Chapter 850 - - Lich King Insar’s Ring

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Chapter 850 – Lich King Insar’s Ring

After seeing the notification, Nie Yan didn’t show the least bit of excitement. Rather, he felt puzzled and doubtful. The title of Sovereign of Darkness might be attractive to the players of the Evil Faction, but not to someone from the Righteous Faction who followed the light. If he accepted Lich King Insar’s inheritance, he would be marked as a traitor and become mortal enemies with the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire!

Defect to the Evil Faction? What a joke! He wasn’t going to abandon everything he’d built up on the surface just for some lousy title!

Accepting the inheritance was most likely a part of the quest, though. Nie Yan wondered what would happen if he refused.

No matter what kind of penalty he received, anything would be better than accepting this inheritance!

Are you willing to accept Lich King Insar’s Inheritance?

The notification popped up again. Nie Yan was taking too long to decide.

No! Nie Yan decided firmly.

“Wretched mortal! How dare you refuse this most supreme glory! So be it, what awaits you is only death! Suffer in eternal anguish, a fate worse than death!” A sinister cackle rang out through the sky.

Nie Yan checked his status. Right next to the Nightmare Curse was now a Damned curse.

Damned: Die once every 10 days. All Stats -1% upon rebirth. (Removable)

“Shit! This Damned curse is even more vicious than the Nightmare Curse!” Nie Yan felt quite dejected. If he knew this would happen, he would’ve never tried to search for Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure! At this moment, another notification popped up.

“Oh Great Prophet, under the threat of darkness, you held onto your faith in the light. The God of Light has granted you Spirituality.”

You have received Spirituality.

The final character property! Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He hurriedly looked at his character window. The eight character properties had already merged into one which was releasing a dazzling radiance. He felt a gentle yet boundless energy welling up from within him. His entire body exuded a powerful light energy.

You possess the virtues of a saint. All evil fears you. You are immune to all curses and negative status effect magic. You have received an additional 50 Divine Power.

Nie Yan sensed the dark energy from Lich King Insar’s curse rapidly retreating from his body before disappearing.

The Damned curse was the first to disappear, while the Nightmare Curse was greatly weakened. His stats returned to 60% of their original values.

Looking at the explanation, Nie Yan realized the Nightmare Curse had already rooted itself deep into his body. In three weeks’ time, it would automatically wear off. As for Damned, the removable property was why it reacted differently. From now on, a similar curse or any other curses for that matter would have absolutely no effect on him.

As someone who frequently adventured in the wilderness, Nie Yan understood the value of this. Take today for example, if he had been immune to curses from the start, he definitely wouldn’t have been forced into such a miserable state.

Apart from the immunity to curses, the additional 50 Divine Power also filled Nie Yan with hope. Perhaps he would really reach 300 Divine Power one day! The thought alone of equipping the Death God’s Edge brought a smile to his face.

Nie Yan also saw great progress to his Legendary class quest. Of the four requirements, he’d completed two already—possessing a Sacred Object and Virtues of a Saint—and was infinitesimal close to completing the Holy Spirit Heart. All he needed was three more Shattered Divinities.

Few people would ever obtain even one of these requirements. If Nie Yan successfully advanced to Legendary, he would become the sole Legendary-class player!

What a pleasant surprise. Nie Yan’s previous gloominess was completely washed away.

Fortune and disaster came in pairs. Even when you hit rock bottom and all seemed lost, something wonderful would arrive on your doorstep. Fate was mysterious like that.

Nie Yan recuperated for a while before ascending the stairs up the statue with his Corpse Eaters. As he walked up step by step, the scale and craftsmanship of this statue became all the more apparent.

As Nie Yan walked up the stairs that wound the staff, he couldn’t help but wonder where the Staff of Judgement was. It was likely also a Sacred Object.

Nie Yan had the vulture approach the head of the statue. When it approached within 30 meters, a black lightning bolt struck it down. It let out a miserable cry as it plummeted from the sky, smoke coming from its body.

Instant kill!

