Chapter 685 - Fishing Up Easy Benefits

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Chapter 685 – Fishing Up Easy Benefits

As the swarm of spirits were about to engulf them, the three Priests waved their staffs and chanted out an incantation. Their bodies ignited with fierce holy flames.

When the spirits came in contact with the flames, they wailed out in pain as they were burned out of existence.

The old priest’s robes fluttered back and forth. With his entire body enshrouded by holy flames, he looked like a deity in the flesh.

“Vanquish all darkness, by the will of the God of Light…” The old priest chanted out an incantation. A pillar of light descended down on Necromancer Vorderman.

Sure enough, these three priests wouldn’t allow themselves to be killed so easily.

The elderly priest appeared to be holding something. Nie Yan focused his gaze. His heart trembled. In the hands of the priest was a chapter from the Book of Order!

The chapter emitted a dazzling light. This was a formidable holy power!

For NPCs the chapters from the Book of Order were exceptional off-hand equipment!

Nie Yan felt a warm feeling on his chest. The Great Prophet Medal emitted a faint glow, informing him there were nine chapters from the Book of Order in the vicinity. He gasped in astonishment, nearly losing his grip and falling off the ceiling.

The old priest had two chapters. As for the other seven… Nie Yan shifted his gaze toward the cloaked figure standing off in the corner. They were in Qin Han’s possession!

Could it be that Qin Han and Vorderman were running around collecting chapters from the Book of Order?

What exactly were those two planning?

Nie Yan was filled with doubt. When he killed Qin Han last time, he didn’t drop any chapters from the Book of Order. This was proof he had only started collecting them recently! In such a short period of time, he had actually acquired seven chapters! With the aid of Necromancer Vorderman, his speed was simply astonishing!

“Vorderman, hurry up. Stop fooling around,” Qin Han urged in an annoyed tone. They had already wasted enough time here.

At this moment, Vorderman waved his staff and summoned a monstrous black wraith. It let out a sharp cry and pounced toward the three priests.

“Die, you stubborn old fools!” Necromancer Vorderman cackled madly.

BANG! BANG! The two younger priests were sent flying back by the wraith.

The old priest struggled to wave his staff. He invoked a powerful holy light to defend against the wraith. Necromancer Vorderman was too strong. He stood no chance.

BANG! The wraith rammed into the old priest, sending him flying back before heavily crashing into the ground a dozen meters away. He groaned out in pain. Two chapters from the Book of Order dropped out of his hand.

Even though all of them were legendary figures, Vorderman could already be considered a demigod. The three priests were not his match.

Necromancer Vorderman’s lips cracked into a satisfied smile. He had finally defeated those three priests. He started walking over to the two chapters from the Book of Order. Nie Yan became anxious. If Qin Han obtained these two chapters, he would have nine in total! Even more, he would continue collecting the others. A thought crossed Nie Yan’s mind. Should I try stealing those two chapters?

Nie Yan judged the distance. He was 100 meters away from the two chapters. Meanwhile, Vorderman was already within 20 meters of them. If he went through with it, he wasn’t even sure he could keep his own life, let alone get to the chapters before Vorderman.

Thinking to this point, Nie Yan could only give up on the idea. What surprised him a bit was that Vorderman still hadn’t discovered him. It appeared the stealthing ability of a Shadow Dancer was much greater than he originally thought. Since it was like this, he decided to stick around a while longer and watch how things would play out.

Necromancer Vorderman stood over the corpse of the old priest and let out a dastardly chuckle. “The Chapter of Essence and Chapter of Perseverance are finally in my hands. Did you powerless dregs really think you could keep them away from me? What a joke!” He bent down to pick up the chapters. As his hand came in contact with one of the chapters, his entire body froze. He let out an enraged roar, “DAMMIT! YOU RATS! WHAT DID YOU DO!?”

A powerful holy light bound Necromancer Vorderman. At this moment, the elderly priest slowly struggled back to his feet.

“You vile undead, die!” The old priest waved his staff. A raging sphere of holy flames condensed in his abdomen, rapidly expanding before swallowing him whole.

A trace of fear flashed across Necromancer Vorderman’s face. He didn’t expect such a turn of events. The three priests had hidden a powerful formation inside the chapters. He had accidentally activated it and was now completely immobilized. At this moment, the old priest detonated all the holy energy in his body to release a powerful explosion.

As death loomed over him, the red flames in Necromancer Vorderman’s eye sockets suddenly throbbed.

BOOOOOM! Nie Yan felt like his whole world had turned into a dazzling whiteness. All he could hear was a loud ringing in his ears. He couldn’t open his mouth to speak, and his mind stopped thinking as well. It was as if he were in purgatory.

Just what kind of effect did this elderly priest’s self-destruct spell have?

A long time later, the white light slowly dissipated. Nie Yan could finally see the surroundings again as the ringing in his ears gradually faded. The entire shrine was unscathed. There was no damage to it at all. Vorderman and Qin Han were collapsed in the middle of the hall, while the bodies of the three priests had already disappeared without a trace. Only the two chapters from the Book of Order remained.

The self-destruct spell was a special type of holy magic. It only affected creatures of darkness. So, Nie Yan was completely unharmed while Vorderman and Qin Han had received serious injuries.

Nie Yan’s gaze landed on the two chapters from the Book of Order. His heart trembled. He pushed off the ceiling and leapt toward the two chapters. Just as he closed in on them, he noticed from the corner of his eye Vorderman struggling back to his feet, swaying unsteadily.

Nie Yan widened his eyes in shock, a cold chill running down his spine. He still isn’t dead!?

However, there was already no turning back. Nie Yan extended his hand and shot out a web line at the two chapters.

