Chapter 485 - Scarlet Blaze Ruby!

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Chapter 485 - Scarlet Blaze Ruby!

After categorizing the skill books, Nie Yan glanced at the pile with Thief skills. He had learned many skills in his past life, so he wasn’t nearly as gung-ho as Tang Yao. But three skill books in particular still caught his eye. All three were Freedom Skills. The first was Counter. It allowed the player to evade an opponent’s attack and retaliate with an incapacitating elbow strike. The second was Flicker Strike, a dash attack that stunned the target. The third and final skill was Backbreaker, an attack that struck the target’s back and inflicted the cripple status effect.

Two cripples and one stun, these were pretty decent crowd control skills. Nie Yan just so happened to be in need of some crowd control skills!

Thieves didn’t have absolute strengths, unlike Warriors and Mages. Warriors and Mages relied on equipment. A high level Warrior or Mage with high quality equipment could easily crush a lower level opponent with worse equipment. Only a small minority who were skilled or had good luck could reverse the tide. Meanwhile, Thieves relied on awareness, technique, and skills. Awareness and technique complimented skills. A skilled Thief could easily beat an opponent several times stronger than them. Thieves who lacked awareness or technique, and couldn’t use their skills properly, no matter how good their equipment was, would be useless.

With these skills, as long as Nie Yan mastered them, even if he was butt naked, he could still crush any other equal levelled Thief.

After learning these three skills, Nie Yan contacted Guo Huai and had him send some people over to distribute the remaining skill books.

When the top ranked members of Asskickers United had taken their picks, the more common skill books would be thrown into the guild treasury.

All that remained were the scrolls, recipes, gems, and other miscellaneous items. Nie Yan looked over the recipes. There were more than 150 in total, most of which were Advanced, Master, or Grandmaster-rank. There were also recipes for Enchanters and Tinkerers.

“There’s 15 Advanced Health Potion Recipes, and seven Advanced Mana Potion Recipes,” Tang Yao reported. Advanced Health and Mana Potions were extremely rare at this stage of the game. As the health and mana pools of players grew larger, so too would the demand for higher rank potions.

When levelling normally by grinding monsters out in the wilderness, most players couldn’t bare to use such expensive potions. The only exception was while running dungeons. Advanced Health and Mana Potions would allow them to continue fighting for longer and thus boost the survival rate of the team. For that reason, Advanced Health and Mana Potions were in high demand, regardless of their cost.

Apart from the Advanced Health and Mana Potion Recipes, Nie Yan also saw many other good recipes, such as a Master Antidote Recipe, Master Fire Resistance Potion Recipe, Master Ice Resistance Potion Recipe, and so on.

Nie Yan called Bird over.

When Bird walked into the workshop, he was taken back by the glittering piles of loot. Nie Yan couldn’t have robbed an NPC shop, right? Just where did all of this stuff come from?

“Boss, what do you need?” Bird asked. His gaze happened to fall on Nie Yan’s hand. He was an Advanced Alchemist, and was only a step away from reaching the Master rank. He naturally recognized what Nie Yan was holding. His heart trembled. With how high the stack was, there had to be at least 100 recipes!

“Take these recipes and distribute them,” Nie Yan said.

Bird cautiously accepted the recipes. Seeing their names, Advanced Health Potion Recipe, Advanced Mana Potion Recipe, Advanced Fire Resistance Potion Recipe, Advanced Ice Resistance Potion Recipe, Master Antidote Recipe… he felt his head spinning. My god, so many recipes! Where did they all come from?

“How’s the Starry Night Potion Shop doing? Do we have a Master Alchemist yet?” Nie Yan asked. He usually didn’t involve himself with the Starry Night Potion Shop’s matters. As for the finances, Guo Huai would have people look over them regularly. He trusted Bird. When they first met, Bird was a penniless Alchemist kicked to the curb by Dark Hero. He had helped pick Bird back up and put his faith in him. Ever since, Bird had worked hard to repay this kindness.

“Quiet Nannan just became a Master Alchemist yesterday. We’re also about to reach 60 Advanced Alchemists soon. With these recipes, I’m sure we’ll have even more Advanced and Master Alchemists in no time!” Bird reported. If Nie Yan hadn’t found those recipes from before, the Starry Night Potion Shop definitely wouldn’t have as many Advanced Alchemists right now. Nie Yan’s impact on the growth of the Starry Night Potion Shop was clear as day. The recipes this time were numerous and all of them were of a high rank. Needless to say, it would be a great help to them.

