Chapter 888 - Meeting Soaring Angel Again

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Chapter 888 – Meeting Soaring Angel Again

Not long after Soaring Angel entered World’s Edge with his entourage, Nie Yan also arrived. He had his Darkwing Dragon land outside the entrance.

Nie Yan hopped down and recalled the Darkwing Dragon. He looked over a map Guo Huai had given him, then headed inside.

You have discovered World’s Edge. This place is brimming with danger. It is strongly advised you find a powerful team before proceeding.

Nie Yan glanced at the notification but paid no attention to the warning. As he walked forward, he saw towering builds piercing into the sky like a stone forest.

Nie Yan had seen many videos of World’s Edge. It almost felt like he’d been here before. As he proceeded along the white brick-lined path, a bustling block entered his vision. The buildings here were jet black with tarps laid out on both sides of the street, lined with all sorts of cast-away garbage for display. Hooded figures in black cloaks walked around everywhere.

This 1,000 by 1,000 meters area was known as the City of Sin.

There was a tangled and complicated network of alleys, the buildings equally chaotic. Apart from the main street, every other road was narrow and uninviting.

“I have a top-notch Poison Tempered Skull for sale! It increases the effects of curses. 600 gold.”

“Level 160 Limb Hatchet. It reduces the enemy’s magic power. Only 300 gold.”

Seeing Nie Yan walking over, the NPCs on both sides of the streets rushed up to him to show off their wares. Some were even tugging on his sleeves. He couldn’t help but feel incredibly annoyed.

A hooded NPC in a black cloaked clutched onto Nie Yan’s mantle. “Stranger, Dark Protection Talisman, only 600 gold.”

“Not interested. Piss off!” Nie Yan said. He was extremely annoyed at this point.

Nie Yan had his information hidden. So, these NPCs weren’t aware of who he was. If he had joined a team, they might’ve been a little more polite to him. But since he was alone, they mistook him for an easy target.

These annoying flies. Nie Yan knitted his brows. These NPCs were grabbing onto him with such persistence that he could barely take a step forward. It appeared he would have to resort to killing the chicken to warn the monkey. His eyes flashed with a cold light. With a flick of his wrist, the Bloody Dagger appeared in his hand.

This was the City of Sin. It didn’t follow the rule of law like most other places. No one would bat an eye if you killed someone. Even if Nie Yan killed one or two NPCs, it wouldn’t make a difference.

“Let go of him, Dilson, you despicable wretch! That’s my teammate! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” a voice shouted in anger.

Dilson, in other words the NPC clutching onto Nie Yan, quickly withdrew his hand in fear.

Nie Yan took this brief moment of confusion to put away the Bloody Dagger.

“Miss Peerless Diana, I’m sorry. I didn’t know he was your friend,” Dilson stuttered in trepidation. “P-please forgive my rudeness.”

“Scram!” the voice growled.

Dilson fled in fright.

Nie Yan turned toward the source of the voice and saw a bright-eyed, fair-skinned elven Mage with a tall and perky figure standing about five meters away. She wore a silver-white dress, and held a sapphire staff. The ice elements floating around her further enhanced the mystique around her.

Most elves were stunningly beautiful, so Nie Yan wasn’t the least bit surprised by the appearance of this one. In fact, she looked like an ordinary elven Mage.

Peerless Diana? Nie Yan suddenly recalled this name. This elven Mage was fairly famous in the Satreen Empire. She ranked in the top three among Mages.

“Thank you,” Nie Yan said.

“No need. If you don’t have a team, it’s best if you stay away from this place. The NPCs will harass you to no end. You should probably leave.” Peerless Diana smiled, giving off an indescribable charm.

“I’m here for a quest, so I can’t leave,” Nie Yan explained, preparing to walk past her. He didn’t need any help. However, since Peerless Diana had stepped in on his behalf, it had saved him from potentially exposing himself.

“Oh, it’s like that? If you’re questing here alone, you should be careful of NPCs targeting you. The NPCs here are different from the ones elsewhere. They’ll use all sorts of underhanded methods to steal your gold and items,” Peerless Diana said. “If you want, you can tag along with my team. That way, you won’t be harassed.”

Nie Yan was surprised. He stared at Peerless Diana. He could tell from her eyes she was being genuine. To lend a hand to a stranger and offer to have them join your team, she really was a bit too good-natured.

“Hey, we’ve been talking for some time already and you haven’t even told me your name yet!” Peerless Diana said. She stared at Nie Yan, blinking her eyes in curiosity.

“Mo Yan.” Nie Yan randomly made up a name.

