Chapter 450 - Challenge

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Chapter 450 - Challenge

Nie Yan had still been holding onto the notion that he and Bayonet were going to interact with each other as friends. However, Bayonet didn’t make friends with anyone. In his field, one more friend meant one more liability. He treated his relationship with Nie Yan as purely business, nothing more. Nie Yan paid him money, and he would carry out the work. Friendship, getting along with others, such companionship was meaningless to him. His several brothers were comrades-in-arms who had travelled with him from battlefield to battlefield. As for anyone else, he treated them coldly and indifferently, including Nie Yan!

Bayonet’s words reminded Nie Yan that their relationship was purely professional.

Nie Yan understood Bayonet’s principle. Since it was like this, there was nothing else to say. He would treat Bayonet like an ordinary mercenary for the time being.

「It’s like you said. From this day forward, you are my shadow. I’ll provide you with the locations of some Legendary-grade equipment. I want you to start collecting them and give me a progress report every day before logging off. As for the fifth volume of the Book of Order, if someone obtains the last chapter, do not try to snatch it. Avoid engaging at all costs!」Nie Yan said. He had already changed history by triggering the release of the Buried History expansion early after completing the Glimpse of Darkness. Bayonet had five chapters from the fifth volume of the Book of Order in his possession. If he obtained the last chapter, he would trigger the release of a whole nother expansion, and history would be irreversibly changed even more.

Nie Yan wanted to utilize the experience from his past life to grow as powerful as possible. So when the day came that history was completely changed, he would have the strength to face the unknown.

Bayonet was somewhat taken aback. Didn’t collecting all the chapters of a volume give a Legendary-grade item? Why did Nie Yan want him to hold out on collecting the last chapter?

Even though Bayonet had his doubts, he had his code as a mercenary. He would never question the employer’s reasoning. He would carry out whatever he was instructed to do.

「Understood.」Bayonet nodded.

「I’ll let you go about your business then.」Nie Yan hung up the call.

It would take Bayonet at least five days to finish the task Nie Yan had assigned him. When the quality of his gear improved, Nie Yan would have him collect even rarer items.

Bayonet immediately set off to work.

After riding on his Faulkner Warhorse for about 50 minutes, a grand stronghold appeared on the horizon. It resembled a giant dragon coiled around the ravines of the wasteland.

The stronghold’s walls, constructed out of huge stone blocks, stood over 20-meter tall. It was rumoured the leader of the Viridian Empire, Jebiah the Great, had gathered hundreds of thousands of people back in the day for the sake of building this stronghold. Like ants making a nest, they transported the highest quality materials from all over the land and slowly built it up block by block.

This was a formidable super stronghold with unrivalled defenses. It was also home to more than 100,000 people, a population on par with most cities.

These thick walls defended against the evil beings that flooded out of the Underworld every year, forming the Viridian Empire’s strongest defensive line.

Nie Yan spurred his Faulkner Warhorse to go even faster, galloping at full speed towards the Hilton Stronghold, where he could receive his reward for slaying the Legendary Necromancer Nadago.


Meanwhile, trouble was brewing over in Calore.

Two players from Angel Corps emerged from the Calore transfer area. One was an elven Thief fully clad in Sub Legendary-grade equipment. He wore a forest green vest made out of vines and had two ivory daggers which flickered with a green lustre holstered on his waist. The other player was an orc Warrior with pale yellowish skin. He was tall, muscular, and built like an ox. He carried two giant two-handed greatswords on his back. The blades were broad, looking like heavy slabs of metal. Berserkers had a unique trait that allowed them to dual wield two-handed swords!

“Mad God, our mission is to lure Nirvana Flame out. Remember to save your trump cards. If we can defeat him, we’ll be famous!” The elven Thief’s eyes were burning with a strong fighting spirit. He couldn’t help but get fired up every time he came across a powerful opponent.

“Don’t worry, Depraved. With the both of us working together, how could we possibly lose?” Mad God laughed out heartily.

If Nie Yan were here, he would immediately recognize these two. Mad God, a Level 63 orc Warrior, ranked second among all the Orc Warriors in the Satreen Empire. Depraved, a Level 62 elven Thief, ranked third among all the Thieves in the Satreen Empire. In the previous timeline, these two were some of the most famous players in the Satreen Empire. Their fame didn’t lose out to the likes of Sun and Bladelight.

