Chapter 745 - Deadly Trap

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Chapter 745 – Deadly Trap

Nie Yan’s appearance caught this Angel Corps expedition team completely off-guard. But for better or worse, they were still members of the number one guild in the Satreen Empire. They quickly reported to Soaring Angel in the guild headquarters and took measures to lock Nie Yan down.

Nie Yan was too strong. There wasn’t one player here who could survive a single attack from him. So, the Angel Corps players summoned their pets to surround him instead.

Even though these pets were nowhere near as valiant as Lil’ Gold, they were still tough to deal with. There was a wide variety of them, such as Silver Fangs, Tundra Ursine, Succubi , and so on.

Nie Yan pulled open Divine Recruitment and summoned Paladin Lafus.

“For the light!” Paladin Lafus buffed himself with numerous blessings, then charged toward the enemy pets.

Nie Yan quickly pulled back. Chanting an incantation, an enormous Golden Dragon appeared out of thin air.

“It’s Nirvana Flame’s Golden Dragon!”

“Don’t panic! His Golden Dragon has a counter skill. Don’t use physical attacks! Have the Ursine lock it down! Mages, bombard it with magic!” A portly-looking Shaman who appeared to be in his 40s anxiously shouted out commands.

This Shaman went by the name Love Shore. He was one of the higher-ups in Angel Corps. Much of the guild’s growth was overseen by him.

Two large Tundra Ursine charged toward Lil’ Gold in a pincer.

“GROOOAAR!” Lil’ Gold rammed into the the two Tundra Ursine, knocking them off their feet. He opened his massive maw and spewed out Dragon Breath toward the enemy backline, killing over a dozen Mages.

BANG! BANG! BANG! A shower of magic bombarded Lil’ Gold. Damage values ranging between 800–1,000 floated up above his head.

Nie Yan had Lafus cast Radiant Heal, restoring Lil’ Gold’s health back to full.

Love Shore looked over in Nie Yan’s direction, then locked onto Paladin Lafus who was surrounded by several dozen Warriors and Druids.

「Fuck! What a ridiculous heal! Mages, target that Paladin. Kill him first!」Love Shore shouted in voice chat. He discovered the heals from several dozen of their Priests couldn’t even compare to a single heal from Paladin Lafus! Just how did Nirvana Flame find this NPC servant!?

Even now, everyone still believed Paladin Lafus was Nie Yan’s servant. They had no idea he had a skill like Divine Recruitment.

The Mages focused their firepower on Paladin Lafus.

Paladin Lafus killed five Warriors and seven Druids in quick succession, wreaking havoc on Angel Corps’ front line. With him constantly topping himself up with heals, it felt like they were fighting an end boss.

Nie Yan didn’t stand idly by either. He dashed toward a Level 130 Tundra Ursine and plunged his dagger into its neck, then followed up with a knee strike. KRAACK! The sound of its neck breaking rang out in the air. It let out a mournful cry and collapsed to the ground.

After melee players advanced to their respective Master class, they could use their body to deliver powerful blows, enough to deal fatal damage to the enemy.

Nie Yan definitely wouldn’t go down easily. However, Suyo, Ronin, and the rest of the party was another story. Violet Night didn’t even attempt to fight. He turned tail and ran, only to be overtaken by two Thieves and mercilessly killed. The other two Orc Warriors were surrounded and killed by several Druids. Only Suyo, Ronin, and the Shaman were still alive.

「Do you guys think you can escape?」Nie Yan asked in voice chat.

「Doubt it. But it doesn’t matter. Even if we die here, I won’t have any regrets!」Ronin laughed. After all, not many people could claim they had fought side-by-side with Nirvana Flame.

「Don’t respawn at the graveyard immediately after you die. Wait half-an-hour, and you can probably run back to your corpses and revive. Like that, the experience penalty won’t be as severe,」Nie Yan said.

「W-wait, do you mean…?」Ronin was dumbstruck. If they could revive at their corpses, that’d indeed save them a lot of unnecessary headache. However, that was only possible if Nie Yan wiped out every last Angel Corps player here. Otherwise, they would be corpse camped.

「Yes. It shouldn’t be a problem,」Nie Yan said with absolute confidence.

「Old Three, do you still have that Resurrection Emblem?」Ronin asked the Shaman beside him.

「I do,」the Shaman replied after checking his bag.

「Good. Use it!」Ronin said without any hesitation.

Listening to this exchange, Nie Yan recalled such an item. Only Shaman Doctors could use it, and even then few would ever be able to. They were rather rare one-time use items. The drop rate was pitifully low and those that went up for sale in auction houses were sold for astronomical sums. This wasn’t something ordinary players could afford. The reason why this item was worth so much was simple. A Resurrection Emblem took away the need to run back to your corpse from the graveyard. The Shaman Doctor could set it to automatically revive them after a certain amount of time. After which they could revive their teammates with their own revive skills. So, this Resurrection Emblem reduced the risk of a total wipe.

