Chapter 593 - Pharaoh Brannigan

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Chapter 593 – Pharaoh Brannigan

After deep consideration, Nie Yan finally came to a decision. “Screw it. Nothing in life is free. If I want something, I’ll have to take the risk. I’ve soloed Level 100+ Lords before. What is there to be afraid of?”

Nie Yan walked up to the golden door to the right and forcefully pushed it open.

The golden door slowly creaked open. The room was much larger than the previous ones. It was six by six meters in size. At the center was a large golden sarcophagus. It was five meters in length and covered in ornate and lavish carvings. The person entombed within was probably an illustrious figure.

“I wonder what sort of treasures are inside…” Nie Yan was filled with a deep curiosity. His heart couldn’t help but race. He walked up to the sarcophagus and pushed the button, then quickly retreated back to the doorway. It was relatively narrow, making it convenient for him to duck behind a wall in case something happened.

He still had lingering fears from the previous explosion and curse.

Creak… Creak… The sarcophagus slowly opened as a brilliant radiance blossomed out. Nie Yan could see a giant silhouette. The tension in the air was palpable.

Inside the sarcophagus was a three-meter tall corpse. It was covered from head to toe in gold and bore a solemn expression.

Nie Yan patiently waited. He wanted to make sure this fellow wouldn’t come back to life.

This corpse lying motionlessly in its sarcophagus looked eerie.

Suddenly, its eyes opened and blossomed with a profound light. It slowly sat up.

“It’s a monster!” Nie Yan inspected the corpse with Transcendent Insight.

“Shit, it’s a Magister!”

If it were only a Level 110 Lord, Nie Yan could probably still manage. However, this fellow was a Death Magister. It was a whole step above ordinary Lords.

In this kind of situation, running away was one of the most foolish things you could do. Nie Yan glanced at his surroundings, then immediately had Lil’ Gold and Lafus seal off the doorway. Brannigan couldn’t be allowed to leave this room, or else he would be impossible to kill. Even a Shadow Dancer wouldn’t dare to challenge a Magister in a wide open space.

“You have disturbed my slumber. Lowly wretch, I will tear you apart from limb to limb!” Pharaoh Brannigan declared in a voice full of wrath.

Brannigan climbed out of his golden sarcophagus. A long scepter materialized in his hand.

Nie Yan gazed at Brannigan. Resembling a gold statue, his entire body shone with a golden radiance. His two-meter long scepter was crafted out of a mysterious metal, the tip adorned with a large sapphire which emitted an azure glow.

Brannigan appeared to be constrained. His sarcophagus took up a large portion of the room, so there wasn’t much space left for him to move around in.

Nie Yan instantly spotted this. Luckily, he already had Lil’ Gold blocking the doorway. No matter what, Brannigan couldn’t be allowed out of this room, or else they would be done for.

“We are the most ancient race. All those that dare to obstruct us will be turned into dust. Scram, filthy beast.” Brannigan swung his scepter toward Lil’ Gold.

Nie Yan hurriedly had Lil’ Gold duck out of the way.

KLAANG!!! Brannigan’s scepter struck the doorway. It trembled violently but didn’t collapse. A door forged out of solid metal wouldn’t crumble that easily.

This room was too cramped. Brannigan had no way of attacking effectively. He attempted to get out through the doorway, but Lil’ Gold stubbornly refused to move. With a Dragon Breath, he blasted Brannigan with scorching hot flames.

BANG! Brannigan staggered back a step. A damage value of 5,000 floated up above his head.

Lil’ Gold managed to deal some decent damage. Brannigan was a caster, so his defense wasn’t high.

Brannigan was infuriated. He raised his staff and sent a bolt of lightning streaking towards Lil’ Gold.

ZAP! Electrical currents pierced through Lil’ Gold’s body.


Lil’ Gold instantly lost a third of his health.

What frightening damage! Nie Yan had a hard time imagining a Fighter capable of withstanding such a powerful attack. A Champion was probably required.

Lafus hurriedly restored Lil’ Gold’s health back to full. The Rank 15 Radiant Heal was extremely useful in this situation.

Nie Yan had Lil’ Gold keep blocking the doorway. Within this small space, Brannigan couldn’t even display a third of his strength. All around him were hindrances. Sometimes when he raised his staff it would end up bumping into the ceiling.

“Not a bad spot…” Nie Yan smirked. He took out his Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow and fired.「Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!」Five bolts flew toward Brannigan.

「Put! Put! Put!」The bolts struck Brannigan’s body, dealing several hundred damage each.

