Chapter 787 - Graceful Strike

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Chapter 787 – Graceful Strike

Blood Devil wanted his team members to better understand the skills of the Masters in the Righteous Faction. A little experience fighting them would go a long way, allowing them to avoid suffering losses in future battles.

Edgeless retreated 30 meters, avoiding Blood Devil’s attacks. He then set his eyes on the other Silver Wings and rushed toward them.


「Stop him!」Blood Devil shouted. Two Warriors immediately charged toward Edgeless.

Edgeless suddenly came to a halt mid-charge. The two Warriors trying to intercept him were going too fast. There couldn’t possibly adapt to this sudden change in speed, as their momentum carried them flying past him. He accelerated again and shot off in another direction like an arrow.

Blood Devil was shocked by the high overall specs of these Masters. He was particularly amazed by Black Heaven. He was capable of increasing everyone’s strength several times over. With his heals and blessings backing them up, an ordinary Level 130 player would only be slightly weaker than an equal level Silver Wing, meaning they could take on a Silver Wing two-on-one. He was also impossible to catch, blinking everywhere on the battlefield.

As Edgeless was about to charge out of the encirclement, Ashen One came dashing over towards Black Heaven.

“Black Heaven, watch out for those two drow Thieves!” Ashen One anxiously cried out, his gaze a bit shifty-eyed.

Black Heaven locked onto the two drow Thieves in the vicinity. His lips curved into a sneer. There was no way those two could pose a threat to him.

One drow Thief came dashing over from the flank.

“I’ll cover you!” Ashen One dashed forward.

Black Heaven prepared to retreat. Something felt very off about this situation. Ashen One wasn’t dashing towards the enemy Thief but towards him instead. Both startled and furious, he was about to blink away when he discovered he couldn’t move. The enemy Thief had locked him down with a skill.

Smothering Strike!

Ashen One stabbed his dagger toward the back of Black Heaven’s head.

There wasn’t enough time. Ashen One was already right on top of him. To meet with this kind of situation, Black Heaven couldn’t do anything to defend himself. BANG! He was stunned.

The Asskickers United players were shocked by this development. They never expected Ashen One to turn on them.

“ASHEN ONE, YOU BASTARD!” Hapless Frog erupted with rage.

“Quickly, save Black Heaven!”

The players from Asskickers United wanted to turn around and rescue Black Heaven, but the Blood Reaver Corps suddenly intensified their assault, instantly killing 13 of them. Their defensive line collapsed completely.

Ashen One and the two drow Thieves let loose, chaining their crowd control skills as they bursted Black Heaven’s health down to zero.

“Kill!” The morale of players from the Blood Reaver Corps soared. The battle had been going so slowly up until now solely because Asskickers United had a powerful Archbishop like Black Heaven. With him gone, their strength fell by more than 30%.

Asskickers United was being ovewhelmed bit by bit. Their casualties quickly climbed up higher and higher.

“Everyone, withdraw!” Tyrannical ordered.

Everyone quickly scattered in retreat.

Ashen One had a smug smile on his face. His contribution today was great. Even though he no longer had a place in Asskickers United, he took comfort in all the rewards and benefits the Century Financial Group had promised him. Seeing his former guildmates retreating in defeat, he felt a slight pang of guilt in his heart. But it couldn’t drown his good mood. He felt incredibly pleased with himself. His position in the guild had gradually fallen to the point no one paid him much attention anymore. Even though they didn’t treat him any different from before, he still couldn’t help but feel a sense of mockery in their eyes. So, when the Century Financial Group approached him, he didn’t hesitate to agree to Cao Xu’s terms.

Hapless Frog was just about to retreat with everyone else, when he happened to catch a glimpse of the smug smile on Ashen One’s face. His anger got the better of him. Flipping his dagger into a reverse grip, he disappeared into stealth.

「Frog, don’t be rash! Let’s retreat!」Tyrannical shouted. However, his dissuasion came too late.

A black ball of light shot up into the sky, illuminating the ground below and revealing Hapless Frog’s silhouette.

「He’s over there! Stop him!」Autumn Gust shouted.

Two Warriors charged over to block Hapless Frog.


There were more than 10 Blood Reaver Corps players closing in fast on Hapless Frog.

At this rate, Hapless Frog would be surrounded and killed. Almost all the Asskickers United players gave up on trying to save him. He had no way of getting out of this!

As the two fallen human Warriors were about to intercept him, Hapless Frog suddenly turned into a blur as he left behind a series of afterimages. With hair-raising speed, he dashed past the two Warriors and escaped the encirclement.

The players from the Blood Reaver Corps were startled. What frightening speed! In this instant, Hapless Frog appeared in front of Ashen One.

