Chapter 884 - To Catch a Violet Eye Dragon

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Chapter 884 – To Catch a Violet Eye Dragon

The Violet Eye Dragon’s enormous frame crashed to the ground, kicking up a large cloud of dust.

「Hurry, hurry! The potion doesn’t last long. If we’re not done when it wakes up, we’re done for!」Nie Yan said urgently.「Summer Bug, hand over the Auto-Repair Scroll to Scoundrel. You help move the Violet Eye Dragon. Everyone else, help repair the Transfer Gate!」

「Got it!」

Summer Bug handed over the Auto Repair Scroll to Undying Scoundrel, after which he blinked toward the Violet Eye Dragon. Undying Scoundrel rused after the other Mages to repair the transfer gate.

The Mages, both Great Mages and Magisters, quickly worked to repair the transfer gate. They went over the parts of the formation that were easy to fix. As for the most badly damaged area in the center, Undying Scoundrel placed the Auto-Repair Scroll there. All that was left to do was to lay down the magic crystals and runestones to activate the transfer gate.

The transfer gate was quickly repaired. The 10 Mages took up their respective positions around the formation and started chanting. Back in Okoron, a similar group of Mages started chanting too. To open this transfer gate, it required both sides to be opened simultaneously.

The leylines on the ground lit up, forming a double hexagram on the ground. This was the crystallization of their knowledge, allowing them to create a masterpiece that broke through the limits of space.

Nie Yan didn’t know exactly how long it would take for the transfer gate to activate. He felt his heart racing out of his chest, as did the others most likely. Luckily, he’d picked members in the guild he was fully confident in. Even though he was nervous, everything was going smoothly. There had yet to be any mistakes.

Summer Bug arrived in front of the knocked-out Violet Eye Dragon. He chanted an incantation and waved his staff. Three giants appeared before him. They were five meters tall with dark skin and hulking bodies. Glowing, runic tattoos covered their bare upper torsos, the only piece of clothing on them grey leather loincloths. Every step they took violently shook the ground. Just their presence alone gave off an overbearing pressure.

Arcane Giants!

Undying Scoundrel and the other Mages were still working on activating the transfer gate.

Nie Yan pressed Undying Scoundrel and the others to hurry up, while he ran over to Summer Bug.

Summer Bug waved his staff. The eyes of the three Arcane Giants snapped open, flashing with a black light. They bent down, and picked up the Violet Eye Dragon’s body. Their expressions were hollow, as though nothing of this fazed them.

This was the effect of Inexhaustible Strength!

Nie Yan guessed the Violet Eye Dragon weighed at least five tonnes. This kind of weight wasn’t something ordinary players could handle. Only these Arcane Giants could move its body.

The three Arcane Giants carried the Violet Eye Dragon over toward the transfer gate, with slow and careful steps.

Nie Yan stared at the unconscious Violet Eye Dragon, his heart filled with anxiousness. He hoped it would stay asleep a little longer. Looking back to Undying Scoundrel and the others, they seemed to be nearing the end of their chant.

「Boss, it’s about to wake up!」Summer Bug cried out anxiously.

The Violet Eye Dragon made slight movements, as though it could sense it was being carried toward captivity by three Arcane Giants.

A sign it was going to wake up!

When the potion was in full effect, the Violet Eye Dragon couldn’t move one bit. This was evidence its effects were wearing off!

Nie Yan checked the time. Not even 30 seconds had passed! Though an incredibly achievement, this was a Level 200 Variant Lord after all, it was nowhere near the suggested amount of time.

Nie Yan felt like his heart was about to burst. What could he do to make the Violet Eye Dragon sleep just a little longer?

Nie Yan was coming up blank.

The transfer gate suddenly lit up brilliantly, as if someone had thrown out a flash grenade. Everyone went blind.

After the light settled down, a giant cage stood in the middle of the transfer gate. It sparkled with a golden lustre. Nie Yan felt like he was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world.

「Open it, quick!」Nie Yan anxiously cried out. He could already sense the Violet Eye Dragon’s breathing becoming stronger. It would wake up any second now!

The Mages rushed up to the cage and pushed open the door.

Summer Bug didn’t need Nie Yan to tell him what to do. He had his three Arcane Giants carry the Violet Eye Dragon over to the cage as fast as they could.

