Chapter 446 - Bayonet’s Skill

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Chapter 446 - Bayonet’s Skill

Nie Yan slipped his hand into Xie Yao’s nightgown, groping around until he reached a pair of soft, perky mounds. Frivolously, he started kneading them without restraint.

Xie Yao felt numb all over, the tingling leaving her powerless to resist.

Nie Yan knew all of Xie Yao’s weak spots. She wriggled and squirmed, her soft moans resounding through the room.

Xie Yao glared at Nie Yan, feigning anger to hide her embarrassment.

Nie Yan chuckled, then whispered in her ear, “Alright, I’ll stop here for today, though I’d really like to eat you up. Let’s go brush our teeth and wash up.”

Xie Yao quickly got up from the bed. Nie Yan’s words left her feeling even more frantic, though a trace of happiness sprouted in her heart.

Nie Yan found Xie Yao’s disheveled appearance quite alluring.

“I’ll go to the washroom first.” Xie Yao left in a hurry, not daring to meet Nie Yan’s eyes.

After coming out of the washroom, Xie Yao’s cheeks were still scarlet red. The skin under her lace nightgown glowed a faint pink, appearing all the more glossy and translucent like jade. Nie Yan couldn’t help but want to take a bite.

Nie Yan abided by his agreement to Xie Jun. He also wanted to prove himself worthy first by subduing the Dragonsoar and Glory Financial Groups. Though he would sometimes take advantage of the moment, he would always restrain himself in the end. The two of them were too young anyway. Xie Yao was barely 18! Slight pangs of guilt rippled through his heart.

Xie Yao also understood this. She felt grateful to Nie Yan for it.

After the two of them finished washing up, Nie Yan turned to Xie Yao. “I need to make a trip to my father’s company. I have some business to take care of.”

A sense of fear and anxiety suddenly washed over Xie Yao. After the kidnapping attempt, she subconsciously grew dependent on Nie Yan. Without him by her side, she was afraid something like that might happen again.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be safe here. Things might get dangerous though if you’re seen out in public, so I can’t let you come with me. If something happens, call me immediately,” Nie Yan comforted.

“Alright, hurry back,” Xie Yao said after a hint of hesitation. She knew Nie Yan had urgent matters to attend to.

After bidding Xie Yao farewell, Nie Yan got in his car and sped off to his family’s company.

The Nie Family company was flourishing under Father Nie’s leadership. Having set up three subsidiaries and rebranded to the name World Bloc, business operations were booming, and they were trending to become a large financial group. More recently, thanks to Nie Yan’s introduction, Father Nie and Tuoba Time had cooperated together in taking a large bite out of Tuoba Hongye’s operations, with World Bloc reaping the lion’s share of the benefits. In addition to this, World Bloc had also acquired a 3% stake in the Century Financial Group. Though seemingly insignificant at first glance, it was actually fairly considerable, given Cao Xu, the head of the Century Financial Group, only controlled a 52% stake in the company.

The sudden rise of World Bloc was drawing eyes, especially for their astonishing growth in the virtual reality space, which left many green with envy. The War God Tribe controlled five strongholds, of which three were operated by World Bloc while the rights to the other two were sold to two close business partners. Those real world business districts were raking in a huge sum of money for World Bloc every day.

If the War God Tribe could maintain this explosive growth, as the number of strongholds under their control increased and Conviction became more and more popular, their prospects would be unlimited.

The War God Tribe was directly connected to Asskickers United. As long as Asskickers United didn’t collapse, the War God Tribe’s position in Nisode was secured. Furthermore, since Asskickers United belonged to Nie Yan, the War God Tribe would never have to worry about their alliance falling apart. As Asskickers United captured more and more strongholds, Nie Yan was also planning to give the development rights of some of them to World Bloc. Given five years time, the World Bloc’s foundation would be extremely stable.

The World Bloc’s reception hall was quite spacious and decorated lavishly. Father Nie and a shareholder happened to be passing through. They were followed by more than 20 bodyguards. At this moment, a young man dressed in casual clothes walked in through the main entrance. He looked around 28 years old and had a scary looking scar on his forehead. His gait was stable, and he had a fierce aura about him.

The person who had come in was Bayonet. He walked up to the reception.

The receptionist was a young woman in her twenties. Her face blanched when she saw Bayonet. She unconsciously took a step back. However, she quickly recovered and greeted him with a polite smile. “Sir, what can I help you with today?” His scary appearance made her feel extremely uneasy.

Bayonet had braved through countless battles. His body was stained with the blood of who knew how many lives. It was to the extent he couldn’t suppress the killing intent coming off him even if he wanted to.

