Chapter 595 - - Encountering Phantom Princess Ina Again

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Chapter 595 – Encountering Phantom Princess Ina Again

Upon advancing to a Master class, the concept of skills would be flipped over on its head.

This was a completely new realm, a world that Nie Yan had never made contact with before in the previous timeline. He gazed at the description of Mode: Release.

“Evolving all active skills into freedom skills…” Nie Yan gasped. “That’s insane! But what does all movement restrictions removed and possesses offensive properties mean?”

Nie Yan pondered for a moment. His mind was filled with uncertainty. It appeared he would have to confirm the effects of Mode: Release for himself. Any guess was as good as another at this point.

“I’ll learn it after I’ve advanced to a Luminous Dancer.” Nie Yan put away the Mode: Release skill book in his bag. He’d gone through great dangers to acquire this skill, and it was all worth it.

After finding nothing else, Nie Yan left the room. He led Lafus and Lil’ Gold deeper into the underground tomb.

The further they travelled, killing numerous Dark Maidens along the way, the more Nie Yan realized the immensity of this place. The winding and twisting passages were just like a labyrinth. After reaching the end of yet another corridor, a large stone door appeared up ahead. Beside the entrance stood a large demonic statue with a malevolent look on its face.

The door was slightly ajar, leaving just enough of an opening for a single person to slip through. Nie Yan peered inside and saw more than 20 humanoid monsters in blood red robes roaming around. They clearly weren’t Dark Maidens. He didn’t dare to barge in. He had Lil’ Gold and Lafus remain on standby, then stealthily approached himself.

Nie Yan inspected one of the humanoid monsters. Transcendent Insight!

These were Elites! There were more than 20 altogether. Nie Yan had no way of dealing with so many ranged monsters.

The Sacrificial Blood Maidens were different from the Dark Maidens from before. If over 20 Level 120 Elites started attacking all at once, they could easily obliterate Lil’ Gold and Lafus into dust.

The Sacrificial Blood Maidens were guarding an entrance. Though they were patrolling around, they were never more than two meters apart from each other.

Lil’ Gold and Lafus had no way of passing through. However, Nie Yan was different.

After thinking for a bit, Nie Yan recalled Lil’ Gold and terminated Lafus’ contract. Lafus had already been summoned for a little over three hours. Since the fee was calculated based on the nearest hour rounding up, he had to pay 80,000 gold. This was a frightening sum.

After selling off all the ordinary loot he picked up, Nie Yan would only make back around 60,000 gold at most. However, he didn’t mind taking this loss at all since he had obtained Mode: Release. Shadow Dancer skill books were priceless. This wasn’t something you could find in the marketplace!

Summoning Lafus was worth it. Such a powerful Paladin was definitely worth the price.

A malicious thought flashed through Nie Yan’s mind. “Hehe, should I summon Lafus during the war against Divine Protectors? I can just imagine the looks on their faces…” Lafus was an unrivalled Paladin.

Glancing at his bag, Nie Yan still had five Unknown Transfer Scrolls left. If he encountered danger, he wouldn’t have to worry about escaping.

Even though Unknown Transfer Scrolls in Asskickers United were in scarce supply, most players having to do without, Guo Huai would always set aside a portion for Nie Yan’s exclusive use. After all, he was the backbone of the guild.

Nie Yan equipped the Crawler Ring, activated its ability, and then started climbing up the wall. After reaching the top of the door, he snuck in through the crack.

The Crawler Ring was always useful for getting around monsters. This was a time-tested method.

After sneaking inside, Nie Yan looked around. A wide and spacious hall appeared before his eyes. At the center stood a six-meter tall golden statue that looked similar to Pharaoh Brannigan. Its arms and hands were held out together. A silver-gray leather chestplate floated above its palms. It was crafted out of an unknown material and let out a silver radiance under the light of the nearby torches.

In front of this chestplate, the Holy Stone in Nie Yan’s inventory shone even more brilliantly.

“I’ve found it! It’s the chestpiece from the Tyrant Abak Set!”

Stone obelisks lined both sides of the hall. Candles were affixed to the walls and pillars stretched out into the distance. The flickering lights and shadows evoked a mysterious atmosphere.

“Strange, I don’t see any monsters here. Don’t tell me it’s unguarded?” Nie Yan was bewildered. This situation was way too suspicious. He didn’t dare to come down. He proceeded forward along the wall.

After a while, a humanoid monster in a black dress walked out from behind a pillar. It paced around the red carpet in the center of the hall, briefly stopping every now and then.

Nie Yan’s mind trembled at this familiar figure. It was Phantom Princess Ina!

Phantom Princess Ina would revive 30 days after being killed. She would become stronger on every revival and chase after the Abak’s Gloves of Sealing in Nie Yan’s possession.

Calculating the time, it had already been 30 days since an expedition team last killed Phantom Princess Ina.

Nie Yan wondered how much stronger she had gotten.

Being stalked by Phantom Princess Ina was a bit troublesome. After retrieving the chestpiece from the Tyrant Abak Set, he would teleport away with an Unknown Transfer Scroll.

Nie Yan pondered for a moment. A plan took shape in his mind to obtain the chestpiece without alerting Phantom Princess Ina of his presence.

The statue was about 10 meters away from the closest wall.

Like a gecko, Nie Yan crawled in that direction.

Phantom Princess Ina seemed to sense something and looked over in Nie Yan’s direction.

Nie Yan immediately froze in place, not daring to budge an inch. He activated several skills that increased his Cloaking and Stealth.

Phantom Princess Ina’s gaze swept over Nie Yan’s body several times, but she failed to discover anything out of place. She turned away and returned to an idle state.

Nie Yan continued moving forward, inching closer and closer to the chestpiece. At about 10 meters away, he planted his right hand and feet firmly against the wall. He then extended out his left hand and took careful aim before shooting out a web line from his Silk Spinner Ring.

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