Chapter 589 - Cheater

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Chapter 589 – Cheater

The command faculty gymnasium.

The Top Military Academy’s gymnasiums were top-of-the-line. All around were various kinds of fitness testing and exercise equipment. The 2,000 square-meter area could fit more than 300 people and still have room to spare.

A crowd gathered at the center of the gymnasium. They were all students of the command faculty. Almost everyone in class had come over to watch.

Zheng Xu and Nie Yan stood five meters apart. Both had changed into fighting uniforms.

“Today, no matter who wins or loses, it’s just a spar. If I end up getting hurt, I have no one but myself to blame,” Zheng Xu said. He immediately placed himself in the underdog position. His meaning was clear. If Nie Yan suffered injuries, he could only suck it up. If he won, it was only natural since he placed first in the overall rankings.

“I’ll hold back, don’t worry.” Nie Yan coldly stared at Zheng Xu. He looked down on these types of people the most.

Hearing these words, Zheng Xu’s expression turned ugly. He inwardly sneered, Let’s see you try and act cocky when you’re curled up on the ground!

“Who do you think will win, Nie Yan or Zheng Xu?”

“Nie Yan, probably. But who knows. Their strength isn’t that far apart. 100–200 kg can be easily be made up with fighting skill.”

The nearby students discussed spiritedly. Everyone expressed differing opinions.

What they didn’t know was that Zheng Xu and Nie Yan weren’t even on the same level in terms of combat experience. After all, Nie Yan was a seasoned assassin. His techniques were ruthless and efficient, not flashy and impractical like those who only fought for sport.

“I’ll make the first move,” Zheng Xu said.

“Come!” Nie Yan replied.

The students enthusiastically cheered. They took a few steps back to give the fighters more space.

Zheng Xu let out a low shout. He rushed forward and fiercely chopped down.

Nie Yan reacted quickly, raising an arm to block. Bang! He elbowed Zheng Xu in the chest. His movements were as fast as lightning.

Zheng Xu had no way to dodge. With a grunt, he threw out a knee strike. He was aiming for mutual destruction.

Nie Yan dodged to the side. Retreating several paces back, he threw out a spinning back kick toward Zheng Xu’s head.

Zheng Xu quickly raised his arm to block. BAM! He was sent staggering back.

Nie Yan and Zheng Xu exchanged several moves in an instant. They were basically trading blow for blow. The spectators felt their hearts racing. Each punch, elbow, knee, and kick resounded through the gym. If they took such heavy blows, their bones would break.

Zhen Xu took several blows head-on. He was inwardly crying out in pain. Even though he had added special protection to his joints and other areas, Nie Yan’s attacks still hurt immensely. His entire body ached as he felt his blood churning from every impact. What powerful attacks! If he hadn’t made some preparations in advance, he probably wouldn’t have lasted more than two moves!

Nie Yan was too powerful. His combat style was domineering and oppressive. Zheng Xu couldn’t even muster the power to resist.

Nie Yan was also taken aback. His arms, his legs, his whole body was aching. It felt like he was hitting an incomparably hard steel plate. The rebound force made his arms and legs numb. With his first elbow strike, he didn’t expect Zheng Xu to accept the blow so readily. Given the force behind it, Zheng Xu should at least have broken a few ribs. However, the person in question appeared completely fine. He finally realized what was going on. Zheng Xu was cheating!

With how much science and technology had developed these days, as long as you had the money, it was possible to purchase nanocomposite bio-metal augmentations which greatly enhanced a person’s resilience and durability.

If Nie Yan exposed him here and now, Zheng Xu would have no way of avoiding disciplinary action from the Top Military Academy. It was mandatory to inform your opponent of this type of augmentation in advance, or else if a death occurred during the match, it would be treated as first-degree murder.

Whether in terms of strength or skill, Zheng Xu simply wasn’t Nie Yan’s match. He would only last two or three moves. Even with the bio-armour, he could only passively defend, with no opportunity to retaliate.

Nie Yan gazed at Zheng Xu with cold eyes. He inwardly sneered. This fellow wanted to screw him over with the bio-armour. He was going to teach Zheng Xu a painful lesson.

“Zheng Xu, you really were downplaying yourself too much earlier. I didn’t expect you to be so resilient. You could even take one of my elbows to the chest and shrug it off like it was nothing. Seems like you were still holding back. I guess I’ll go all out. Please, give me guidance,” Nie Yan said. He instantly cut off Zheng Xu’s path of retreat. He also gave himself a good excuse to be heavy-handed.

What!? Zheng Xu widened his eyes in alarm. The exchange just now left him in a world of hurt. He actually wanted to avoid Nie Yan’s elbow strike, but he was too slow to react. He had no way of keeping up. Hearing Nie Yan’s words, his cheeks burned hot with embarrassment. He wondered if Nie Yan had figured out he was wearing bio-armour.

No matter. He had nothing to fear since he was wearing bio-armour. He would simply keep trading blow for blow. He refused to believe Nie Yan could endure. As long as he protected his head, he would be safe.

“I’d like to say the same. You’re even stronger than I thought,” Zheng Xu continued feigning ignorance. With so many girls watching him, he couldn’t lose face.

