Chapter 835 - Village Slaughter

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Chapter 835 – Village Slaughter

Nie Yan and the shadow clone killed their way into the village. Apart from Wilful and the Silver Wings, the rest were nothing but small fry.

Footage of the battle was live-streamed on the forums, causing the players of the Evil Faction to blush with shame. They feared there was no one among them that could rival Nie Yan. Even your average player would become unstoppable on the battlefield after donning the Tyrant Abak Set, let alone a top expert like the Mad Rogue!

When ordinary players attacked Nie Yan, they could barely hit him in the double digits. Some of the weaker ones couldn’t even break through his defense. With the gap between the two sides being so large, what was there they could do?

In the blink of an eye, Nie Yan had wiped out 80% of Winterless Night’s 100-man force.

The Mad Rogue! The Slaughter God! Everywhere he passed, a bloodbath would follow! Winterless Night was scared out of his wits. He hurriedly shouted, “R-retreat! Everyone, retreat!”

Hearing Winterless Night’s orders, the Silver Wings breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew.

Nie Yan looked up ahead, only to see Wilful fleeing as though the devil was on his tail.

You want to leave just like that!? Not without losing a few limbs you won’t!

Gale Step!

Nie Yan blurred into motion and rapidly closed in on Wilful.

Wilful grew anxious. He pulled out an Unknown Transfer Scroll and prepared to teleport away, when Nie Yan targeted him with a Shackles of Strife Scroll.

“Shit!” Wilful cursed. With a wave of his staff, he blinked six meters away.

However, Nie Yan was simply too fast, pushing the limits of speed. Just as Wilful’s feet touched the ground after teleporting, Nie Yan had already arrived behind him. The Bloody Dagger drew a dazzling streak through the air as it stabbed toward the back of his head.

Wilful waved his staff, erecting a bone shield between him and Nie Yan.

BANG! The shield violently trembled but didn’t shatter.

The Undead Empire had very few Soulweavers. Even up until now, there were only 30 or so. Those who successfully class advanced had overcome perilous trials. So, they all had some actual skills and talent. Wilful’s grasp on timing and combat awareness was especially good.

In the entire Evil Faction, those who could survive several moves from Nie Yan didn’t exceed 20.

Wilful leaped back and targeted Nie Yan with several curses, only to discover they had no effect. His magic resistance was too high!

BANG! The bone shield shattered into pieces.

Wilful’s heart tightened. Blink! He teleported another six meters away.

Dashing Strike!

Nie Yan shot forward, instantly closing the distance, and stabbed toward Wilful’s spine.

Wilful waved his staff. A dense smoke screen suddenly emerged around him.

Nie Yan lost his target which caused his attack to miss. He could barely see anything in the smoke screen.

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan’s eyes blossomed out with a profound light. He instantly pierced through the smoke screen and locked onto Wilful.

Wilful was frantically setting up traps around him. He was trying to take advantage of the smoke screen to surprise Nie Yan. Suddenly, he felt a pair of demonic red eyes pierce through the dense smoke and lock onto him. His heart trembled violently. Shit! He found me!

Wilful hurriedly summoned a dozen skeletons with a wave of his staff. He ordered them to stop Nie Yan while he retreated back.

Howl of Terror!

Wilful opened his mouth and let out a soul-shaking howl which contained the malice of a thousand evil spirits.

Mind Immune!

As the sound wave swept over Nie Yan, a miss floated up above his head.

Necromancers specialized in summoning magic. They could raise entire armies and even boss level undead. However, these skills weren’t practical in PvP. All of Wilful’s spells were useless in front of Nie Yan. His old bread and butter tricks and tactics also failed to have any effect.

Nie Yan appeared behind Wilful with shadow steps.


Wilful tried to flee with Blink, only to find his body frozen in place.

He felt a sharp blade pressed to his throat. PSFHT! A streak of blood splattered out into the air. His eyes went dim as he slumped to the ground.

Instant kill!

Nie Yan gazed in the distance. Everyone had fled away while he killed Wilful. He shifted his attention back to Wilful’s corpse. He had dropped a Level 130 Legendary Necklace that increased the effectiveness of summoning magic by 50%.

Nie Yan estimated he could sell it for a good price to Fallen Angel.

