadow Killer. If he hadn’t suddenly disappeared, it would be truly hard to say who was the top Thief in Calore.

Nie Yan’s name was a big deterrent. He was the guild leader of Asskickers United, the overlord of Calore. But for players of King of the World’s caliber, something like that wasn’t enough to scare them away. If he was in King of the World’s position, he wouldn’t care if the other side was the guild leader of a number one guild. He still wouldn’t hesitate to take action.

As a top Thief, it was necessary to learn to ignore these trivial things.

South of Nie Yan’s location 3,000 meters away, King of the World was also taken by surprise after reading the location. He had just obtained the Chapter of Honour. He never expected four of the chapters from the fifth volume of the Book of Order were in the hands of a single person. His eyes flashed with a peculiar glint as he broke out into a smile. Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame… What an interesting fellow! He was itching to have a go at Nie Yan, to see if this legendary figure who ruled over Calore was really worthy of his reputation.

Reputation didn’t matter in the least to King of the World. But when faced with an expert, he couldn’t help but boil over with excitement. Due to the chapters from the Book of Order, they were bound to clash sooner or later.

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