Chapter 444 - Upgrading the Silk Spinner Ring

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Chapter 444 - Upgrading the Silk Spinner Ring

Even if you had the best equipment in the game, so what? Given enough time, any item could be obtained, by anyone. But an expert like Bayonet was an incredible boon for Nie Yan and the Nie Family. Perhaps he could even save a life at a crucial moment.

Investing a few pieces of equipment for an expert at that level? It was definitely worth the trade.

Nie Yan was waiting inside the Calore branch guild headquarters. After a while, Guo Huai entered the office.

“Someone wanted me to return these to you.” Guo Huai handed over the Evil Gemstone and a few other items to Nie Yan.

“Where is he?” Nie Yan asked.

“He already left. But he told me to pass on a message. He’ll be visiting your family’s company during the day. Who is he?” Guo Huai asked curiously.

“A friend.” Nie Yan chuckled. He was happy knowing the gamble had paid off. It seemed he would be paying a visit to his family’s company during the day as well. He took out the Armoured Ice Catapult blueprints. With twenty pages in total, crafting an Armoured Ice Catapult would require 13 Advanced Engineers, 5 Advanced Tinkerers, an Alchemist, and an Enchanter working together for two days straight. Asskickers United didn’t have the required number of Advanced Engineers at this time. They could only think of some other way, first by borrowing the Advanced Engineers from Sapphire Shrine, Holy Empire, and the other allied guilds.

During the siege of the Cripps Stronghold, given Bloodlust Blades’ strength at the time, it was impossible for them to manufacture Armoured Catapults by themselves. Likely Angel Crops, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors had loaned them the Advanced Engineers. Those three catapults had nearly brought Asskickers United to their knees. After Asskickers United recovered, revenge would defnitely be had. The enemy would get a taste of their own medicine, facing the full might of the Armoured Ice Catapults!

“Where did you get that?” Guo Huai asked in shock after looking over the Armoured Ice Catapult blueprints.

Guo Huai had experienced the might of the Armoured Catapults first-hand. Afterwards, he’d instantly ordered some of his subordinates to search high and low for an Armoured Catapult blueprint. Who would’ve thought Nie Yan would be so quick to find them!

The emergence of the Armoured Ice Catapults had filled in one of Asskickers United’s biggest weaknesses. Even if Calore was currently at peace, they couldn’t lower their guard. Siege weapons like catapults were a necessity, or else they would be forced on the back-foot if they were attacked again.

“I got it while doing a quest,” Nie Yan replied. “Hurry up and find people to start the manufacturing process. The sooner, the better.”

“I’ll get on it right away!” Guo Huai said in excitement.

Suddenly recalling something, Nie Yan said, “Have the manufacturing be in one of the War God Tribe’s strongholds. The Armoured Ice Catapults should help them secure victory in the war.”

“Understood.” Guo Huai nodded.

“ Oh, right. Has Sun completed Master Jewelcrafter Paget’s quest?”

“Yeah, he finished it. I’ll call him over right now.”

After a while, Sun arrived in the office lounge. “Big Brother, what do you need me for?”

“I have five Radiant Gems I want to use to upgrade my special items. Bring me to meet Master Jewelcrafter Paget,” Nie Yan said. Anyone that completed Paget’s quest would gain access to his services. They could even request his help to upgrade items for their friends.

Many of those who had completed Paget’s quest in the previous timeline would sell access to his services on the streets, bringing the items that needed to be upgraded to him before collecting an intermediary fee. His workshop was often packed to the brim with visitors. However, the recommended level for this quest was 70–80. The fact that Sun had completed an already challenging quest while below the recommended level was indicative of his skill.

“Sure!” Sun nodded.

Sun and Nie Yan chatted while heading to the center of Calore.

On the busiest street in Calore’s central district stood a shop with a unique appearance. Inside were around 30 Junior Jewelcrafters. They were tasked with helping players upgrade their various items with gems. Few people could meet with Master Jewelcrafter Paget. He rarely showed his face in public.

As Sun and Nie Yan entered the shop, a middle-aged Jewelcrafter walked up to greet them. “Oh, Sirs, how may I help you today?”

“Mister Denny, we’d like to meet Jewelcrafter Paget.”

