Chapter 643 - Arrogant

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Chapter 643 – Arrogant

Nie Yan’s eyes swept over the fleeing flying mounts before locking onto the Void Ray, who was the highest rank out of all of them.

“Want to run? Not so easy!” Nie Yan spurred his Darkwing Dragon into pursuit.

The Darkwing Dragon was much faster than the Void Ray. The distance between them rapidly closed as 500 meters shortened to 300.

Noticing the Darkwing Dragon on his tail, Hunting Fox’s face paled in fright. He had no qualms about sacrificing the flying mounts of others. But his Void Ray was the whole reason his position in Angel Corps was so high. So, even if he knew he had no hope of escape, he wouldn’t helplessly wait for death.

At Hunting Fox’s command, the Void Ray sprayed out a cloud of black mist, enshrouding himself in a field of darkness that extended 50 meters in all directions.

Just as the Darkwing Dragon was about to plummet into the black mist, Nie Yan hurriedly had it ascend, whereupon he spotted the Void Ray fleeing north. Taking a detour around the black mist, the Darkwing Dragon shot forward and rapidly closed in on the Void Ray.

The black mist had successfully bought him some time. However, Hunting Fox didn’t expect Nie Yan to catch back up so soon.

300 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters… the gap was quickly closing.

Nie Yan was determined to hunt down the Void Ray.

The Darkwing Dragon was too powerful. Hunting Fox had nowhere to escape.

Hunting Fox was on the brink of despair.

Seeing that Hunting Fox was on his last leg, Nie Yan’s expression didn’t change. When facing an enemy, he rarely allowed his emotions get the best of him, remaining as prudent as ever. As the saying goes, Caution can guide a ship for 10,000 years. Overconfidence often led to downfall.

As the Darkwing Dragon dived down with its claws outstretched, the Void Ray suddenly vanished into thin air and reappeared more than 100 meters away, dodging the attack. “Void Blink…” Nie Yan furrowed his brows. He didn’t expect the Void Ray to have this kind of special escape ability.

However, the Void Ray was only delaying the inevitable. It still couldn’t escape!

Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon ascend, then shoot forward in pursuit of the Void Ray. He was preparing to dive down for another attack.

Just as Hunting Fox was about to give up all hope, at least a hundred black dots appeared in the horizon. A trace of hope lit up in his heart. The reinforcements from Angel Corps were here!

Hunting Fox hurriedly had his Void Ray flee toward them.

Angel Corps’ reinforcements were rapidly approaching.

Nie Yan also noticed their arrival. There were more than 100 of them altogether. The reinforcements from Angel Corps! The reason he could decimate Hunting Fox’s 26-man team before was partially luck. His frightening attack power was enough of a deterrent, causing every single one of them to hesitate. That was why he could pick off eight of their flying mounts so easily and force the rest into retreat. If all 26 of them had ganged up on him without any care for their own safety, the Darkwing Dragon likely wouldn’t have held out for long, to say nothing of a similar situation with 100 flying mounts!

Hunting Fox breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, safety was here. He glanced behind him with a mocking smirk, resisting the urge to shout, Aren’t you supposed to be so amazing, Nirvana Flame?! Then why aren’t you still chasing me?

However, his expression immediately froze. To his shock and dismay, Nie Yan wasn’t retreating but rather closing in even faster than a moment ago!

“Dammit! You’re dead!” Hunting Fox bellowed. He spurred his Void Ray to fly even faster toward the reinforcements. There was only 2,000 meters between them. They would reach each other in 30 seconds at most. Soaring Angel was leading the reinforcements, having gathered all the powerful flying mounts in Angel Corps. Once Nie Yan was surrounded, he was dead for sure!

As long as Hunting Fox could hold out for another 25 seconds, Soaring Angel and the others would arrive in time to save him. He was filled with confidence, having completely forgotten how Nie Yan decimated his team just moments ago.

Time was fleeting. 25 seconds was extremely short, but it could also decide life and death.

Soaring Angel sat on his Rank 5 Wyvern. Seeing the Darkwing Dragon, he shouted, “Wind Serpent Squad #1, Achlys Dragonfly Squad #1, pincer it from the sides. Thunder Eagles, circle behind and don’t let it escape. The Darkwing Dragon dies here today!”

Soaring Angel didn’t think Nie Yan would have the gall to continuing chasing his subordinate while under the threat of being surrounded by his forces.

“This bastard is too damn arrogant!” Soaring Angel shouted. Activating several buffs, he took out his longbow and notched an arrow. Bringing the bowstring to full draw, he took aim at Nie Yan.

The arrow was like a meteor, shrouded in raging flames, as it cut across the air.

This was his Tracking Arrow skill, which had a range of 1,000 meters. He could use it once every five days.

As long as he could stall Nie Yan and the Darkwing Dragon for even a few seconds, their fates would be sealed!