「Since you guys have a Resurrection Emblem, that makes it easier. Just sit tight. You’ll be good to revive in half an hour,」Nie Yan said. The Resurrection Emblem made him think of something, but it was still hazy in his head.

With Ronin and Suyo covering him, the Shaman Doctor made a break for it into the forest. After running several hundred meters, he was eventually surrounded and killed by three Thieves.

BANG! BANG! BANG! A hail of spells rained down on Ronin and Suyo. Their bodies were lifted up from the ground and sent flying.

Your party member Ronin has died.

Your party member Suyo has died.

Nie Yan didn’t show the slightest reaction to these notifications. He locked his gaze onto the portly Shaman in the distance. He was familiar with the higher ups of Angel Corps. Out of all the players here, Love Shore definitely held the most sway.

Love Shore’s heart trembled, like a kind of intuition. He turned around and discovered Nie Yan was staring directly at him.

「Warriors, go up! Surround Nirvana Flame!」Love Shore hurriedly retreated into the middle of the back line. He anxiously shouted to the players around him, “Protect me!”

When Love Shore looked back at Nie Yan, he couldn’t find him anywhere anymore. An intense feeling of unease welled up in his heart.

Several dozen casters formed a human wall around Love Shore. He understood these players had no way of stopping Nie Yan. At best, they could serve as cannon fodder and buy him a precious few seconds to flee.

「Shit! Shit! Shit! Why won’t that damn Paladin and Golden Dragon die already? Damnit! Locate Nirvana Flame already! Hurry!」 Love Shore swept his eyes over the Shamans behind him.「Did you finish with the preparations? Druids, have you found out where that bastard is yet!?」

Buffing themselves with skills that raised their Awareness, the Druids started scanning the surroundings.

「Over there!」

One Druid discovered a hint of Nie Yan’s silhouette. However, an instant later, Nie Yan had already escaped their detection range.

「Love Shore, he’s heading over in your direction!」

Love Shore narrowed his eyes. Nirvana Flame, if you dare to come for me, I’ll make you pay for it with your life! He raised his staff and quickly pulled further back. Several Shamans planted down totems around him.

Nie Yan rapidly closed in on Love Shore. Three elven Mages were blocking his view.

Seeing Nie Yan getting closer, the three Mages raised their staffs and prepared to attack him.

Nie Yan suddenly accelerated, his silhouette turning into a blur as he left behind a trail of afterimages. He instantly arrived in front of the three Mages. PFT! PFT! PFT! Three lines of blood sprayed out into the air. Even as they dropped dead to the ground, their eyes were still wide open. They couldn’t comprehend for the life of them how Nie Yan’s speed had increased by so much from one moment to the next.

This kind of speed was enough to make all casters despair!

After killing the three Mages, Nie Yan had a direct path to Love Shore.

Love Shore quickly retreated back and waved his staff. BOOOM! A Storm Totem next to Nie Yan’s feet exploded, engulfing the immediate vicinity in electricity.

Gale Step!

Evading the attack, Nie Yan shot forward like a meteor. Stabbing out at lightning speed, he plunged Zennarde’s Sword into Love Shore’s heart.

Instant kill!

Love Shore was far too slow. He couldn’t possibly react in time.

As Love Shore collapsed to the ground, Nie Yan caught a glimpse of a cold smile on his face.

In the instant Love Shore was killed, a nearby Shaman Doctor targeted Nie Yan with Soul Shackles, preventing him from escaping with Unknown Transfer Scrolls.

“Die Nirvana Flame!”

Close to 40 Shamans all detonated the Storm Totems in the vicinity at once. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A cacophony of explosions rang out, swallowing up Nie Yan in a deluge of crackling electricity.

The might of 40 Storm Totems exploding at once was extremely frightening. An uncontrollable storm of electricity swept out for more than 30 meters. The dazzling electricity lit up the entire forest. Around 30 Angel Corps players couldn’t escape in time and were instantly killed.

“Nirvana Flame is dead!”

“We did it! We killed him!”

The Angel Corps players erupted into cheers after personally witnessing Nie Yan getting swallowed up in the electricity. This was 40 Storm Totems! These Storm Totems were a Shaman’s most powerful offensive ability. When so many of them were used together, no matter how much health a player had or how high their defense, they would still die. They had finally ended a legend!

No matter how strong Nirvana Flame was, he was no god!

Nirvana Flame’s death would definitely become the most explosive piece of news in the server.

This would become an unforgettable moment! Their flawless joint assault would be recorded down into the history books!

“Keep watch over Nirvana Flame’s corpse. Don’t let him revive on his corpse!”

The electrical storm was still going strong. They had no idea where Nie Yan’s corpse was.

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