Chapter 539 - Absolutely Flawless Teamwork

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Chapter 539 – Absolutely Flawless Teamwork

More than 500 Alliance of Mages players advanced through the dense forest. It looked crowded.

The Warriors at the outer edge of the group were extremely tense and nervous. One could see how much pressure Sun, King of the World, and the others had put on them.

Tang Yao, Xie Yao, Sunny South, and the others had already approached within 300 meters of them. The lush trees provided great cover. Nie Yan had already approached from a different direction.

Several Warriors hacked away at the tree branches. One of the shorter Warriors suddenly halted his steps, his face tensing up with nervousness.

“There’s a Thief!” the Warrior cried out.

As soon as these words left his mouth, numerous orbs of light shot into the sky, illuminating the ground below.

The Paladins activated Eyes of the Divine and scanned the surrounding trees. The forest was calm and peaceful, without the slightest sign of any movement.

“Damnit, Two Tube! What Thief? You nearly scared the shit out of us!”

The Warrior called Two Tube scratched his head in embarrassment. He was really too tense. Even the wind blowing had caused him to think a Thief was present.

“Hah… we’ve been turned into a bunch of gutless cowards. Those Asskickers United Thieves really are something. Even with so many people here, they still killed five of our own and escaped without a scratch. You have no choice but to be convinced of their skill,” another Warrior said with a hint of reverence. No one could deny this fact.

Atop a tree about 50 meters away, Nie Yan was currently observing their every movement.

The group before him was composed of experts on the side of Alliance of Mages. Some were familiar faces, enemies encountered in previous battle, while others were completely new faces. Nevertheless, they were skilled enough to put up at least a bit of a fight.

Seeing them moving in his direction, Nie Yan chanted out an incantation. An enormous Golden Dragon emerged before these players. Standing over three meters tall like an iron tower, Lil’ Gold toppled several trees over with a sweep of his thick tail.

“Crap, it’s Nirvana Flame’s Golden Dragon!”

Alliance of Mages’ players descended into a panic.

“Warriors, go up quickly!”

“Casters, be careful. Don’t let yourselves be ambushed by Nirvana Flame!”

At this moment, Lil’ Gold let out a thunderous roar and blasted the players from Alliance of Mages with Dragon Breath. The scorching hot flames immediately burnt them to a crisp. Shortly after, a giant meteor came crashing down from the sky.「Bang!」Flames exploded out, engulfing the immediate vicinity.

Another 10 players from Alliance of Mages were killed.

These Alliance of Mages players were pretty skilled. After the meteor fell, many of them managed to dodge it. Only some of the slower ones were caught and killed by Lil’ Gold.

10 Warriors surrounded Lil’ Gold, intending to lock him in place.

“Keep up the healing!”

“Priests, hurry up!”

“Shit, why is that Golden Dragon so strong?”

“We still don’t know where Nirvana Flame is! Everyone, be careful of him!”

Just when these Warriors believed they had locked him down, Lil’ Gold let out a roar.

Explosive Counter!

Explosive Counter!

After Explosive Counter was triggered two times in a row, a blanket of damage values floated up from these Warriors’ heads. Five were instantly killed while the survivors quickly retreated with only a sliver of health remaining. The Priests hurriedly cast heals on them!

The surviving Warriors glanced at each other, fear lingering in their eyes. Lil’ Gold’s attacks were far too terrifying. How was this a pet? He was more like an overpowered slaughter machine!

A few players summoned their pets. Several dozen pets with high health pounced toward Lil’ Gold, only to discover their attacks had little to no effect. With a Dragon Breath followed by a Rend, a Great Grizzly was ripped to shreds.

While the Alliance of Mages players were frantically trying to deal with Lil’ Gold, a ripple of magic pulsed through the air. Red clouds started coalescing together in the air.

“Who’s casting an AoE spell?”

“Over there, it’s someone from Asskickers United. Quickly stop him!”

In the distance behind some trees, Tang Yao, Sunny South, and a few others were hiding. Just when they got spotted and the enemy started moving towards them, they finished chanting their magic. A torrent of frost fell from the sky. The approaching enemy players had their movement speeds drastically reduced, as though they were moving in slow motion. Even taking a step became extremely cumbersome.

A moment later, Tang Yao’s Hellfire started raining down from the sky. Immediately, everything within a 30-meter radius became a sea of flames. One Alliance of Mages player after another was transformed into rays of light. Three hooded Direwolf players glanced at each other. They all rushed toward Tang Yao in an effort to stop him. One Warrior, one Mage, and one Shadow Priest, they could be considered a formidable party.

Nie Yan sent Sun and King of the World a message.「Let’s kill these Direwolf players together!」Once these players were gone from the battlefield, it would have a huge effect!