Nie Yan didn’t dare to enter the room, for fear of being killed by Brannigan the moment he stepped foot inside. He could only fire his crossbow from outside.

Brannigan let out a furious roar. However, he had no way of leaving the room. Lil’ Gold was like an immovable boulder.

Magic bombarded Lil’ Gold’s body. But since no spell could instantly kill him, they were all useless. Lafus’ heals were too potent. As long as Lil’ Gold had even a sliver of health left, he could be healed back to full. Lil’ Gold had so much health. It would be incredibly difficult for Brannigan to instantly kill him!

If a Magister couldn’t cast their most frightening spells, they were no different from ordinary Mages.

Seeing that his strategy was working, Nie Yan allowed Lafus to sit down and take a rest. He would only make a move when Lil’ Gold required healing. As long as Lafus didn’t run out of mana, there would be no issue. Nie Yan was a bit annoyed with himself. Why didn’t he bring a few Master Mana Potions with him before he set out? That way, Lafus could make use of them.

With Lafus’ mana pool and mana recovery speed, there wouldn’t be any problems for the time being.

Explosive Counter!

Explosive Counter!

Lil’ Gold lashed out with multiple Explosive Counters in a row, shaving away 200,000 of Brannigan’s health. Explosive Counter only had a certain chance of activating. If you were lucky, it would activate multiple times consecutively. If you were unlucky, you would go ages without it activating even once.

Brannigan furiously swung his scepter. His spell casts had been interrupted multiple times by Lil’ Gold. In this kind of cramped space, Magisters were at a huge disadvantage.

Lil’ Gold called forth a ball of raging flames, transforming the room into a burning hellscape.

About 15 minutes later, Brannigan’s health dropped to 20%.

“This is so easy!” Nie Yan happily remarked. He previously believed Brannigan was going to kill him for sure. Thankfully, the environment was to his advantage. Sometimes, this could make all the difference.

With his health falling below 20%, Brannigan started becoming restless and raised his staff. FWOOSH! A wave of frost swept out and struck Lil’ Gold, covering him in a thick layer of ice.

Brannigan rushed at Lil’ Gold with an onslaught of attacks, forcing Lil’ Gold back one step at a time. It appeared Brannigan was finally going to break out of this prison.

Seeing the situation going south, Nie Yan had Lafus stand back up.

Indomitable Will!

Radiant barrier!

Lafus charged toward Brannigan.

One man and one dragon halted Brannigan’s advance. Brannigan raised his scepter and swung it down. KWANG! Lafus staggered several steps back as he lost a third of his health. The Radiant Barrier protecting him trembled violently but didn’t shatter. After all, a Rank 11 Radiant Barrier was extremely durable.

Lafus cast Holy Warmth on Lil’ Gold, gradually melting all the ice off his body. After recovering fully, Lil’ Gold forced Brannigan back into the room.

Brannigan staggered back step by step until he returned to his original position. He raised his staff and summoned three Skeleton Warriors. They were three meters tall, clad in metal armour, and wielded large war-axes. One could tell they were extremely powerful at a glance. Unfortunately, this made the already small room even more cramped! They couldn’t move without getting into each other’s way.

At the end of the day, Brannigan was a monster with low artificial intelligence. He was incapable of thinking strategically. Summoning minions was completely useless here. The three Skeleton Warriors at the back had no way of reaching Lil’ Gold and Lafus.

Brannigan entered a berserk state as his health fell below 5%. His body emitted a blood red radiance as black skulls floated around him.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. Brannigan was using his ultimate skill!

Lafus retreated to the back and chanted out an incantation.

Holy Radiant Shine!

A powerful pillar of holy light came down from the air and struck Brannigan. Wherever the light touched, his body would make sizzling sounds and release grey smoke. He let out a painful shout. He was slowly being exorcised by the holy light.

Holy Radiant Shine had a chance of instantly purifying all creatures within a 15-meter radius. If the creature couldn’t be purified, they would still take enormous damage.

“ARGGGH!!!” Brannigan suddenly let out a roar. He braved through the Holy Radiant Shine and charged toward Lil’ Gold with large strides.

Darkness Retribution!

BANG! A dark shock wave blasted Lil’ Gold in the chest, sending him flying directly out of the room and crashing into the opposite wall.

Brannigan ducked his head under the doorway and stepped out of the room. “You repulsive Paladin. I’ll sacrifice your soul to our evil god and use your corpse to strengthen my undead army!” He swung his scepter at Lafus’ head.

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