Chapter 792 - The Final Stretch

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Chapter 792 – The Final Stretch

When morale hit rock bottom, Battle Angel Kalenna’s intervened, reigniting everyone’s hope. Drakuru’s health was falling more than three times faster than before.

Roughly two hours later, Drakuru’s health fell to 15%, at which point he entered another phase. His attack power increased significantly, yet he still dealt less than 1,000 damage per hit to Bladelight.

Painted Muslin and Young Seven watched Bladelight tank eight hits in a row, which caused his health to fall by a small chunk. Only then did they casually raise their staffs and cast a Lesser Heal each to top his health back up.

This situation infuriated Drakuru to no end. His entire body ignited with bright crimson red flames, increasing his attack power severalfold, as he smashed down with his fist.

Bladelight felt an intense heat assailing his face. He hurriedly raised his greatshield to block. BOOOM!


Drakuru’s damage had tripled!

“Everyone, be careful! He’ll probably only get stronger!” Nie Yan warned. Normally, 20% health was the critical point at which most bosses would grow stronger. Some would even continue growing stronger at 15%, 10%, and 5%.

Drakuru was like a beserk fire giant. His attacks were imbued with scorching hot flames. He suddenly opened his mouth and shot out a pillar of fire at the casters in the back.


The casters hurriedly waved their staffs and blinked to safety.

BOOOM! The fire pillar blasted the section of the bridge where the casters previously stood, as flames spewed out everywhere.

This was the first ranged attack Drakuru used. Up to this point, Nie Yan’s team had even started suspecting he didn’t possess any. That hope was quickly quashed, and the situation became a lot more complicated.

The casters repeatedly blinked around the bridge. The few spare moments they weren’t avoiding Drakuru’s attacks, they shot at him with magic.

Drakuru spewed out pillars of flames non-stop like a harbinger of doom. On such a small bridge there was little room to dodge. The casters were nearly killed several times.

“Nie Yan, help cover me!” Xie Yao said. She found a fairly remote spot behind the other casters and started chanting. One set of syllables, two sets, three sets…

Seeing Xie Yao chanting out Forbidden Magic, Nie Yan dashed toward Drakuru. He circled behind him and attacked with a Backbreaker followed by Reverse Grip Backstab.



After suddenly taking so much damage, Drakuru’s aggro immediately shifted onto Nie Yan. He let out a heavy roar, as everything within a 10-meter radius of him erupted into flames.

Adjudicator of God!

A golden membrane of light enveloped Nie Yan. Even though a sea of flames raged all around him, the tongues of fire couldn’t touch him. However, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su weren’t so lucky. Their health was rapidly falling even with Young Seven and Painted Muslin healing them non-stop.

Smoke Stub was the first to retreat from the sea of flames followed by Lei Su and finally Bladelight.

At this moment, the final syllable left Xie Yao’s mouth. Her staff shone with a dazzling brilliance akin to that of the sun. She looked like the embodiment of a holy goddess.

Seraphim’s Reckoning!

A white portal of light emerged in the air, and two angels clad in silver amour came flying out. They had a pair of white wings on their backs and wielded golden greatswords.

Drakuru looked up in fear at the portal, and the two angels flying out. He struggled violently to break free of his chains, but he couldn’t even move. In fact, no one could. They could only watch the angels slowly making their descent.

Time itself seemed to slow down to a halt.

The two angels flew to Drakuru’s side and slashed down on him with their greatswords. PSFHT! PSFHT! The two blades cleaved deep into his flesh, as black blood sprayed out. He let out a pained roar and writhed about in agony.

Afterwards, the angels flew back into the portal. The portal slowly dissipated, and time resumed again.

Xie Yao was completely drained of all strength, thick beads of sweat on her forehead as she panted heavily. This one spell required all her mana.

Everyone could move again.

-30,491,177 A damage value floated up above Drakuru’s head, bringing his health down to 5%.

“Holy crap, look at that damage!” Undying Scoundrel blurted out.

“Sweet jesus! I didn’t even know damage values could go that high!”

Everyone sighed in admiration. The other Magisters, including Tang Yao, all had single-target Forbidden Magic as well, though they were all on cooldown. However, in terms of might, it would be impressive if they could deal even half as much damage as Xie Yao.

After casting her Forbidden Magic, Xie Yao hurriedly retreated several hundred meters. She found an absolutely safe spot to sit down and recover her mana.

When Drakuru’s health fell to 5%, his body swelled up in size, his fingers transformed into sharp claws, and long fangs grew in his mouth. He looked like a giant beast. “GRWAAAOH!” His deafening roar shook the entire chamber, and cracks started spreading on the chains binding him.

