Chapter 798 - Life Hanging by a Thread

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Chapter 798 – Life Hanging by a Thread

Holy Descent!

A white light fell over Nie Yan and the shadow clone, who both activated the ability from the Medal of the Ten Holy Paladins. It gave them immunity to all magic for three seconds.

Extreme Intimidate!

Nie Yan locked onto Magister Lefis again.

Gale Ambush!

Gale Ambush!

Nie Yan and his shadow clone pincered Magister Lefis again, their daggers streaking like lightning through the air.

Apocalyptic Extinction!

Magister Lefis saw his stats get greatly reduced, as both enemies were already almost on top of him. He waved his staff and blinked five meters away.

Nie Yan took advantage of this opening to pull open Divine Recruitment and summoned Paladin Lafus. In addition to the normal costs, he also had to pay 70,000 gold to revive him.

Nie Yan had turned this one-on-one into a three-on-one.

Indomitable Will!

With a burst of speed, Paladin Lafus charged toward Magister Lefis.

Magister Lefis waved his staff, about to let loose with a barrage of spells. However, Paladin Lafus raised his sword and silenced him.

Nie Yan started to find his tempo and gradually pulled the battle into his favour. Dealing with the relentless pursuit of Nie Yan, the shadow clone, and Paladin Lafus, Magister Lefis was constantly interrupted mid-cast and forced to blink away defensively.

Nie Yan started slowly seizing the advantage.

Feeling the control over the battle slip from his fingers, Magister Lefis became enraged. He found an opening and started chanting. As the last syllable left his mouth, he waved his staff and called down a hailstorm as tennis ball-sized hailstones came raining down.

Nie Yan disregarded the damage from the hailstorm. Taking advantage of the speed buff from Gale Ambush which had yet to wear off, his figure blurred as he closed in on Magister Lefis with Zennarde’s Sword aimed at his throat.

Nie Yan had lost more than 20,000 health braving the hailstorm. Paladin Lafus immediately raised his sword and restored his health back to full with a Radiant Heal.

As Nie Yan was on him again, Magister Lefis was forced to blink away once more.

The shadow clone already stood in position. Nie Yan had perfectly predicted where Magister Lefis would blink to. The moment he reappeared, the shadow clone caught him off guard with a ruthless kick aimed at his back.

Magister Lefis hurriedly protected himself with an Ice Armour. BANG! He staggered several steps forward. Thankfully, he wasn’t crippled.

Nie Yan’s attacks were ruthless and decisive. Magister Lefis couldn’t help but look at him in a new light. This was the first time he’d met a player who could stand up to him.

The shadow clone pounced after Magister Lefis, who buffed himself with Speed of the Windwalker and retreated far away. In a moment, he opened up a distance of 60 meters between them.

Nie Yan, Paladin Lafus, and the shadow clone were only just getting started. They went into pursuit.

Magister Lefis waved his staff. His aura surged, as a powerful energy swept out.

A sense of danger welled up from Nie Yan’s heart. This kind of basic instinct couldn’t be ignored. He immediately ordered the shadow clone and Paladin Lafus to retreat with him.

Magister Lefis’ aura was rapidly gaining in power. His robes fluttered as ice spikes started swirling around him.

This wasn’t Forbidden Magic but rather some kind of secret technique.

“Die!” Magister Lefis shouted. Over 100 ice spikes arced through the sky and came crashing down on Nie Yan.

Nie Yan hurriedly had Paladin Lafus and the shadow clone spread out. Like this, he would force Magister Lefis into making a choice. Would he try and go after all three of them, with no real threat to any of them, or would he focus all his efforts onto one of them?

DING! DING! DING! These ice spikes were incomparably sharp. Nie Yan leaped out of the way. BANG! BANG! BANG! The ice spikes exploded after crashing into the ground.

Magister Lefis could freely control these ice spikes. He unleashed a ruthless assault on Nie Yan, the shadow clone, and Paladin Lafus. The ice spikes were raining down without an end in sight. Paladin Lafus was the first to succumb. Three ice spikes struck him, each dealing 20,000 damage. Frost spread out from them and quickly covered his entire body. Every movement he made suddenly took great effort. With a slowed move, he raised his sword and cast several blessings on himself, dispelling the ice.

Evermore ice spikes came raining down.

Nie Yan suddenly accelerated. He left behind a trail of afterimages as he rushed toward Paladin Lafus and kicked him out of the way.

BANG! BANG! BANG! A barrage of ice spikes struck the ground where Paladin lafus previously stood. If it weren’t for Nie Yan, this would’ve been the end for him.

