Chapter 690 - Battle of the Strongest!

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Chapter 690 – Battle of the Strongest!

Uhtred, this was a large mountain located to the east of Calore. It was surrounded by vast plains, forests, rivers, and grasslands. The monsters that roamed this map were Level 20–30. After arriving here, Bladelight and the others couldn’t help but be reminded of the time they spent grinding here in the early days.

Bladelight had holed himself here for at least two to three days. At that time, he was still slowly familiarizing himself with the game. Levelling was an incredible slog.

Nie Yan had pretty much power-levelled himself straight past Level 30. So, he hadn’t come here to level in this life. However, he still had his experiences from the previous timeline. Seeing all these familiar sights, a sense of nostalgia struck him.

Looking down from atop their flying mounts, they noticed there were fairly few players around. They decided to descend. This mountain would be their battleground.

Some of them paired up and found their own respective areas to PvP, while others stood off in the sidelines and simply observed. Nie Yan was the odd one out. He’d compete, but no one dared to duel him.

“Sparrow Hawk, why don’t you have a go with the Boss?” Lustboy suggested. He could already imagine Tang Yao getting stomped.

Tang Yao rolled his eyes. “Why would I ever PvP with a freak like him? He has more than half-a-dozen Rank 16 skills. That’s simply bullying! My highest skill is only at Rank 9!”

In a battle between a Magister and Shadow Dancer, apart from combat senses and technique, skills were also extremely important and often the determining factor.

Lustboy forced a wry smile. None of them were Nie Yan’s match. If even Tang Yao didn’t dare to take him on, then the rest of them had even less of a hope. After all, Tang Yao stood roughly on par with the likes of Bladelight and Smoke Stub.

Nie Yan chuckled. “Hmm. In that case, I’ll limit myself to only 20 skills, and I won’t use any of my Rank 16 skills. How about it?”

“Nope, I refuse!” Tang Yao vigorously shook his head. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen Nie Yan PvP before. Even if Nie Yan limited himself to 20 skills, he’d still get the snot beaten out of him.

Nie Yan’s comprension of Shadow Dancer techniques, Gale Step, Shadow Waltz, and other skills had long since reached a consummate level. Tang Yao had no way of landing his spells on Nie Yan. Just shaving a bit of Nie Yan’s health away would already be incredibly difficult.

Tang Yao wanted a suitable opponent to practice against, not get decimated in a one-sided battle.

Nie Yan helplessly shrugged. “Nothing I can do then.”

“Man, I didn’t think Sparrow Hawk would be such a chicken,” Lustboy quietly muttered to himself.

“Huh, what’d you say punk!? How about you try and have a go at him instead?” Tang Yao shot a glare at Lustboy.

Lustboy innocently whistled, pretending he hadn’t heard anything. He turned to Nie Yan. “I’m gonna go find Sun. He said he wanted to PvP against me. Later, Boss!” With that said, he hurriedly departed.

Nie Yan chuckled. Lustboy was quite an amusing fellow.

Lustboy and Sun were the two youngest members in Asskickers United. Sun was already quite famous in the previous timeline. Being able to succeed his class advancement to a Shadow Dancer on his first try came as no surprise. On the other hand, Lustboy was completely unknown in the previous timeline. He was someone who had risen to prominence after being nutured in Asskickers United. He wasn’t any bit less skilled than Sun. Nie Yan felt quite gratified. He hoped the guild would produce more people like lustboy, unnoticed talents who were never given the opportunity to grow in his past life.

The sound of battle rang out in the air. Nie Yan gazed over in the distance. Lei Su and Bladelight had already starting duking it out, letting everyone experience the frightening strength of a Sword Saint and Champion.

Everything within a 60-meter radius of the duo was in complete shambles. Boulders were smashed into rubble. Trees were completely uprooted. There wasn’t much left of the ground either, with 10-meter long and three-meter deep sword scars left and right.

Thunder God Slash!

“GRAAH!” Lei Su bellowed out as he slashed down with his greatsword. Electricity surged out of his blade, producing an astonishing crackling sound.

An enormous lightning dragon came cleaving down, looking as though it were going to rend the heavens apart.

Bladelight felt a frightening pressure bear down on him. The surging lightning seemed to want to rip him to shreds. He felt a painful stabbing feeling all over his skin.

Unable to evade in time, Bladelight remained completely calm. He hunkered himself down, dug his feet into the ground, and raised up his greatshield.

Divine Bastion Shield!

The silhouette of a large war god clad in golden armour emerged above Bladelight. He held a giant greatshield which protected him.

BOOOM! The electric dragon slammed into the greatshield, looking as though it would tear through any obstacle in its path. Sparks of electricity flew out everywhere, producing a sharp crackling sound. Eventually, the electricity gradually dimmed before fading away completely.