No wonder the vultures in this place didn’t dare to approach the statue!

Nie Yan eventually reached the top of the staff and arrived in a round hall. The ceiling and walls were made out of some unknown material and glistened a crystalline like radiance.

This hall was over 100 square meters in size. Spatial magic was probably used to create it.

Looking at the center of the hall, Nie Yan spotted a table with several items resting on it. Apart from this, there was nothing else.

Nie Yan was about six meters from the center of the hall. He didn’t dare to approach recklessly. He had one of his Corpse Eaters step forward first.

The Corpse Eater slowly approached the table. After two steps, it seemed as though he’d met eyes with Medusa. First, its feet turned to stone, after which his entire body became a statue before eroding into dust and disappearing.

Nie Yan observed closely. When the Corpse Eater approached the table, it was immediately hit by over 20 curses. The most severe was the combination of the petrification and erosion curse. It was far more terrifying than any killing technique.

“Just a few curses?” Nie Yan faintly smiled. If it were before, he might be afraid of these curses, but now, he possessed the Virtues of a Saint!

Taking extra precaution, Nie Yan took out a scroll and summoned a spider automaton.

Machines were also immune to curses!

As the spider crawled forward, it didn’t trigger any traps. It seemed like the only thing to fear here was the curses!

After confirming it was safe, Nie Yan walked over to the table.

As he stepped forward, different curses tried to invade Nie Yan’s body, only to be repelled by the holy aura around him.

These powerful and frightening curses were useless against him.

Nie Yan arrived in front of the table. Looking down, he saw a ring and scroll. Besides these, there was nothing else.

Nie Yan glanced at his bag. He discovered Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure Map had already disappeared.

It seemed like these two items were the treasure!

Nie Yan picked up the scroll and examined it. It contained a powerful spell called Call of the End. It revived all corpses within a 3,000-meter radius and gave full control over them. The reanimated dead would have 120% of their original stats. The cast time was 60 seconds. This scroll was a one-time-consumable.

This spell was practically a Forbidden Undead Magic. In fact, it might even be more powerful! The reanimated undead from an ordinary Forbidden Magic would at most have 50% of their original stats.

If this scroll were used during a war, it would definitely be a calamity for the enemy.

After putting away the scroll in his bag, Nie Yan picked up the ring. An ominous energy immediately assailed him. Thankfully, his Virtues of the Saint protected him.

Nie Yan had no idea what this ring was crafted out of. It was the colour of ash, looking just like bone. On the face of the ring was a small skull with a sinister smile.

Nie Yan examined the ring.

Lich King Insar’s Ring (Divine): Sacred Object

Description: A ring worn by Lich King Insar. It possesses extremely powerful evil energy. If the wearer fails to control it, it will turn them into a lich.

Properties: When attacking an enemy, reduce their defense by 30% and attack by 20%; if the wearer is a Necromancer, All Stats +300%; Summoning Magic Effect +300%; all summoning spells raised to max rank.

Beckon Doom: Summon three Junior Doom Sentinels. Can be ranked up.

Soul Bind: Transform every enemy you kill in your servant of darkness.

This was Lich King Insar’s Ring!

Another Sacred Object! If this were to fall in the hands of a Necromancer, Nie Yan could only imagine how powerful they would become. Even though he wasn’t a Necromancer, its other properties were still very useful. Both Beckon Doom and Soul Bind were extremely powerful skills. Looking at the stats of the Doom Sentinels, they were about as strong as Lil’ Gold with over 200,000 health. Even though they didn’t have as many skills as Lil’ Gold, they were much more resilient. It was a pity Paladin Lafus couldn’t heal them. On the plus side, this skill could be raised to Intermediate, Advanced, and so on.

These properties were definitely worthy of a Sacred Object!

Nie Yan took off one of his rings and equipped Lich King Insar’s Ring. His other rings could all be switched out at any time. However, Lich King Insar’s Ring was definitely something that should be worn at all times. Apart from the two powerful skills, its other properties were pretty impressive too.

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