Chapter 448 - Riled Into Action

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Chapter 448 - Riled Into Action

After a long silence, a large commotion broke out in the conference room. Everyone started discussing excitedly. Even though they were always aware the War God Tribe and Asskickers United were allied together, they also worried about what would happen if the relationship fell apart. The War God Tribe currently didn’t have the power to contend against the Tuoba Family. If Asskickers United was adamant on refusing to take action, there was nothing that could be done. This was why they didn’t really believe in the future of the War God Tribe.

Such doubts instantly dissolved with the revelation that Nirvana Flame was Nie Yan, leaving behind only feelings of shock and awe.

Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame was a name that rang like thunder throughout the entire Viridian Empire.

He was a god in Calore!

After the siege of the Cripps Stronghold, Asskickers United had cleared away all competition in Calore. Although they were currently only a Level 5 guild, a far cry from level 7 guilds like Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors, with Calore’s enormous population and growth potential, surpassing them was only a matter of time.

Asskickers United had backed the War God Tribe from the start. So, everyone believed World Bloc had negotiated a deal, perhaps even for real world money, to get their help. No one thought Asskickers United was actually a part of World Bloc.

They previously believed World Bloc was only an upstart that started investing in the virtual reality industry. With a lot of money but no experience, it was destined to fail. The people here today only came along for the ride when they joined the War God Tribe. In any case, there was still pay to be had. Since World Bloc had the money, they would stick it out. When the day came World Bloc could no longer support them, they’d simply disperse. As a result, they didn’t care too much about the growth of the War God Tribe. Many people were only there for the benefits. In times of war, they would only give the bare minimal effort or make themselves scarce.

Nie Yan’s announcement caused this haughty group to internally re-evaluate World Bloc. Not only did it own the guild that controlled Calore, but it even wanted to develop the War God Tribe to absorb Nisode! What ambition! If they actually toppled the Tuoba Family in Nisode, the two largest cities in the Viridian Empire would be in their hands! With only the last step left in such a grand endeavor, who could still consider World Bloc merely a naive upstart?

If they truly won the battle for Nisode, World Bloc would completely dominate the Viridian Empire with control over the two largest cities, more than 30 strongholds, and a full 22% of the empire’s population. Such power was no joke!

Their eyes were filled with reverence as they gazed at Nie Yan. Although it wasn’t clear whether his achievements were only possible thanks to the backing of World Bloc, the name of Nirvana Flame was enough to warrant their admiration.

Nie Yan looked around the conference room before settling his gaze on the baldy. With eyes that radiated a freezing cold, he said, “World Bloc spent money inviting you lot here to help resolve problems and help grow the War God Tribe. If Asskickers United has to take action every time there’s the slightest hitch, what’s the point of keeping you guys around? You receive a salary from World Bloc every day yet do nothing but laze around. You have the luxury of being able to hide behind stronghold walls and yet whine about not being able to hold out. All the while none of you are willing to put in any effort! Am I not wrong in my assessment that World Bloc has hired a bunch of spoiled brats? Not willing to work, always complaining, I want you all to scram! None of you are fit for the job. World Bloc still has Asskickers United. Seriously, grumbling about dealing with a bunch of small fry like the Tuoba Family. I don’t even want to think what might happen if you were to face real opponents like Alliance of Mages, Divine Protectors, or Angel Corps. You’re all better off going home. World Bloc has no use for trash like you!”

Nie Yan’s speech greatly humiliated the baldy, but this last line caused him to fume with anger. However, despite being called a spoiled brat, he couldn’t refute Nirvana Flame and was left to swallow his rage.

Not just the baldy, but other people were getting worked up as well. After all, those complaining about not being able hold out any longer were not limited to his group.

“Aren’t you going a little too far?”

“Right! The Tuoba Family outnumbers us six to one! Of course we can’t hold out!”

Everyone in the conference room got riled up and started refuting Nie Yan’s words.

“In the early days when Asskickers United was just founded, Victorious Return was tens of times larger than us. Weren’t they crushed just the same? Stop making excuses! Any random member from Asskickers United has more guts than you cowardly lot combined!” Nie Yan swept his gaze over the people trying to refute him.

All of them were silenced by Nie Yan’s words. None of them could come up with anything to say back. Yet their hearts were filled objections.

Nie Yan’s provocative words immediately incited the anger of everyone present, including those with relatively mild tempers such as Frozen Prose and Annihilation. Even saints had limits to their patience. Once their anger was released, they also started cursing.

“What’s so amazing about Nirvana Flame! You’re nothing but an arrogant prick!”

