Chapter 582 - Record of Seals

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Chapter 582 – Record of Seals

Smoke Stub cleaved down with his sword, toppling the Miasma Scorpion King. Poison Mist was interrupted yet again.

The Miasma Scorpion King let out a shrill cry. It up-righted itself and unleashed a flurry of blows on Smoke Stub.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」He was like an immovable reef in the face of a squall.

Smoke Stub succeeded in buying everyone another five seconds. The Miasma Scorpion King was rebuild the poison mist from scratch. Its abdomen gradually started swelling.

Before long, the Miasma Scorpion King’s health fell to 6%.

Hell Execution!


“It’s almost dead. One final push!” Nie Yan shouted anxiously. They had to finish things soon. Once they ran out of powerful crowd control skills and interrupts, the Miasma Scorpion King would cast Poison Mist and recover its health back to full.

Then, they’d be doomed!

Failure was not an option!

Nie Yan glanced at his skill bar. Most of his skills were still on cooldown. This place wasn’t the Dreamworld. His several crowd control skills had fairly long cooldowns. All he could do was deal damage with basic attacks.

Just as the Miasma Scorpion King was about to spray out its poison mist, a powerful aura flooded out of Bladelight’s greatshield and formed a giant energy construct.

Spatial Spirit Shield!

「Klang!」Bladelight struck the Miasma Scorpion King’s jaw, causing its head to jerk to the side violently.

The Miasma Scorpion King staggered back.

Spatial Spirit Shield was an Advanced Skill. It had a cooldown of three days. Though it didn’t seem like much, it could interrupt any skill. It was Bladelight’s killing move when fighting bosses.

“I have nothing left now. Weaker skills have no effect on this overgrown bug.” Bladelight bitterly chuckled.

Spatial Spirit Shield delayed the Miasma Scorpion King for another three seconds.

All skills that could be used were used. Everyone felt like they had exhausted all their resources. Even now, no one succeeded in executing the Miasma Scorpion King. The level difference made the success rate pitifully low.

The Miasma Scorpion King’s health was shaved away to just 3%. Only a small sliver left to go. At this moment, its carapace glowed bright red. Even though it was still being bombarded by magic, its health was slowly rising up.

This would often occur when a team’s damage output was too low. After using a skill, the Miasma Scorpion King’s health regeneration exceeded the damage it was taking.

“Everyone, use AoE magic!”

“We’ll hit our own people!”

“I don’t care! Do it!” Nie Yan shouted. The Warriors at the front could be revived after the battle. But if they failed to kill the Miasma Scorpion King, they would all die!

At this moment, Young Seven raised his staff and chanted out an incantation. A large pillar of light pierced down from the clouds, striking the Miasma Scorpion King. Wherever the light touched, its carapace would let out white smoke.




Young Seven’s Divine Purification was lethal to evil creatures.

Shortly after, AoE magic started raining down from the sky. The Warriors at the front were instantly annihilated. The violent bombardment of magic brought the Miasma Scorpion King to the ground.

Bladelight and Smoke Stub hurriedly retreated.

“Kill it, quickly!”

“Everyone, keep it up!”

Under the intense bombardment of AoE magic, the Miasma Scorpion King’s health finally started falling again.

The Miasma Scorpion King only had 2% health left!

It was struggling to move inside the torrential downpour of magic.

“Warriors, Paladins, charge! Don’t let it escape!” Nie Yan shouted.

The Warriors and Paladins rushed forward and collided into the Miasma Scorpion King one after another. They sacrificed their lives to prevent it from escaping the hail of AoE magic. Bladelight and Smoke Stub also charged in, following in the footsteps of their comrades without hesitation.

During this crucial moment, even delaying the Miasma Scorpion King for a split second was worth it.

As the Miasma Scorpion King was about to die, it sprayed out a black poison mist which rapidly spread out. Its health began rising up again rapidly.

“Not good!” Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He glanced at his skill bar. Backbreaker was off cooldown!

Adjudicator of God!

A golden barrier enveloped Nie Yan. With a Flicker Strike, he instantly covered tens of meters and entered the downpour of AoE magic. He arrived behind the Miasma Scorpion King and struck it with Backbreaker. The poison mist was interrupted!

The Miasma Scorpion King was inflicted with the cripple status effect.

Thankfully, the Miasma Scorpion King hadn’t spewed out a lot of poison mist yet. It was quickly dispersed by the Paladins and Priests.

