Chapter 543 - Death From Above!

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Chapter 543 – Death From Above!

When it looked like Alliance of Mages could hold on no longer, Crazy Magic cast his gaze at the riders of the flying mounts.

The players on the flying mounts glanced at each other.

Standing atop the White Maned Griffon was a player called Heartless Ghostvale. In Direwolf, he only fell behind Krow and Raven. Among the flying mounts in their group, his White Maned Griffon was also the highest rank. It was no weaker than a Rank 4 flying mount.

Ghostvale gazed at his fellow flying mount riders. “Since it’s come to this, we might as well work together. Who knows, we might still win.”

“We’ll follow your orders. Just tell us what to do,” the Alliance of Mages players on the Wind Serpent, Demonic Butterfly, and Achlys Dragonfly answered.

Ghostvale turned to the remaining two riders. The rider of the Blaze Hawk, a member of the Bloodfiends, thought for a moment. “You’re right. Since it’s come to this, we’ll follow your command. However, we won’t be sending our flying mounts to their deaths.”

The last player nodded in agreement.

“Don’t worry. The Darkwing Dragon is probably only Rank 6 at most. My White Maned Griffon isn’t much weaker than a dragon. We also have the Achlys Dragonfly and Wind Serpents. As long as we work well together, we can take Nirvana Flame down from his pedestal. When he’s dead, we can slowly take our time slaughtering the rest of Asskickers United’s forces!” Ghostvale said.

Hearing these words brimming with confidence, a sliver of hope sprouted in the riders’ hearts.

Standing atop the Darwking Dragon’s head, Nie Yan gazed at Asskickers United’s forces slowly advancing forward like a tank crushing everything in its path. At this moment, the six flying mounts on the side of Alliance of Mages showed signs of movement. They rose up in the sky and hovered in place, looking as though they were about to divebomb Asskickers United’s forces.

Seeing this scene, Nie Yan sneered. Those with flying mounts finally couldn’t hold back any longer. He turned to Natural Fiend and said, “Fiend, it’s our to turn to go up.”

“Yes, Boss! Just give your orders!” Natural Fiend replied. He had long since prepared.

“Off we go!”

At this moment, the Darkwing Dragon flapped its wings and shot toward the six flying mounts on the side of Alliance of Mages. Natural Fiend had his Azure Winged Albatross follow behind.

As the Darkwing Dragon streaked through the sky, a large shadow fell over the players below. Asskickers United’s forces became even fiercer.

“The boss is taking action!”

“Brothers, charge forward! Slaughter those Alliance of Mages bastards!” a player shouted.

Asskickers United’s players erupted with fighting spirit, forcing Alliance of Mages further and further back.

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon heading straight for them, Ghostvale’s heart tightened. The real battle was about to begin.

“Brothers, let’s go with the plan we all agreed on!” Ghostvale shouted, ordering his White Maned Griffon to go up.

Up in the sky, a battle watched by countless eyes started. The White Maned Griffon stopped right in front of the path of the Darkwing Dragon.

“You came just at the right time!” Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon charge forward.

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon getting closer and closer, a powerful pressure weighed down on Ghostvale. He couldn’t help but notice how much larger the Darkwing Dragon was than his White Maned Griffon, more than three times!

Brimming with power and reflecting a deep black luster, the Darkwing Dragon seemed like an existence without equal.

Ghostvale didn’t dare to take the the Darkwing Dragon head on. Its sharp claws could easily rip his White Maned Griffon to shreds. Relying on his griffon’s smaller and nimbler body, he executed hit-and-run tactics while dodging the Darkwing Dragon’s attacks.

Nie Yan glanced behind him. Natural Fiend’s Azure Winged Albatross was already fighting the Blaze Hawk. The two sides were evenly matched, with both sides taking damage. Natural Fiend had good battle sense. He avoided long exchanges as much as possible, using his magic to bombard the enemy. Seeing one of the Wind Serpents and the Demonic Butterfly moving to surround him, he immediately retreated.

The Darkwing Dragon suddenly dived down with its powerful front claws and attempted to grab the White Maned Griffon’s head.

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon approaching fast, Ghostvale’s heart jumped in alarm. He quickly had his White Maned Griffon dodge to the side, barely dodging as the Darkwing Dragon’s claws brushed past his side. He broke out in a cold sweat. He almost died!

At this moment, the Achlys Dragonfly and other Wind Serpent charged over. The Wind Serpent opened its mouth and spat out poison while the Achlys Dragonfly reared its hind end and stabbed forward with its stinger.

Ghostvale thought he’d escaped. But in the next moment, the Darkwing Dragon suddenly made a sharp turn and rammed into his White Maned Griffon.

“Skreeeeh!” The White Maned Griffon was sent tumbling through the air.

The Wind Serpent’s poison struck the Darkwing Dragon’s body. However, it dealt no damage.

“It has poison resistance! My Wind Serpent’s poison is ineffective!”

Nie Yan snorted. It would be a joke if the poison of a low rank creature like the Wind Serpent could do anything to his Darkwing Dragon!

The Achlys Dragonfly whizzed forward and stabbed its stinger into the Darkwing Dragon’s neck.