After Xie Yao successfully cast her Forbidden Magic, everyone thought victory was only a step away. However, the situation deteriorated in the blink of an eye.

Drakuru’s transformation caught everyone off guard. With a loud roar, he swiped his claws at Smoke Stub, who hurriedly raised his greatsword to block.

BAAANG! Smoke Stub felt an unrivalled strength ruthlessly slamming into him. His arms quickly gave out, as his greatsword crashed into his own chest. The remaining force knocked him off his feet and sent him flying.

“Smoke Stub!”

Smoke Stub flew off the bridge and plummeted into the lava below.

Another team member had died.

Before anyone could react, Drakuru charged toward Bladelight.

“Bladelight, get out of the way!” Nie Yan anxiously cried out.

Seeing Drakuru barrelling over like a truck, Bladelight raised his greatshield and braced himself. By the time Nie Yan’s words reached his ears, it was already too late. Drakuru’s gigantic frame was right in his face.

Shield Bash!

Bladelight welcomed Drakuru’s charge with his shield.

BOOOOOOOM! Bladelight was immediately overpowered. Like a kite with its string cut, he was sent flying off the bridge by Drakuru’s charge.

Nie Yan dove forward and shot out a web line which zipped through the air and just barely caught Bladelight by his foot. As he tightly held onto Bladelight, who was dangling in the air, Drakuru slashed down with his claws and sent three crescent shaped beams flying towards him.

Nie Yan hurriedly rolled out of the way. However, he had no time to pull Bladelight back up. SNAP! The web line was cut.

Bladelight fell into the roiling lava.

Bladelight has died.

“If I knew he was going to transform, I would’ve waited on casting my Forbidden Magic,” Xie Yao said apologetically. She had recovered her mana and was firing out magic at Drakuru again.

“Don’t fret. It’s not your fault. I don’t think we would’ve been able to cast Forbidden Magic later anyway. I just tried to cast mine, but I was immediately silenced,” Dark Requiem said.

Drakuru went completely berserk. Mistaken Smile and One Strike Vow couldn’t dodge in time and both received a one way ticket into the lava river.

Only 15 of the 21 members remained alive.

The Magisters all unleashed their most powerful spells. Tang Yao activated Arcane Reset, greatly lowering his cooldowns for three minutes. He started firing out spells like a gatling gun, emptying half-a-bar of mana worth of magic onto Drakuru.

Arcane Flame Burst!

Final Judgement!

Radiant Retribution!

A dense shower of spells bombarded Drakuru. They were dealing considerable damage. However, they would still take up to three hours to shave away the remaining 5% of his health.

The beserk Drakuru was too frightening! There was no way they could last that long!

With a wave of his hand, Drakuru called down an enormous meteor on the casters.


The casters hurriedly blinked away.

BOOOOM! The meteor smashed down onto the bridge, sending rubble and flames flying everywhere.

“Any of you still have single-target Forbidden Magic remaining?

“I do,” Black Hell said.

“Is it dark magic?” Nie Yan asked. They definitely couldn’t use dark magic on Drakuru. As luck would have it, Shadow Priests were proficient in both dark and light magic.

“No, it’s light magic.”

“Good! Use it! We’ll cover you,” Nie Yan said. At this moment, they only had one chance.

“Watch out for the boss’ silence!” Dark Requiem said.

“Dark Requiem, shield him!” Nie Yan ordered.

“Got it!” Dark Requiem nodded.

Black Hell retreated to the edge of the bridge about 70 meters away from Drakuru. He raised his staff and started chanting. Dark Requiem took position beside him. He waved his warhammer and chanted out an incantation. A giant white shield enveloped Black Hell.

Gale Step!

Nie Yan closed in on Drakuru and slashed out with Zennarde’s Sword.

Hell Execution!


Hell Execution!


Even if Hell Execution didn’t do any damage, it was great at building up aggro.

Drakuru’s attention shifted onto Nie Yan. He stomped down with his foot, sending a powerful shock wave sweeping out.

BANG! Nie Yan was sent flying off the bridge. A damage value of over 10,000 floated up above his head.

Nie Yan hurriedly shot out a web line in mid-air and swung back onto the bridge. He then drank a health potion, restoring his health back to full.

Seeing Black Hell chanting out in the distance, Drakuru let out a roar. He slashed out with his claw and sent three crescent shaped beams flying towards him.

Lei Su suddenly came rushing forward from the side, intercepting the attack. BAAANG! He was sent flying off the bridge.

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