Chapter 498 - Poking the Hornet’s Nest

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Chapter 498 - Poking the Hornet’s Nest

Xie Yao was questing out in the wilderness, some distance from Kavodin. She recently completed the second part of the quest she was working on, and was about to move on to the next part when Eternal’s local area announcement popped up. Xie Yao knitted her brows. “This isn’t Calore. I should probably avoid stirring up any unnecessary trouble.”

At this moment, the sound of a commotion broke out behind the trees and foliage. Daybreak was fleeing in Xie Yao’s direction with five others chasing him from behind.

“A fight must have broken out.” Xie Yao was just about to turn and leave when she spotted Daybreak.

Daybreak’s eyes also widened in surprise. Everyone in Asskickers United knew Xie Yao. She was the boss’ girlfriend! They had all seen pictures or videos of her with him. He didn’t expect to meet her here of all places.

Daybreak hurriedly fled in another direction, leading his pursuers away from Xie Yao. Even it meant his death, he couldn’t allow her to be dragged into this mess.

「Big Sis, run!」Daybreak sent a whisper to Xie Yao.

Xie Yao recognized Daybreak. He was a fellow member of Asskickers United. With those Thieves hot on his trail, it wouldn’t be long before he was killed!

Seeing a guildmate in danger, Xie Yao couldn’t just stand idly by and do nothing.

Xie Yao raised her staff and struck one of the Thieves in the back with Holy Judgement, blasting him away.

It was an instant kill!

Xie Yao had seven pieces of Sub Legendary-grade gear equipped while the rest were Gold-grade with excellent stats. Besides this, every piece was enhanced with the best gems and enchantments. She was frighteningly powerful. Add this to the fact that she was already Level 69, while ordinary players were around Level 60, few people could survive her attacks.

The Thieves were shocked. What frightening damage!

Before the Thieves could figure out what was going on, Xie Yao attacked again with Holy Punishment, instantly killing another one of their comrades.

“Shit! Watch out for that bitch!”

“Hide. Hide!” The Thieves hurriedly disappeared into stealth.

Xie Yao raised her staff and chanted out a short incantation. A torrent of holy fire poured down from the sky.

「Thud! Thud! Thud!」The Thieves collapsed to the ground one after the other within the raging holy flames. Even up until their last moments, they had no idea how Xie Yao could tell their locations through stealth.

Skyfire Wing cut down Fat Panda with a swing of his greatsword, then picked up the loot that dropped on the ground. The corpses of two others laid on the ground nearby. Only Daybreak had escaped. With so many Thieves chasing him, he probably wouldn’t survive much longer, though. At this moment, a female Holy Mage appeared out of nowhere and easily dispatched his pursuers.

“Fuck! Who is this witch?” Skyfire Wing cried out. He was slightly taken aback by Xie Yao’s beauty. However, he wasn’t a fool led by his second head. Since the other side had taken action against his people, he naturally wouldn’t hold back.

“Boss, what do we do? That woman is wearing Asskickers United’s guild emblem.”

“Kill her! This is Kavodin, not Calore! Asskickers United doesn’t count for shit! Eternal reigns supreme!”

Xie Yao was usually fairly low-key, rarely ever stepping into the limelight. Even if there were some videos and pictures of her, she was treated as no more than a pretty face. So, no one paid particular attention to her. After all, beauties on the internet were a dime a dozen. Of the women in Asskickers United, One Strike Vow and Painted Muslin were far more well known. None of these players from Eternal recognized her.

Skyfire Wing ordered every Eternal player in the vicinity to surround and kill Xie Yao.

Daybreak didn’t expect Xie Yao to get herself involved. The situation was already out of his control. He could only raise his staff and do his best to protect her. If she died here, they would become sinners.

“Big Sis, please hurry and escape!” Daybreak gritted his teeth. He activated Arcane Reset and fired off one spell after another, killing an Eternal player that was charging over.

Before Xie Yao could reply to Daybreak, spells rained down from the sky above them. She hurriedly dodged out of the way.

Had Daybreak kept running without looking back, he would have escaped. Xie Yao didn’t expect him to stop in his tracks and turn around to help her. Surrounded by so many enemies, she wasn’t confident in protecting him.

About 10 minutes later, Daybreak ended up dying anyway. Xie Yao was still being pursued by a large mob of players.

During this chase, the players of Eternal came to learn the difference between themselves and a truly godly player. Xie Yao continually kited her pursuers, picking them off one by one with her powerful attacks. Whenever a large group of players closed in on her, she would immobilize them with an Advanced Twisting Vines Scroll, then blow them all away with a Holy Pillar.

