Chapter 587 - Get-Together

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Chapter 587 – Get-Together

Shadow Killer was forced to the edge of a cliff, abandoned by his friends, allies, and even the very organization he founded. Nie Yan planned to extend him an olive branch. If he accepted, another apex Thief would join Asskickers United’s already invincible line up.

But would Shadow Killer be willing? After all, Nie Yan was the one who put him in this situation in the first place. He probably held a lot of resentment toward Nie Yan. Getting him to join Asskickers United right now would be difficult. It would take a lot of convincing.

“Let’s just wait for him to contact me first,” Nie Yan muttered to himself. Having completed the first assassination, Shadow Killer would probably contact him soon asking for the second target.

It was about time to log off. Nie Yan exited the game. The game capsule next to him was empty, and the scent of food wafted up from downstairs. It appeared Xie Yao had logged off early and prepared them breakfast.

The two sat down at the table. Nie Yan gazed at Xie Yao. She hadn’t had time to brush her hair. It was a bit messy, but that didn’t lessen her beauty in the slightest. On the contrary, she appeared somewhat risque.

“Yesterday, people from the student union came looking for me. They asked me to be their head of public relations. When I refused, they had several classmates go up and try to convince me on their behalf. So annoying,” Xie Yao grumbled.

Nie Yan was a bit bewildered. Joining the student union was supposed to be voluntary. They were forcing people to become members now?

“If they keep bothering you, give me a call,” Nie Yan said. Given their persistence, he suspected they had ulterior motives.

“Alright.” Xie Yao smiled.

The two chatted about school life. Xie Yao enthusiastically talked about her classmates. The two of them had adapted fairly quickly to life here, having already made new friends. The only thing that left them with some doubts was the many different clubs. The clique mentality was prevalent here. Though, it made sense. The Top Military Academy had many people with extraordinary backgrounds. They all competed against each other, recruiting other talented individuals to their cause and furthering their own ambitions. Naturally, many groups and factions came about from this. They behaved with a fair amount of restraint on school grounds but would frequently act against each other in the shadows.

Few first years belonged to influential clubs, though this was different for second, third, and fourth years. Some of the more famous students belonged to more than a dozen clubs. They either came from extraordinary backgrounds or had amazing talents. However, Nie Yan didn’t hold a favourable impression of them. Most were insufferably arrogant.

Xie Yao talked about all the interesting things she’d heard. Seeing her cheerful appearance, Nie Yan gently smiled.

Xie Yao seemed even more beautiful than before. After tasting the forbidden fruit, they couldn’t bear to be apart even for just a day. They were practically attached at the hip.

After finishing breakfast, Xie Yao went to wash the dishes. Seeing her busying herself in front of the sink, Nie Yan’s heart stirred with emotion. It really felt as if they were already husband and wife.

Xie Yao wore a tight-fitting nightgown that accentuated all her beautiful curves. Her perky bottom which was as taut as a kettledrum was especially alluring.

Nie Yan suddenly pounced on Xie Yao from behind as his perverted hands tunneled into her nightgown. She still hadn’t had the time to put on a bra. Free from any obstructions, he groped onto a pair of soft, overflowing mounds. He started to knead them softly.

“N-ngh… Nie Yan! Stop, playing around.” Xie Yao pinched him. She didn’t expect Nie Yan to suddenly appear from behind. He had caught her off-guard. This kind of awkward posture filled her with embarrassment. As she struggled under his teasing, she felt his hands grope her bosom. Her face instantly burned hot.

Recalling the intimate scenes from last time, Nie Yan’s gaze turned heated.

“Xie Yao, put down the dishes for now.”

Xie Yao felt an electric current course through her body, draining her of all strength. Her cheeks flushed red. She couldn’t help but let out a pleasurable moan.

Nie Yan was captivated by the suppleness of Xie Yao’s body. As he moved his hands downwards, he discovered this particular region was already soaked.

After intimately enjoying each other’s company these recent days, Xie Yao’s body became all the more receptive.

Feeling Xie Yao’s body and hearing her alluring sounds of pleasure, Nie Yan couldn’t hold back any longer. His carnal desires took over.

The two kissed and pressed up against each other in a delirious stupor.

“Nie Yan. Nghh… Not here. People can see,” Xie Yao said. The light shining through the windows made her nervous.

“Don’t worry. No one can see us,” Nie Yan reassured. He picked Xie Yao up. The window panes were only see-through from one side.

Xie Yao’s heart calmed down. However, what happened next rocked her maiden’s heart.

Nie Yan caressed Xie Yao’s flawless figure. Every inch of her body resembled an exquisitely carved jewel sculpture. Her slender, jade-white legs which had been trained over the years through Taekwondo were particularly flexible. Enamored, he ran his hand up her thighs until he reached her buttucks. Giving them a squeeze, he felt an incomparably firm yet supple sensation. He leaned in at an angle and thrust upward.

Xie Yao let out a deep moan. Her nails dug deeply into Nie Yan’s back.

The two lost themselves in pleasure, making a mess out of the kitchen counter and dining table before moving over to the living room.

