Chapter 495 - Shocking Plan

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Chapter 495 - Shocking Plan

Nie Yan left the Temple of Light with his Javelin Launcher in hand. From the numerous gems in his storage, he picked out the Gem of Darkness and Silverash Gem. Although the Silverash Gem wasn’t as good as the Gem of Darkness, it also lowered the requirements of the socketed equipment, specifically reducing the level requirement by 10.

Nie Yan had a large variety of gems in his possession, even the rare kinds that lowered the stat requirements of equipment.

Nie Yan brought the Gem of Darkness and Silverash Gem to Master Jewelcrafter Paget’s workshop and had them socketed. The originally plain looking Javelin Launcher now looked much more stylish with the eye dazzling radiance of these two gems.

Nie Yan took out a javelin. It was roughly one meter long. The body was made out of wood while the head was made out of a silver coloured metal. It was incomparably sharp, sporting a multi pronged blade with blood grooves running down the sides.[1] Its design was quite elaborate.

Nie Yan learned how to operate the Javelin Launcher. It could launch a javelin into the air and strike a target from afar, dealing piercing damage.

A Level 100 Javelin Launcher could deal 3,200 ranged damage. After socketing the Gem of Darkness and Silverash Gem, 10% of the damage would be converted to dark piercing damage with a 1% chance of ignoring all defense and critically striking. Its level requirement was also reduced from Level 100 to Level 80.

Nie Yan put away the Javelin Launcher in his bag and headed for the Starry Night Potion Shop.

「Guo Huai, I need some Advanced Enchanters. How many in the guild are free right now?」Nie Yan asked.

「Hmm… we can spare five. If it’s really urgent, I can ask the others to stop what they’re doing and help you.」

「That won’t be necessary. Call those five Advanced Enchanters over. Have them meet me on the third floor of the Starry Night Potion Shop.」

「Alright, I’ll send them over shortly.」

Nie Yan waited in an empty workshop. After a while, five Advanced Enchanters knocked on the door and entered. Their ages varied greatly, with the oldest being over 40 and the youngest only 18. There were two men and three women.

Many female players didn’t enjoy fighting and chose to focus on crafting professions instead. As a result, female artisans were starting to greatly outnumber their male counterparts.

“Boss, how may we be of use today?” one of the Advanced Enchanters asked. He was well into his forties, old enough to be Nie Yan’s father. However, he understood the person in front of him was his direct superior.

Nie Yan unloaded the 3,000 javelins onto the workshop bench. “I’d like you guys to add a damage-over-time enchantment to these. Sorry for the trouble.”

“All of them...?” The middle-aged Enchanter knitted his brows. There were 3,000 javelins in total!

“I’ll be needing these in five days,” Nie Yan said.

“That’ll be a bit difficult to do… It’s not that we don’t want to help you. It’s just that there’s too many javelins.”

The other Enchanters nodded in agreement.

“Drop everything you’re doing right now and focus only on enchanting these javelins. You’ll be provided with all the necessary materials. The reward is 1 gold for every javelin you enchant,” Nie Yan said before turning around and leaving the workshop.

With such an attractive reward, even if the workload nearly crushed them, these Enchanters were extremely enthusiastic.

Nie Yan headed to his personal storage. As the guild leader of Asskickers United, his personal storage was a treasure trove.

Ordinary players only had one page in their personal storage, expanded to the maximum size of 500 slots. A second page would cost a significant sum of gold. Generally, players would find it hard to fill up even a quarter of their personal storage. Not to mention most of the items stored inside were worthless garbage that only held sentimental value, so they couldn’t bear to throw it away. Even for expert players, 500 slots was more than enough.

Nie Yan’s personal storage had a total of 10 pages, each with the maximum 500 slots. The first and second pages contained the gems he had Guo Huai acquire for him, and the various gems he acquired himself. Each gem was organized neatly together. Some gems there were tens of and of others there were only one or two. However, one could tell at a glance that they were all fairly rare. Anything he didn’t consider important or valuable would be directly dealt with instead of being left in his personal storage, collecting dust.

The first and second pages were an extravagant sight to behold, filled with glittering gems of every colour that would drive anyone mad with greed.

