Chapter 744 - Bloodbath

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Chapter 744 – Bloodbath

Great White Shark’s expression flashed with a hint of anger. But he was quickly all smiles again. “Long no time no see. There’s no need to act so distant, is there?”

After spotting Violet Night who was trying to make himself scarce, Great White Shark greeted, “Violet Night! You lil’ punk, you’re here too, huh?”

Violet Night awkwardly laughed, a hint of fear in his eyes. “H-hi Big Bro Shark.”

They were completely surrounded by Angel Corps players. Violet Night already sensed the tense atmosphere. So long as Great White Shark gave the word, they would be swarmed by 1,000 players. He believed even Nie Yan wasn’t their match. There was no way their party could escape.

“What!? Who the fuck you calling big bro? Huh? Huh!?” Great White Shark cursed. FWWAAP! He smacked Violet Night off his feet. Violet Night fell in front of two Warriors. If he tried anything funny, they would immediately kill him.

Fear immediately overcame anger. Violet Night bit down on his lip. He knew nothing good would come out of him trying to act tough.

The other Angel Corps players, who were clearing out the vicinity, occasionally glanced over toward Ronin’s party.

Great White Shark swept his eyes over Nie Yan with a cruel expression. He then turned to Suyo. “Is this your new lover? Isn’t he a little average for your liking?”

“Scram!” Suyo’s gritted through her teeth, her face flushed with anger. She wanted nothing more than to give Great White Shark a good slap in the face right now.

Ronin looked around. There were Angel Corps players everywhere. Their chances of escaping were pretty much nill.「Sky Origin, don’t worry about us and escape yourself. Our levels are low, and our equipment isn’t that great. Even if we die, it’s no big loss.」

「Captain, just give the word. We’ll kill that bastard and make a break for it.」The two other orc Warriors in the party couldn’t hold back their anger any longer.

「What? Don’t be stupid. There’s no way we can escape!」Violet Night hurriedly dissuaded.

「Fuck off. You spineless coward,」one of the orc Warriors coldly cursed.

Violet Night’s face flushed red with anger.「Fine! If you want to die, go ahead! Die! But don’t drag me down with you, you muscle-headed buffoons!」

「It’s a pity we don’t have Unknown Transfer Scrolls.」Ronin slowly inched closer to Great White Shark. His movements were extremely subtle.

A group of 20 Druids came walking over. One of them shouted, “Yo, you done yet, Shark? Get ready. We’re entering the dark elf tribe.”

“Soon!” Great White Shark shouted back. He then turned back to face Suyo, narrowing his eyes as he stared at her voluptuous chest, the lust in his expression as clear as day. “Say, how about you let me cup a feel, and I’ll let you all off the hook just this once. Sound good?”

“Y-you… you scum!” Suyo’s breathing was ragged, her chest heavily heaving up and down from anger. If she wasn’t worried about her teammates, she would’ve long since slapped Great White Shark in his face.

“I’ll count down from 10. For your sake, you better agree. After all, I’m afraid these guys behind me aren’t nearly as nice as I am,” Great White Shark said with a depraved smile.

The Warriors and Druids slowly moved closer, their eyes burning brightly with lust as they licked their lips. There were roughly 40 of them. The other Angel Corps players in the distance also noticed the situation and were ready to rush over and provide support at a moment’s notice.

Suyo was infuriated. Several of her teammates were also burning with righteous indignation. They were all older than her. So, they viewed her as their little sister. Seeing her getting treated like this, they were ready to upturn the world.

「That fucker! Even if it means us wiping, let’s kill that asshole! Ronin, White Bull, let’s pincer him! Everyone else, keep those druids distracted.」

Nie Yan looked over to his side. He discovered Ronin and several other party members were already in position.

Great White Shark swept his eyes over Ronin and the others with a look of disdain. He had long since noticed their movements. As a top five Fighter in Angel Corps, he’d braved numerous battles. Did they really think it would be so easy to catch him off guard?

Great White Shark calmly counted down while waiting for Suyo’s reply. “Seven, six, five…”

Nie Yan had had a cool expression on his face all this time, almost as if this matter had nothing to do with him. Only now did he ask in the voice chat,「Do you guys mind becoming sworn enemies with Angel Corps? They definitely won’t let you off the hook if you attack.」

「Peh! So what!? I’ve never once been afraid of those bastards!」Ronin said.「We might all die here today, but we’re not going down without a fight. If we can all kill at least one each, we’ll break even. If we can kill more, even better!」

「I see… Good! If you guys no longer have a place in the Satreen Empire, come find me in the Viridian Empire,」Nie Yan said with a faint smile.

「H-huh? Okay…」Ronin, Suyo, and the rest glanced at each other in confusion, not knowing what to say.

Nie Yan turned to face Great White Shark. His eyes flashed with killing intent. “I despise arrogant trash like you the most.”

