Chapter 882 - Trapping the Violet Eye Dragon

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Chapter 882 – Trapping the Violet Eye Dragon

“How’s it been this past week? Anything new to report?” Nie Yan asked.

“Nothing unusual happened. However, I did discover that a different Violet Eye Dragon went to drink in the spring the last few days. I’m guessing they take turns, probably rotating every seven to 13 days. I haven’t had a chance to confirm yet,” Silvery Night said. They would need more information to prove or disprove this theory.

Nie Yan nodded. This was a new discovery.

All preparations were complete. They only needed the cage now. To pass the time, those near the spring did some levelling. About two hours later, Nie Yan received word that the cage was ready for use.

Nie Yan teleported back to the guild headquarters in Okoron with Instant Transmission. He entered the conference hall and was greeted by the sight of a large cage. It was five meters high with metal bars as thick as his arms. Each bar was densely carved with delicate runes, especially near the cage door. Its design was that of a simple cage, yet there were many complex mechanisms incorporated.

“Boss, this cage should be able to hold the Violet Eye Dragon. It’s made out of 1,200 lbs of Krutinium, 17 lbs of Anti-Magic Silversand, 32 lbs of Lodium, and 36 other different types of rare metals. It can withstand approximately 600,000 lbs of force, and no magic can damage it. Even if you dropped it from an altitude of 6,000 meters, it still will not break. The cage door is fixed with two complex mechanisms. After they’re activated, any creature locked inside will be forced to lay down,” an Engineer explained.

Seeing this cage, Nie Yan smiled in satisfaction. It looked almost exactly like he’d imagined it would. If even this couldn’t hold the Violet Eye Dragon, nothing would.

“In addition, we did some research and discovered the weak points of dragons are their bellies, their necks, and their collarbones. If the situation looks dicey, you can pull this red gear to target those weak spots.”

Nie Yan nodded. He already had a good understanding of how to use the cage.

Their first attempt of catching a Violet Eye Dragon would be a test run for the cage. If it really could lock one down, Nie Yan would have his artisans make a second one.

Before long, Undying Scoundrel, Summer Bug, and the eight other Mages entered the conference hall. Just like before, they set up a transfer gate, which took them several hours to complete.

Nie Yan called up several strong Warriors. They lifted the cage with all their power, then carried it over into the center of the transfer gate.

Everything was ready to trap the Violet Eye Dragon. Tomorrow, at 8 o’clock sharp in the morning—when the Violet Eye Dragon would make its next trip to the spring—their plan would be executed. But for now, with the servers soon going offline, Nie Yan and the others logged off.

They had no school, so Nie Yan took Xie Yao on a road trip, visiting several of the neighbouring cities. Time flew by.

When the servers came back online, Nie Yan and the others hurried over to the Fate River. They hid in the vicinity of the spring, waiting for the Violet Eye Dragon to appear.

No large animals prowled this open plain, only the occasional small bird or animal showing themselves. Since the Violet Eye Dragon frequented this spring fairly often, they were all scared off.

Time slowly ticked away. Nie Yan’s voice chat rang. It was Silvery Night.

「Boss, a Violet Eye Dragon just came out of the den. Its heading in your direction,」Silvery Night said.

「Kept me waiting long enough!」Nie Yan faintly smiled. He turned to Undying Scoundrel and the others. “It’s coming. Get ready!”

“Understood!” the Mages answered. Many of them retreated 500 meters away. They needed to maintain at least this much distance to ensure their safety.

Undying Scoundrel walked over to Nie Yan. He chanted an incantation as he conjured a waterball in his palm. It slowly rotated in the air. “I’m ready,” he said.

Nie Yan held the two bottles of “Dragon KO Potion” in his hands. Going back and forth in his mind, he eventually opted to use both. Better to be safe than sorry, he figured. He emptied the two bottles into the waterball, watching as the black liquid diffused into the water and slowly turned the whole thing ink black.

“Are you confident? This is going to be pretty difficult!” Nie Yan said.

“Don’t worry, Boss. When have I ever let you down?” Undying Scoundrel laughed.

The two potions cost 600,000 gold in total. If this failed, all that gold would go down the drain. Nie Yan couldn’t help but be prudent. However, he had faith in Undying Scoundrel. If he couldn’t do it, perhaps it really was an impossible endeavour.

Undying Scoundrel walked over to the spring with the waterball. He slowly placed it in the water and allowed it to sink just below the surface.

The waterball didn’t burst. Its contents were safely inside. Undying Scoundrel carefully controlled its movements underwater.

“Alright, what’s the farthest distance you can control the waterball from?” Nie Yan asked.

“200 meters. If I drink a powerful enough magic enhancing potion, 350 meters should also be possible,” Undying Scoundrel replied.

“That’s good enough.” Nie Yan nodded “Remember to use the invisibility cloak in a bit.”

“Got it.”

An anxious voice cried out in voice chat,「Boss, the Violet Eye Dragon is here!」

Nie Yan looked up at the sky. In the distance, a Violet Eye Dragon was flying over. Nie Yan and Undying Scoundrel hurriedly retreated and found a place to hide. Waist-high grass grew everywhere on this plain, making for good cover.

Before long, the Violet Eye Dragon arrived at the spring. Nie Yan entered stealth while everyone else put on their invisibility cloaks. They carefully erased their presence and eyed the giant beast.

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