Chapter 700 - Private Worries

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Chapter 700 – Private Worries

Faced with this kind of situation, Nie Yan felt helpless. Even though it wasn’t fair, this was just how things were. Sometimes you would have no choice but to submit.

Nie Yan’s heart was filled with indignation, but there was nothing he could do.

“Forget it. It’s fine.” Father Nie helplessly laughed. Sometimes you would face roadblocks like this. Even though he had people he could call in for a few favours, since the other side dared to get in his way, that meant they had some confidence too. If a clash really broke out, who knew what the final outcome would be. In the end, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

Nie Yan and his father sat down at a window side table.

Nie Yan had no idea how to comfort his father right now. After serving in the military for so long, Father Nie’s temperament was extremely frank. He absolutely loathed this side of business; paying bribes and fawning over someone just to get work done. The exchange with Bureau Chief Hong just a moment ago was already the limit of his tolerance.

At the end of the day, World Bloc was simply too weak. If they were powerful enough, they would have no need to pay attention to clowns like these!

Xie Yi was chatting with a few people off in the distance. Noticing Nie Yan and Father Nie, her eyes flickered with an enigmatic light. She walked over to the two with several people in tow.

Seeing Xie Yi approaching from the corner of his eye, Nie Yan narrowed his gaze. He slowly clenched his fists as his knuckles made cracking sounds.

Xie Yi wore a bright red dress with a deep neck that revealed almost too much. Her face was caked in makeup with long lashes and deep eyeshadow, making her appear quite seductive. One had to admit, the Xie Family’s bloodline really did produce a lot of beauties. Her figure was especially fiery. However, Nie Yan only felt a sense of disgust. His gaze was filled with loathing.

“I’m Glory Financial Group’s Xie Yi, a member of the Xie Family,” Xie Yi introduced herself to Father Nie, throwing a side glance at Nie Yan.

Father Nie stood up and greeted back, “Hello. It’s nice to meet you.”

Nie Yan remained seated, refusing to acknowledge her presence.

“Who’s family is this brat from? He has no respect,” Xie Yi remarked.

Father Nie was embarrassed. He was quite puzzled. Normally, Nie Yan would behave appropriately in these kinds of salutations. He had no idea what was going on today. However, he could tell Nie Yan didn’t like Xie Yi. She was Xie Yao’s aunt. If the two families became linked through marriage, they would have to meet her on at least some occasions. It’d be a pain if they couldn’t walk through the same door together.

“I didn’t expect a small company like World Bloc to also be invited. I wonder who organized this dinner party,” Xie Yi said in a disdainful tone, each word laced with thorns.

Father Nie furrowed his brow. When he previously interacted with Xie Jun over the phone, he was fairly polite. As for this Xie Yi, she really was a snobbish and rude woman.

“Who sent out the invites? They didn’t even screen every guest’s background. This brat’s actually wearing a hoodie and track pants. What does he think this place is?” a man in his thirties chimed in with Xie Yi.

“Might I ask what kind of background you’re supposed to have to attend this dinner party?” Father Nie asked indignantly. He had a fiery temper but still maintained the attitude of a military man. So, he wasn’t like those businessmen who liked to mince their words.

“Ah, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have the qualifications to be here. The Xie Family is a famous dynasty with a long history while World Bloc is an upstart fledgeling company. Do you think the Xie Family will ever agree to Xie Yao marrying into your family? Even if my second brother is willing, there is no way in hell the elders of the family would ever agree to it. Know your place and act to it.”

Glancing at Nie Yan who remained silent, Father Nie understood. It turned out Xie Yi didn’t agree with Nie Yan and Xie Yao being together. This was why she was so hostile.

“Are you saying your words represent the entire Xie Family? The future is unpredictable. World Bloc is a small company right now, but who knows what the future holds for us!” Father Nie said in a heavy voice.

“You father and son pair sure are ambitious. I’d like to see how your World Bloc will surpass the Glory Financial Group! You’re overestimating yourselves!” Xie Yi sneered.

Hearing Xie Yi yapping on next to his ear, Nie Yan was already beyond irritated. He clenched his fist. Arguing with this woman really had no meaning. He could no longer hold back his anger. He prepared to stand up and drive Xie Yi away, when the man next to her whispered something into her ear. Her eyes widened. Giving Nie Yan and Father Nie one last glance, she turned around and hurried away.

Seeing Xie Yi’s departing figure, Nie Yan was a bit puzzled. He had no idea what happened. It appeared she was in a hurry.

“Don’t be disheartened. Let these clowns yap all they want. No matter what happens, even if we have to face the entire Glory Financial Group, your mother and I will always support you,” Father Nie comforted.

Nie Yan was deeply moved. He quietly made a promise to himself and his parents, I’ll always be there for you guys too!

