Chapter 688 - Glimpse of Light

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Chapter 688 – Glimpse of Light

Nie Yan’s movements were as fast as lightning.

Qin Han only noticed Nie Yan when he was already right next to him. By the time he reacted, it was too late. He simply couldn’t keep up with Nie Yan’s speed.

Just before Zennarde’s Sword made contact with Qin Han’s body, a barrier of pure darkness emerged. It blocked the attack and pushed Nie Yan back.

Necromancer Vorderman had placed a trigger-type protective barrier spell on Qin Han’s body. It had saved his life.

Nie Yan knitted his brows. The appearance of this barrier threw his plans out of whack. If his attack had landed, Qin Han would already be dead right now! Since the situation had taken such a turn, he could only switch tactics.

Having just survived a narrow brush with death, Qin Han was overjoyed. He quickly retreated and raised his staff in preparation to cast an offensive spell. In his mind, Vorderman’s barrier wasn’t something Nie Yan could cut through. In fact, he doubted Nie Yan could leave so much as a scratch on it.

Nie Yan stepped forward and slashed down with his blade.

Annihilation Slash!

Zennarde’s Sword erupted with scorching hot flames. 10 sword silhouettes took shape above his head, each more than 20 meters long. They merged into one enormous sword which slashed down on Qin Han. BOOOM! His black barrier instantly shattered into pieces.

What a powerful skill! Qin Han felt his scalp go numb. The barrier couldn’t even withstand one blow!

As the incomparably savage flame sword came cleaving down, Qin Han had nowhere left to run. Annihilation Slash was an AoE skill, five meters wide and 20 meters long.

Qin Han waved his staff, summoning an enormous skeleton in front of him. BOOM! The skeleton was annihilated.

Nie Yan’s slash didn’t falter. After destroying the skeleton, it continued down toward Qin Han.

Resentment and despair flickered across Qin Han’s eyes. BANG! After being hit by the slash, his body lifelessly flew through the sky.


It was an instant kill.

After executing Annihilation Slash, Nie Yan lowered his blade, a smile plastered on his face. “Game over!”

Nie Yan was quite pleased with himself. Sure enough, Annihilation Slash was powerful.

Nie Yan had killed Qin Han literally within seconds. By the time Necromancer Vorderman noticed the commotion, it was already too late.

“You wretched cur!” Necromancer Vorderman cursed. The person under his protection was killed right under his nose, by a weakling he could crush like an ant no less! This was a huge disgrace! He waved his staff, sending a giant ice spear flying towards Nie Yan.

Nie Yan was already satisfied with killing Qin Han. He didn’t hold any hopes of killing Vorderman as well. His gaze landed on Qin Han’s corpse. The seven chapters he had dropped were falling gently toward the ground.

Seeing the ice spear coming right at him, Nie Yan couldn’t dodge out of the way in time. He decided to brave it head-on and dove after the chapters.

BOOM! The ice spear smashed into Nie Yan. His barrier trembled violently and became much fainter than before. The durability had gone down by more than 30,000!

However, it was still intact.

Nie Yan was safe and sound. He caught two of the falling chapters. Seeing the other chapters getting further and further away from him, he shot out a web line at one and pulled it into his hand.

“That’s three. Four more to go!” Nie Yan exclaimed. He was already in freefall, and he could soon make out the individual blades of grass on the ground.

Nie Yan hurriedly activated his Featherfall Jewel. His falling speed immediately slowed to a crawl.

Seeing Nie Yan snatching the chapters one after another, Vorderman turned his attention away from Karsi and had the bone dragon pounce toward Nie Yan.

Karsi noticed the situation. He had his griffon charge forward and rammed the bone dragon away.

The two enormous beasts scuffled in mid-air. Vorderman could no longer catch Nie Yan.

Nie Yan snagged the remaining four chapters with web lines. Chanting out an incantation, he summoned his Darkwing Dragon.

The Darkwing Dragon emerged and Nie Yan landed on its back.

The Darkwing Dragon was like an ant compared to the two other flying mounts. The bone dragon and griffon were legendary monsters over Rank 9. On the other hand, the Darkwing Dragon was only Rank 7.

The disparity was enormous.

Nie Yan knew if the bone dragon shook off the griffon and pounced over, the Darkwing Dragon wouldn’t survive even a single hit. He hurriedly spurred his Darkwing Dragon. It made a rapid ascent and escaped far into the distance.

At this moment, more and more griffons arrived in the vicinity. They were all part of Calore’s military. They surrounded Necromancer Vorderman. A fierce battle was about to break out.

Vorderman might even die here!

