Chapter 699 - Dinner Party

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Chapter 699 – Dinner Party

Nie Yan and his parents chatted for a while. They asked him about how well he was doing and his life in the Top Military Academy. After knowing everything was well, they could put their minds at ease. Mother Nie still had to sort out some financial matters. So, she headed back downstairs. Right now the only people left in the office were Nie Yan and his father.

Father Nie looked at Nie Yan, seemingly hesitating to say something.

Seeing his father’s expression, Nie Yan immediately knew what he wanted to talk about.

Father Nie eventually seemed to make up his mind and broke the silence. “The company performance has grown by 50% in the second quarter. We’re also making a lot of headway in expanding our businesses. Several big names in the industry such as East Stone and Sonic have sought us out for partnerships. Large companies like these, with their resources and influence, they would normally never put upstarts like us in their eyes. I was suspicious and wary at first, but so far we’ve been benefiting immensely.”

Nie Yan immediately thought of those several people in Heavenly Kings. Sure enough, Mo Yuntian’s words held a lot of weight. World Bloc was gaining more and more cooperative partners. With this, if they faced a crisis in the future, they wouldn’t be so easily crushed like in the previous timeline.

“Did Heavenly Kings contact you recently?” Father Nie asked. From his perspective, Nie Yan being accepted as an external member would already be a wonderful thing.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. His father somehow knew. He nodded. “I was invited to join Heavenly Kings by a person called Lei Su…”

“Lei Su? It’s him!” Father Nie couldn’t help but get worked up. He shot up from his desk with an excited expression. “Did you agree? Did you!?”

Nie Yan nodded. “I’ve already joined Heavenly Kings.”

“A-as a core member?” Father Nie asked, not daring to wish for too much.

Father Nie was a fairly solemn person. It wasn’t often he lost his composure like this.

“What, are you saying your son is only capable of becoming an external member?” Nie Yan joked.

“You stinky brat! Is that how you talk to your old man? Such a big piece of news, and you only tell me about it now! Looks like someone’s grown too big for their britches.” Father Nie clonked Nie Yan on the head. However, his expression was full of smiles. World Bloc was nothing in the grand scene of things. Nie Yan had relied completely on his own strength to enter Heavenly Kings. Thinking to this point, he couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of his son. Being a member of Heavenly Kings was an enormous honour to common folk.

Nie Yan chuckled. This was his first time speaking to his father in such a tone. Ever since he was a kid, he always held his father in great reverence. But after returning to the past, he gradually realized that although he put up a strict appearance, neither laughing nor smiling, he was actually a kind and gentle person deep inside.

Nie Yan still hadn’t informed Father Nie that Mo Yuntian had requested everyone in Heavenly Kings to look after and support World Bloc. He didn’t want to show off with this matter. Heavenly King’s influence on World Bloc would grow more apparent by the day, until the day would come where World Bloc grew powerful enough to surpass even Cao Xu’s Century Financial Group!

“There’s a dinner party tonight. Come along with me,” Father Nie said.

“What dinner party?”

“It’s being hosted by the high rank government officials in Huahai. All those attending are big shots in the city’s political and business circles. Before these recent developments, World Bloc wasn’t qualified to take part. But now, they’ve taken the initiative to invite us,” Father Nie explained in high spirits. He could sense that the other powers slowly started acknowledging World Bloc.

“I think I’ll pass,” Nie Yan replied. He had no interest in these kinds of gatherings.

“Oh, is that so? That’s too bad. I heard Yao Yao will be attending. It’s about time I get to meet my daughter in law.” Father Nie chuckled.

Nie Yan rolled his eyes. Since when did his father become such a wily old fox? Since Xie Yao would be there, he had no choice but to go too.

Nie Yan helped his father deal with World Bloc’s affairs for the rest of the afternoon. When evening arrived, the two of them got in the car and drove off to the city center. Father Nie was wearing an expensive, tailored suit. Meanwhile, he was dressed casually in track pants, t-shirt, and a hoodie. No one would pay attention to a youth dressed like this. It wasn’t like he was going there for business anyway.

After driving for 20 minutes, the car stopped outside the entrance of an extremely luxurious and grand restaurant. It was over 167 stories tall, poking into the clouds and causing visitors to crane their heads up. Every floor rotated independently of one another. With all the windows brightly lit, it appeared dazzling in the night.

It was the Dragonsoar Financial Group owned Moro River Banquet Hall!

The last time Nie Yan came here was for Xie Yao’s 18th birthday party, during which he had had an unpleasant encounter with her aunt.

For this kind of high level dinner party to be held in a restaurant operated by the Dragonsoar Financial Group was representative of their strength.