Even though he was still in mid-air, his aim was pinpoint accurate. The web line stuck to both chapters.

With a flick of his wrist, Nie Yan pulled the two chapters into his hand.

“Got it!” Nie Yan cried out in elation, his heart racing in his chest. However, he couldn’t celebrate too early.

As Nie Yan landed on the ground, he broke into a roll to reduce the impact of the fall. Gazing over in Vorderman’s direction, he spotted Qin Han slowly getting up to his feet. The two had suffered heavy damages, especially Qin Han. His robes were torn to pieces, revealing patches of black, scorched skin. He had been shielded by Necromancer Vorderman. With his own strength, there was no way he could defend against the old priest’s self-detonation.

“It’s you!” Qin Han’s face warped with anger. A mixture of emotions ranging from rage to helplessness came over him. Why did Nie Yan seem like a maggot attached to his bones? He couldn’t shake him off, no matter how he tried! Seeing the two chapters from the Book of Order falling into Nie Yan’s hands, he shouted, “Vorderman, stop that bastard! I want his life!”

Nie Yan had no plans of lingering around any longer. He directly crushed the Unknown Transfer Scroll in his hand.

This was his best chance to escape!

With a flash of light, Nie Yan teleported away.

Nie Yan was assured of his escape.

Vorderman steadied his feet. He waved his bone staff and cast Dimension Lock. Space twisted as the entire shrine was enveloped by darkness energy. Before Nie Yan could finish teleporting away, he was pulled back to his original location.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He can stop my Unknown Transfer Scroll, even with those grievous wounds!?

Even though Nie Yan knew Magisters had special magic to prevent enemies from teleporting away, this was his first time being stopped by it.

Nie Yan looked over at the two. After casting the spell, Vorderman looked like a dried up oil lamp. He staggered unsteadily before forcefully stabilizing himself against the wall. He couldn’t cast any offensive magic for the time being. However, he was still a huge threat, capable of recovering at any moment.

Qin Han waved his staff and fired out three arrows of darkness.

Gale Step!

Nie Yan evaded Qin Han’s attack. Seeing Vorderman hadn’t recovered yet, he still had a chance to escape! He glanced down at his bag. With the spatial lock in place, all his teleportation items were rendered moot. Looking around, the entrance had already been blocked off by Qin Han and Vorderman. His only route of escape was a small door not far away. He had no idea where it led.

Nie Yan quickly made a break for it.

Qin Han waved his staff. A black orb flew into the sky, illuminating the ground below. He immediately spotted Nie Yan’s silhouette escaping through the small door. He rushed forward to give chase, but after hesitating for a moment, he no longer dared to continue. Without Vorderman’s aid, he was no match for Nie Yan. He had already learned his lesson from their last battle. His heart was filled with apprehension. Add this to the fact he had seven chapters from the Book of Order on him, if he were to die, all of them would drop. The risk was simply too great. So, he couldn’t act as unrestrained as before.

Seeing Qin Han stop after taking a few steps, Nie Yan coldly chuckled. Spineless coward. Don’t dare to chase me now, eh?

Without Necromancer Vorderman, Qin Han was nothing. As soon as he left Vorderman’s protection, Nie Yan could easily kill him.

Nie Yan passed through multiple winding corridors. The interior of the shrine was like a labyrinth. There was no exit in sight. Suddenly, a stone-crushing sound entered his ears. Rubble started coming down. He quickly evaded, as the walls around him toppled over from both sides.

Looking up through the large hole in the ceiling, Nie Yan spotted the bone dragon on the roof.


Nie Yan quickly hid within the wreckage.

Glancing at his inventory, his Unknown Transfer Scrolls were still greyed out. The range of Vorderman’s spatial lock spell was too large.

The bone dragon continued trampling and smashing the shrine. Nie Yan carefully snuck around, lest he be discovered.

Looking over in the distance, two silhouettes appeared in an open space 1,000 meters away. It was Qin Han and Vorderman.

Nie Yan quickly retreated in the direction opposite of Qin Han and Vorderman.

Looking around, Qin Han could no longer find any traces of Nie Yan. Necromancer Vorderman was in no state to give chase either. His injuries would require at least a month to fully recover. During this time, they definitely couldn’t confront those powerful NPCs, or everything he had worked so hard for would go up in smoke.

Thinking to this point, Qin Han lost all will to chase after Nie Yan. He felt quite vexed. If he didn’t have Vorderman’s help, killing Nie Yan was impossible. The difference in strength left him feeling extremely dejected.

Qin Han had the bone dragon search the surroundings. However, he saw no sign of Nie Yan. It was almost as if he vanished into thin air.

Qin Han had to quickly leave. The other NPCs from the Viridian Empire would be arriving soon.

Just as Qin Han was about to depart, he received a notification.

Nirvana Flame has obtained the second chapter from Volume II of the Book of Order, the Chapter of Perseverance. You will be notified of the player’s updated location once every hour.

Coordinates: Holy Mountain, 385.382.582

Nirvana Flame has obtained the first chapter from Volume IV of the Book of Order, the Chapter of Essence. You will be notified of the player’s updated location once every hour.

Coordinates: Holy Mountain, 385.382.582

Qin Han quickly gazed into the distance, a sinister smile on his face. “Let’s see where you’ll run to now!”

At this moment, Nie Yan had also received a notification. The remaining five chapters from the second volume and two chapters from the fourth volume were all on Qin Han. The chapters from the Book of Order had leaked his location to Qin Han. Seeing Qin Han looking over, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile. He was really done for this time!

The enormous bone dragon took to the air and flew toward Nie Yan.

Qin Han, if you think I’ll give up these two chapters so easily, you’ve got a whole ‘nother thing coming! Nie Yan had already made his preparations to escape.

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