Chapter 644 - Sub Legendary Blueprint

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Chapter 644 – Sub Legendary Blueprint

“How many flying mounts do we have on hand right now?” Nie Yan asked.

“Only three,” Paladin of the Elegy replied. Most of the first-rate members with flying mounts had already gone off to do their class advancement quests.

“Have them take to the air and scout out all the flying mounts in this area, then report back to me. We’re going to start capturing flying mounts,” Nie Yan said.

Paladin of the Elegy’s eyes blanked. Capturing flying mounts? How are we going to do that? However, he had full confidence in Nie Yan. He relayed Nie Yan’s orders to the three players with flying mounts, who flew up above the fog and started searching for other flying monsters in the vicinity.

“Have some people cut down some trees and get us some wood.”

Following Nie Yan’s arrangements, the team got to work. Some went around gathering materials and crafting simple cages to make a flying monster prison block. Others spread out and were put on lookout duty. They all couldn’t help but wonder what Nie Yan was trying to accomplish.

About half-an-hour later, the preparations were complete. Nie Yan summoned his Darkwing Dragon, who was already fully recovered from the previous fight.

The Darkwing Dragon’s appearance immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They looked up in awe at this all-imposing monster. Its enormous frame was completely covered in ashen scales reflecting a deep black lustre, as if it were cast from molten steel.

“Boss, is it just me or did your Darkwing Dragon get a lot bigger?”

“I don’t recall it having that many scales before.”

The players broke out in lively discussion. Ever since Nie Yan’s aerial battle with the forces of Alliance of Mages, the Darkwing Dragon had become quite famous. After getting to see it up close again, they were once more awed by its appearance.

“It ranked up,” Nie Yan confirmed with a faint smile.

Everyone was stunned. The Darkwing Dragon had ranked up? It was Rank 6 before. Didn’t that mean it was Rank 7 now!?

Excluding the Darkwing Dragon, the highest rank flying mount they had encountered so far was only Rank 5.

Nie Yan was truly a legend. Be it his Golden Dragon, Darkwing Dragon, or Zennarde’s Sword, everything he owned was shocking beyond belief.

There were rankings that could be found online. At the top of the rankings for pets, flying mounts, and weapons were the Golden Dragon, Darkwing Dragon, and Zennarde’s Sword respectively.

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon, everyone couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. At this moment, Nie Yan received a report. A Wind Serpent was spotted to the south.

Nie Yan hopped onto the Darkwing Dragon. It flapped its wings and took off for the south.

Several minutes later, a player riding an Achlys Dragonfly met up with Nie Yan.


“Northsky, where’s the Wind Serpent?”

Northsky pointed Nie Yan in the right direction. Nie Yan looked over and saw a Wind Serpent perched on top of a tree among the low-hanging clouds. It was noticeably larger than ordinary Wind Serpents, with a mottled pattern design on its transparent wings, which looked similar to those of a dragonfly. On a branch of the tree also sat a nest with two large white eggs.

Nie Yan’s eyebrows raised in surprise. It was actually a Rank 5 Wind Serpent, not to mention it was buy one get two free. They had really hit it big this time!

In order to obtain a flying mount, you could either find an egg and have a Beast Tamer hatch it, or directly capture a full grown one and tame it. The second method was obviously much harder. Unless you could completely restrain it, the chances of success were near zero. Flying monsters were wild and dangerous. In the process of taming it, it could suddenly lash out and attack you.

“After I capture the Wind Serpent, make sure to go in and collect the two eggs,” Nie Yan said. He then flew over toward the Wind Serpent on his Darkwing Dragon.

“Understood!” Northsky replied. He was curious as to how Nie Yan was going to capture the Wind Serpent.

Noticing the Darkwing Dragon’s approach, the Wind Serpent immediately raised its head on high alert. It eyed both the rider and flying mount, letting out hissing sounds with its red tongue. Like a mother protecting her nest, this was the usual first warning.

The Darkwing Dragon let out a deep roar. This lowly Wind Serpent actually dared to challenge its prestige? A powerful dragon aura swept out.

The Wind Serpent trembled, shrinking back its body and appearing much less imposing than before. However, it refused to leave its nest.

Nie Yan jumped off the Darkwing Dragon and landed on the ground. After entering stealth, he sped toward the Wind Serpent and climbed up the tree.

After becoming a Luminous Dancer, Nie Yan’s Cloaking stat had sharply risen. The Wind Serpent was completely oblivious to his presence. It was fully focused on the Darkwing Dragon.

Nie Yan suddenly leaped forward. As his body flew through the air, he threw out a kick at the Wind Serpent’s neck. BANG! It was sent flying off the branch.

The Wind Serpent was stunned!

Nie Yan’s ambush was extremely effective. After honing himself in the Ancient World for so long, his attacks were pinpoint accurate. He could easily deal with any monsters below Rank 7.

