Chapter 845 - City of Sin

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Chapter 845 – City of Sin

The Evil Faction greatly coveted the Death God’s Edge, though Nie Yan still didn’t know why. Even so, he wasn’t the slightest bit concerned. He would greet any enemy head-on.

Nie Yan took out the Death God’s Edge from his bag and raised it to the sky. A bloody light flickered along its blade.

Nie Yan felt an icy aura flow through his palm and up into his arm while hoarse, gloomy voices whispered into his ears, sounding like the wailing of the damned. He could feel the powerful spiritual energy contained within the Death God’s Edge.

This was a priceless artifact that many drooled over. Nie Yan estimated that if the Death God’s Edge had fallen into anyone else’s hands, they would’ve suffered a calamity. With an entire world chasing after them, they’d be killed for sure, only for the new bearer to be next in line.

Only because the Death God’s Edge was in Nie Yan’s hands was the Evil Faction so peaceful.

The reputation of the Mad Rogue was enough to deter the vast majority of players.

After finding Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure, Nie Yan would have to quickly find Tallod. It wasn’t a wise choice to keep testing his luck.

Nie Yan received word from Guo Huai that Half-Demon Angud was on the move again. After giving him 20 minutes to catch up, he teleported to another location with Instant Transmission.

Instant Transmission gave Nie Yan the ability to keep even the god-like existences, like Angud, chasing after him without ever catching up.

Time was of the essence. Nie Yan appeared in a wasteland. He took Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure Map out of his bag and followed the trail. His objective was in the southeast.

Nie Yan found a slightly higher hill and looked far off into the distance. At the edge of his vision, he saw the outline of a grand city.

That was Medmunt, the second largest city in the Demon Tribe. Even though it was still far away, Nie Yan could faintly make out the buildings. At the center of the city was a towering black spire with numerous magic lights on each floor, which resembled the stars in the night sky. The white radiance illuminated the land.

Thanks to these magic lighthouses, players could locate cities from far away. A beacon of life in this world of darkness.

Checking back with the map, it seemed like Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure was inside this city!

Nie Yan furrowed his brows. What was he supposed to do if the treasure chest was in the city?

Entering the city in and of itself was extremely risky, to say nothing of the fact he would also be searching for a treasure.

Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure was extremely tempting to Nie Yan. After all, it was something left behind by a Legendary NPC.

That old fox was smart. Hiding the treasure in a city was far safer than in the wilderness.

As Nie Yan was wondering how to enter the city, he casually looked over the map and noticed something strange.

There were mountains, rivers, and lava drawn on the map. Right over Medmunt was the symbol of a golden treasure chest. However, on another part of the map was the border of a mountain range with the symbol of a gravestone.

It was normal for a map to illustrate the surrounding terrain, but a grave? That was strange.

Perhaps it was a clue!

Nie Yan rolled the treasure map back up, then darted off with Gale Step. His destination was the grave shown on the map.

Nie Yan sped past various biomes with his lightning fast speed.

While Nie Yan was busy questing in the underworld, Bladelight and the expedition team had made great progress in World’s Edge. They had already killed over 50 bosses and obtained quite a bit of excellent loot. As they advanced deeper into the dungeon, the bosses they encountered grew more powerful.

After suffering their first wipe, they entered a public area in World’s Edge. It was called the City of Sin, originally a place the angels used to lock up their prisoners. There were buildings everywhere. Players could trade, sell, and replenish their consumables here. However, unlike the order in most cities, the rule of law didn’t apply here. PKing was as common as wiping to the next boss. Fights both small and large broke out multiple times a day, and the NPCs which were pretty grim themselves would only watch it happen.

Bladelight and the rest of the expedition team entered the City of Sin. After finding an empty house, they set up guard and took the necessary precautions to avoid being ambushed.

“Let’s go and take a look around. You guys stay here and wait for our word,” Bladelight said, turning to face Paladin of the Elegy. They had obtained quite a lot of strange items in World’s Edge, particularly gold coins with the engraving of an archangel on them. Most of the bosses they’d killed dropped them. They had obtained about 160 of them so far, and they could be used to trade with NPCS for Level 150–160 items.

“Bladelight, how many people are you planning to bring?”

“A party of seven is fine. We’ll sneak in, exchange a few things, and get out,” Bladelight said. He really wanted to explore the City of Sin. However, this place was different from others. It was riddled with dangers, so they had to be extra cautious.

A while later, Bladelight, Sun, Xie Yao, Painted Muslin, and three others headed toward the center of the City of Sin.

Elsewhere in the City of Sin, five robed players were walking down the main street.

“Boss, we just received a report that Asskickers United’s people are coming here. There are seven of them,” a Thief whispered into Soaring Angel’s ear.

They were five elites of Angel Corps, including Soaring Angel himself. With the coins they’d amassed, they just bought some equipment.

“Is the Mad Rogue with them?” Soaring Angel asked. Even if he wasn’t willing to admit it, he was fearful of Nie Yan.

“No, Nirvana Flame isn’t with them.”

“Then who is?”

“Bladelight, Smoke Stub, Young Sparrow Hawk, Sun, Yao Yao, Painted Muslin, and Mistaken Smile.”

Soaring Angel nodded. He couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on. This group was not easy to deal with.

“Boss, are we going to do anything to them?”

“Listen to my orders. No one do anything without my command!”


In this lawless city, anything could happen. Perhaps the only noteworthy events were when nothing happened at all. The NPCs wore shabby, worn out clothes, looking no different from homeless beggars, yet sold some of the most powerful equipment. They weren’t to be trifled with. But even they didn’t instill a sense of peace, as the players walked around on edge, a hand always on their blade or staff and ready for the next fight.

Nie Yan dashed at full speed for 30 minutes before finally arriving at the base of a mountain. Up ahead was a tall peak.

This was where the grave should be.

Nie Yan started searching around.

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