As they reached the cage door, the Violet Eye Dragon’s eyes snapped open. It let out a deep roar and attempted to struggle free, only to find that the Arcane Giants were pretty strong. Plus, it was still half unconscious, the paralysis effect yet to completely wear off.

The three Arcane Giants pushed together and shoved the Violet Eye Dragon into the cage.

“Close the door!”


The Mages tried to close the cage door, but their strength was limited. Straining themselves to their limits, it slowly started moving. One of the Arcane Giants grabbed the door at this moment and exerted its full strength. BAM! The door slammed shut.

The Violet Eye Dragon furiously roared and rammed into the cage door.

“Lock the door!”

The three Arcane Giants carried a large metal rod. It was about as thick as their torso. They slid it through the door.

“The lock!”

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! Several dozen mechanisms activated, locks upon locks.

The Violet Eye Dragon finally shook off the remaining effects of the potion. Finding itself locked in a cage, it started thrashing about violently. GROAAG!”

The Mages suddenly lost control of their bodies and fled in all directions. Nie Yan, Undying Scoundrel, and Summer Bug reacted fairly quickly, realizing that roar was a mind attack. They activated their mind immune skills.

The Violet Eye Dragon opened its mouth and breathed a jet of violet flames. BOOM! The flames struck the bars and disintegrated. The cage wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

Since the target was a dragon, for the sake of ensuring the cage’s magical resistance was high enough, the Blacksmiths had infused 17 lbs of Anti-Magic Silversand instead of the normal 10. As a result, the Violet Eye Dragon’s flames posed no threat.

“Heh, this damn overgrown lizard is trapped!” Undying Scoundrel chuckled. With such a strong cage, no matter how the Violet Eye Dragon fought, it couldn’t break free.

Just when Nie Yan and the others thought everything was set, their faces to pale in shock. Under the Violet Eye Dragon’s violent struggling, the bars were starting to bend. If this continued, the entire cage would break!

“Boss, the cage isn’t strong enough! What do we do!?”

Nie Yan suddenly recalled something. He rushed up to the cage and pulled down a red lever next to the door. The cage suddenly shrunk. Several rods shot out and struck the Violet Eye Dragon’s belly, immobilizing it. Several more rods pressed down on its neck and collar bone.

The Violet Eye Dragon could no longer struggle.

The originally square cage became conical and the size of the Violet Eye Dragon. The transformation was fascinating to watch.

“I always thought you didn’t need a lot of skill to become an artisan. But this cage, this is something else. I suppose I’ve thought a little too simple of them.” Summer Bug sighed in admiration.

The Violet Eye Dragon opened its mouth. However, its neck was being pressed down on by the rods. It couldn’t breathe anything out.

“Finally, we’re done. Let’s bring it home.” Nie Yan smiled. As the tension left his body, exhaustion took its place.

After the fear effect wore off, the Mages walked back over. They stood around the transfer gate and started chanting.

They were going to use the same method as before to teleport the Violet Eye Dragon to the Asskickers United guild headquarters in Okoron.

“I trust everyone knows none of this happened. Am I understood?” Nie Yan said severely. If they could successfully tame the Violet Eye Dragon, it would become Asskickers United’s ultimate trump card. Until it stepped onto the battlefield, this would be the guild’s number one secret; under no circumstances was it to leak out!


“We actually managed to capture a Level 200 Variant Lord. I still can’t believe it…” Undying Scoundrel muttered. However, reality was right before his eyes. Seeing the pitiful state of the Violet Eye Dragon, his eyes flickered with a brilliant light. Once more, Nie Yan had created an unprecedented miracle.

“Taming it is another matter altogether. I remember it took Nest Melon and the others two months to tame a Level 160 Demon Bat,” Summer Bug said with furrowed brows.

“That’s a worry for later. Let’s get the Violet Eye Dragon back to the guild headquarters first,” Nie Yan said. Even though taming it was going to be a bit difficult, what they didn’t lack was time. Today’s harvest was enormous. However, this was only the beginning. The Dragon Den still had six more Violet Eye Dragons! Seven Level 200 Variant Lords! Thinking to this point, he couldn’t help but feel his heart racing with excitement.

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