With the Void Ray only 30 meters away and the Darkwing Dragon flying 10 meters above it, Nie Yan suddenly accelerated forward. Activating the Leaper Ring, he sprinted along the Darkwing Dragon’s back and sprung forward like an artillery shell as his silhouette streaked through the sky.

As Nie Yan closed in on the Void Ray, he shot out a web line at its underside and swung back up into the air.

Seeing Nie Yan flying over towards him, Hunting Fox panicked. He knew what the consequences would be if he allowed Nie Yan to get in melee range.

Hunting Fox raised his staff and fired an Arcane Flame Burst at the web line.

BOOM! The Arcane Flame Burst burned through the web line.

However, Hunting Fox was too late. Nie Yan had already swung over to the Void Ray. Grabbing onto its behind, he flipped himself over onto its back. At this moment, an arrow came whizzing forward. Nie Yan did a sidestep and brandished Zennarde’s Sword, chopping it in half.

Looking over in the direction of the shooter, Nie Yan spotted a longbow wielding person loftily standing on a Wyvern’s back—Soaring Angel!

Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He was heavily outnumbered and in danger of being surrounded. Now clearly wasn’t the time to let his emotions get the best of him.


Soaring Angel’s arrow had given Hunting Fox enough time to react. He waved his staff as a powerful repelling force swept out.

Just as he was about to be pushed away, Nie Yan activated Death Exemption, nullifying the effects of Repel. He dashed forward and slashed out Zennarde’s Sword toward Hunting Fox’s throat.

Hunting Fox only saw a silhouette flash before him. He opened his mouth in an attempt to cast Howl of Terror, but no sound came out. His body froze. As his eyes slowly lost their light, he still had an expression of disbelief on his face.

After killing Hunting Fox, Nie Yan slashed down on the Void Ray’s neck with Zennarde’s Sword.

As the blade pierced through flesh, the Void Ray let out a miserable cry and violently flailed back and forth.

“HAAAH!” Nie Yan ran Zennarde’s Sword through the Void Ray’s neck with Lacerate. Blood gushed out like a fountain.

The Void Ray let out a mournful cry and plummeted to the ground.

As the Darkwing Dragon flew over, Nie Yan leaped onto its back.

Soaring Angel believed the Void Ray could at least hold out for a few minutes. As long as they had a bit more time, they could’ve surrounded the Darkwing Dragon. However, he didn’t expect the situation to take such a drastic turn. Nie Yan had killed both Hunting Fox and the Void Ray in front of more than a hundred pairs of eyes, practically ignoring their existence. He bellowed out furiously, “CHASE HIM DOWN! DON’T LET HIM ESCAPE!”

Soaring Angel anxiously commanded his troops to surround the Darkwing Dragon. However, there was still quite a bit of distance between them and Nie Yan. It was already impossible to catch him.

Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon rapidly descend, causing its speed to increase by more than 30%.

The Darkwing Dragon was already incredibly fast. With its speed increasing even further, it was so fast no other flying mount could even come close to comparing.

The Thunder Eagles, Wind Serpents, and other flying mounts failed to stop the Darkwing Dragon. Everyone stared on helplessly as it got farther and farther away, the silhouette on its back standing tall and loftily.

After continuing the chase for several minutes, Soaring Angel and the others finally gave up. They could only watch the Darkwing Dragon disappear into the horizon.

“Boss! He’s gone!”

“Hunting Fox said Nirvana Flame’s Darkwing Dragon is a Rank 7 flying mount.” The players stared nervously at Soaring Angel, fearful he would explode in a rage.

Soaring Angel said in a deep voice, “Have our people start exploring the Phoenix Den and start gathering Rank 7 flying mounts.” His eyes brimmed with a deep killing intent. “Nirvana Flame… sooner or later, I’ll make you pay for today!”

“Understood!” Several players nodded. Exploring the Phoenix Den at their current level really wasn’t worth it. Their losses would definitely be huge. However, none of them dared to go against Soaring Angel’s words.

Nie Yan slowly descended with his Darkwing Dragon. This time around, even after killing so many flying mounts, including a Rank 5 one at that, his Darkwing Dragon had only received minor injuries. It was definitely an overwhelming victory.

After recalling the Darkwing Dragon back into his pet space, Nie Yan started traversing through the fog-filled forest, heading towards the designated location.

More than 5,000 Asskickers United players had gathered here. This was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Seeing Nie Yan arrive, these guildmates all excitedly rushed over to greet him. “Boss, you’re here!”

“Boss, welcome!”

After nodding left and right, Nie Yan discovered a lot of these people were veteran members with most of them being familiar faces. The top members had all left to do their class advancement quests. Those left over were a little weaker, ranging from Level 90–99. Paladin of the Elegy was leading them.

“Boss, we’re all here like you asked,” Paladin of the Elegy reported.

“Mhm… “ Nie Yan nodded. With everyone gathered here, he could carry out his plan.

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