“I’m looking for someone. Is there a person called Nie Yan here?” Bayonet said in a gruff voice. He was loud enough to be overheard by Father Nie.

Father Nie wrinkled his brows. As he glanced at Bayonet, he could instantly tell this was a dangerous individual. He was once a soldier, a profession similar in nature to a mercenary, so he at least had this bit of insight. This youth was definitely no weaker than him. He could even smell the thick scent of blood coming off him from more than six meters away.

Why would such a person be looking for Nie Yan? Father Nie couldn’t help but feel a hint of unease. If the other party had malicious intentions, his son might be in danger. He pondered for a moment before whispering to the several bodyguards beside him, “Don’t let him go anywhere. Subdue him.”

Father Nie wanted to take this person into custody first, then ask Nie Yan about the situation after.

Six muscular bodyguards walked over to Bayonet. They were all seasoned military veterans with ample combat experience.

While Bayonet was inquiring with the receptionist, he detected a small group of people approaching him. He turned around and spotted six bodyguards walking over with obvious hostility in their eyes. He knitted his brows while his eyes narrowed. Did Nie Yan send them to test him out?

Regardless, the solution was rather simple. All Bayonet had to do was put them in their place.

When the receptionist saw things going south, she immediately backed away in fear. She had no idea what was happening.

The six bodyguards surrounded Bayonet, leaving no opening for escape.

“Who are you? What did you come here for?” one of the bodyguards asked. His skin was tanned dark, and he stood around 190 centimeters tall.

“I’m looking for a person called Nie Yan,” Bayonet replied.

“Got any identification on you?” the bodyguard asked in a rude tone. He was clearly looking to pick a fight.

“None.” Bayonet smirked. He had already scanned the surroundings. Nie Yan wasn’t in the vicinity. These six bodyguards were probably sent by someone else.

The bodyguard reached out to grab Bayonet’s shoulder. “How about you accompany us to the police station?”

At this moment, Bayonet reacted with lightning speed. He dodged the hand struck the bodyguard in the armpit. Before the bodyguard could react, he felt a numb feeling as his arm went limp.

Just as the bodyguard wanted to retaliate, Bayonet chopped him in the neck. With a thud sound, the large muscular bodyguard collapsed unconscious on the floor.

Seeing their comrade taken down, the five other bodyguards immediately pounced into action.

Their movements were skilled and decisive. Their military combat experience was clearly put out on display.

Like a nimble rabbit, Bayonet kneed one of the bodyguards in the stomach. The pain from the hit was enough to make the bodyguard break out in tears as he curled up on the floor like a cooked shrimp. A simple knee definitely couldn’t inflict him with so much pain. Bayonet’s movements were too fierce, and the force behind each of his attacks were too powerful.

Palm, elbow, knee, these parts of the body when used by Bayonet resembled sharp weapons. None of Bayonets actions carried any superfluous movements. He only needed one or two moves to incapacitate a bodyguard. The places he struck them were the weakest spots on the human body. His attacks were simple but effective.

It didn’t take long for all six bodyguards to hit the floor, wreathing and groaning in pain.

Bayonet stood there with a sneer on his face. If he hadn’t taken the identity of these people into consideration, going easy on them, he could’ve finished things much sooner. Taking down six people in 16 seconds, this was by far his slowest record.

Bayonet had long since lost interest in these kind of ordinary fights. What he trained in was murder. One hit, one kill was his true mantra.

Father Nie’s eyes widened in shock after witnessing this scene. He was well aware of the strength of the six bodyguards. If they were to enter a fighting tournament, he estimated they would at least place in the front rankings. Yet they had dropped like flies in front of this person.

Father Nie still had more than 10 bodyguards behind him. However, he understood that no matter how many he sent, the outcome would still be the same. These bodyguards were no match for Bayonet.

Father Nie had only met one person this strong before, and that was his company leader in the army. That man had formerly belonged to a special forces unit called Blood Stingers. Even if Father Nie went up himself, he probably wouldn’t last more than three moves against Bayonet.

Bayonet glanced in their direction, staring at Father Nie and the 15 people around him. His gaze was filled with disdain, conveying it’d be beneath him to take action against them.

Father Nie rang up Nie Yan’s phone and informed him of what just happened.「Son, tell me what’s going on!」

「Oh, that’s a friend of mine. I asked him to become my bodyguard. I’ll be there in a moment.」Nie Yan replied.

Father Nie was taken aback. Someone this skilled would definitely rank as an elite among elites in the army. If they were hired to be a bodyguard for the head of a financial group, their yearly salary would definitely cross ¥100,000,000. How did his son convince such a person to become his personal bodyguard? He was truly stunned.

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