Nie Yan reclined on the sofa as Xie Yao’s alluring figure mounted him. Her well-developed hills bounced up and down. She tried to cover herself, a trace of coyness on her face, but she couldn’t prevent the arrival of spring. After being squeezed together, her breasts revealed a deep ravine. In public, she acted with grace and elegance, like a goddess that had descended down to earth. Now, she was filled with amorous desire. Her scarlet red cheeks were like peach blossoms. Occasionally, she couldn’t stop a few moans from leaking out. They brimmed with indescribable charm.

After who knew how long, Nie Yan let out a war cry that rang out through the villa.

The two were locked in embrace for a long time.

With a rustling sound, Xie Yao got dressed under Nie Yan’s gaze.

Xie Yao put on a long white dress and a pink sweater scarf. She looked like a slender and elegant young lady. The redness in her cheeks still hadn’t faded away, only adding to her charm.

“Nie Yan, let’s go to school, or else we’ll be late,” Xie Yao said. She couldn’t hide the bashfulness in her voice. The intimate scene from before flashed before her eyes. She never thought they would do something so brazen in the kitchen and living room. She shot Nie Yan a reproachful look.

“Alright.” Nie Yan smiled mischievously. Xie Yao was becoming all the more charming and beautiful. Her young and experienced self was finally ripening into a mature beauty. Thinking about this, he felt the urge to go for a round two.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao left the house and arrived at the Top Military Academy not much later.

“I’ll be going to class,” Xie Yao said.

“Alright, hurry. Go.” They were already late. Luckily, it was acceptable as long as it wasn’t more than a few minutes.

Xie Yao hurried. Nie Yan entered the command faculty classroom. The teacher had already started her lecture. He sat down at his assigned desk.

“Hey, you’re here. How come you’re so late?” Xu Yan whispered.

“Traffic jam,” Nie Yan replied with a random excuse.

Xu Yan rolled his eyes. “Pfft, if you overslept, just admit it. Traffic jam, my ass. Who’d believe that?”

Nie Yan shrugged with a smile, not bothering to explain. Apart from being a bit mouthy and gossipy, Xu Yan was a pretty decent guy. He didn’t bother bickering.

“People from the student union came looking for you just now,” Xu Yan said.

“Huh, looking for me? Why?” Nie Yan asked.

“The student union president this year seems pretty ambitious. All the outstanding first years received invites,” Xu Yan said. He couldn’t help but feel envious of Nie Yan. He had just entered the Top Military Academy but was already being asked to join the student union.

Nie Yan faintly smiled. In his eyes, those in the student union were nothing more than immature brats trying to imitate adult politics. He didn’t have time to waste on such childish games.

“Who’s the student union president?” Nie Yan asked. That much he had to pay attention to.

“That would be Fang Rujie. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of him?”

“Nope,” Nie Yan said. He had indeed never heard of this Fang Rujie. He had no desire to learn about these kind of things.

Xu Yan rolled his eyes. “You don’t even know him? Just like you, he ranked first in overall score but among the third years. He’s a capable fighter. It’s rumoured he’s second only to Lei Su, a fourth year. He placed third in the nation-wide university fighting tournament, and he’s the captain of the basketball team. He’s definitely no push-over. I wonder who’s stronger between the two of you.”

Nie Yan stretched out his limbs lazily. He didn’t have the slightest interest in this Fang Rujie. He and Xie Yao had no plans of joining the student union. He hoped that fellow would stop bothering them.

“He left me a phone number so you can get in touch with him,” Xu Yan said. He handed over a card to Nie Yan.

“Help me give him a reply. Tell him I’m not interested,” Nie Yan replied. He then turned his attention to the lecture.

“Uhh… sure,” Xu Yan said. Numerous people wanted to join the student union, but Nie Yan directly refused without batting an eye.

“Nie Yan, the class is having a get-together in Conviction. You interested?” Fei Zhe came from behind and patted Nie Yan’s shoulder. “Our beautiful class president is organizing it.”

“I think I’ll pass. You guys go ahead without me,” Nie Yan said. He recalled the identity of their class president. She was an older sister-type beauty called Zhao Shiyu. She had a tall, slender figure and frequently wore sexually provocative clothing. Though she did have the looks to have the boys in class swooning over her, she was far too lacking compared to Xie Yao. Even Jiang Yingyu completely trounced her. She had tried approaching him on multiple occasions with the excuse of wanting help on a question, but he rejected her advances every time.

“I see… that’s disappointing. Without you, this kind of get-together will be a lot less lively,” Fei Zhe said regretfully.

“Haha, I’m sure I won’t be missed that much. You guys have fun.” Nie Yan smiled. Even though he also wanted to get to know his fellow students, him revealing his identity in Conviction would cause too much of a stir. Before the day even ended, everyone in the Top Military Academy would know he was Nirvana Flame. He wanted to stay low-key if possible.

Xu Yan narrowed his eyes. Nie Yan’s unwillingness to reveal his identity in Conviction was making him more and more suspicious.

“I should join them next time. I probably won’t be recognized with a cloak on.” Nie Yan couldn’t help but get curious about what kind of activity the class would be doing during the get-together.

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