After putting the necklace away in his bag, Nie Yan stood back up. The battle over at the village entrance had just concluded. The several NPCs were turned to ashes by Lil’ Gold’s flames. Meanwhile, Paladin Lafus had taken care of the last few stragglers.

An eerie silence fell over this village, not a soul was in sight, only the corpses of players and NPCs.

The rundown village, with only a few thatched huts, looked particularly bleak.

Bennett’s Soul fluttered in front of Nie Yan before drifting towards one of the thatched huts.

Nie Yan entered inside and discovered it was a shop. He spotted a row of shabby shelves filled with various items, such as monster hides, bones, gems, and various other goods. Tucked away in the corner was a large pile of scrolls. There had to be at least a hundred of them!

These were all high level scrolls. There was quite a wide variety, more than 20 different kinds. Running some calculations in his head, Nie Yan estimated their value was in excess of 60,000 gold. The gems on the shelves were also worth at least 100,000 gold.

Nie Yan swept everything in the shop into his bag.

Nie Yan finally understood why players from both factions chose to attack the villages and small towns of the opposing faction. These places were treasure troves! He could collect his spoils of war without having to worry about his Influence falling. In fact, he’d be rewarded with Glory for razing an enemy settlement!

Bennett’s Soul hovered over a thumb-sized stone. It was polished smooth and looked like an oddly shaped oval.

Empress Finas’ Stone: Special Item

Effect: Unknown

Nie Yan picked up the stone to examine its properties, when he received a notification.

Bring Empress Finas’ Stone to Old Goblin Monat. He will provide you with clues.

This was the first part of a quest! The quest information didn’t give him the location of Old Goblin Monat. Nie Yan glanced at Bennett’s Soul fluttering around him. It seemed to know!

After not finding anything else, Nie Yan walked out of the shop.

News of Nie Yan attacking a village and slaughtering over 400 players spread like wildfire, creating a huge uproar. A single person had taken on over 600 players and several dozen Level 180 Elite NPCs all by himself! This was simply inconceivable. Those who died at Nie Yan’s hands also included a Soulweaver and three Silver Wings!

Perhaps Nie Yan was the only one who could pull of such a crazy stunt!

After this incident, many players no longer dared to trouble Nie Yan. Those flocking over in the hopes of obtaining the Death God’s Edge and Paternoster’s Warhammer felt a bucket of cold water poured over their heads. They once more realized who they were dealing with. This wasn’t taking candy from a baby but rather a gold coin from the mouth of a dragon!

Walking over to the center of the village, Nie Yan was just about to leave, when a powerful gust of scorching hot air blasted past him, threatening to upturn the surrounding buildings.

A tall silhouette appeared in Nie Yan’s eyes. The appearance of this newcomer was extremely strange. He looked both human and demonic, with a single horn on his head and a long scaly tail, but no wings.

The figure walked toward him step by step. Space itself seemed to stagnate. His eyes glowed with an ominous red light, almost as if he could seize your soul with a single glance.

A powerful boss level NPC!

As Nie Yan’s eyes fell on the monster, his body turned stiff. Every movement became cumbersome. Glancing at his status bar, he was under the effect of fear!

Not just Nie Yan, Lil’ Gold, Paladin Lafus, and the shadow clone were also frozen stiff.

Transcendent Insight!

Half-Demon Angud (Demonified Lord): Level 180

Titles: Legendary Demon

Half-Demon Angud was just like Phantom Princess Ina, a Level 180 Demonified Lord!

Half-Demon Angud walked over toward Nie Yan. As he passed by Paladin Lafus, he casually swung his fist. THWACK! Paladin Lafus’ body was sent flying like a ragdoll.

Instant kill!

What the fuck!? Just where did this guy come from! Nie Yan didn’t expect razing a small village would draw the attention of such a powerful boss! This wasn’t good. In fact, meeting this kind of powerful Demonified Lord was a complete disaster!

This was some abysmal luck! Fallen Angel had razed more than a dozen villages in the Satreen Empire, but they were never chased down by a monster like this! Yet he took down one smaller than small village, and a Level 180 Demonified Lord showed up!

The last time Nie Yan faced a monster of this level was Phantom Princess Ina. It took hundreds of thousands of players, thousands of arrow towers, over 300 cannon towers, and 50 catapults just to take her down. Even then, she had torn through almost half of Okoron! Now, he had to face a similarly frightening existence all by himself! Needless to stay, he didn’t stand a ghost of a chance!

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