Chapter 686 - Shoe on the Other Foot

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Chapter 686 - Shoe on the Other Foot

Seeing the bone dragon’s claws coming down on him, Nie Yan rolled out of the way. BOOM! Two large holes were dug out of the ground like tofu in the place he originally stood.

Nie Yan would’ve been killed in one hit if he hadn’t dodged so quickly!

Extreme Speed!

Before the bone dragon could launch a second attack, Nie Yan fled for his dear life.

The bone dragon took to the air again. Like a bolt of lightning, after locking onto Nie Yan, it swooped down on him for a second time.

Shadow Waltz!

Nie Yan hurriedly evaded. He was already running at his maximum speed. This bone dragon’s attacks were too frightening. He had no choice but to use everything available to him.

KRAASSH! The bone dragon’s claws dug into a large boulder. BOOM! The boulder shattered into pieces, with debris flying everywhere. Several struck Nie Yan.




After finally managing to go back into stealth, it was instantly dispelled.

The bone dragon didn’t stop there. It flapped its wings and took to the air again, preparing to dive down again.

At this moment, Qin Han and Vorderman came flying over.

“Kill that bastard for me! Nirvana Flame, let’s see you try to run now!” Qin Han shouted sinisterly as he commanded the bone dragon to chase down Nie Yan.

Nie Yan employed the shadow steps to evade the bone dragon’s attack and escaped into the forest covering the mountainside. Its roar shook the air as it barrelled forward, toppling over numerous trees as if they were dead wood. These towering conifers were nothing more than minor hindrances to it.

Thankfully, the bone dragon only knew physical attacks. If it could use offensive magic, he would already be long dead. However, it still had a powerful innate ability, and that was curses. Qin Han commanded it to cast Shackles of Strife on Nie Yan. Unless it died, Nie Yan had no way of escaping with an Unknown Transfer Scroll.

Nie Yan cut a sorry figure as he ran. He felt extremely vexed. Am I really going to die here like this...?

Seeing Nie Yan being chased without a way to fight back, Qin Han had an expression of schadenfreude on his face. He and the slowly recovering Vorderman quickly closed in on Nie Yan. They were preparing to aid the bone dragon in killing him.

At 70 meters, Nie Yan was already within Qin Han’s attack range. With a wave of his staff, he sent a shower of black fireballs raining down towards him.

Nie Yan could feel the scorching heat assaulting his face. Just as he was about to be hit, he blinked over to the bone dragon with Flicker Strike, barely evading Qin Han’s small scale AoE spell in time.

Nie Yan had pulled a pretty clever trick, using an offensive skill to evade an attack.

Before the bone dragon could react, Nie Yan dashed past its feet and shot out a web line at a tree in the distance. With a hard tug, he took to the air and swung away, covering 40 meters in the blink of an eye. As soon as he landed back on the ground, he took off again with Leap, traversing another 30 meters and escaping Qin Han’s range.

Nie Yan’s flashy escape left Qin Han speechless.

What the hell was that!? Shit! He can really run!

“You think you can get away that easily? Dream on!” Qin Han buffed himself with Windwalker’s Haste. His speed sharply increased as he charged straight after Nie Yan. The bone dragon was even faster. Having already pounced several dozen meters ahead, it was hot on Nie Yan’s tail. If it was a one-on-one, Qin Han wouldn’t dare to chase after Nie Yan. However, it was different with the help of the bone dragon.

Even a casual swipe from the bone dragon could easily kill Nie Yan. Under the threat of the bone dragon, Nie Yan didn’t dare to stop to deal with Qin Han. So, Qin Han could freely let loose with his attacks. 

Nie Yan fled with all his might for more than 1,000 meters, but he still couldn’t shake off the bone dragon. Every time he opened up some distance, the bone dragon would quickly catch up. On the other hand, Qin Han was lagging further and further behind. A caster had no way of catching him.

Qin Han cursed up a storm. He would have Nie Yan’s head no matter what! He’d left Necromancer Vorderman behind, who was in the middle of recovering. In 10 or so more minutes, Nie Yan would be dead. Until then, he just had to make sure Nie Yan didn’t escape.

At this moment, Qin Han’s voice chat rang. He checked the message. It was from Matchless Divine Sword.

「Qin Han, Calore’s troops have set out, same with the legendary Karsi from the Temple of Light. Be careful! They’re heading straight for the Holy Mountain!」Matchless Divine Sword warned. This was a report he received from his informants in Calore.

Qin Han knitted his brows. Vorderman had suffered serious injuries. If they got into a fight with Karsi, the outcome would be disastrous. He thought for a moment. It would take at least 15 minutes to get here from Calore. Within this time, he had to kill Nie Yan!

