Chapter 832 - Death and Glory

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Chapter 832 – Death and Glory

The underworld passage forked into two paths. One led to the Undead Empire, and the other to the Demon Tribe.

Nie Yan walked a few steps down one path, when a system notification popped up.

You have discovered the Desolate Marsh.

This was a marsh with black seaweed and other similar plants growing everywhere. On the edge of the swamp were the remains of dead animals, a foul stench coming from their rotting corpses.

Checking the map, Nie Yan guessed this was the territory of the Demon Tribe.

Nie Yan trekked along the edge of the marsh where the ground was harder. Looking far in the distance, he saw black serpent-like creatures moving around. The monsters that spawned here were Level 120 Black Swamp Snakes. They posed zero threat to him.

When Nie Yan got within six meters of these Black Swamp Snakes, they raised their heads and started hissing and flicking out their red tongues. Moments later, they slowly retreated. As they saw it, Nie Yan was a dangerous predator, not some easy prey.

Nie Yan didn’t pay them any attention at all. A short while later, a faint white light flew out and fluttered around him.

Over the past year, Bennett’s soul hadn’t appeared even once. Nie Yan had thought it had already disappeared.

Under Bennet’s lead, Nie Yan trekked through the marsh for roughly 20 minutes.

Nie Yan felt quite uncomfortable. The dense dark elemental energy here was cold and gloomy and carried a corrosive property.

After trekking forward for another 600 meters, Nie Yan halted his steps. He’d caught the whiff of something odd. Coldly chuckling, he continued on without the slightest care.

Pitch black shrubs which reached up to Nie Yan’s waist grew everywhere. It was a wonder how they survived in such an inhospitable environment. Behind these shrubs, several shadows flitted by.

After Nie Yan walked another few steps, five Thieves pounced forward from all directions and surrounded him.

After tailing Nie Yan for so long, they had finally run out of patience!

The movements of these five Thieves were nimble, a clear sign of their skill. Silver wings grew from their backs.

Five Silver Wings!

Over these past six months, thanks to the release of the Age of Gods Expansion, class advancing became much easier. The Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire already had over 200 Masters. Likely, the number of Silver Wings had ballooned as well. Nie Yan wasn’t the least bit surprised he was being ambushed by five Silver Wings.

Nie Yan stood still, showing no signs of action. Just as the five Thieves closed in on him, his figure blurred into multiple afterimages. He employed the illusion steps to dodge the attacks of three of the Thieves.

A dagger stabbed toward his chest. Nie Yan brandished the Bloody Dagger. KLANG! The two blades clashed as sparks flew into the air.

Nie Yan spun around. The Slaughter Edge was as fast as lightning as it stabbed toward the other Thief’s throat.

The Thief hurriedly tried to block. However, the Slaughter Edge suddenly snaked around his dagger as a dazzling light blinded his eyes. PSSHFT! His throat was pierced.

The Thief’s expression was frozen in shock. Even in death, he had no idea what had happened. Nie Yan’s attack was too fast! His eyes lost their light as he collapsed to the ground.

“Shit! I just lost over half my health! It’s some kind of skill similar to Slaughter Feast!”

“Kill him!”

When the Thief died, his four comrades sealed off Nie Yan’s escape routes and pounced on him.

Gale Ambush!

Nie Yan accelerated and pounced toward one of the Thieves.

“Son of a bitch! Die!”

Just as the four Thieves pounced on Nie Yan, he activated Death Exemption, making him immune to all crowd control. After taking on their attacks head-on, he struck out with Phantom Assassination! PSFHT! PSHFT! PSFHT! With the splash damage from Slaughter Aura, they all lost their health at the same time and dropped dead on the ground. Pentakill!

One notification after another popped up in quick succession.

Glory kill! Enemy 10,000-Man Commander slain! You have obtained 723 Glory.

Glory kill! Enemy 10,000-Man Commander slain! You have obtained 921 Glory.

The reward for a glory kill varied depending on the strength of the enemy faction player.

The five Silver Wings gave a surprisingly large amount of glory. Nie Yan instantly ranked back up to a 1,000-Man Commander. He wondered if he’d rank up to a General or Great General during his stay in the underworld. After thinking about it, it didn’t really matter much how high he got his military rank. Since he had no plans on killing Evil Faction players regularly, it would just fall back down again.

Nie Yan picked up the loot and started walking forward again. Moments later, he sensed something. Eyes of Truth! He immediately locked onto the positions of seven Thieves.

Discovered, they rapidly closed in and pounced on Nie Yan.

A dozen or so Mages and Warriors also moved in to surround Nie Yan.

Another batch of people looking to die. Nie Yan coldly smiled. In his eyes, these players were nothing more than cannon fodder.