Magister Lefis was like an all controlling god. Compared to other Magisters, those focusing on the ice attribute possessed the greatest crowd control. This forced Nie Yan, the shadow clone, and Paladin Lafus to dodge around frantically.

As the battle grew more intense, the fog condensed into ice as the view cleared up. From far and wide players were rushing over to witness this grand spectacle. Never before had a player fought evenly with an NPC Magister. This was definitely a first in all of Conviction.

Even though Nie Yan had only held the advantage for a brief few seconds since the start of the battle, this was still worthy of admiration. One had to know, there were plenty of cases of arrogant players provoking Magister Lefis in the past, and without exception, they all ended up killed in one move.

The ice spikes floated around Magister Lefis, as he leisurely walked around. Every now and then, he would shoot them like he was firing a gun. His targets were Nie Yan, the shadow clone, and Paladin Lafus.

Watching Magister Lefis, Nie Yan had an idea. He and the shadow clone both activated Pygmy Transformation, shrinking down to a third of their original size.

Magister Lefis was stunned. After shrinking down, Nie Yan and the shadow clone became much harder targets to hit. Abilities like Pygmy Transformation were extremely useful against ranged opponents.

Nie Yan and the shadow clone nimbly dodged the ice spikes.

Both sides had pulled out all the stops. They were using every ability at their disposal.


Nie Yan evaded another barrage of ice spikes. He suddenly pounced forward like a cheetah and stabbed toward Magister Lefis’ head with Zennarde’s Sword.

Magister Lefis activated Elemental Reset and immediately started firing out ice balls like a gatling gun. However, none of them struck their target.

Magister Lefis had very little experience fighting with a pygmy. He had a difficult time with aiming his spells. Even when he did aim them perfectly, Nie Yan would easily dodge them.

Die! Nie Yan smashed down on Magister Lefis’ forehead with Concussive Blow.

Magister Lefis suddenly sensed something off. A cold chill nipped at the back of his neck. It was another pincer attack!

Just as he wanted to to blink away, the shadow clone rooted him in place with Extreme Intimidate.

Extreme Intimidate and Lockdown were extremely effective against blinks. At least, in the hands of an exceptionally skilled individual that was. It would only work if they were used the instant the opponent was about to blink away.

Nie Yan’s attack reached the limit of speed.

Magister Lefis was still protected by his ice armour as Nie Yan’s attack landed.

A string of 3,000s floated up above Magister Lefis’ head. Thankfully, the ice armour protected him from being stunned. He immediately waved his staff.

Three silhouettes were in the middle of a fierce melee. A little ways’ off, Paladin Lafus cast consecutive silences on Magister Lefis.

Like this, Magister Lefis’ health was brought down to less than half.

Almost there! Nie Yan focused entirely on this fight. There was no room for mistakes. He had to defeat Magister Lefis no matter what!

Nie Yan struck Magister Lefis in the abdomen with an elbow strike. He followed up with a roundhouse kick to the neck, then leaped into the air and came down with an axe kick.

1-hit combo, 2-hit combo, 3-hit combo…

Nie Yan’s movements were fluid and flowing. If it weren’t for the ice armour, Magister Lefis would already be dead.

After enduring such a fierce onslaught of attacks, Magister Lefis was thoroughly enraged. He staggered back while looking for an opportunity to retaliate. It quickly presented itself. Paladin Lafus ran out of silence skills. For a brief period, he couldn’t interrupt Magister Lefis.

Magister Lefis didn’t waste any time in seizing this opportunity. With a wave of his staff, he sent icicles erupting from the ground.

As luck would have it, Nie Yan was in mid-air attacking Magister Lefis. The shadow clone wasn’t so lucky. An icicle pierced its calf and rooted it to the ground.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Magister Lefis blasted the shadow clone with several ice balls, sending it flying. As it crashed into the ground, it disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

As for Paladin Lafus, since he was relatively far away, he wasn’t affected.

At this moment, Nie Yan spun around in mid-air and delivered a powerful kick to Magister Lefis’ face, proccing a knockback effect and sending him flying back and crashing into the ground.

The ice amour around Magister Lefis finally shattered. Just as Nie Yan’s dagger was about to come down on him, Magister Lefis waved his staff.

Ice Blast!

An enormous ice sphere materialized right in front of Nie Yan.

Nie Yan had no time to dodge. He hurriedly shielded himself with the Darkbright Barrier. BANG! He felt an incredibly force smashing into his chest, sending him flying over 60 meters before heavily crashing into the ground.

Before Nie Yan could stand up, he heard several more explosions. A notification popped up.

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