Each of them entered stealth, then dashed toward the three Direwolf players.

These three apex Thieves were working together for the first time.

「I’ll take the lead!」Nie Yan suddenly sped up like a meteor as he pounced toward the Shadow Priest. An ordinary Priest just happened to cast Illuminate at this time and revealing a glimpse of Nie Yan’s silhouette.

“There’s a Thief over there!” the Shadow Priest said in a dark tone. He raised his staff and cast Illuminate. An orb of light shot up into the air and illuminated the ground below, revealing silhouette dashing at an incredibly fast speed.

“He’s fast!”

The hearts of the three Direwolf players trembled. Only one player could display this kind of speed, Nirvana Flame!

“Be careful! I’ll deal with him!” the Warrior shouted. With a Charge, he rushed toward Nie Yan and slashed down with a Heroic Strike.

Suddenly, Nie Yan’s figure transformed into multiple mirror images as he slipped past the Warrior. This was the Illusion Steps technique!

The Warrior’s blade struck its target, only to discover Nie Yan’s figure disappearing into nothing. It was an illusion!

At this moment, the Warrior felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. Not good! But before he could do anything, he was already stunned. At the same time Nie Yan employed the Illusion Steps to dodge the Warrior’s attack, Sun arrived behind him and struck him with a Smothering Strike.

“Nirvana Flame didn’t come alone!” The eyes of the other two Direwolf players trembled. Seeing their comrade getting stunned, they both wanted to save him.

Seeing Nie Yan close in on him, the Shadow Priest opened his mouth and let out a shrill scream. Howl of Terror! At the same time, he raised his staff and targeted Nie Yan with two curses.

Nie Yan activated Mind Immune from the Medal of the Ten Holy Paladins, nullifying the Howl of Terror and two curses. He also braved through the nearby Arcane Mage’s Arcane Flame Burst, which shaved away a third of his health bar. Losing this much health, if he was an ordinary Thief, he would probably already be dead.

Extreme Intimidate!

A wave fear washed over the Shadow Priest just as he was about to cast Repel. At the same time, the sharp glint of another dagger appeared behind him. Struck in the back of the head, his raised staff was frozen midair. He was ambushed by King of the World!

Seeing his two companions stunned, the Arcane Mage attempted to flee. But as he turned around, he discovered his body was frozen in place. It was King of the World’s Lockdown skill!

Before he even had a chance to crush his Unknown Transfer Scroll, Nie Yan appeared in front of him with Blink Strike and ended his life.

「Thud! Thud! Thud!」The three Direwolf players collapsed to the ground!

Flawless teamwork!

When Nie Yan, King of the World, and Sun worked together, even Direwolf’s experts couldn’t retaliate in the slightest!

Within just a few seconds, three Direwolf players were killed at the same time. The nearby Alliance of Mages players were shocked. They all understood what kind of powerful existence Direwolf was. However, why was it that after meeting these three Thieves, they were so easily killed!?

Due to everything happening too quickly, they didn’t clearly see what happened. By the time they realized what was going on, all they saw were three corpses lying on the ground.

“Nice teamwork!” Nie Yan said to Sun and King of the World. This was the first time he had synergized so well with others.

“Big Bro, good job!”

King of the World simply nodded with an indifferent expression. However, his heart was stirring with emotion. He couldn’t help but recall the times he fought together with his companions in the battlefield. This type of synergy and teamwork was all too familiar to him.

After collecting the loot off the ground, the three disappeared back into stealth.

While Nie Yan, Sun, and King of the World were dealing with the experts from Direwolf, six Thieves from Bloodfiends had ambushed Tang Yao, Xie Yao and the others. They had failed to cause any damage to Asskickers United’s side. After losing one of their own members, they quickly fled. However, they had still managed to delay Tang Yao and the other Mages long enough, preventing them from casting AoE spells in quick succession.

Alliance of Mages’ battle formation was already an unrecognizable chaotic mess.

Out of 500 players in the group, only 200 were killed. The remaining 300 immediately scattered in all directions. Some players managed to regroup and attempted to launch a counter offensive against Tang Yao and the others. However, they were quickly forced into retreat by a barrage of spells, leaving behind piles of corpses.

Nie Yan, Sun, and King of the World began pursuing the stragglers, picking off the enemy one by one. Lil’ Gold also swept through everything in his path.

“Boss, we have enemies incoming from both east and west! They’re from Direwolf and Bloodfiends!”

“Let’s retreat!” Nie Yan said. All of them used Unknown Transfer Scrolls to teleport away.

The ambush this time around could be considered a resounding success. After returning to base camp and resting up, they could continue toying with Alliance of Mages. There was no need to tangle with the enemy longer than necessary. If they ended up having the tables turned on them, it would be all for naught.

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