Nie Yan suddenly shot forth. He escaped the encirclement of the seven Thieves and arrived in front of one of the Warriors, who raised his sword in a panic. With shadow steps, he broke past his defenses and struck out with Reverse Grip Backstab.

PSSFHT! A damage value of 18,000 floated up above the Warrior’s head.

This guy was Level 145. His defense and health were pretty high.

The Warrior wanted to swing around and retaliate, only for Nie Yan to follow up with a Backbreaker.

KRAAAK! The Warrior collapsed dead on the ground.

The splash damage from Slaughter Aura killed the surrounding several dozen players.

The ground was littered with corpses. After picking up the best equipment off the ground, Nie Yan departed.

The people coming after Nie Yan right now were simply sent over by the various major powers to probe his strength. The truly strong experts had yet to take action. So too the Blood Reaver Corps. After the previous clash with them, he was still somewhat wary of them. Such a strong group of Silver Wings was a force to be reckoned with. After their first defeat, they had definitely come up with new tactics to deal with him and Asskickers United.

Bennett’s Soul led Nie Yan to the deepest depths of the Desolate Marsh. The monsters in this zone were much higher level, ranging between Level 150—180. He summoned Lil’ Gold and had him level up in the surroundings.

Nie Yan hadn’t found any time to raise Lil’ Gold’s level recently. He was starting to fall behind in strength and level. Where before he could brave any danger, now he ended up dying time and time again. His loyalty had dropped to only 67. Right now was a great opportunity to grind some experience and loyalty.

The mob density here was pretty high. Nie Yan pulled out his Cavalry Crossbow and fired at the monsters in the distance, luring them over. After which he had Lil’ Gold go up and greet them.

Lil’ Gold spewed out a Dragon Breath to draw over the monsters in the surroundings, then swept through them with Explosive Counter.

A large number of corpses littered the ground. Every now and then, a few foolish players would try and ambush Nie Yan. However, they were all given a one-way ticket back to the cemetery.

At this moment, the 60 players from the Blood Reaver Corps were riding their flying mounts towards Nie Yan’s location.

「Boss, I just received an update. Nirvana Flame is at the heart of the Desolate Marsh right now. That guy is really fierce. He’s already killed over 600 players! All of them were sent over by the large guilds,」Autumn Gust reported. Thinking about Nie Yan, he felt a lingering fear in his heart.

「Nirvana Flame really is a daredevil, bringing the Death God’s Edge and Paternoster’s Warhammer to the underworld with him. He isn’t afraid of anyone. It seems even all the major guild in the Evil Faction together can’t scare him,」Dark Shadow said.

「He has the ability to back it up. Even though everyone knows where he is, no one one can do anything about it,」Blood Devil said. He couldn’t help but admire Nie Yan. He fully deserved the title of number one player in the game. However, this and that were separate. It wouldn’t change the fact that the two were enemies.

Thinking about the top players in the game, a silhouette appeared in Blood Devil’s mind. About two months ago, he had clashed with this person, only to be utterly defeated. That person was the guild leader of Pantheon, Godking. That bastard had already advanced to a Gold Wing.[1] In the Demon Tribe, Gold Wing was the advancement above Silver Wing, equivalent to titles like Luminous Dancer and Shadow Strifer. However, becoming a Gold Wing was even more difficult than getting those two. At present, Godking was the only person in the Demon Tribe to have successfully become one.

In the Demon Tribe and Undead Empire, there were three extremely powerful experts that stood above the rest. One was Godking. The other was Fallen Angel’s guild leader, Plenty. Finally, the last was a Thief called Phantom. Though he was famed for his strength, no one really knew how strong exactly he was. Blood Devil had a good gauge of Godking and Plenty’s strength. As for the Thief, he couldn’t say.

Between Godking and Plenty, who was the number one?

With Nirvana Flame coming to the underworld, who knew if Godking would appear.

Blood Devil expelled these thoughts from his mind. If it were possible, he’d like to be the first to assassinate Nirvana Flame. After obtaining the Death God’s Edge, he could complete that quest and become the ruler of the underworld! Forget about Godking and Plenty, he’d be the number one player then! Nie Yan might be strong, but he refused to believe Nie Yan could take on all 60 members of the Blood Reaver Corps by himself!

Nie Yan had no idea what the significance of the Death God’s Edge was to the Evil Faction. This was because very few people knew the secrets behind the item. Most players only knew this was a Sacred Object. After obtaining it, they could hand it in to the leader of the Evil Faction, a Warlock, and receive an enormous reward.

Death God’s Edge, it shall be mine! Blood Devil tightly clenched his fists. He was burning with anticipation. After Asskickers United had driven them back to the underworld, the Blood Reaver Corps had sulked in shame. It almost took them a month to recover their bravery. After which they worked hard day and night for five months straight to improve their strength. All for this day!

1. Do recall that Godking already had a pair of gold wings when he was first introduced in Chapter 729.

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