Chapter 544 - Death From Above (2)

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Chapter 544 – Death From Above (2)

Nie Yan drew closer and closer. Just as the White Maned Griffon was about to level off its ascent, he activated the Crawler Ring and threw himself forward. His five fingers transformed into suction pads, sticking onto the griffon’s back like a gecko.

The other riders gawked at this amazing feat, completely forgetting they were in a battle.

What kind of trickery was this!

From jumping off the Darkwing Dragon to landing on the White Maned Griffon’s back, all of this had happened in an instant.

“Ghostvale, watch out!”

“Ghostvale! Behind you!”

However, the warnings came too late.

Nie Yan would never give Ghostvale the opportunity to react!

Ghostvale could’ve never imagined Nie Yan would appear behind him!

This was something out of a fantasy!

However, Nie Yan had actually pulled it off!

Ghostvale was confused. He had clearly evaded the Darkwing Dragon. Why were the others telling him to be careful?

Nie Yan pounced toward Ghostvale, Zennarde’s Sword cleaving towards the Direwolf player’s back.

Ghostvale suddenly sensed something off behind him. As he glanced back, he was greeted by the searing black flames from Zennarde’s Sword. Both his hands were tightly clutching onto the White Maned Griffon. It was too late for him to grab his weapon, activate any skills, or evade!

The White Maned Griffon was still ascending in the air. If he let go of his hands, he would fall from the sky!

Shit, I’m done for. Ghostvale’s pupils contracted as his face paled with fright. If he died, the White Maned Griffon would likely die as well!

However, it was already too late.

Nie Yan’s blade cut deep into Ghostvale’s back, blood gushing out in the air. It was an instant kill! Ghostvale’s body went limp, falling off the White Maned Griffon’s Back and spiralling down towards the ground.

“Skreeeeh!” The White Maned Griffon chased after Ghostvale’s falling corpse.

If the rider died, the flying mount would return to the player’s pet space in 20 seconds. Nie Yan naturally wouldn’t let the White Maned Griffon off lightly!

Nie Yan suddenly lunged forth and stabbed the White Maned Griffon in the head with Zennarde’s Sword.

As the White Maned Griffon let out a miserable screech while flailing wildly in the sky, a dark shadow loomed overhead. The Darkwing Dragon swooped down with its powerful claws and grabbed onto the White Maned Griffon’s head. With a watery pop, the griffon’s skull was crushed like a watermelon.

The Darkwing Dragon dug out a Life Core from the White Maned Griffon’s head, then swallowed it with one gulp. With Nie Yan falling to the ground, it didn’t stick around and quickly rushed over to pick up its rider.

The White Maned Griffon fell from the sky and crashed into the ground.

The entire course of events had only lasted 10 or so seconds. The Achlys Dragonfly and Wind Serpent didn’t even have a chance to come to Ghostvale’s aid.

Nie Yan swept his gaze over the two players riding on the Achlys Dragonfly and Wind Serpent.

Seeing Nie Yan’s cold gaze, they felt a cold chill run down their spines, as if they were being eyed by a demon.

After the White Maned Griffon was torn apart, the thick smell of blood diffused into the air.

Everything that happened just now seemed like a nightmare, taking root deep in their minds. They had the urge to turn around and flee for their lives.

As the players below fiercely clashed, Ghostvale’s body crashed to the ground followed shortly after by the White Maned Griffon, leaving a deep crater in the ground and kicking up a cloud of dust. The area they landed in reeked with the smell of blood.

The blood in the air slowly spread out. With a gaudy red colour, it resembled a blooming rose.

After the shower of blood subsided, the surroundings were enveloped with its stench.

Crazy Magic stared blankly at the sky. The White Maned Griffon was dead! Although there were still five flying mounts left, could it be that they were destined to fall here?

“The boss killed one of the enemy flying mounts! We can’t fall behind either! Kill!”

Asskickers United’s battle cries shook the air. It was almost as if Alliance of Mages’ forces were being swept up by a tsunami.

The Darkwing Dragon rushed to the Azure Winged Albatross. Nie Yan had to quickly rescue Natural Fiend! The Azure Winged Albatross was already heavily injured. It wouldn’t last for much longer.

Looking up ahead, the flame covered Blaze Hawk was in hot pursuit of the Azure Winged Albatross. The Demonic Butterfly and other Wind Serpent were also closing in, preparing to launch a pincer attack.

“Ghostvale died!”

“How could that happen?”

The Arcane Mage riding atop the Blaze Hawk shuddered. Thinking logically, as long as nothing unexpected happened, Ghostvale definitely wouldn’t have died so easily. The situation was already getting out of their control.

The Darkwing Dragon was quickly approaching them.

“Nirvana Flame is here!”

“Don’t panic! Kill the Azure Winged Albatross first!” the Arcane Mage shouted. However, at this moment, even his nerves were stretched taut. How could the others not be anxious!?

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon nearing ever closer, Natural Fiend resolved himself. When the enemy was hesitating on whether to retreat or attack, his lips curved into a smile. After being chased around for so long and taking so much abuse, he would finally get the opportunity to counter-attack!