Nie Yan had mostly bad memories of this place. But since he was already here, he resolved to go inside. After all, getting cold feet just wasn’t his style.

“Let’s go inside,” Father Nie said.

The two took the elevator to the banquet hall on the top floor. A 167-story building was truly spectacular. The ceiling was constructed completely out of reinforced glass, giving a full view of the dazzling night sky, almost as if you could reach out and touch the stars. Gazing down at the cityscape below, you could see countless lights dotting the landscape.

The banquet hall was brightly lit, with guests bustling about. Everyone was dressed formerly in some of the most expensive outfits available in the region. Nie Yan stuck out like a sore thumb among this crowd.

Father Nie spotted a few familiar faces. After saying a few words to Nie Yan, he went off to talk business with them.

Nie Yan wandered around the hall. Ordering a drink, he sat down beside a window.

Nie Yan gazed around the room. There were already many people here. However, the heavyweights of this dinner party, like the people from the Dragonsoar and Glory Financial Groups, had yet to arrive.

About 10 minutes later, a group of people walked in from the entrance. Nie Yan saw many of the guests standing up to greet them in a respectful manner. Even though he had no idea who these new arrivals were, he could tell they were important.

Nie Yan spotted his father raising his glass and chatting with some men in fancy suits. They were most likely talking business.

Another while later, Nie Yan saw Xie Yao’s silhouette emerge from the entrance. She wore a beautiful white, knee length dress. It was almost as if her exquisite figure were wrapped in moonlight. Her lovely appearance made it hard to look away. Compared to the other female guests who paraded their sex appeal with low-cut dresses, she appeared much more refined like an elegant lady. Without a doubt, all eyes in the room drew on her. She immediately became the center of attention. This was how it always was, no matter where she went.

Xie Yao was accompanied by several people from the Glory Financial Group, among whom was her aunt, Xie Yi. The others were Xie Yao’s uncles.

Seeing Xie Yi, Nie Yan’s eyes flashed with loathing. Thinking for a bit, he decided not to go up to greet Xie Yao for now. He would wait until she was alone.

More people gradually arrived in the banquet hall, including the important people like the higher ups of the Dragonsoar and Glory Financial Groups and the high ranking government officials.

Nie Yan looked over at his father’s side. Father Nie was speaking to several Huahai high officials. They seemed aloof and uninterested while Father Nie appeared extremely careful. Nie Yan had heard his father say these officials were in charge of the ports in the city. World Bloc’s business relied heavily on the transport of goods. In other words, the life of World Bloc was in their hands.

Nie Yan stood up and walked over to where his father was standing. He blended into the crowd and eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Mr. Nie, it isn’t that we’re not willing to help, but your company is simply too small. There’s nothing we can do,” one of the officials said, his voice and attitude brimming with arrogance.

Nie Yan gazed at that official. He was as obese as they came. Whenever he spoke, the fat under his chin jiggled up and down. He felt disgusted just looking at it.

“Bureau Chief Hong, we’ve already prepared the relevant documents and submitted an application over a month ago, but we still haven’t gotten a reply. Could you possibly take a look and help me find out what the issue is?” Father Nie asked in an extremely polite tone.

“I have no idea about that. You should ask the department that’s responsible,” the fat official replied in an indifferent tone. He turned to the person beside him. “Lil’ Xie, did you receive World Bloc’s application?”

“I think so. We’ve already handed it over. But it’ll still take some time. Currently, there are more than 30 applications that have to pass through screening, and World Bloc is at the very end of the queue. It’ll probably take around six months to a year to process. Just patiently wait.”

“You heard Lil’ Xie. There’s nothing I can do. I’m not responsible for screening the applications.”

“Sorry for bothering you. I’ll go ask again at the main department.” Father Nie was steaming with anger, but forced out a kind smile.

Seeing Father Nie walking away, Nie Yan went up to greet him.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Nie Yan asked.

“It’s nothing, just a work matter.” Father Nie chuckled. However, his voice contained a hint of bitterness and helplessness.

Even though Nie Yan didn’t know the specifics, he could confirm the person responsible for this was definitely that Bureau Chief Hong.

Father Nie looked at his son who was deep in thought. He could no longer keep treating Nie Yan as a kid. He sighed and said, “We recently submitted an application. Bureau Chief Hong, that man I was just talking to, he has been blocking and delaying it. Really, it’s no big deal. He just wants money. No money means no work gets done. If we don’t offer him a gift, our application will never reach the higher-ups for processing.”

Nie Yan understood what was going on. Money spoke. Looking at those government officials, he really wanted to go up and give them a beating. However, that would only serve to complicate matters even more.

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