Regarding his relationship with Xie Yao, Nie Yan decided to resolve it himself. No matter what difficulties he faced, he would never back down, or else this second chance at life of his would go to waste.

When Nie Yan and Father Nie were chatting, everyone suddenly stopped talking. The entire hall became quiet.

Nie Yan was puzzled. The atmosphere here became strange. Quite a few people, including Xie Yao’s grandfather and the high officials all walked toward the entrance.

At this time, a familiar figure appeared in the entrance. Nie Yan’s heart trembled. It’s him!

The new arrival was none other than General Yuntian! He was wearing a double-breasted suit. His posture was stiff and rigid, radiating a stern air. He walked into the banquet hall.

Everyone in the Xie Family, including Xie Yao’s maternal grandfather and the several other officials walked up to greet him. Their faces were full of smiles. They appeared extremely respectful. Even those officials had fawning smiles on their faces as they guided Mo Yuntian forward.

People like Xie Yi and Xie Jun could only quietly follow from behind. They didn’t even have the qualifications to speak with Mo Yuntian.

“It’s someone from above. Watch your words,” Father Nie quietly reminded.

Nie Yan had no idea what to say at this moment. Should he tell his father that he knew Mo Yuntian? After thinking for a bit, he decided against it.

Mo Yuntian waved his hand. “You all continue on with what you were doing. I’m only here to talk to a few people.”

The several officials carefully offered up Mo Yuntian a seat. He had them pass on his words . A while later, several people joined him at the table, and they started chatting.

The hall’s atmosphere became a lot more restrained. No one dared to speak too loudly. With Mo Yuntian’s arrival, it felt like there wasn’t enough air for all of them to breathe.

The several officials also didn’t dare to stray too far away. They obediently stood off to the side. If Mo Yuntian needed something, they would immediately be at his beck and call. As for those in the Xie Family, they sat at a table not too far away from him and were quietly discussing.

“Why do you think he came here for?”

“No idea. Looks like it’s something important.”

“Even the mayor and deputy mayor’s faces are pale from seeing him.”

“Let’s keep observing the situation. Don’t ask too many questions,” Xie Jun said in a heavy tone.

Nie Yan gazed over in Mo Yuntian’s direction. He was shocked to discover Huahai’s mayor and deputy mayor by his side. Huahai was a municipality. The position of mayor was equivalent to that of a high official. However, in front of Mo Yuntian, they didn’t even dare to let out a fart. One could imagine how high his status was.

Xie Yao who was aimlessly wandering around finally noticed Nie Yan. Eyes wide with shock, she quickly walked over to him.

“What are you doing here?” Xie Yao asked. Seeing Father Nie, she meekly smiled. “Good evening, Uncle.”

Father Nie nodded with a bright smile. “Good evening to you as well! Not bad, not bad…” The more he looked at Xie Yao, the more satisfied he was. His son really did have a good eye. He definitely approved of this daughter-in-law.

Father Nie and Xie Yao chatted for a while. In front of him, she acted quite lovable and cute. She secretly made faces at Nie Yan. Seeing her expression, Nie Yan faintly chuckled.

Nie Yan could tell his father approved of Xie Yao. He could put his mind at ease.

Father Nie found an excuse to chat with some of his associates, leaving Nie Yan and Xie Yao alone together.

After this encounter, Xie Yao was quite happy. This dinner party was no longer as dull and boring with Nie Yan here. All her worries were swept away.

“Nie Yan, it’s about time you shave.” Xie Yao stroked Nie Yan’s chin. It was stubbly.

“Yeah, I forgot to this morning.” Nie Yan chuckled.

Xie Yao and Nie Yan acting all intimate together attracted the attention of everyone in the surroundings.

“Who is that guy?”

“I don’t know. Xie Yao’s boyfriend, maybe?”

Xie Yao had no idea her little action broke the hearts of many men here tonight.

Xie Yi’s expression darkened. She always looked down on Nie Yan. She didn’t expect Nie Yan and Xie Yao’s relationship to progress so much already. Seeing Xie Yao’s intimate actions, her face warped with anger.

“Second Brother, what kind of father are you? Teach your daughter some manners. What if word of Xie Yao acting so intimately with another man spreads outside?” Xie Yi asked.

Xie Jun chuckled. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered. “I don’t see anything wrong with it. They’re just youngsters.”

“Call Xie Yao back before this becomes a scandal,” an elderly man said with an unhappy expression. He was Xie Yu, Xie Yao’s grandfather and the head of the Glory Financial Group.

“See, even father agrees with me,” Xie Yi said with a pleased expression.

Seeing the expression of the old man, Xie Jun could only back down. He nodded. “Understood.”

Xie Jun had someone call Xie Yao back. Gazing at Xie Yao and Nie Yan, his expression was filled with concern.

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