Even though Nie Yan wanted to see the final outcome, common sense told him he definitely shouldn’t linger here any longer!

In order to ensure his safety, Nie Yan wanted to get as far away as possible. The chapters from the Book of Order were already in his hands anyway. If the situation suddenly took a turn for the worse and Vorderman came rushing over to snatch the chapters back, he would be doomed.

Even though Nie Yan knew the chances of Vorderman shaking off Karsi were slim, he didn’t want to take any risks. He would let those two continue to duke it out. He hurriedly left. It wasn’t like he could do anything to contribute to the battle anyway.

Nie Yan rode off toward the horizon on the Darkwing Dragon.

Looking back, the silhouettes of the bone dragon and griffon were getting smaller and smaller before finally disappearing.

After 15 minutes, the Darkwing Dragon made a slow descent outside of Calore.

Nie Yan walked into Calore. At this moment, in his bag were nine chapters from the Book of Order, of which six could be combined into a complete volume. He couldn’t help but get excited.

All of Qin Han’s treasures had fallen into his hands. Nie Yan could already imagine Qin Han’s face right now. This was the second time Qin Han had died to him!

Nie Yan walked into the Starry Night Potion Shop and found an empty workshop. He could hardly contain his excitement.

Glancing at his bag, there were nine chapters from the Book of Order in total. Nie Yan took out all the chapters from the second volume and placed them together.

A dazzling radiance as bright as the sun lit up the room. The six chapters gradually merged together into a volume. Afterwards, the volume fused together with the Glimpse of Darkness in Nie Yan’s bag.

Nie Yan could sense that the energy contained in the Glimpse of Darkness was much stronger than before. He took out the book. It was twice as thick as before, and with that also a lot heavier. As he caressed the pages with his hand, a feeling of tranquility washed over him.

Nie Yan examined the book. On the cover written in an ancient language were the three words, “Book of Order.” The tadpole-shaped characters were vivid and life-like almost as if they jumped out at you.

Flipping to Volume I, Nie Yan saw Glimpse of Darkness written on the page. Its content was no different from before. As he flipped over to Volume II, the page glowed with a silverish light. Written on it was Glimpse of Light.

The Glimpse of Light gave Nie Yan additional stat bonuses.

Nie Yan checked the Glimpse of Light’s properties.

Volume II: Glimpse of Light (Legendary)

Rank (1): Can be upgraded by slaying evil creatures.

Description: The owner of this item will receive the inheritance of the God of Light. Your mission is to spread the glory of light!

Properties: Max Skill Rank +2, Skill Slots +10, Strength +100, Dexterity +200, All Stats +30

Restrictions: Permanently bound to Nirvana Flame.

Note: Item effects are applied immediately upon entering the player’s bag.

The properties of the Glimpse of Light were worthy of being part of the Book of Order. They were out of this world! The several bonus stats were nice, but Nie Yan had only eye for the other two properties: Max Skill Rank +2 and Skills Slots +10. The first allowed him to raise any of his skills beyond the normal maximum level of 16 to a whopping 18! As for the additional skill slots, skills were the bread and butter of Thieves. There were far too many skills and far too few skill slots. Where other Thieves would have a hard time choosing which skill to keep and which to pass up on, he was much more free in his choices.

On the second page of the Glimpse of Light was a description of five different coloured gems, Inheritance of Light, Inheritance of Darkness, Inheritance of Flame, Inheritance of Life, and Inheritance of Arcana. They all differed in appearance. Some had eight facets, others 16, but they all looked gorgeous. Sparkling with a translucent radiance, they were flawless. Further down were quest clues on how to find these five gems. It was just that Nie Yan had no idea what to do after he collected them. However, he was certain they were connected to the Tyrant Abak Set. Because on the bottom corner of the page, he saw the unmistakable rune marking of the Tyrant Abak Set.

Nie Yan hadn’t even finished collecting the Tyrant Abak Set yet. He naturally planned to put this quest on the backburner.

Nie Yan recalled the piece of the Tyrant Abak Set hidden in the Holy Mountain. He didn’t have time right now. When the Vengeance of the Undead event ended, he would go and retrieve it.

Out of the six volumes in the Book of Order, Nie Yan already had two volumes and eight chapters. It seemed like obtaining the complete Book of Order wasn’t as impossible as he originally thought.

After putting the incomplete Book of Order in his bag, Nie Yan told Guo Huai to have people observe the situation in the Holy Mountain.

The battle in the Holy Mountain still hadn’t ended. A clash between two legendary casters could easily last 10 hours, 20 hours, or even several days.

Would Necromancer Vorderman die here? If he fell, Nie Yan could lead all of Asskickers United into launching a full-out counterattack.

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