“The same Mo Yan who doesn’t like speaking?” Peerless Diana joked.[1] The distance between them was only three meters, already within the killing range of a Thief. However, she didn’t seem the least bit on guard against Nie Yan. He didn’t know whether this was absolute confidence in herself or pure foolishness.

Nie Yan cast a glance at his chat. Asskickers United had 60 players in the vicinity. They had hidden their information and were wearing cloaks because they had discovered a group from Angel Corps. If they showed themselves, a huge battle would break out.

Nie Yan looked over in the distance. A group of Angel Corps players were gathered outside the entrance of a building. They appeared to be doing something, but he couldn’t tell what; only that they were on guard.

Peerless Diana stared at Nie Yan. Ever since taking note of him, she could tell he wasn’t simple. This was her intuition. So, when she saw him being harassed by NPCs, she went out of her way to help him in at attempt to befriend him. Her circle of friends in the Satreen Empire was pretty wide. Whenever she encountered an expert, it was always better to try to befriend them. Even with these thoughts in mind, her intentions were pure. She had no ulterior motives.

Nie Yan politely declined her invitation.

At this moment, 16 people walked over in their direction. They were Peerless Diana’s teammates. All of their equqipment was fairly decent with a healthy variety of different classes. Their average level was well over Level 140. They were definitely a strong team. Even most guilds couldn’t assemble such a line-up. These players weren’t simple.

“Hello, you’re the guy Peerless Diana was talking about? My name is Tarot,” a tall, hulking Warrior greeted with a hearty laugh. He was about 6’5” and was clad in heavy plated armour. He seemed like a straightforward man.

“Hi, Mo Yan. I’m Sonata.”


Everyone greeted Nie Yan warmly while joking around with each other.

Nie Yan was surprised. He felt an unprecedented pureness from these people. They weren’t scheming against him at all. The way they treated strangers was completely different from most players. He was surprised Conviction actually had a group of people like this.

Nie Yan recalled how he was just like them when he first entered the game, treating everyone with zero wariness. Only after he was swindled and lied to time and time again, did he realize this was a dog-eat-dog world. If he wanted to enjoy the game, he would have to be a bit smarter.

Nie Yan sunk into silence. Perhaps these people truly viewed Conviction as a game. Meanwhile, he treated it as his life.

“Nice to meet you all.” Nie Yan nodded. These people made him remember a long forgotten feeling.

“Brother, what kind of quest are you doing in the City of Sin? If you need any help, we might be able to help you,” Tarot said. “I also came here alone. I had no friends. Then I met Peerless Diana. She invited me to her team, and now I got a whole group of friends!”

“You guys aren’t afraid of me swindling you?”

“We get the feeling you aren’t that kind of person. Plus, this is just a game. Even if we get swindled, it is no big deal. We’re just looking for like minded people.” Tarot chuckled.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve decided to do my quest alone. But I’m really happy to have met you guys. I’ll be taking my leave first,” Nie Yan said, turning around to leave. He decided not to join these people in order to avoid having them being dragged down into his mess.

Peerless Diana, Tarot, and the others were at a loss as they watched Nie Yan leave.

“He probably doesn’t need our help. Forget it,” Tarot said. Since Nie Yan didn’t want their help, they wouldn’t force it.

“Yeah.” Peerless Diana nodded.

Nie Yan headed toward where the Angel Corps players were gathered.

「Report your locations. Nie Yan said in voice chat.」



Nie Yan scanned the surroundings and locked onto some players wearing ashen cloaks. They belonged to Asskickers United! Bladelight was running the dungeon with most players, only some second-rate ones left behind in the City of Sin. They were here to monitor the situation, not to fight.

「How many people from Angel Corps are here?」Nie Yan asked.

「Reporting to the boss, there are around 1,000 players in World’s Edge. Most of them are running the dungeon. There are 60 players in the City of Sin. All of them are Angel Corps’ top elites,」a Thief said.

Nie Yan looked over at the group of Angel Corps players gathered in the distance. They were huddled around the entrance of a building in twos and threes, chatting with each other. They appeared quite relaxed, but they would regularly scan their eyes around the surroundings. This was proof they were on guard.

Nie Yan had no idea what those people were doing there. He was just about to go over to investigate, when a player in azure leather armour, a longbow strapped to his back, stepped out of the building. The Angel Corps players immediately parted ways to let him through, their expressions extremely respectful.

Nie Yan’s pupils constricted. It was actually him. They met again!

This wasn’t just any person, but the guild leader of Angel Corps—Soaring Angel!

Nie Yan’s lips curved into a cold smile. This world was truly small.

1. The two characters for Mo Yan (莫言) means no speech/no words.

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