“Shit, this damned woman’s attacks are strong.” Skyfire Wing cursed. He slightly staggered back in fear. Even he didn’t dare to take her attacks head-on. He ordered the players under him to surround Xie Yao.

“Shadow Priests, lock her down with Chains of Strife! Don’t let her escape! Someone with that quality equipment most likely has Unknown Transfer Scrolls!”

Seeing Daybreak die, Xie Yao no longer had a reason to stay. She let out a sigh and took out an Unknown Transfer Scroll. Just as she was about to teleport away, she discovered she had been inflicted with Shackles of Strife. Looking around, she spotted a Shadow Priest hiding in a shrub in the distance. He had used an Invisibility Potion to get close. After successfully casting Shackles of Strife, he turned tail and ran.

“She’s hit with Shackles of Strife. Don’t let her escape!” Skyfire Wing roared. This was the first time they had been beaten so badly by a woman. They definitely couldn’t let go of this disgrace!

“Boss, she has a lot of scrolls. We’ve already lost more than 30 players!”

“Who the hell is this woman? Why the hell does she have so many scrolls? They don’t fucking grow on trees!”

“Keep chasing her! I refuse to believe we can’t kill a single person!” Skyfire Wing cursed. He gnashed his teeth and charged toward Xie Yao.

Skyfire Wing could confirm that no Holy Mage in Kavodin was even close to rivalling this woman!

Xie Yao didn’t expect to be struck with Shackles of Strife. With so many enemies in the vicinity, it was impossible for her to chase down that Shadow Priest. Under the pursuit of the players from Eternal, she could only keep kiting back. She still had those life-saving scrolls from Nie Yan in her bag. There was no choice. She had to use them.

If Xie Yao died, regardless of which piece of equipment she dropped, it would be a huge loss.

However, there were simply too many enemies.


Nie Yan was in the middle of levelling, when he suddenly received word from Guo Huai that Xie Yao had been killed in Kavodin.

「What happened?」Nie Yan frowned. Dying was a fairly mundane affair for ordinary players. But given Xie Yao’s equipment and all those scrolls he gave her, unless she faced a powerful enemy, dying was impossible. The number of players that could kill her in Kavodin could be counted on one’s hands.

Guo Huai shared a video with Nie Yan. It showed Xie Yao killing more than 100 players from Eternal during the pursuit, using up her scrolls and every spell in her arsenal. After the enemy dispatched 100 elite Thieves to surround and ambush her, she finally died after running out of mana.

「Eternal, the top guild in Kavodin?」Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

「This is the information we have on Eternal.」

Nie Yan checked the guild chat. Everyone was talking about this matter.

「Fucking hell! Daybreak, you little shit! Why did you end up getting Big Sis dragged into this!」

「I didn’t know Big Sis was there…」Daybreak replied in an aggrieved tone.

「Everyone, don’t blame Daybreak. It was my fault for getting caught by Shackles of Strife, or else I would’ve been able to escape,」Xie Yao said in a calm manner.

Who was right or wrong wasn’t clear. If Daybreak had kept running after being saved by Xie Yao, she could have immediately teleported away with an Unknown Transfer Scroll. However, he went back to help her and ended up becoming a burden instead, despite his best intentions.

Only a few people could see this. But they understood Daybreak wasn’t in the wrong.

「Those fucking bastards from Eternal! We’ll slaughter ‘em all! Let’s go talk to the boss.」

「As long as the boss gives the word, we’ll teleport over and crush them and all their strongholds! So what if Kavodin is far away!」

「Watchful Snail is talking to the boss right now.」

「Let’s just forget about it. It’s nothing worth getting this mad over,」Xie Yao hurriedly tried to mediate. She realized the mood in the chat was reaching an uncontrollable level. She didn’t want to inconvenience Nie Yan any more. Asskickers United already had more than enough trouble to deal with.

「We can’t do that, Big Sis! If it was us, it would be fine. But you’re the boss’ girl! If we don’t teach them a lesson, we’ll have no face!」Undying Scoundrel declared.

「Scoundrel is right. We can’t just pretend nothing happened,」Nie Yan said.

「The boss is here!」

「Boss! Just say the word, and we’ll wipe out Eternal! Let’s just see how long they can stay eternal!」

Once Nie Yan appeared, the chat immediately boiled over in excitement.

「I see you guys are getting restless after all this peace. Alright, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten some exercise. This time, we’ll crush Eternal!」Nie Yan shouted. He wanted to let Eternal know that some people couldn’t be touched!

Besides, this was a good opportunity to take Kavodin by storm. Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors had already established a solid presence there. How could Asskickers United lag behind?

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