These two players immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Angel Corps had recently lost a war to Asskickers United. For them to appear in Calore at a time like this was quite unusual. The information quickly made its way to Guo Huai.

After the news spread, Asskickers United’s guild chat went into an uproar.

「Fucking hell! Those bastards from Angel Corps still dare to show their face here? Let’s see if they have the guts to step out of the city. We’ll slaughter them back to Level 10!」

「Brothers, keep an eye on them. As soon as they leave the city, let’s surround them!」


Angel Corps had garnered a lot of resentment for their involvement in the Cripps Stronghold siege. As soon as the players from Asskickers United heard that people from Angel Corps had come again, they were naturally none too happy.

「Executive Guild Leader, what do you think they came to Calore for?」Paladin of the Elegy asked.

「I don’t know yet. Dispatch a few people to keep an eye on them. If they do anything suspicious, report back to me immediately!」Guo Huai replied as unease creeped into his heart. These two people from Angel Corps definitely didn’t come to Calore with good intentions. However, they wouldn’t be able to kick up any big waves with just the two of them. Nevertheless, he needed to report this to Nie Yan.

Mad God and Depraved were strolling through the bustling streets of Calore.

Mad God glanced at the crowd of pedestrians moving around him. “Calore looks pretty lively. I wonder how many of these people actually belong to Asskickers United. I bet news of our arrival has already reached their ears.”

“Truthfully speaking, Asskickers United really isn’t simple. It’s hard to imagine such a small guild that started late would rise up from the cracks between so many large guilds and unify all of Calorie, even pushing out Victorious Return. This Nirvana Flame is definitely quite the character,” Depraved said with a hint of admiration. Even if they defeated Nie Yan, their achievements would never reach his level.

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid?”

“Of course not. I admit he’s skilled, but I’ve never been afraid of anyone. Everyone has their own allegiances, so it can’t be helped. If Angel Corps wasn’t enemies with Asskickers United, I would’ve liked to become his friend.”

As the two chatted, they arrived at the central square of Calore. They went to the city governor’s office and rented out a 100 by 100 meter area for 20 gold an hour.

Afterwards, they set up a simple fence and created a makeshift arena.

All the players in the surroundings were looking at them curiously, wondering what these two people from Angel Corps were up to. Among the crowd were many players from Asskickers United. The actions of Mad God and Depraved left them completely bewildered.

“What the hell are these two fellows scheming?”

“Who knows.” The players from Asskickers United were grumbling. If these two people didn’t leave the city, there was nothing they could do to them. Even if they were the number one guild in Calore, they still had to follow the rules.

Everyone was paying close attention to Mad God and Depraved.

After a while, the construction of the makeshift arena was finished.

“Alright, we’re ready to go. Post the announcement,” Mad God said.

Thinking about what was to come, the two couldn’t help but get fired up.


Still enroute to the Hilton Stronghold, Nie Yan suddenly received word from Guo Huai.

「An orc Warrior and an elven Thief? What did they come to Calore for?」Nie Yan wrinkled his brows. Just as he was about to give out the orders to continue keeping watch over them, Guo Huai told him to quickly go check the forums.

Nie Yan opened up the forums. A post on the Calore boards was plastered right at the top of the front page.

Mad Rogue, do you dare to fight?

We’ve set up an arena in the central plaza. Asskickers United, if you have the guts, come and bring it on!

- Mad God, Depraved

Mad God and Depraved were quite famous. A simple search on the Satreen Empire forums would bring up many videos of their exploits. These two had come to Calore specifically to challenge Nie Yan. This immediately became a hot topic for all visitors of the forums and subsequently the other players who got wind of it.

Theplayers from Asskickers United were infuriated. A provocation was posted on the forums, and the target was their guild leader!

「Fuck, who the hell do they think they are, wanting to challenge the boss!? 」

「Executive Guild Leader, let us teach them a lesson!!」

Guo Huai glanced at the guild chat, then asked Nie Yan,「What are your thoughts?」

「I have something important to do at the Hilton Stronghold. What about Smoke Stub, Bladelight, and them? What are they doing right now?」Nie Yan said. If he had to answer the call of every Angel Corps player that came looking for a fight, he’d run himself ragged! As the guild leader of Asskickers United, he didn’t have much to gain from beating Mad God and Depraved. It was better to let others bask in the glory, and show everyone that Nirvana Flame wasn’t the only strong player in Asskickers United!

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