The two chapters from the Book of Order were in Nie Yan’s hands. He would never get another chance to catch Nie Yan like this again. Furthermore, there was no telling Nie Yan wouldn’t transfer over the chapters to someone else.

Qin Han decided to take the risk. He hoped Karsi wouldn’t be faster than the rest. He really wasn’t willing to leave just like this. At his command, the bone dragon chased after Nie Yan even more fiercely. Nie Yan had pretty much exhausted all his escape skills. Evading became increasingly difficult.

The bone dragon flew in the sky, then swooped down on Nie Yan once more.

Nie Yan glanced back as he ran for his dear life. He watched the bone dragon getting closer and closer, like a dark shadow blotting out the sky.

Shit! I’m done for! Nie Yan glanced at his skill bar, then at the bone dragon, and back at his skill bar. He had nothing left he could use. Simply using ordinary movements to dodge wasn’t possible. The bone dragon was too large. Its claws alone could crush everything in a five-meter radius.

The bone dragon was already over Nie Yan’s head. A powerful dragon aura bore down on him, making his movements slightly sluggish.

I can’t escape! Nie Yan despaired.

In this critical moment, Battle Angel Kalenna woke up and stretched her limbs with a yawn. With a disdainful tone, she said, “Go away you stinky lizard!”

Kalenna waved her wand. A barrier of light enveloped Nie Yan, protecting him. This barrier looked no different from an ordinary Radiant Barrier. Nie Yan couldn’t help but bitterly smile. What kind of use would this barrier be?

BANG! The bone dragon’s claws struck the barrier. But contrary to Nie Yan’s expectations, it didn’t even tremble, let alone shatter. Instead, the bone dragon was sent flying back.

This barrier was as sturdy as ever, completely ignoring the bone dragon’s attack. Nie Yan dropped his jaw in shock. He didn’t expect such a turn of events. Ever since obtaining Kalenna, he had only seen her buff some of his teammates, maybe occasionally dispelling some debuffs or purifying some corpses. He never expected her to have such a powerful spell at the ready. The barrier she cast could repel the bone dragon’s attacks. How amazing!

Qin Han was rapidly closing in. Seeing the bone dragon’s claws swooping down on Nie Yan, his face lit up with excitement. Finally, that bastard is dead! I’ve finally gotten my revenge! He was already highly anticipating his spoils of war. But in the next moment, his expression froze. The bone dragon was knocked back, and in the distant open space Nie Yan stood unharmed, protected by a barrier of light.

Qin Han was dumbstruck. “What the…”

Ever since Necromancer Vorderman revived it, Qin Han had never seen anyone survive an attack from the bone dragon. Even those tanky plate-armoured Warriors buffed with half a dozen defensive spells would still be instantly crushed to death. But now, this mediocre looking barrier protecting Nie Yan had taken a hit from the bone dragon like it was nothing. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Nie Yan recovered from his daze. He glanced at the effects of the barrier.

Seeing this practically invincible barrier, Nie Yan was completely shocked as his face lit up with excitement. With this kind of barrier, he had nothing to fear! Based on the remaining durability of the shield after that one hit, he could tank another 20 attacks from the bone dragon without a worry in the world.

Nie Yan glanced at the somewhat lazy and sleepy-looking Kalenna hovering over his shoulder. He couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. This little lass was too amazing!

Ever since Nie Yan obtained Battle Angel Kalenna, he rarely ever investigated what she could do. He barely even spoke to her. After all, he thought she was just an ordinary guardian fairy. Not to mention he was off put that he couldn’t control her. She would use spells only when she pleased. This left him feeling quite helpless. He inwardly made a decision. After this was all over, he would properly uncover the secrets on her.

Perhaps Battle Angel Kalenna was an even more powerful existence than Necromancer Vorderman. It was just that Nie Yan never knew!

Kalenna’s barrier was only the tip of the iceberg. If it wasn’t for that previous crisis just now, he would’ve never known she could cast such powerful magic!

Nie Yan gazed at the shocked Qin Han in the distance. An evil smile appeared on his face. After being miserably chased around just a moment ago, it was about time he returned the favour in kind!

With such a powerful barrier protecting him, Nie Yan could do whatever he wanted!

The shoe was now on the other foot!

Qin Han was still a bit dazed, not daring to believe his eyes. He had the bone dragon pounce on Nie Yan once more. BANG! The bone dragon was sent flying back again. The barrier protecting Nie Yan showed no signs of faltering. Just what is this bullshit!? This was his first time seeing such a sturdy barrier.

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