The third, fourth, and fifth pages were completely filled up with scrolls. Nie Yan would have Guo Huai regularly dispatch people to Soyu Town to purchase all sorts of rare scrolls, which would then be deposited into his personal storage. So far, he had accumulated more than 200 types of scrolls. A bunch more were purchased from the various NPC Scroll Shops around the Viridian Empire. These were sold in limited quantity. Each and every single one of them was rare and expensive. He also had close to 300 Dispel Fog Scrolls stockpiled. Needless to say, at 500 gold each, they were worth quite a fortune. The fifth page was filled with row upon row of Death Wave Scrolls. He had brought these back from the Underworld. There were around 250 of them in total. Finally, at the bottom were AoE magic scrolls.

The sixth page was filled with the Magic Bombs crafted by Violet Smoke. Nie Yan no longer had any use for the Junior Magic Bombs, so he left them to the players of the guild. As for the Intermediate and Advanced Magic Bombs, he kept them for himself. They were still useful for levelling. He currently had more than 250 stacks of Intermediate Magic Bombs and 100 stacks of Advanced Magic Bombs. No one would think these seemingly plain looking small black metal balls would be so valuable. One stack of Intermediate Magic Bombs could sell for more than 200 gold, while a stack of Advanced Magic Bombs was worth almost four times as much at 800 gold each.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth page were filled with potions and precious materials. These items were all extremely rare. Any random item could sell for hundreds if not thousands of gold. Some had special uses and Nie Yan had people gather them for him. Others he collected himself while killing monsters.

The tenth page was filled with equipment, either purchased from the auction house or acquired by killing monsters. There was equipment for every class and every kind of stat. Even at a conservative estimate, there numbered at least two or three hundred pieces. Nie Yan usually tossed the equipment he obtained into the guild treasury. The equipment he kept for himself either had special uses or particularly good stats. Bladelight and the others would occasionally borrow equipment from him, returning it after they were done with it.

All 10 pages were packed to the brim with precious items. If Nie Yan were to sell everything in his treasury, he would stand to make at least 1,000,000 gold. This was disregarding the fact many items would only increase in value in the future. Apart from the scrolls he used on a daily basis, he left all the other things that would depreciate over time for the people under him to handle. Leaving them to rot in the guild treasury would be a huge mistake. From the viewpoint of a reincarnator, any bit of wastefulness couldn’t be forgiven.

It was fortunate Nie Yan organized his personal storage so religiously, or else even 20 or 30 pages wouldn’t be enough. Guo Huai also regularly dispatched people to organize and withdraw any items Nie Yan no longer wanted in there. It’d be a huge pain if Nie Yan had to manage his inventory all by himself.

Nie Yan recalled how players in the previous timeline would frequently share screenshots of their personal storages, filled with all sorts of precious gems and equipment. It always made him green with envy. But now, if he shared a picture of his own storage online, those same players would probably vomit blood in shock. The items in their personal storages couldn’t compare with the items in his personal storage. They weren’t even on the same level, neither in quantity nor quality.

If there was a leaderboard for the value of personal storages, Nie Yan’s would definitely rank number one in all of Conviction.

Any random item from Nie Yan’s personal storage box would drive countless people mad with greed. Not to mention he was constantly expanding it with better and more valuable items.

Nie Yan was filled with pride every time time he looked at his personal storage. All he had stored in his personal storage in his past life were a few pieces of pitiful garbage. He could still recall the items he had stored in there. The difference was night and day.

There was a saying that circulated in Asskickers United. If you could even catch a glimpse of Nirvana Flame’s personal storage, you could leave this life without regrets. It definitely wasn’t an exaggeration. Aside from the auction houses, they had never seen so many valuable gems, equipment, and other items together. Nie Yan’s personal storage was one-of-a-kind.

Nie Yan transferred a few gems and items in his bag over to his personal storage. He then withdrew all the gems that lowered level requirements—roughly 30 in total—and all 50 pieces of Level 100 or higher Dark Gold-grade equipment.

Besides this, Nie Yan had Guo Huai dispatch people around the various major cities in the Viridian Empire to purchase gems that reduced stat requirements. He planned to use these items to create equipment that would make all players go green with envy.

1. It probably looks something like this.

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