“It landed!” the Alliance of Mages player on the Achlys Dragonfly’s back let out an excited cry.

The Darkwing Dragon swayed slightly off course, receiving a bit of damage. The wound bubbled with green pus and some watery blood. However, the stinger couldn’t dig any deeper.

“Fuck! It didn’t get paralyzed!”

“The Darkwing Dragon’s poison resistance is too high!”

“God dammit! No poison is effective!”

Ghostvale barely managed to upright his White Maned Griffon in the air. Checking its status, it was lightly wounded, close to moderately wounded. He couldn’t help but gulp at the Darkwing Dragon’s power. Even a light brush dealt so much damage.

As the eight flying mounts fought in the sky, the players below were watching with their mouths agape. Though Alliance of Mages’ side had the number advantage in the air, the strength of Asskickers United’s two flying mounts wasn’t the slightest bit inferior. The battle had entered a stalemate.

The other side’s teamwork was pretty good. Although both the Achlys Dragonfly and White Maned Griffon were Rank 3 flying mounts, one was specialized in close combat and the other was poisonous. So, both weren’t the slightest bit inferior to Rank 4 flying mounts. Their combat strength was fairly decent.

This was Nie Yan’s first time summoning the Darkwing Dragon into battle. He wasn’t used to aerial combat or familiar with its skills. He was hardly commanding the Darkwing Dragon to its full potential. Luckily, most of the Darkwing Dragon’s skills were passive which increased its close combat ability. Furthermore, since they were fighting in close combat, the combat style was fairly simple.

Ghostvale resolved not to fight  head-to-head any longer. With him dodging everywhere, Nie Yan couldn’t do anything to him.

Nie Yan didn’t have any trouble. Natural Fiend, on the other hand, was slightly struggling. The Azure Winged Albatross was basically equally matched with the Blaze Hawk. With the Wind Serpent and Demonic Butterfly also ganging up on him, he was having a hard time holding out. If it weren’t for him pulling off some incredible evasive maneuvers, he would’ve long since been surrounded and killed.

Nie Yan understood Ghostvale’s plan. They planned to keep him distracted while the others focused on killing Natural Fiend’s Azure Winged Albatross. Then, they would finish off his Darkwing Dragon six versus one!

Nie Yan immediately began thinking of a countermeasure. Though the White Maned Griffon couldn’t match the Darkwing Dragon in power, its smaller size allowed it to dodge more easily.

The Darkwing Dragon was powerful, no doubt. The attacks from the enemy’s flying mounts barely tickled it. Meanwhile, a direct hit from it could deal moderate wounds or more to them. Its flying speed was much quicker too. However, it had one weakness, and that was its nimbleness in the air. After all, being too large was also a weakness.

Nie Yan had no way of changing the Darkwing Dragon’s weakness. So, it was up to him to compensate.

While Nie Yan was thinking, a shrill cry came from afar. The Azure Winged Albatross had suffered a direct hit to the abdomen and was falling fast. Natural Fiend was tightly holding it while directing it to flee east.

「Fiend, are you alright?」Nie Yan anxiously asked.

「Boss, I have to recover for a bit. My Azure Winged Albatross is moderately wounded,」Natural Fiend replied. Behind him were three flying mounts in hot pursuit. Due to its injuries, the Azure Winged Albatross’ flying speed took a bit of a hit.

If Nie Yan didn’t rescue Natural Fiend, he would be met with an even greater problem!

At this crucial moment, Nie Yan’s head flashed with a brilliant idea. I’ve got it!

Nie Yan thought of a method to deal with this situation. His lips curved into a cold smile. He would send all six enemy flying mounts to an early grave!!

Nie Yan suddenly turned around, having the Darkwing Dragon hurry to the Azure Winged Albatross’ side.

“Stop him! Don’t let him rescue the Azure Winged Albatross!” Ghostvale cried out in worry. He had his White Maned Griffon attempt to intercept the Darkwing Dragon.

Nie Yan suddenly had the Darkwing Dragon divebomb the White Maned Griffon. Seeing the Darkwing Dragon charging over, Ghostvale’s heart tightened. He instinctively had the White Maned Griffon ascend in an attempt to evade.

The two sides got closer and closer. In the blink of an eye, a 50-meter gap shrunk to 10. At this moment, Nie Yan shot out a web line at the White Mane Griffon, the sticky thread sticking on its back, before giving a hard tug.

Ghostvale’s back was facing Nie Yan. He had no idea what Nie Yan was doing.

Ghostvale’s five allies saw the line sticking to the White Maned Griffon’s Back. They heard alarm bells ring in their heads.

“What’s Nirvana Flame trying to do?”

“I don’t know!”

They wanted to warn Ghostvale, but it was already too late. At this moment, Nie Yan leaped from the Darkwing Dragon’s back, resembling an acrobat performing an extremely difficult maneuver, and rapidly drew close to the White Maned Griffon.

As the howling wind blew past his ears, Nie Yan’s eyes were solely focused on the White Maned Griffon at this moment.

Nie Yan understood that if he made the slightest mistake or the web line snapped, he would plunge from the sky and become a meal for the Achlys Dragonfly and Wind Serpent.

However, Nie Yan wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. No. More like he didn’t even know the meaning of fear!

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