“Please follow me, Sirs.” Denny turned around and headed deeper inside, with Nie Yan and Sun in tow. The two entered the back of the shop, then walked up a narrow staircase.

They arrived on the second floor and were greeted by cabinets filled with glittering gems of every colour under the sun. Their dazzling radiance lighted the whole room.

These Gems were all valuable resources, but players weren’t allowed to touch them, lest they be thrown in jail by the guards for several days. Of course, the things stolen would have to be returned as well.

After passing through the narrow corridor, Nie Yan and Sun entered a large room. Necklaces, rings, and other accessories were scattered about the floor. In the center of the room stood a shabby work table.

Nie Yan quickly spotted Paget, the Jewelcrafter he was somewhat acquainted with in the previous timeline. Wearing a gray shirt and with disheveled and messy hair, he was currently focused on polishing a gem.

Nie Yan had come here before in the previous timeline to upgrade his equipment. Among all the NPC Jewelcrafters, Paget had the highest upgrade success rate. Paget’s appearance was the same as he remembered.

“Master Paget, Sir Sun has brought a friend here to request your help,” Denny said in a cautious tone.

Paget raised his head. His gaze swept over the three people before settling on Nie Yan. His eyebrows jumped up in surprise. Nie Yan’s titles couldn’t be ignored. Whether it was Devil Slayer or Grand Scholar, they granted him a high position not just in Calore but the whole Viridian Empire.

“Master Paget, can you help me upgrade these pieces of equipment?” Nie Yan brought out five Radiant Gems, along with the Silk Spinner Ring, Crawler Ring, Leaper Ring, Pearl of Disguise, and Necklace of Deception. As for the Pygmy Ring and Animorph Ring, he would have to wait to upgrade them some other time.

Sun felt dizzy seeing Nie Yan take out so many special items. Each one was extremely rare and valuable. Most players would go through great pains to find even one. Who could be so extravagant like Nie Yan? Sun couldn’t help but wonder how Nie Yan got his hands on so many.

“It would be my pleasure,” Paget replied. He accepted the items from Nie Yan and started polishing the Radiant Gems.

Nie Yan suddenly recalled Pandora’s Box in his bag. This was a legendary item for Jewelcrafters. He took out Pandora’s Box and showed it to Paget. “Would this be of use to you?”

Paget raised his head. After seeing Pandora’s Box in Nie Yan’s hands, his eyes flashed with a peculiar light. Nie Yan could see the uncontainable excitement in his gaze.

“Heavens! Are my eyes playing a trick on me? That’s Pandora’s Box!” Paget cried out in surprise. “Of course it's useful! This mythical fate item is something every Jewelcrafter dreams about! With it, I only need a minute to finish upgrading these five special items!”

Nie Yan never thought Pandora’s Box would produce such a reaction from Paget. Its value in his heart rose by several tiers. It appeared he still hadn't used this item to its fullest potential.

Paget forcefully calmed his stirring emotions. “Great Thief Nirvana Flame, Grand Scholar and Devil Slayer. May I beseech you with a selfish request. I want to borrow Pandora's Box to create a necklace for my deceased wife. It’s a very dear wish of mine…”

“Of course. I hope it will be of use to you.” Nie Yan nodded. He never expected Pandora’s Box to also unlock a hidden quest. In any case, it was only going to be used to create an item. He wouldn’t be losing anything.

Sun stared in amazement at the item in Nie Yan’s hands. He never thought this strange looking black box was actually something that didn’t lose out to a Legendary-grade item!

“Thank you! You truly are a kind person!” Paget said gratefully. “I’ll need your assistance. Please put Pandora's Box on the work table.”

Paget started upgrading Nie Yan’s special items. He picked up the Silk Spinner Ring and a Radiant Gem and placed them inside Pandora’s Box. He had Nie Yan activate Pandora's Box, whereupon it flooded the room with a dazzling radiance.

Nie Yan could feel Paget’s movements inside Pandora's Box. After a while, the light gradually dimmed down. The Silk Spinner Ring looked completely different from before, as though it had been coated in a waxy liquid. It sparkled with a brilliant luster.

The small spider on top of the ring that was previously unremarkable appeared vivid and lifelike. Every fine hair and detail was clear to the eye.

The Silk Spinner Ring had gone through an amazing transformation.

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