Just as the Wind Serpent was about to upright itself, Nie Yan came plummeting down with a Backbreaker. KRRACK! Pulling out two Flesh Biters, he ruthlessly stabbed them into its body. PSSHFT! PSSFHTT! They pierced deep into its flesh. Unless they were carved out with a dagger, it was impossible to remove them.

The two Flesh Biters crippled the Wind Serpent, greatly restricting its movements.

Before the Wind Serpent had a chance to do anything, Nie Yan shot out a large web from his Cobweb Ring and firmly bound it up.

The Darkwing Dragon came down from the sky at Nie Yan’s command. Stretching out its claws, it flapped its wings and picked up the bound up Wind Serpent.

Nie Yan hopped onto the Darkwing Dragon and returned to the encampment.

At this moment back at their temporary camp, the players from Asskickers United were making wild guesses about how Nie Yan was going to capture a flying mount.

Thanks to the use of a Dispel Fog Scroll, the visibility around here was quite good. They spotted the Darkwing Dragon flying over from the distance.

“The boss is back!”

“Look, look! The Darkwing Dragon is carrying something in its claws!”

A moment later, they saw there was actually a Wind Serpent in the Darkwing Dragon’s claws. It was completely bound up, unable to move.

They were all dumbfounded. Just how did Nie Yan do it? Immobilizing a flying monster wasn’t a simple matter. People had tried using Web Scrolls to capture flying mounts before, but the webs were instantly ripped apart. What they didn’t know was that Nie Yan was using an upgraded Cobweb Ring. This was a secret he wouldn’t reveal. If enemy guilds like Angel Corps caught wind of it, they would also start searching all over the place for Cobweb Rings. After all, Cobweb Rings weren’t unique.

Nie Yan had his Darkwing Dragon gradually descend and drop the Wind Serpent into a cage. Afterwards, another player sealed it shut. This kind of cage might look secure, but it was actually too flimsy to hold a flying monster. However, the Wind Serpent was crippled by two Flesh Biters and bound by a large web. Locking it up in a cage was more for good measure than anything else.

“Elegy, come tame this Wind Serpent,” Nie Yan said.

“H-huh, me? No, it’s fine.” Paladin of the Elegy shook his head. “I think there are others who are more deserving.”

“Enough nonsense. Just come. There’ll be plenty of flying mounts for the others as well,” Nie Yan said.

Paladin of the Elegy didn’t dare to defy Nie Yan. He walked up to the cage and started taming the Wind Serpent. Generally, the taming process would take at least one to two hours. If you were unlucky, it could even last most of the day.

Apart from the Wind Serpent, there were also the two eggs. Nie Yan distributed them to two members who were particularly skilled and trustworthy. Naturally, only contracted members of the guild were eligible to obtain flying mounts. This couldn’t be helped. After all, flying mounts were a valuable asset. If an ordinary player obtained one and then withdrew from the guild, wouldn’t they be taking a huge loss? Every guild had similar rules. So, no one found this unfair.

Nie Yan continued to capture flying monsters, which were locked up in the cages one after another. About two hours later, an Asskickers United player succeeded in taming a flying mount. The Wind Serpent that Paladin of the Elegy was working on was a Rank 5 monster, so it would still take a little longer.

Nie Yan spent the whole day helping the members of Asskickers United get flying mounts. The harvests were better than he expected, having obtained 36 flying mounts altogether, three of which were Rank 5. Most of these flying monsters were captured and transported over with the Cobweb Ring; their injuries pretty light. Some arrived looking like pin cushions, with numerous Flesh Biters sticking out of them, as the Darkwing Dragon carried them back in its claws. After these flying monsters were tamed into mounts, they were brought back to the guild’s Beast Tamers for their injuries to be treated. Some would take a day or two to recover while others would take up to a week.

One flying mount after another was tamed. Asskickers United’s aerial force was rapidly expanding.

When evening approached, Nie Yan received some news from Xie Yao. She had successfully hatched her Phoenix. With this, Asskickers United had another Rank 6 flying mount.

As for what Xie Yao’s Phoenix was like, Nie Yan would have to wait for now. He was curious as to what sort of fortune she encountered in the middle of her class advancement quest to allow her Phoenix to hatch.

At one point, Nie Yan accidently killed a Rank 4 flying monster, causing his heart to ache. Picking up the loot it dropped, he discovered a pleasant surprise.

Crossbow Enhancement Blueprint (Sub Legendary)

It was filled with all sorts of drawings and design outlines. After learning this blueprint, he could upgrade crossbow-type weapons, sharply raising their attack power and other properties. Nie Yan immediately thought of his Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow. Its attack power was already pitifully low at this stage of the game. It was just that he hadn’t yet found a suitable replacement. If he could upgrade it, even better, then he wouldn’t have to look for another crossbow.

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