Even though Lei Su’s attack was frightening beyond compare, Bladelight remained unmoved. The two forced out a bitter smile. Neither of them could gain an advantage over the other. Battles between Sword Saints and Champions often ended up like this. A Sword Saint’s attacks couldn’t break through a Champion’s defense, while a Champion’s attacks were too weak to deal fatal damage to a Sword Saint.

The true winner in such a battle was the spectator. It was an absolute joy to watch two such heavyweights compete. The spectators felt their blood pumping with excitement!

The battle between the two shifted from the grasslands to the forest. They were like bulldozers, mowing down everything in their path.

At this moment, Lustboy and Sun also started PvPing off in the distance. By comparison, their battle was much more technical. Both punished the other side for even the slightest mistake.

Sun’s silhouette darted through the forest. Lustboy raced after him, utilizing Windwalker to the max. The two fought at high speeds like moving clouds and flowing water.

Lustboy swiftly kited while firing out all sorts of spells, like Ice Rain, Fire Wall, and Lightning Spear. These skills were all unleashed with spectacular power. After becoming a Magister, even the most ordinary magic became completely different, gaining an enormous boost in power. Some low level spells became instant cast, and some high level spells had their cast times greatly reduced and their might increased manyfold.

Sun entered stealth and seemed to completely vanish out of existence.

Buffing himself with Enhance Perception, Lustboy locked onto Sun’s location. He waved his staff and spat out two syllables.

Call of Thunder!

A large thunderbolt descended on the ground a dozen or so meters away. KRAAAACK! Everything within a five-meter area was engulfed by a storm of electricity.

The lightning storm fried everything it touched to a crisp.

Seeing the effects of his spell, Lustboy knitted his brows. I missed!

Lustboy suddenly sensed a cold chill near the nape of his neck. Sun emerged behind him and stabbed toward the back of his head. In this critical moment, he waved his staff to blink away and evaded the attack.

Looking back, Lustboy discovered Sun had disappeared into stealth again. Even with Enhance Perception, he couldn’t detect Sun’s presence at all.

Sun had learned quite a few tricks from Nie Yan. He had copied about 70%–80% of Nie Yan’s techniques. They were quite effective in dealing with Casters in PvP. Lustboy felt enormous pressure.

These battles between Master Class players also attracted the attention of the few random players in the vicinity. A group of 15 appeared on Uhtred. They were low level players, ranging from Level 20-30, and were here to grind monsters. Their leader was a Mage called Sunshine.

They stood on a hill and gazed down at the plains below. They spotted about 10 or so silhouettes. Quite a few of them were PvPing. The sight of these epic battles battered their hearts with shock.

Looking down from the hill, the land below was an utter wreck, with some areas looking as if a bulldozer had gone through. Before them was complete destruction with not even a single blade of grass growing. Other places looked as if a meteor shower had come down, with deep craters dotting the ground.

Gazing at the grasslands further in the distance, they saw a silhouette flitting across the ground. He was as fast as a shooting star. However, that player was actually a Mage! With a wave of his staff, bolts of lightning came crashing down from the sky, creating giant electric storms. The cast speed was frighteningly fast, practically no different from instant cast.

This movement speed. Was this really a Mage? This cast time, this cooldown speed, this destructive power, they were all too perverse!

On the other side, two Warriors were facing off. Sword beams flew out everywhere, carving numerous wounds into the earth. Were those two really Warriors?

“Maple Leaf, have you ever met such powerful Mages and Warriors?” Sunshine asked the person beside him with a tone of utter disbelief.

Maple Leaf shook his head. He had watched many videos online, but never had he seen such frightening Mages and Warriors. He suddenly recalled something, his eyes lighting up. “Could it be those Masters from Asskickers United?”

Sunshine looked down at the plains. He counted 11 people in total. However, that speedy Mage seemed to be PvPing with someone, likely a Thief, though he couldn’t see them. If that were the case, that just happened to make 12 people.

“You’re right. It’s probably them,” Sunshine confirmed.

Sunshine’s group had been levelling here for the past several days. They knew this map like the back of their hands. But now, this place looked completely unrecognizable. Gazing at the battle-torn plains, their hearts were filled with an indescribable shock. This was a Master Class! A feverish feeling washed over them. Could they also reach Master Class like these people one day?

“Come on, what are we wasting our time standing here for? Let’s go levelling! One day, we’ll also join Asskickers United and fight alongside them!” Sunshine clenched his fist. He brimmed with determination.

Maple Leaf nodded. Even though it hadn’t been long since he entered the game, before he bought a game helmet, he would frequently browse through Conviction content online. He was already a veteran of the forums, and he deeply admired Nie Yan. He had long since vowed to join Asskickers United in the future!

They all longed to become Master Class players like Nie Yan and the others. This dream was deeply engraved in their hearts.

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