Zheng Xu pounced forward and threw a punch. Nie Yan dodged the attack aimed at his chest with a sidestep.

Zheng Xu quickly followed up by kicking at Nie Yan’s waist.

Idiot! Nie Yan snickered. Evading the kick, his left hand grabbed onto Zheng Xu’s ankle with a vice-like grip.

Zheng Xu struggled fiercely, but he couldn’t pull his leg back. He felt a sharp pain in his ankle. It felt like his bones were being crushed.

This grip strength was terrifying!

Nie Yan raised his right leg, then delivered a ruthless sidekick to Zheng Xu’s chest.

BAM! Zheng Xu felt a powerful impact on his chest. Even with most of the force mitigated by his bio-armour, he still felt like he was hit by a truck.

Zheng Xu flew six meters across the gymnasium before crashing into the ground and rolling for several more meters.

The spectators were speechless. This kick was too frightful. It was enough to send a full grown adult flying six meters through the air. Just what kind of power was required for that!?

Even if you didn’t die from such a kick, you’d still be barely clinging onto life.

Zheng Xu was done for. Everyone was sure of it.

Zhao Shiyu paled in fright. Even though she knew Zheng Xu was wearing bio-armour, she couldn’t help but fear for his life. She didn’t expect Nie Yan to be so strong. Zheng Xu had no opportunity to fight back at all. The gap in strength between the two of them was clear for all to see. Even though he was wearing bio-armour, he still wasn’t Nie Yan’s match.

Nie Yan was much stronger than everyone expected.

“I think the only one who’s a match for Nie Yan in the entire Top Military Academy is Lei Su,” a spectator said in a cold sweat.

This was the first time Zheng Xu had been humiliated so badly. He wasn’t willing to back down, especially since Zhao Shiyu promised him she would be his girlfriend if he won. Thinking to this point, he forced himself back to his feet. Thanks to the bio-armour, none of his injuries were too serious. It was just that he was aching from head to toe.

Zheng Xu could actually still stand? The spectators immediately went into an uproar.

“Impossible! There’s no way someone’s body can be so resilient! He’s cheating! He must be!”

“Zheng Xu is cheating!” the crowd cried out in righteous indignation. Cheating in a fair match was one of the most despicable things you could do!

Zheng Xu realized his mistake after getting up. He should’ve just continued laying on the ground. At this moment, anyone with half a brain could tell he was wearing bio-armour. He flew into a rage. With a roar, he pounced toward Nie Yan.

“I’ve been waiting for this!” Nie Yan sneered. He pulled back, deftly dodging Zheng Xu’s attack. His left hand shot out and grabbed onto Zheng Xu’s wrist. He turned his body to the side. Pushing off from his wait, he focused all his power into his right arm and punched out.

BANG! Nie Yan’s fist struck Zheng Xu in the chest, causing him to spit out blood.

Nie Yan wasn’t finished just yet. If he let a fellow like Zheng Xu off lightly, it would come back to bite him in the future. He wanted to make sure Zheng Xu would stay bedridden for at least several months. He wanted to engrave this memory deep into Zhang Xu’s psyche, so that the next time they met, Zheng Xu would stay far away!

Nie Yan threw out a roundhouse kick, ruthlessly striking Zheng Xu in the face. Zheng Xu let out a miserable cry as he collapsed to the ground.

Even though Zheng Xu’s body was protected by the bio-armour, he couldn’t possibly have it on his face as well.

Nie Yan came to a stop. Zheng Xu was curled up on the ground moaning. With this kind of damage, he would need at least a few months to recover. Even after recovering, he would probably never mess with Nie Yan again.

Zheng Xu was the first to violate the rules. Even though Nie Yan acted heavy handedly, the school would still place all the blame on Zheng Xu. Perhaps he would even receive demerits while nothing would happen to Nie Yan. Everything Nie Yan had done was within the rules. Injuries often occurred during matches. As long as no one died, it was fine.

Zhao Shiyu quickly found the school’s medical staff. Shortly after, Zheng Xu was transported to the medical center.

The students in the class looked at Nie Yan in shock. The match just now left a lasting impression in their minds. Nie Yan wasn’t someone to be provoked!

Xu Yan, Fei Zhe, and Xia Tianyu were dumbstruck. They didn’t expect Nie Yan to dominate the fight so one-sidedly. Zheng Xu was wearing bio-armour, and he still couldn’t even last a minute against Nie Yan! What an absolute freak!

“You’re too amazing! I’ve decided. From now on, you’re my boss!” Xu Yan said excitedly. The match just now had his blood pumping.

“Hey, do you think you can teach us some of your moves?” Fei Zhe asked with a bright smile. He really admired Nie Yan’s skills. If he could pass on some of that to them, it would definitely be beneficial.

“Sure.” Nie Yan laughed. He had no problem sharing a few tricks.

Xia Tianyu had previously still wanted to compete against Nie Yan. However, after watching the fight, those thoughts disappeared. He let go of his pride. Fighting a freak like Nie Yan was simply asking for trouble.

The four chatted while returning to class.

Zhao Shiyu stared at Nie Yan’s departing figure with a complicated expression. After watching Zheng Xu’s crushing defeat, she no longer had the courage to provoke Nie Yan. If she really pissed him off, she would be inviting disaster upon herself.

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