At this point, they resorted to petty personal attacks. In regards to matters related to the War God Tribe, they could only avoid the subject. In their hearts, they had to admit they were no match for Asskickers United. This was an ironclad fact. As a result, their arguments appeared weak.

“Fucking hell! He thinks he’s so great just because he’s good at a game!”

It looked like the meeting was about to go out of control. Ah Chen never thought Nie Yan would speak such provocative words. He anxiously signalled Nie Yan to stop. However, Nie Yan pretended not to notice. At his wits’ end, Ah Chen turned to Father Nie, who faintly smiled and indicated for him not to interfere. Father Nie wore a gratified expression on his face. Nie Yan had finally grown up, with his own way of handling business. Although Father Nie didn’t agree with using such extreme measures, he had to admit this was a good way of resolving the problem. He was also starting to lose his patience with these people in the room.

“I’ll leave behind these words today. Those who want to claim they aren’t trash, speak with actions, not words. Asskickers United won’t provide help to the War God Tribe. If you guys win, I’ll take back my words and personally apologize to all of you. If you guys really can’t hold out in the end, my Asskickers United has no choice but to step in. Not a single coward exists in my guild. Whether it’s Victorious Return, Bloodlust Blades, or the Tuoba Family, even if they outnumber us by more than fifty to one, when they meet us, they’ll still piss their pants while running away. We especially aren’t so cowardly as to give up before the real battle even begins! If those kind of people aren’t trash, what are they?” Nie Yan said in disdain.

Many of the players in the conference room only came because World Bloc had spent hefty sums to invite them. They were highly skilled players. These types of people naturally had their own pride, but Nie Yan completely disregarded them. He didn’t even try to hide his utter contempt.

Their previous respect for Nirvana Flame had morphed into anger, but they still had to face the facts.

Frozen Prose stood up and addressed Nie Yan. “Although we aren’t as strong as Asskickers United and sweep through every obstacle like you, I can solemnly declare we definitely are not trash!”

“Oh? Really now? Your words are certainly pretty, but how are you going to prove it?” Nie Yan chuckled coldly. “Let me make some things clear to you. Asskickers United was brought up by myself. Although I’m the son of World Bloc’s chairman, Asskickers United has never once relied on World Bloc. Asskickers United won’t change any of their plans just because of what’s happening on the side of the War God Tribe. The War God Tribe was brought up by you guys. If it falls, its existence has no value. World Bloc is perfectly fine just having Asskickers United. When the time comes, all the trash that piled up will be cleared out.”

All the higher-ups from the War God Tribe gathered in the conference room were like enraged beasts. Even though they understood Nie Yan was purposefully riling them up, they couldn’t suppress the anger in their hearts. After all, how could one stay calm after being called trash?

Their only option was to wash themselves clean of this disgrace by defeating the Tuoba Family; otherwise, this label would continue to follow them for the rest of their lives. At that point, they would no longer have the face to show themselves in Conviction or even the larger virtual reality gaming industry. They couldn’t back down now!

“One day, we’re going to make you apologize to everyone in this conference room!” Annihilation, who had been quiet this whole time, finally spoke up. He decided to throw caution to the wind. If everyone gave it their all, he refused to believe they couldn’t defeat the Tuoba Family! Although the Tuoba Family outnumbered them six to one, numbers didn’t decide everything. Asskickers United was a prime example. The War God Tribe’s current circumstances were a lot better than that of Asskickers United in the past. If others could do it, why couldn’t they? Else they really would be nothing but trash!

“I’ll be waiting!” Nie Yan looked at the fervent crowd. Sometimes, rage could be a type of power. Their previously pathetic mentalities were burnt away. They had been forced into a corner, and now Annihilation’s words eliminated all paths of retreat. With no choice but to fight and the added motivation of anger, these people would be many times stronger than before.

In reality, these people weren’t any bit inferior to those on the side of the Tuoba Family. What they lacked was simply the will to fight!

Nie Yan had said what needed to be said. He wouldn’t need to be concerned about the conflict between the War God Tribe and the Tuoba Family for the time being. If the War God Tribe really couldn’t hold on any longer, he would step in to clean up the mess. The words he had just spoken were indeed a bit extreme. If these people really could take down the Tuoba Family without any help, he was willing to apologize.

Nie Yan and Bayonet left the conference room.

Bayonet commented wistfully, “You sly fox! You didn’t promise them a dime and yet these people are going to throw down their lives for your cause. If they lose, you can just clean up while the Tuoba Family’s forces are exhausted. If they win, even better. You lose nothing and just have to apologize while still gaining Nisode. If I’d known you were so wily, I wouldn’t have fallen for your trick!”

Nie Yan chuckled, not minding Bayonet’s words. Drastic times called for drastic measures.

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