“Go. Use these recipes to nurture more Advanced and Master Alchemists. Don’t waste them,” Nie Yan laughed.

These Alchemists were already talented to begin with. With Nie Yan providing them with a large quantity of high rank recipes and the steady supply of materials from Asskickers United, it was no surprise they had improved so quickly.

Aside from the Alchemy industry, Asskickers United was also rapidly expanding in other industries. The recently established Artisan Guild brought together players of all crafting professions working under one roof. It was currently flourishing with activity.

Bird took the recipes and distributed them to the Alchemists in the Starry Night Potion Shop. With these recipes going to the right people, the Starry Night Potion Shop would once again undergo a period of massive growth, rapidly pulling away from the Alchemists of other guilds. The remaining recipes for other professions would also be put to good use.

After getting rid of the recipes, Nie Yan looked at the scrolls. There were all sorts of high rank scrolls, Shadow Bind, Radiant Illumination, Blazing Impact, Divine Protections, Twisting Vines, Final Judgement, and so on. There were more than 170 scrolls in total.

“Take some of these scrolls for yourself,” Nie Yan said. He was never stingy with his own people.

“Alright,” Tang Yao nodded. He took 30 scrolls he thought would be useful for himself.

Nie Yan also took 50 scrolls for himself. He only took two types. The first were trap type scrolls, such as Shadow Bind, Twisting Vines, and so on. The other was AoE magic scrolls,. These items were all one-use.

Nie Yan suddenly thought of Shadow Killer. With these scrolls, the next time they met, Shadow Killer definitely wouldn’t be in for a good time. Not only Shadow Killer, but anyone he planned to use these scrolls on wouldn’t have any hope of running away.

“Give the remaining scrolls to Bladelight and the others. It’ll probably be useful for them while running dungeons,” Nie Yan said. There were still more than 90 scrolls remaining. This many scrolls would definitely earn a decent amount of profit in the marketplace. However, they weren't lacking money. It was better to give these scrolls to the guild’s elite team.

After dealing with the scrolls, all that remained were the gems and magic tools. There were around 200-300 gems. However, only a few of them were rare. Nie Yan looked around. From the pile of gems, he took out six Radiant Gems. He could use these to upgrade his Special Items. Just as he was sorting through the remaining gems, Tang Yao cried out in excitement, “Nie Yan, take a look at these! What are they?”

Two white necklaces rested in Tang Yao’s hands. They were finely crafted, and with a glance one could tell they were the handiwork of a Master. Hanging from the necklaces were silver pendants in the shape of a crescent moon. Under the light of the workshop’s magic lamps, they sparkled brilliantly.

“One has Nimble Fingers +3. The other has Attraction +1. What kind of stats are these? These two necklaces have the same name, but their stats are different,” Tang Yao said in confusion. These kinds of items were pretty rare. This was his first time seeing them.

“They are crafting profession stats. Let me take a look,” Nie Yan said. He took the two necklaces from Tang Yao’s hands. Seeing the names, his heart trembled. They were Magic Silver Necklaces, one of the items in Paget’s recipe!

“Oh, so it was a crafting profession item. No wonder!” Tang Yao said. He spent day and night grinding levels to prevent others from catching up to him, so he had very little contact with crafting profession items. That was why he lacked knowledge on the subject.

Nie Yan recalled Paget’s words during that time he was upgrading his Special Items. All he needed to do was combine an Azure Fantasy Sapphire, Scarlet Blaze Ruby, Life Emerald, and Magic Silver Necklace inside Pandora’s Box, and he would get a Wish Necklace.

These two Magic Silver Necklaces could increase the stats of an artisan.

Azure Fantasy Sapphire, Scarlet Blaze Ruby, and Life Emerald? Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He frantically started searching through the pile of gems.

“What are you doing?” Tang Yao asked in confusion.

“Help me look. Let me know if you see an Azure Fantasy Saphire, Scarlet Blaze Ruby, or Life Emerald,” Nie Yan said. With so many gems piled together in their dazzling brilliance, trying to find a few specific ones truly wasn’t easy.

Several minutes later, Nie Yan’s gaze locked onto a certain gem in the pile. It was bright red, almost as though there was a fire burning at the center.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He grabbed the gem and checked its properties. Sure enough, it was a Scarlet Blaze Ruby!

Nie Yan set the Scarlet Blaze Ruby aside and continued searching. Since he found this gem in the pile, maybe he could find the Azure Fantasy Sapphire and Life Emerald too!

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