Chapter 590 - Another Piece of the Tyrant Abak Set?

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Chapter 590 – Another Piece of the Tyrant Abak Set?

Xia Tianyu, Fei Zhe, and Xu Yan stuck closely to Nie Yan. Even though everyone treated each other equally as friends, his words started holding more sway and authority in the group.

After the fight, everyone went back to class. The school dispatched people to investigate before leaving. Nie Yan didn’t get into any trouble while Zheng Xu was definitely going to receive disciplinary action.

Though one person was missing in class, no one felt anything was off. Everything went on as usual. The only difference was that people would now think twice before provoking Nie Yan.

Xiao Yu sat in a conference room in the Top Military Academy. He received a video from one of his contacts in the command faculty.

Heavenly Kings was only composed of 26 members, but they had countless contacts on the outside. Their influence reached every corner of the Top Military Academy. Nothing could go on here without them knowing.

After watching the video on his smartphone, Xiao Yu broke out in a cold sweat. Nie Yan was much stronger than he imagined. Last time, he simply showed he had a solid foundation with his high physical specs. That didn’t necessarily mean he was a strong fighter though. Fighting skills were something that could only be honed through combat experience. First and second years generally focused on improving their physique. Only after becoming third or fourth years would they start honing their fighting skills. After a year of intense training, everyone would start to see results. People with high specs like Nie Yan, for instance, would grow several times stronger.

Xiao Yu initially believed Nie Yan’s fighting skills couldn’t be that great since he was only a first year. However, after watching the video, this notion fell like a brick through thin ice. Nie Yan showcased the skill of a seasoned fighter. His attacks were ruthless and decisive. It resembled the style taught in the military. Xiao Yu estimated Lei Su would have less than a 30% chance of winning against Nie Yan if the two fought.

A freak like Nie Yan was simply too rare. If he possessed that kind of strength as a first year, how much stronger would he become in the future?

“Lei Su will definitely be interested in this video.” Xiao Yu faintly smiled. He relished the idea of someone giving Lei Su a taste of his own medicine.

At this moment, the door to the conference room swung open. Lei Su walked in while cracking his knuckles. He was looking at Xiao Yu like a trapped rat.

“Xiao Yu, you know what I’m here for, right?” Lei Su coldly snorted.

“Lei Su, talk about the devil! I have something for you to watch. You’ll definitely be interested.” Xiao Yu chuckled awkwardly.

“Stop trying to weasel your way out of this. I don’t care what you want to show me. Hand over those recordings, or else… hehe, you know the consequences.”

“Sure, sure, no problem. I’ll hand over all the recordings to you later. First, watch this.” Xiao Yu tossed over the smartphone to Lei Su.

Lei Su reached out and caught the smartphone. He was actually curious about what Xiao Yu wanted to show him so badly. As the video started playing, he couldn’t shift his eyes away. “Oh man! Did you research his background? Is he an assassin, a mercenary maybe?”

“Yeah, I’ve already researched his past. The data says he doesn’t have that kind of experience. His dad is a veteran and probably passed on a few things to him. However, his old man didn’t even pass the bare minimum requirements for entering the Top Military Academy. Oh, one other thing. He has several dangerous individuals around him. You ever heard of Bayonet?”

“Bayonet!?” Lei Su was shocked. Bayonet was one of the most famous figures in the mercenary world. Lei Su greatly admired these people who lived on a knife’s edge.

“Bayonet is his bodyguard. That brat Nie Yan is really amazing. He even managed to recruit someone like that,” Xiao Yu said. After researching deeper into Nie Yan’s background, his curiosity only grew. Just what kind of person was Nie Yan?

After finishing the video, Lei Su let out a deep sigh.

“So, how confident are you in beating him?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Less than 30%,” Lei Su replied. If they truly fought, it might even be lower.

“That’s in line with my estimates too.”

“That guy is too much of a freak. His attacks are so fierce. I’m pretty sure he was still holding back. If he really went all out, Zheng Xu would’ve been dead on the ground in 10 seconds. He isn’t trained in fighting, he’s trained in killing. The fighting techniques we learn are more flashy and meant for sport,” Lei Su observed. Many killing techniques could only be learned in the army, mercenary, or assassin organizations.

“Let’s send this video to General Yuntian. I’m sure the elders will make a quick decision on who to pick between Nie Yan and Qin Han.”

“When are we going to have him officially join Heavenly Kings?” Lei Su asked.

“We’ll have to wait for word from the elders. The conflict between Nie Yan and Qin Han will have to end sooner or later anyway,” Xiao Yu said. As long as nothing unexpected came up, Nie Yan would be chosen.

Fate was a cruel mistress. Qin Han was still racking his brain trying to figure out a way to join Heavenly Kings. Meanwhile, Heavenly Kings had already decided on Nie Yan. Qin Han was destined to become a stepping stone.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao ate lunch together in the cafeteria. There was only one more class in the afternoon, an introduction to fighting. At three o’clock, the school day finally ended.