Great White Shark had already counted to one. As the first syllables of zero left his mouth, his body froze and the word became stuck in his throat. A silhouette flashed in front of him. His eyes widened in fright. Before he could even take half a step back, a black blade was already on his throat.

The moment this black shortsword appeared, the atmosphere seemed to freeze over.

Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame!

The name of a single player flashed through the minds of every player present.

That shortsword was a weapon they’d recognize anywhere, anytime—Zennarde’s Sword! Nirvana Flame’s signature weapon!

Ronin and the others were just about to rush forward and pincer Great White Shark. Before they could even take one step, Nie Yan had already appeared in front of him. Spotting the black shortsword, they were all dumbstruck.

Great White Shark’s body stiffened. He felt the icy blade of Zennarde’s Sword pressed against his throat, evoking a kind of fear at the primal level. His hairs stood on end as all strength escaped his legs. He knew if he made a single move, Nie Yan would cut him down without the slightest hesitation.

A cold voice that seemed to originate from the depths of hell entered his ear. “Remember, the one who killed you is Nirvana Flame.”

PSSSFFHT! A fountain of blood sprayed out from Great White Shark’s neck.


Great White Shark’s body lifelessly collapsed to the ground.

The Angel Corps players immediately erupted in an uproar.

“He killed Great White Shark!”

“That’s Nirvana Flame!”

“Shit! What’s he doing here of all places!?”

They believed Nie Yan had purposefully come here, just like when he ambushed Stone Splitter’s team. Nirvana Flame was just a name, but it evoked a sense of dread in their hearts.

“Surround him! Don’t let him escape!”

Bear Transformation!

The dozen or so Druids all let out roars. Their bodies rapidly grew in size as they transformed into bears. Before transforming, Druids were pretty frail. But in bear-form, their health would increase substantially. Like this, they would feel a bit more safe. Nie Yan’s attacks were too frightening.

Unfortunately, the bear transformation was useless. Nie Yan’s equipment far outclassed that of others at this stage of the game. With the stat bonuses provided by the chapters from the Book of Order, the Luminous Dancer, Great Prophet, and Adjudicator of Light titles, combined with Zennarde’s Sword whose attack power was equivalent to that of a Level 180 Legendary weapon, he could instantly cut down the vast majority of players.

Nie Yan estimated the only players that could survive a single hit from him were a handful heavy, plate-armoured Masters.

PSSHFT! Three more lines of blood shot up into the air. Two Warriors and one Druid were instantly killed.

Nie Yan was simply a blur. He easily evaded their attempts to lock him down.

“GROAAWR!” A bear-form Druid charged toward Nie Yan and swatted down with his paw.

Nie Yan lightly stepped to the side. He then circled around and drove his blade into the Druid’s back.


KRAAACK! The Druid’s spine was snapped in half as he crashed to the ground and reverted back to human form.

Another instant kill!

Nie Yan reaped a life with each slash of his blade. In the blink of an eye, a dozen corpses lay motionless on the ground.

Ronin, Suyo, and the others were a bit dazed. They didn’t expect the stranger they had partied up with all this time to actually be the famous Nirvana Flame! In a flash, there were bodies scattered all over the place. His attacks were simply too frightening!

Their hearts were racing, filled with an indescribable sense of shock and excitement.

A legendary figure like Nirvana Flame was actually right before their eyes! The only reason they failed to recognize him earlier was that he had used some sort of special item to disguise his appearance!

“Brothers, let’s move! This is our chance. Take out as many of them as you can!” Ronin shouted after snapping back to his senses. He charged toward a nearby enemy Warrior.

The two other orc Warriors in the party followed suit. Five arrows appeared in Suyo’s fingers. She skillfully drew her bowstring back and fired. Whoosh whoosh whoosh! The arrows flew in a straight line and struck the enemy Warrior. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! He was sent flying away. These were shockwave arrows!


Ronin cleaved down with his blade, finishing the Warrior off.

Only by teaming up could they kill the enemy Warrior this quickly. They naturally couldn’t compare to Nie Yan. However, they were still fairly skilled, roughly on par with these players from Angel Corps.

Nie Yan had already broken the morale of all the Angel Corps players in the vicinity. Seeing Ronin’s party rushing over, they didn’t dare to fight and turned to flee.

After stirring up such a large commotion, the Angel Corps players in the surrounding area all came rushing over. They summoned their various pets and closed in on Nie Yan and Ronin’s party.

An enormous silver-furred wolf came dashing over. When it was about six meters away from Nie Yan, it pounced in the air.

A Level 160 Silver Fang! Angel Corps actually had pets like these?

Nie Yan gazed at the pouncing Silver Fang. He suddenly transformed into a blur, an after-image standing on his original location.

BANG! Nie Yan drove his elbow into the Silver Fang’s throat, sending it flying back. Afterwards, he shot forward in pursuit and followed up with a falling guillotine kick to the skull. KRAAACK! It let out a miserable whine as it crashed back to the ground.

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