Chapter 849 - Lich King’s Inheritance

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Chapter 849 – Lich King’s Inheritance

Nie Yan had Guo Huai dispatch some Thieves to track down Half-Demon Angud. Hopefully, he was only wandering the underground passage and not thinking of traveling to the surface. But if he did, Nie Yan had to know. Asskickers United would be in grave danger at that time, even hiding behind their stronghold walls wouldn’t save them.

Even Nie Yan was completely helpless against Angud, to say nothing of the other members.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but become anxious. An uneasy premonition welled up in his heart.

No matter what, he had to get out of here quickly!

Nie Yan suddenly thought of the Holy Spirit Heart. He would have to hurry and complete it first!

The vulture under Nie Yan’s control searched around. After finding a target, the nine Corpse Eaters would move toward them.

This ancient battlefield was extremely vast. Though there were a lot of monsters, they were spread out. This caused Nie Yan a lot of headache. He would have to walk a long distance for every Corpse Eater he killed.

Nie Yan slaughtered everything in his path. With nine Corpse Eaters at the vanguard, his hunting efficiency increased dramatically.

Time slowly ticked away. The progress bar for the Holy Spirit Heart continued filling up at that same dreadfully slow pace. Even so, Nie Yan was still filled with anticipation.

After grinding for seven days straight, the Holy Spirit Heart was almost complete.

Receiving updates from Guo Huai every day, Nie Yan grew increasingly anxious. The situation had devolved rapidly after Angud arrived on the surface. He first acted with some restraint, only killing players in the wilderness. That all changed when his kill count hit 5,000. He summoned a horde of ogres and launched an assault on two of the guild’s smaller strongholds, razing them to the ground. Casualties quickly broke through 6,000 and were still climbing higher and higher. Asskickers United hadn’t sat idly by, even trying to kill him once, but Angud was simply too powerful.

Nie Yan had Guo Huai order all guild members to avoid engaging with Angud. But the situation wouldn’t be resolved that easily. Even if they didn’t look for Angud, he would come looking for them.

Angel Corps naturally didn’t let this opportunity slip by. They launched several large-scale battles, hundreds of thousands of players fighting each other. In a short time, the entire surface was engulfed with the flames of war.

Fallen Angel’s 300,000 players and Angel Corps’ 6000,000 troops directly clashed in Flame Canyon. Fallen Angel lost more than two thirds of their forces and helplessly retreated back to the underworld. Meanwhile, Angel Corps made full use of their home ground advantage and only lost 200,000 players. Elsewhere, Asskickers United clashed with the 20-guild coalition force under the Century Financial Group. Asskickers United suffered 300,000 casualties while the Century Financial Group suffered over 500,000.

This war took a heavy toll on everyone involved. Combined with Angud’s constant harassment, Guo Huai and the other higher ups of Asskickers United were at their wits’ end.

Seeing Asskickers United in such a sorry state, Angel Corps became even more brazen, dispatching 600,000 troops into the Abernathy Great Grasslands. If it weren’t for the fact that Okoron was heavily fortified and had a powerful NPC army to protect it from invaders, they would’ve already launched an all-out attack.

While all this was happening on the surface, Nie Yan was stuck in a battlefield of his own. Not to mention his personal battle with the Nightmare Curse. Thankfully, Asskickers United’s foundation was fairly stable. If all their strength in the Viridian Empire were mobilized, they would have at least 2,000,000 troops. There was no need to fear battle. What worried Nie Yan the most was Angud. If Angud were to interrupt in a crucial moment during a large-scale battle between Asskickers United and Angel Corps, the results would be disastrous.

Asskickers United couldn’t lose, nor could they afford to lose! If they did, all of Nie Yan’s hard work would go up in smoke!

Nie Yan wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen!

Misfortune came in threes. When Asskickers United’s elite expedition team was making a stop in the City of Sin, they suffered an ambush from Angel Corps. Even though they killed over 30 enemies, they also lost five of their own. This was definitely intolerable!

Reading the reports that kept flooding in, Nie Yan’s face turned gloomy. He had already confirmed that Angud was directed to the surface by Pantheon. On that subject, he also found out that Godking had business ties with Cao Xu in real life. He was the head of a financial group that held a monopoly on the mineral market in Australia. They weren’t the slightest bit inferior to the Century Financial Group. Nie Yan guessed this matter was probably also related to Cao Xu. Asskickers United didn’t have much enmity with Pantheon. However, Pantheon and Fallen Angel were sworn enemies. Judging from current alliances, they’d face each other in battle sooner or later.

Come one! Fill up faster! Nie Yan gazed at the progress bar for the Holy Spirit Heart. He was so close, yet at the same time still seemed so far away.

Time was of the essence!

Through the eyes of the vulture, Nie Yan was shocked by the scene he saw up ahead. Standing atop a mountain was the statue of a giant. It was over 60 meters tall and poked up into the clouds. It wore black robes over a skeletal body and wielded a ceremonial staff. Lich King Insar!

That was likely his tomb!

Looking at the Holy Spirit Heart, the progress bar was at 99%. This final 1% felt like the gap between heaven and earth.

Nie Yan longed to obtain the Holy Spirit Heart. Like this, he would obtain the aid of a Legendary character. Not to mention removing the final seal of Zennarde’s Sword. He’d finally be the proud owner of a true godly weapon!

However, the more he yearned for it, the farther away it seemed, like a beautiful temptress dancing before your eyes. You could see, but you couldn’t touch.

After thinking for a bit, Nie Yan resolved to make his way toward the statue. Maybe he would find something nice there.

After walking for 15 or so minutes, Nie Yan arrived at the base of the statue. Lich King Insar’s face was hidden behind a cloak, like a solemn sage. Black robes covered the rest of his body, except for his arm, fleshless, which reached out.

This was precisely the legendary figure who could cause all of humanity to tremble in fear!

The 60-meter tall statue statue was truly grand. The Staff of Judgement in Lich King Insar’s hand reached all the way to the ground. The tip of the staff was made out of an unknown material. It resembled a dark gem and glistened with a peculiar radiance under the curtain of darkness, illuminating the surface and making the air around the statue appear all the more mysterious.

A flight of stone stairs wound around the staff, leading all the way to the top of the statue.

Welcome to the land of death. The brave adventurers who arrive here can obtain the will of Lich King Insar. Are you willing to receive Lich King Insar’s inheritance? If you accept, your soul will become like Lich King Insar’s, overlooking all life and becoming the most powerful leader of darkness!

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