“If we don’t kill it soon, it’ll try something funny again!” Nie Yan struck out with Phantom Assassination, then Reverse Grip Backstab.



The Miasma Scorpion King’s health continued to fall.

The Mages in the back didn’t dare to stop firing. Their AoE magic continued to rain down. All Nie Yan could see in front of him was a sea of raging flames. He could only rely on his intuition to attack the Miasma Scorpion King.

Nie Yan had no idea how much health the Miasma Scorpion King had left. He could only keep slashing and stabbing away.

Tang Yao chanted out an incantation. A miniature sun roughly the size of the Miasma Scorpion King fell from the sky.

BOOOM! It exploded into a fiery inferno which engulfed everything in the surrounding area.


As jingles started playing one after another, many Asskickers United players were enveloped in white light. They had all levelled up.

“Did we kill it?” a player asked in disbelief.

“We won! Look at the notification!”

Seeing the Miasma Scorpion King had died, many players whose nerves were stretched to the limit collapsed to the ground in relief.

“Boss, the Miasma Scorpion King is dead!”

Nie Yan quickly retreated from the shower of AoE magic.

Only then did the Mages stop attacking. The AoE magic subsided a few seconds later. The Miasma Scorpion King’s corpse was scorched black.

The scene before them was utter carnage. Close to 400 corpses were scattered around the Miasma Scorpion King’s corpse. There were no Warriors left, and only a handful of Paladins and Thieves made it out alive. Almost all their melee units were wiped out. If the Miasma Scorpion King still hadn’t died after the Mages cycled through their AoE magic, all that awaited them was death. Thankfully, this worst case scenario didn’t happen.

Everyone erupted in cheers and started celebrating this hard fought victory.

Nie Yan also breathed a sigh of relief. He walked over to the Miasma Scorpion King’s corpse and bent down to pick up the loot.

“Priests, revive the fallen. Everyone else, take a break and recuperate,” Nie Yan ordered. He rummaged through the Miasma Scorpion King’s body and picked up three pieces of equipment, two gems, and two quest items. It had dropped so many items. This was quite the harvest.

Nie Yan looked over the items. Two pieces of equipment were over Level 100. One was a Dark Gold-grade greatsword with more than 3,000 attack power. If it was socketed with suitable gems, it would definitely become an amazing weapon. The other was a Dark Gold-grade robe which greatly increased magic power. The third piece of equipment was a special item, Barrier Ring, which could protect its wearer with a magic shield. He already had enough rings. This kind of item was more suitable for a Fighter.

None of these pieces of equipment caught Nie Yan’s eye. Glancing at the two gems, however, his eyes trembled as he noticed one of them was emerald coloured.

After examining it closely, he confirmed it was indeed a Life Emerald.

Like this, Nie Yan could craft another Wish Necklace!

There were also two quest items. One was a blueprint for a griffon cage, the exact thing Bladelight and the others were looking for. The other was a thin piece of parchment paper which looked particularly ancient. Scribbled on it were peculiar seals and characters he didn’t recognize.

If this item was placed in an ordinary place, most people would think it was garbage and toss it away. However, since it dropped from a Level 110 Lord, that meant it had to be important.

This item was bound to the player who picked it up. There were no other quest clues. Nie Yan could only turn his attention elsewhere for now. He would check what kind of characters were written on the parchment and head to the Calore Library to study them later.

Nie Yan stored away Alexia’s Record of Seals and the Life Emerald in his bag. As for the other items, he would leave it up to Bladelight and the others to divide it up between themselves.

In addition, Nie Yan rewarded every team member with guild merit points.

The Mages sat on the ground and recovered their health and mana. The Priests walked up to their fallen comrades and started reviving them. After Bladelight and the others revived, they approached Nie Yan.

“How did your Smothering Strike and other skills get so powerful!? I’m guessing your skill training went well,” Bladelight said. It was amazing that Nie Yan could keep a Level 110 Lord CC’d for so long.

Sun, King of the World, and the others gazed at Nie Yan in anticipation. They also wanted to know why his Smothering Strike and Concussive Blow were so much more powerful than theirs.

“My Smothering Strike is Rank 8,” Nie Yan laughed. He had no reason to hide anything from these close companions.

Bladelight and the others sucked in a breath of cold air. They all understood what a Rank 8 skill represented. Normally, it would take at least a year to train a skill like Smothering Strike to such a high rank.

They all glanced at each other in shock. At Rank 8, for Smothering Strike to have such a powerful effect wasn’t surprising at all!

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