The fear of death wrapped around Ashen One’s throat. His entire being screamed at him to turn around and flee with Gale Step. But he was still a beat too late. The cold light of a dagger flashed before him, blinding him and stinging his eyes. PSHFT! He felt a sharp blade stabbing into the back of his head. His body instantly went rigid.

Hapless Frog erupted with a tempest of attacks. Since Ashen One didn’t belong to the Demon Tribe, the players from the Blood Reaver Corps had no way of healing him. In the blink of an eye, he collapsed dead on the ground.

Seeing Ashen One killed right under their noses, the players from the Blood Reaver Corps became infuriated. They charged toward Hapless Frog.

Hapless Frog immediately fled away with Gale Step.

Demonic Oculus!

Blood Devil’s eyes flashed with a crimson light, locking onto Hapless Frog’s fleeing silhouette. Want to run? Not so easy! He came charging over from the side and cut off Hapless Frog’s path of escape. He stabbed out with his sword at lightning speed.

Hapless Frog quickly raised his dagger and welcomed Blood Devil head-on. KLANG! He parried the attack, as he leaped back to reduce the impact. He then shot back forward with an elbow strike.

Hapless Frog’s movements almost perfectly mimicked Nie Yan. His attacks were sharp and ruthless.

The two instantly exchanged several moves. Blood Devil wasn’t a pushover either, stubbornly blocking Hapless Frog from escaping. The Blood Reaver Corps players in the back were quickly catching up.

Hapless Frog’s heart was filled with anxiousness. He didn’t expect to face such a tough opponent. He was done for.

BANG! BANG! Two spells struck Hapless Frog, shaving away more than half his health. He hurriedly downed a Specialist Health Potion.

Blood Devil looked over at his team members rushing over. Only a few more seconds and Hapless Frog’s fate would be sealed. Suddenly, he felt a cold chill at the back of his neck. He hurriedly swung around and met the attack with his greatsword.

KLANG! Two blades clashed. The attacker was Tyrannical!

At the same time, Hapless Frog delivered a powerful kick to Blood Devil’s ribs, sending him staggering to the side.

Blood Devil was a Warrior. He had no way of competing with Hapless Frog and Tyrannical in speed. He might manage to deal with one of them while occupying the advantage, but there was no way he could deal with two Shadow Dancers at once.

Tyrannical and Hapless Frog seized this opportunity to flee away.

By the time Blood Devil recovered, the two were already long gone.

At this moment, the rest of the players from the Blood Reaver Corps caught up. They were too slow.

“Boss, what do we do? Should we chase after them?”

“Chase after them? They’re already long gone.” Blood Devil shook his head. He glanced over at Ashen One’s corpse lying on the ground more than 60 meters away. The exchange just now left him extremely shocked. Tyrannical and Hapless Frog weren’t even very famous. He didn’t expect them to be so strong. If this was the average quality of the enemy’s Masters, their mission would become troublesome. The Mad Rogue still hadn’t even thrown his hat into the ring yet. Just these few Masters had already forced them to such a miserable state. If they encountered Nirvana Flame, would they even stand a chance?

Not only Blood Devil, but also the other members of the Blood Reaver Corps sank into silence. The Masters from Asskickers United were much stronger than any other opponent they had encountered so far.

“Revive our fallen teammates! Were going to attack the stronghold’s heart!” Blood Devil ordered. This was the first part of their mission. “What are the results of the battle?”

“We killed 70 of their players, two of which were Masters. One was Black Heaven, the other Edgeless. As for our side, we lost six people in total,” a player reported. Edgeless had died covering the escape of his teammates. Even after being surrounded by so many Silver Wings, he still managed to take one of their drow Thieves down with him. His ferocious display left a lingering fear in their hearts.

Where before these Silver Wings from the Blood Reaver Corps didn’t even put Nie Yan in their eyes, now it seemed like they’d lost their tongues; none of them dared to trash talk the Masters of Asskickers United anymore.

Sweeping up the battlefield, they revived their fallen comrades, then headed for the center of the Mona Stronghold.

Asskickers United’s forces had already evacuated, leaving no man behind. The stronghold was empty and abandoned.

After making sure everyone had safely left, Tyrannical, Hapless Frog, and Paladin of the Elegy set the transfer point to self destruct before teleporting away. Over in Moonlight City, the trio were walking together on the street.

“Man! How did you do you do that? It was like I was looking at the boss himself! God damn that was freakin’ amazing!” Tyrannical patted Hapless Frog on the shoulder with a smile.

Hapless Frog chuckled while scratching his head. “I can’t explain it either. At that moment, I couldn’t help but think back to that video of the boss in the Kiln Fire Woods, and suddenly something clicked in my mind.”

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