The Azure Winged Albatross’ feathers shone with a magnificent radiance, resembling a flower in full bloom. Its wounds started healing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The Azure Winged Albatross was fairly weak, only a bit stronger than Rank 2 flying mounts. However, it had a special skill that allowed it to recover from heavy injuries, giving it powerful sustainability.

The Azure Winged Albatross’ skill left the Alliance of Mages players dumbfounded.

At this moment, Natural Fiend locked onto the player riding atop the Demonic Butterfly and cast Mind Shock.

The player on the Demonic Butterfly was charging towards Natural Fiend. Without the slightest warning, he was struck by a powerful mental attack, causing him to lose control of his body. However, the Demonic Butterfly was still following his previous orders and kept charging towards the Azure Winged Albatross.

The Azure Winged Albatross suddenly turned around and charged toward the Demonic Butterfly. The two beasts crashed into each other at full force and plummeted to the ground.

“I can’t tell who’s who! There’s no way to attack!” the player on the Winder Serpent cried out.

The Arcane Mage riding on the Blaze Hawk didn’t expect the situation to take such a turn. Like this, they had no way of killing the Azure Winged Albatross. He hoped the Demonic Butterfly would succeed in killing the Azure Winged Albatross. It should be possible since the Demonic Butterfly could utilize illusions!

At this moment, Nie Yan arrived on the scene. His Darkwing Dragon let out a roar and charged toward the Wind Serpent.

“Be careful!”

“Want to catch me? It won’t be that easy!” the rider of the Wind Serpent snorted. The Wind Serpent’s wings suddenly started beating extremely rapidly. Its speed doubled as it dodged out of the way.

“Grwaar!” the Darkwing Dragon chanted out in dragon tongue. A powerful draconic might swept forth. Dragon fear was the most effective skill against low rank creatures!

The Wind Serpent’s body was frozen midair. At this moment, the Darkwing Dragon blasted it with a mouthful of scorching hot Dragon Breath.

With a bang, the Wind Serpent was struck in the back and sent tumbling through the air.

The Darkwing Dragon closed in and went for the kill. Crushing the Wind Serpent’s skull, it dug out the Life Core and gulped it down.

Nie Yan was as fast as lightning. In such a short frame of time, he had killed another flying mount. The Darkwing Dragon’s strength was starting to exceed the enemy’s expectations. At this moment, the Arcane Mage riding on the Blaze Hawk panicked and turned around to flee. Nie Yan immediately had the Darkwing Dragon chase after him, quickly closing in.

Sensing the Darkwing Dragon getting ever closer, the Arcane Mage held on tight to his Blaze Hawk. He was preparing to execute a high difficulty maneuver in an effort to evade.

Like a hawk hunting a rabbit, the Darkwing Dragon swooped down.

Just when it looked like the Blaze Hawk was about to be killed, it suddenly did a barrel roll midair and dodged to the side.

“You want to run? Not that easy!” Nie Yan’s flashed with a cold light. As though his body were a spring, he activated the Leaper Ring and threw himself toward the Blaze Hawk.

The wind howled past his ears. It appeared as if his skinny body was about to be blown away.

Seeing Nie Yan pouncing towards him, the Arcane Mage’s heart leapt out in fright. Nirvana Flame was either extremely brave or foolhardy. He even dared to pull such a risky move. Was he not afraid of crashing into the ground and dying?

In an extremely tense situation like this, the thought that Nie Yan might have a Featherfall Jewel never occured to the Arcane Mage. The only thing on his mind was to make Nie Yan fall. If Nie Yan fell, he was done for!

Just as Nie Yan was about to land on the Blaze Hawk’s back, the Arcane Mage raised his staff and chanted out an incantation!


A powerful force pushed Nie Yan away.

Nie Yan flew back. He was getting further and further from the Blaze Hawk as he rapidly fell to the ground.

“See you later, sucker!” the Arcane Mage laughed, sounding extremely pleased with himself.

However, Nie Yan’s next move caused him to swallow back his words. Before Nie Yan was pushed away, he had shot a web line at the Blaze Hawk’s back. As it stretched to its limit, it suddenly flung him back up.

“Die!” The Arcane Mage shot an Arcane Fireball at the web line, causing it to snap apart.

However, he was too slow. The effects of the Crawler Ring had yet to wear off. Both his hands grabbed onto the Blaze Hawk’s plumage. He pulled himself up and landed on the Blaze Hawk’s back.

Mind Shock! 

The Arcane Mage pointed his staff at Nie Yan. A powerful mental attack swept toward him.

Nie Yan was about to be hit, when he activated Mind Immune and pounced toward the Arcane Mage.


Mind Shock was ineffective! The Arcane Mage was dumbstruck. In the next moment, Nie Yan’s blade cleaved toward his chest like a bolt of lightning. His pupils contracted violently.

“Fuck!” the Arcane Mage couldn’t help but curse. The Blaze Hawk’s back was too small. He had nowhere to dodge!

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