Chapter 834 - Soulweaver Necromancer

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Chapter 834 – Soulweaver Necromancer

How gutsy! Nie Yan actually dared to waltz into the village!

The players in the village had long since noticed Nie Yan.

“Nirvana Flame is coming!”

“He’s really coming!”

“What is he planning!?”

A wave of panic swept through the village. A group of Warriors rushed out and formed a human wall outside the village gates.

Nie Yan would definitely be attacked by the NPCs if he entered the village. If he killed them, he would be put on a most wanted list and be hunted down by every NPC soldier of the Evil Faction.

Being pursued by hostile NPCs was a calamity for ordinary players. However, Nie Yan didn’t appear the least bit afraid.

Seeing Lil’ Gold drawing closer and closer, the Warriors felt an immense pressure weighing down on them. For most of them, this was their first time seeing him in the flesh. However, they had long since heard of his notoriety.

Nie Yan coldly swept his gaze over this group and noticed several NPCs among them. Only Level 170–180 Elites. They posed no threat to him.

These players blocked the village entrance. If Nie Yan wanted to enter, he would have to walk over a pile of corpses.

Several blood orc Warriors hoisted up their greatshields and slowly advanced. Mystics cast protection magic on them from behind. Everyone was paying close attention to Lil’ Gold’s every single move.

Almost 600 players were gathered here. They prepared to face off against Nie Yan. At this time, a group of about 100 players came rushing out from the back of the village. They were all at least Level 130, with a dozen Silver Wings and one Soulweaver among them. Their leader was a fallen human Mystic. He was Level 140 and clad in golden armour. His equipment was all Sub Legendary or Legendary-grade. He wielded a sapphire staff in one hand and a crystal sword in the other. His equipment glistened with a seven-coloured radiance, making him appear especially gaudy.

“Everyone participating in this battle will receive a reward of 500 gold! If we successfully kill Nirvana Flame, you’ll receive 5,000 gold. Whoever obtains the Death God’s Edge and Paternoster’s Warhammer will be rewarded 500,000 gold. Anyone that dares to fight with me over these two items will be killed without mercy!” the Mystic shouted. His arm was wrapped around a gorgeous female Thief with a fiery figure.

This Mystic was called Winterless Night. He was quite famous in the Evil Faction—not for his skill but rather for his young master-like behaviour and lavish spending. It was rumoured his current set of equipment cost over 2,000,000 gold, which he of course bought with real life money. He had quite a few strong experts under him, including 12 Silver Wings and one Soulweaver. The sole reason they followed him was the money in his pockets.

After finding out Nie Yan had come to the underworld, Winterless Night hurriedly started recruiting manpower in preparation to kill him.

From his point of view, Nie Yan was just another obstacle money could overcome.

After hearing Winterless Night’s words, the players under him broke out in cheers. Only the Soulweaver Necromancer and several Silver Wings chuckled wryly. The person they were about to face wasn’t some kind of weakling but the Mad Rogue!

“When we win, I’ll take you guys over to Hades Highrollers and let you experience true pleasure!” Winterless Night laughed boisterously.

Hades Highrollers was the most famous nightclub in the Demon Tribe. What happened inside didn’t need to be explained.

Nie Yan shot a glance at the noisy fellow and coldly chuckled. It seemed like he was worth quite a bit of money, and someone had actually dared to fork over so much gold to kill him.

Nie Yan waved his hand. Lil’ Gold stepped forward and charged toward the blood orc Warriors.

“Don’t use physical attacks. The Golden Dragon has Explosive Counter!”

“Stand your ground. Let the Mages attack!”

“Focus down Paladin Lafus. His Heals are too strong!”

These players were all knowledgeable about Nie Yan’s skills. They wouldn’t stupidly throw their lives away!

Several stealthed Thieves pounced toward Paladin Lafus in attempt to ambush him. The Mages started chanting, releasing a barrage of magic.

Nie Yan and the shadow clone entered stealth and headed toward the backline.

“Stop him! Watch out for the AoE splash damage from his attacks. Dark Zealots, keep everyone topped up!”

Since these players belonged to different teams, even though there was someone shouting orders, there was still quite some disharmony in their actions.

The shadow clone charged into the enemy ranks and started carrying out a massacre. Blood-curdling screams rang out as players died left and right.

Black orbs of light flew up into the sky, illuminating the ground below and revealing Nie Yan’s position. Five Slayers rushed at him like streaks of light.

Arriving in front of Nie Yan, they slashed out with a flurry of blows, only to find him completely disregard their attacks. PSFHT! He pierced one of the Slayers in the throat with a Phantom Assassination. As the blades from the other Slayers came down on him, he turned into a blur and evaded them. He slightly bent his waist to the side. Reverse Grip backstab!

PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! The dozen or so players in the vicinity collapsed dead on the ground.

“Nirvana Flame is over there, annihilate him with magic!”

Several dozen spells rained down from the sky.

Gale Step!

BANG! BANG! BANG! Nie Yan broke out of the cloud of smoke completely unharmed.

Nie Yan rushed toward the enemy players. Cries of panic rang out as they started scattering in all directions.

Just a moment ago, these players felt a false sense of security because of their numbers advantage. That quickly shattered when they saw Nie Yan slaughtering them like livestock. They lost their heads in a panic and started fleeing for their lives.

Even though Lil’ Gold’s Explosive Counter didn’t proc, his Dragon Breath was nothing to scoff at. It was more than enough to massacre these ordinary players.

Scorching flames swept through the surroundings, transforming player after player into rays of light.

The Thieves who attempted to surround and kill Paladin Lafus also suffered a crushing defeat. His Eyes of the Divine easily saw through their stealth. After which he made short work of them in close combat. Be it a melee or ranged fight, these Thieves never stood a chance. They were in far over their heads.

This was a one-sided slaughter. Before long, the ground was littered with corpses. Around 300 players had died while the rest all fled for their lives. They wished for nothing more than to get as far away from this walking calamity as possible.

Winterless Night was dumbstruck as he watched everything unfold. He never expected that so many players would drop like flies in front of one person. Seeing Nie Yan walking over, he panicked and shouted, “Q-quick, stop him! Willful, summon your giant skeleton!”

Wilful shot an annoyed look at Winterless Night and inwardly cursed. This guy had no situational awareness at all! If he were to try and do something so flashy, it would be a miracle if Nie Yan didn’t notice him. However, money was money. Even if he died, he would be paid handsomely in compensation. The one thing Winterless Night wasn’t lacking was money. He quickly hid behind some boulders and started chanting. It was Forbidden Summoning Magic!

“Cover him! Cover him!” Winterless Night screamed out frantically.

In an attempt to buy Winterless Night some time, the Silver Wings charged toward Nie Yan.

Nie Yan immediately noticed the magic fluctuating in the air. Sweeping his gaze around, he spotted a Necromancer hiding in a corner and chanting Forbidden Magic. Shadow Waltz! With a burst of speed, he shot toward Willful.

A Level 180 Elite NPC Slayer rushed up and threw himself at Nie Yan.

“He’s there! Block him!”

“Don’t let Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame get to Wilful!”

Five Silver Wings rushed up to Nie Yan from behind. Together with the Level 180 Elite NPC Slayer, they thought they had him surrounded, only to see his figure disappear. Next thing they knew, the Level 180 Elite NPC Slayer staggered back.

Looking more closely, they saw a damage value of 130,000 floating up above the Level 180 Elite NPC Slayer’s head, as his body crashed to the ground.

Instant kill!

Nie Yan quickly closed in on Wilful. Only a little closer, and he could stop the Forbidden Magic!

Suddenly, a peculiar feeling welled up from the bottom of his heart. He hurriedly retreated back. KWAAK! KWAAK! KWAAK! Six enormous bone spears erupted from the ground in front of him, cutting him off from Wilful. He looked past the bones, only to see Wilful staring back at him.

Finally, someone with some actual skill, Nie Yan inwardly remarked. However, he wasn’t the least bit wary.

The six bone spears had bought Willful some time. Looking at his Forbidden Magic, he was only three seconds away from completing it. His heart started racing. Come on! Come on! Just as he was about to chant the last syllable, he felt a chill at the back of his neck. Someone was behind him!

Wilful didn’t have any time to cast his magic. He cancelled it and blinked six meters away. Glancing over his shoulder, it was the shadow clone. He didn’t know when, but the shadow clone had somehow sneaked up on him. If he hadn’t reacted in time, he would already be a corpse on the ground.

The Mad Rogue truly wasn’t simple. Wilful forcefully calmed himself down. He waved his staff and fled.

A group of about 20 players spotted Nie Yan. They immediately ganged up on him.

Gale Ambush!

Nie Yan suddenly accelerated. The Bloody Dagger in his hand drew a dazzling streak through the air. PSHFT! PSHFT! PSHFT! 20 players fell dead to the ground.

Nie Yan glanced at the Mystic with the flashy equipment. He hoped this fellow would at least put up a decent fight.

Seeing Nie Yan looking over at him, Winterless Night broke out in a cold sweat. “M-mommy!” He pissed his pants in terror and fled.

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