“Nie Yan, where do you live? Let’s walk together,” Xu Yan said.

“Yeah, let’s go together!” Xia Tianyu chimed in.

Fei Zhe didn’t say anything. But if Xu Yan and Xia Tianyu were following Nie Yan, he would naturally tag along as well.

“Sorry, guys. I’m a bit busy. Next time,” Nie Yan said, finding a random excuse. He was going to go home with Xie Yao.

Nie Yan bid farewell to Xu Yan and the others. His figure disappeared behind a corner.

“That guy really is heartless, leaving by himself like that,” Xia Tianyu lamented. The three of them could only walk together.

“I bet he’s going to look for his girl. It’s probably that Jiang Yingyu, don’t you think? Ah, what a traitor! Abandoning us single bros for a girl,” Xu Yan said.

“Should we follow him and see for ourselves?” Xia Tianyu smirked. “There’s definitely something fishy going on!”

After a bit of discussion, the three caught up to Nie Yan. A few minutes later, they saw him meeting up with a girl. The two of them left for the school gates.

Xu Yan glanced at Fei Zhe and Xia Tianyu in shock. “Hey! That’s not Jiang Yingyu!”

“A side chick? Maybe he’s in a polygamous relationship!” Xia Tianyu said.

“I think that’s Xie Yao!” Xu Yan said.

“Xie Yao? The flower of the management faculty?” Xia Tianyu said in shock. There were several famous beauties among the first years. Xie Yao was one of them. Many even placed her above Jiang Yingyu. However, due to Xie Yao being relatively low-key and her already having a boyfriend, fewer people talked about her. “Ahh, that bastard! What did he do in his past life to be so lucky with women!? He has Xie Yao in one arm and Jiang Yingyu in the other! Like damn, leave some for the rest of us!”

“Maybe we got it wrong. I think Xie Yao is Nie Yan’s girlfriend, not Jiang Yingyu,” Fei Zhe said after seeing Nie Yan and Xie Yao being so intimate. If it really were like what Fei Zhe said, Nie Yan wouldn’t be together with Xie Yao so openly.

“Nie Yan, that brat. Acting all sweet and love-dovey with Xie Yao while he has Jiang Yingyu looking at him like some lovesick puppy. What a hateful person! Why can’t I have such a good life?” Xu Yan grumbled.

Fei Zhe shrugged. “I think Nie Yan and Xie Yao look like a good couple. If you’re so jealous, how about you try beating him.”

Xu Yan rolled his eyes. Fighting with Nie Yan? No thank you! He still had plans for his life!

“We should grill him on how he snagged a beauty like Xie Yao. Maybe he’ll teach us his ways, and we’ll escape the single bro life,” Xia Tianyu sighed.

“Right, we definitely have to ask!” Xu Yan nodded vigorously.

While they were chatting, Nie Yan and Xie Yao had already left school grounds.

“I heard there’s a school-wide gathering tomorrow. The date was moved up. Many people are attending, including members from Asskickers United. Are you interested?” Xie Yao asked.

“Yeah. If I have the time, I’ll go take a look,” Nie Yan replied. He wanted to see what this gathering was about. He would simply be an observer. Many people with powerful backgrounds already knew he was Nirvana Flame; they simply weren’t revealing it to the outside. If he could remain low-key, he would. Nie Yan didn’t want to enter the eyes of every student and teacher in the Top Military Academy. The name Nirvana Flame was simply too famous. He didn’t want that kind of attention.

After leaving school, Nie Yan and Xie Yao got on the bus. They walked through town and spent the next few hours outside before returning home.

Looking at the time, Conviction’s servers were about to come online.

The two quickly finished dinner, then entered the game.

Nie Yan was in Calore. If he put his all into levelling today, he could probably reach Level 100. Then he could make preparations for tackling the Luminous Dancer class advancement quest.

After stocking up on consumables, Nie Yan set off on his Darkwing Dragon, heading for the mountains in the distance. He planned to continue where he left off from yesterday and resume hunting Lords to level up.

Most of the Lords he killed yesterday had already respawned. Nie Yan returned to the Wendigo’s spawn point.

With the knowledge and experience gained from the day prior, Nie Yan appeared much more comfortable when fighting these Lords again.

After grinding for five hours straight, Nie Yan reached Level 99, 62%. It was faster than he predicted.

While flying around on the Darkwing Dragon, Nie Yan looked down and saw mountains shrouded in a vast sea of fog. It rolled and churned with the wind. Past this area was a Lord-class Tribal Chief. That was Nie Yan’s next target.

As Nie Yan flew past this sea of white, he discovered the Holy Stone in his inventory emitting a faint glow.

“There’s a piece of the Tyrant Abak Set here?” Nie Yan’s mind trembled.

Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon circle in the air for a while before deciding to go down and take a look. The Tyrant Abak Set would likely be his final set of equipment. Spending a bit of time to get another piece was worth it.

The Darkwing Dragon made a slow descent into the sea of fog and prepared to land.

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